Alexisonfire - Accidents Lyrics

I'm not sure what's worse
The waiting or the waiting room
"You're next sir" becomes a cruel taunt to you
Recycled air, the smell of sleep and disinfectant
Your God is a two door elevator

Do they even cure you? (Cut me open drug me)
Or is it just to humor us before we die (Repair all my defects)
If only we could heal ourselves (Whoa whoa whoa...)
We wouldn't need to be hooked up to these machines (Whoa whoa whoa...)

Whoa whoa whoa...

Let's redefine [6x]
What it means to heal

Do they even cure you? (Cut me open drug me)
Or is it just to humor us before we die (Repair all my defects)
If only we could heal ourselves (Whoa whoa whoa...)
We wouldn't need to be hooked up to these machines (Whoa whoa whoa...)

Whoa whoa whoa...

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Alexisonfire Accidents Comments
  1. War Drive

    For me one of the best metalocre bamd of all years.... or one of the early metalcore band of 2000 ans still the best actually... clean voice not to heavy and drums like Korn so sick tank you you Canadians MF

  2. Chris Reid

    Real music

  3. LangLey Kongk

    somethings cursed, better dig up the ground.

  4. Jonny cairns

    The first time shoved a pine cone up my little brothers arse this song was playing

  5. Yojimboism

    Now that’s how you start an album!

  6. Andrew Ross Maxwell

    This is one of the greatest songs, greatest album openers, greatest moments in post-hardcore music... chills throughout. The lyrics hit harder than the music, even

  7. Plague Doctor

    This needs a fucking billion views.

  8. N. Montague


  9. Noelhall88

    This song makes me want to tackle a rhino!!!!!!

  10. Andrew Miller

    If only we could heal ourselves. I think of this every time I go in for chemo. Here's to healing!

    Niilo Karonen

    Wish you the best

    Andrew Miller

    Update: Now I'm doing immunotherapy!

    Andrew Miller

    I made my first remission. Hopefully it sticks

    Albert Twangle

    I love you

  11. xDshiv58

    Freshman year back in 2005-2006. Holy shit those were the days, jamming out to this before volleyball practice. NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD.

  12. Cardinal John*

    It make me sad my childhood so happy still love this song

  13. Nicole

    Love it!!

  14. Captain Hooks

    Can’t believe how old this song is. Feels like only yesterday that I first came across this as a teen.

  15. Karol Jajaja

    I might have actually gave this one arround 400 views. Best fucking song ever

  16. Vágner Souza

    Muito foda - 2018 - Brasil

  17. MedicineMan007

    If you've ever been face to face with death in the hospital, the lyrics of this song fucking pierce the mind.

  18. Charles Howie

    I say, these chaps aren't Scientologists, are they?

  19. Vince Boychuk

    Listening to this hooked up to a heart monitor and IVs in intensive care from violent seizures and stomach surgery. Love this tune

    Randy gonzales

    riiiiight. because that's what doctors do

    Chad Cassidy

    I have a very similar story mate. Cheers

  20. Parnelius

    I love the United States healthcare system.

    fuck off

    They're Canadian bud!


    fuck off you don't think I know that. Obviously I was making a connection to the American healthcare system.

  21. Prince- Aiko97

    heard this over 50 times in a row

  22. Ace Five

    this one goes out to my best friend Richard who died in a car accident in 2015. see you when I die brother

  23. quickstep

    this album sucks

    Caleb Spellman

    quickstep Said no one. XD

  24. Tyrant Leo

    I always picture this song when I visit a hospital.

  25. Richard R. Patlan

    currently listening to this hooked up to an I.V. machine. laying in a hospital bed in intensive care unit.

    Richard R. Patlan

    I had a ruptured appendix, if anyone wondered. they,cut open my stomach and removed some intestine. Almost fully recovered now :)

    Curtis Laine

    Randy Patlan glad you are still with us. the fight in you is strong and I'm glad, no thankful you have over come and survived

    Richard R. Patlan

    Curtis Laine thank you. It's always awesome to get some positive thoughts. things could have been a lot worse. But but I'm thankful for the support! thanks all.

    Randy gonzales

    because there is no more good music. its all shit

  26. Papyri

    Is the band name Alex is on fire or Alexis on fire??

    Joshua Webster

    OkNoah Alexis

    Jorma Luhtasaari

    Alexisonfire all one word!

    michayla metail

    Alexis. As in Alexis Fire. She's a contortionist stripper.

  27. Devon Evans

    Put an ambulance sound effect in the background in another tab, then play it right as the video starts. It will give you chills.

    Alex Surh

    wow thats crazy

  28. Kill Everyone

    One of the best albums and crowning moments for the post-hardcore genre.

  29. C.J.

    too bad they don't play anymore they were such a great band when i was growing up

    Michiel Vanderheyden

    Didn't they come back this year?

    Cameron Wellington

    carlos sanchez seeing them tomorrow night in melbourne yeeew!

    Dario Rivers

    Saw them in Toronto just this past December, greatest night of my life.

    They're playing again in Europe this summer!

    Gates Multi-Gaming

    I saw them at Quebec with Atreyu and Silverstein!! That was a hell of a show!!

    Justin Turner

    They're playing in my hometown very soon. They still play

  30. Don't Even Bother

    cri everytime :'(

  31. Sky High

    Obligatory, "Like if you're listening to this in 2015!" comment :)

    Jeremy W

    +James Bfy wow fucking destroyed. WEW. complete disregard for H U M A N I T Y

  32. Mariam Z

    I don't really like THIS type of metal/rock, but they're a great band... so many feels and memories <33

  33. Jason F

    This song blew the floodgates open for my taste in heavier music. Still gives me chills...

    Terry GM

    Same, I was really offput by screaming vocals for the longest time, then heard this and really enjoyed it. Paved the way to my several year death metal addiction, later on.

    matt cole

    +Terry GM I hope you don't consider this death metal. what death metal bands do you listen to


    He means that Alexisonfire paved the way to him listening to death metal you spanner

    Tom Fishwick

    Saaaaame Dude

    FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    @Terry GM glad to hear that bro

  34. Ray L


  35. Josh

    as much as I like the song, I'm not big on the lyrics. I tried to come up with my own.

    Terry GM

    The lyrics are fucking great imo


    naw. The message is one that could be appropriated for homeopathy.


    @SCRulerShinoda How? 

    Hurr padurr

    @SCRulerShinoda you're just scratching the surface of those lyrics, bro

  36. lukeic

    Will always love this album and the rest of their songs. Such nice atmosphere!

  37. definitely maybe

    why did people forget about AOF when they broke up? they were great

    Cam Reynolds

    Never forgotten!!!

    Dario Rivers

    Never forgotten man, they're timeless!

  38. Mr Jambiwana

    fucking brilliant if i do say so myself sir

    Vyolet Rose

    I couldn't agree more :)