Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs Lyrics

[George:] A man sits at his desk
One year from retirement,
And he's up for review
Not quite sure what to do.
Each passing year
The workload grows.

[Dallas:] I'm always wishing, I'm always wishing too late
For things to go my way
It always ends up the same
(Count your blessings)
I must be missing, I must be missing the point
Your signal fades away and all I'm left with is noise
(Count your blessings on one hand)

So wait up, I'm not sleeping alone again tonight.
There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life

[George:] Poor little tin man, still swinging his axe,
Even though his joints are clogged with rust.

[Wade:] My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Safe in monotony, (so safe), day after day
(Count your blessings)
My youth is slipping, my youth is slipping away.
Cold wind blows off the lake, and I know for sure that it's too late
(Count your blessings on one hand)

[Dallas:] So wait up, I'm not sleeping alone again tonight
There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life.

Can't help but feel betrayed, punch the clock every single day
There's no loyalty and no remorse.
Youth sold for a pension cheque
And it makes him fucking sick
He's heating up, he can't say no


So wait up, I'm not sleeping alone again tonight,
There's so much to dream about, there must be more to my life.
(So wait up)
So wait up I'm not sleeping alone again tonight
Between the light and shallow waves is where I'm going to die
Wait up for me
Wait up for me
Wait up for me

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Alexisonfire Boiled Frogs Comments

    27 years old now and this song hits way harder than it did 10 years ago damn

  2. Michael Campbell

    Proud to be Canadian.

  3. Amelia Dembowski

    This is an important song.

    We need to listen to it more now then ever.

  4. Shawna Boyko

    666 666 views

  5. Dexis ArcRazor

    it said lage insted of lake i think

  6. Губитель Сущего

    Никогда не надоест

  7. Mitch Georgeoff

    My youth is slipping away

  8. Tyler A

    Would’ve thought trailer park boys would’ve mentioned them!!

  9. Super Unknown

    Man i love this song!

  10. Creeper Defiance

    2019 and this still kicks. Fucking great song

  11. Rob Gamracy

    So wait up ..I'm not sleeping again alone tonight

  12. Eren Aktas

    Someone pls tell me what happened to alexisonfire? Why there are not new albums?

    Witness Me

    They broke up for years. They're together again and are working on a new album.

  13. Elias Rosales


  14. Cameron Becnel

    damn its 2019 wtf

    Gabe Velasquez

    Your not here alone

  15. Connor Dark

    Hope he dies/died between the shallow waves as he wanted.

  16. dizzyop

    Love this song it reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist lol

  17. Christian Garcia

    La raja!!

  18. Dani perel deep am


  19. Karol Jajaja

    Count your blessing on one hand

  20. Arlette Camila Quito Esteves

    still listening in 2018 <3

  21. Simon-pierre Drolet


  22. Brendan

    Genuinely the most painful song to listen to

  23. bruh moment

    One of the best bands I've ever heard.

  24. Big Tiddy Wendigo GF

    The 2000s perfectly encapsulated in a song

  25. Erica Sarmento

    2018 BR KRAI

  26. Nicholas Nieves

    Love this song, I get the gist of the lyrics. Still don't have a clue why it's called Boiled Frogs lmao

    Rob G

    If you put a frog in water and slowly raise the temperature, they will boil to death but without actually noticing it, as their bodies adapt gradually - whereas if you toss a live frog into already boiling water, it will do everything to escape for its life. This is a metaphor for working yourself to the bone for a corporation that cares nothing for you, who gradually raise your responsibilities and undermining your hard work. The point is "don't let life escape you by running yourself into walls over and over again"


    @Rob G bro you just sloved like ten year of my life 😂

  27. Caleb Spellman


  28. Lisa Lee

    It kinda sucks that they're not together still.... -_-

    Alex Ryan

    Lisa A they got back together this year. There are videos of 2017 download I believe they played this song.

    Dario Rivers

    Just saw them in Toronto at Danforth. They are definitely together. I just don't know if they will record a new album again or not. They still blow minds live though. Was incredible.

    Lisa Lee

    Dario Rivers omg I bet they were AMAZING. I'll have to check if they'll be coming to the states

    Dario Rivers

    I know they're doing a Europe run this summer but not sure about the US. I had to fly from the Cayman Islands (where I'm from) to get to Toronto to see them! So worth the $1200 plane ticket though! Would do it again and again! It was amazing! Favourite band til I die!

  29. Jaret Wood

    Billy Talent merged with Fallout Boy

  30. Jaret Wood

    I swear to god Alexisonfire is the most underrated band in history

    Tosha Monty

    actually back in the day they came in second for canada's favorite metal band

    Matt Martin

    Went to school with these boys half these songs they made at 17.18 they r super underrated sad they slipped away

    Mizza G

    Goddamn right they are. They literally never hit it big properly despite many great songs

    Thomas Dobson

    @Matt Martin thats not true this is there 3rd album, maybe 1st two were written at that age, definitely not this one

  31. Dimitris Spurou


  32. RippaDaMadOne

    hip hop head but this has always been a fav of mine

  33. Zach Flowers

    I never got into Alexisonfire too much, but I can't deny that they helped bring post-hardcore further into the mainstream.

    Love this tune.


    Zach Flowers They definitely did. They were one of the first Pioneers of Post-Hardcore. From Canada too, not to far from my area.

  34. renewer

    FUCK! I JUST realized what the title of this song means and refers to... like 10+ years later...

  35. Nathan Skilbeck

    My youth is indeed slipping away....

    liam smalley

    edge lord

    Aaron Haywood

    Feel ya on that.

  36. Johnny V

    My youth, my youth is slipping true! Bummer.

  37. Elizabeth Marie

    His voice sounds godly, why haven't I heard of this band sooner?

    Chief Onahoe

    It's okay you're here now.


    Both voices are godly, they grew apart, I hope they know; the contrast is more beautiful than the colors by themselves.
    I hope they come back when they are old; to tell the same stories.

    Kat Orsini

    @Mmmgoose22 just saw them in Toronto last week. They still got it!


    @Kat Orsini Holy shit I am Jealous!!

    Kat Orsini

    @Beardedpower It was honestly so good. If your in Canada they will be back for a tour down the road.

  38. azuza jones

    0:35 sounds like he says "God your breath stanks!" haha

    Connor Dark

    Omg yes XD

    Eric Ryan


  39. jeremiah white

    Really nice song.

  40. John Eger

    best song ever? probs

  41. Destro 29

    "poor little tin-man. still swinging his ax., even though his joints are clogged with rust!!!!" Awesome lyrics!

  42. Blaine McGovern

    No, in order:Boiled Frogs, Accidents and Rough Hands

  43. roberta

    best song

    Geno Oj

    roberta I'd say definitely top 5 fav songs

  44. Xero Ownz

    Entire Album was removed from Spotify. Weird.

  45. Blaine McGovern

    my top 3 songs: Accidents, Boiled Frogs, and Rough Hands!

    Joel Randles

    +Blaine McGovern in order???

  46. Blaine McGovern

    I totally agree with you, and Rhapsody just recently pulled this song, totally bogus!


    +Blaine McGover So i see im not the only one who went here after rhapsody fucked up

    Blaine McGovern

    Yeah, they stepped in it big time

    Chris Merino

    +Blaine McGovern spotify pulled it off too.

  47. Alex Moreno

    R.I.P. replay button

  48. Haine Night

    I know not everyone might agree with me, but this is probably the best song in this album for me.

    Connor Dark

    I agree with you. This song is somehow satisfactory to listen to

    Graeme Campbell

    To be honest its because you don't hear or understand george's parts. This one has alot of dallas green's smooth vocals, but george is actually the emotion of Alexisonfire.

    Witness Me

    "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" is the one everyone knows here in the US but I've always preferred this one.


    Boiled frogs is the anthem for modern man, you burn first is for quote love unquote

    Ben Smith

    Someone from Australia agrees.


    Wow. Was driving on the highway yesterday after leaving a wedding. I felt sick to my stomach at how the person who was married invited a bunch of people she didn't give  shit about in order to do a bunch of things for her 15 minutes. It was uncomfortable and i left feeling lost and confused about what culture i had just witnessed. Then this song came on the radio and it made me feel feelings of nostalgia and made me feel badass riping it on the highway. ALEXIS NEVER FORGET

    James Stump

    im with david

    L. Cash

    no, you're an idiot cuz u replied back...

    Jakob Hodgkinson

    Joel Randles Not really, some people get married 2 or 3 times :)

    John Bortolin

    NGUYEN AGENDA TV Fucking whore bride I bet that marriage lasted 1 month.

  50. Zombie Darkblade

    Favourite track . . .♡

  51. Mariam Z

    Forgot how much I love this band :)
    many memories ^^

  52. Joel Glover

    I just love the guitar in this song.

  53. Oscar Hassan

    Alexisonfire-Boiled Frogs Acoustic Cover-Oscar & Lydia

  54. nolarmade

    *old man sits at his desk

  55. larry kay

    lucky :c

  56. Sara I

    I was at the farewell tour in Toronto. Wow. Wish I could go back in time, that was some night! Keeping fingers crossed for a reunion tour in a few years maybe? lol


    Saw em in 2012, ill never forget the audience shouting "44 caliber love letter straight from you're heart"

  57. Rochdro Uk

    la wea hermosa <3

  58. Alexizonf1re

    Yea, my picture is actually the poster i got from my poster deal ticket for their dec 23rd show in Montreal, amazing show. They offcially went their own separate ways some 2 weeks later after their last show in St Cath. RIP AOF, i will never forget you. Ever.

  59. Gerson Bonilla Mendoza

    they are disbanding after the farewell tour, i think they did so a few months ago :( (dec.30) sad...but like they said it themselves, they felt like moving on so we got to respect their choices and keep listening to their masterpieces :)

  60. mikethps

    Thank god I got to catch their farewell tour in Montreal. Drove all the way from brooklyn. Amazing show guys, we'll miss you!

  61. bluefieldchecker

    Aw man why did they stop?

  62. Adrian Frangipane

    no they broke in 2011 and finished their farewell tour in December

  63. bluefieldchecker

    Awesome song just wondering is this band still going?

    Zayne Grimmett

    bluefieldchecker he’s now the lead singer off city and colour, great band.

    Witness Me

    They broke up a few years ago but just got back together.

  64. Yawny_Cash

    true, Steph.
    just saying sounds like the singersof those bands...kind of...KIND of

  65. Daniel

    Dec 3rd, was FUCKING AMAZING! and they played to a friend ;)

  66. Stephanie Victoria

    alexisonfire is better than all of those bands anyway

  67. Iori Xzi

    I have my lifetime signed by them.

  68. TheLobonegro3

    My youth anthem <3

  69. jaydagooner

    Dec 2nd. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

  70. Yawny_Cash

    Its like Atreyu, Rise Against and Three Days Grace came together and made an awesome song

    Witness Me

    Not really as Rise Against is the only band you mentioned that are any good. More like a cross between Rise Against, Thrice and Boysetsfire.

  71. Shitstain

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU! they come where i live :D

  72. Shitstain

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU! they come where i live :D

  73. Michael

    Crisis.... one of the greatest albums ever made

  74. toolzsbuddy


  75. Hanz Von Yangernerden

    same here man its gonna be sick :)

  76. Buddahfinger666

    Got tickets to see them in London on their farewell tour in December! I'm happier than a pig in shit!

  77. 808ac


  78. iownthis24

    Sucks i wont get to see them on their farewell tour

  79. Anne Williams

    Yeah wade is doing Black Lungs now.

  80. MrBaguel

    And wade go with another band. And They'll do a last tour! They said that they will do a final tour on twitter.

  81. Braidy Brown

    dood these lyrics are wronng lol

  82. Anne Williams

    They left because Dallas is doing City and Colour, and george is having kids.

  83. Ricefood


  84. Filbertfriend

    Troll harder, bud.

  85. Filbertfriend

    I didn't meet them. That was the other guy. Learn to read.

  86. Ricefood

    ya it does it means u gave them bad luck when u met them, u son of a bitch!

  87. Filbertfriend

    That makes absolutely no sense.

  88. kayd

    this song has been stuck in my head for three weeks now xD
    How I miss alexisonfire.

  89. Groundedflag

    yeh, jealous much..

  90. bungalowbill13

    im proud as fuck to be canadian

  91. Jimmy Droughton

    @MrYoureawhat so is your mums orgasm

  92. Cadey

    dis iz a kool song! lol

  93. Chris Arnthal

    That ending is one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard <3

  94. siphonalfive60

    @xxPUNKIMOTHExx haha that must be y they broke up

  95. Grant Codron


  96. Ewan Shaw

    @xxPUNKIMOTHExx i jellus