Alexisonfire - Burial Lyrics

When will this winter end?
The snow’s been falling for months
The town all dressed in white
And my skin is burning from the wind

The cold sun in disguise
An assault from the morning light
My burial, I can’t succeed
Frozen and paralyzed

Oh winter [x8]
Oh no

ooooooooh [x6]

Oh winter [x8]

ooooooooh [x5]

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Alexisonfire Burial Comments
  1. Aline Moreira

    Underated af

  2. Bill Mystery

    This is one of those songs that I can't listen to around other people because it always makes me tear up a little bit.

  3. Hey It's Lily

    Can someone explain who Kristen and Alex are?

    Blade Martin

    fictional characters from a 4chan love story

    Ego No. 52

    Blade Martin god I hope they are fictional

    Leo E

    @Blade Martin too many specifics in that story. I think it's real personally

  4. Kecko

    Rip Kristen

  5. remarqimp

    Spoilers in the comments you've been warned

  6. fucking.genius

    sorry for your loss anon

  7. AJ Ward

    Just weeping with my /b/ros...

  8. Earf

    normies BTFO

  9. karolade

    amazing song rip Kristen and Alexis


    Damn ... that brought me here.

    Brandon Hull

    +Sgt Rup Same here ;(

  10. Adam Is Bored

    I can feel that guy's anguish right now. Damn. Rest in peace, Kristen, Alexis, and that guy's sanity.

    Brandon Hull

    +Adam Manuel Likewise.... rest in peace.

  11. Daniel Tosh

    Such a great song

  12. Jordan Osz

    I can just tell how strong Dallas' influence is on this track, love it

    ouija bored

    Of City and Color? I agree. Explains why I love this track so much.

  13. Dan//

    these fucking feels

    Nizar A

    @lmCIoudz rip kristen :(


    @Nizar A :'(

  14. MisterXenomorph

    A 4chan feels thread brought me here


    Same here
    Got me right in the feels

    Classical Rap

    yeah, same here, poor guy whomever that was

    Daniel Maloney

    hit me in the feels hard bros.


    please don't talk about 4chan off of it. at least be discreet. jesus christ newfag

    Ego No. 52

    It brought most of us here... I hope anon is doing okay...

  15. casandraxvii