Alexandra Burke - Before The Rain Lyrics

Once upon a time there was a story
So unreal, it's hard to tell
No-one seems to understand
Once within my mind, there was a name
That I can't even start to spell
Cause I don't want to break again

All I do and all I am
Everything's because of him

My hell, my heart, my honesty
Myself and I, with all of me
I would give him all that I had
But all I had was not enough and
My voice, my eyes will never see
The way they looked and spoke of me
Nowhere I can go to regain
Whatever I was before the rain

Every single time I close my eyes
My mind goes back to where he was
Cause she don't want to understand, no no
Love is not a crime, but it sure feels like doing time
My mind is shut, and she don't wanna let me in no

And all I do and all I am
Everything's because of him


Whatever I was before the rain
Once upon a time there was a story
So unreal, it's hard to tell
No-one seems to understand, oh


Oh, oh, oh
Whatever I was before the rain
Whatever I was before the rain

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Alexandra Burke Before The Rain Comments
  1. Ildikó Márton-Koczó

    I follow Alexandra's life and I am delighted that he has achieved success again and again. Beautiful voice, I trust that long time I can admire.

  2. Little junior

    amazing music

  3. tarny11

    I can't understand why a video of this song wasn't made. This song showes her vocal ability .This song is way better then any other female artist song out there.


    Its will be

  4. faithoffaith

     I've so fallen in love with this song!

  5. kissy moreno escobar

    beautiful song.

  6. Marigold dianela

    aww!! loved it!

  7. violeta slavova

    Where can i found instrumental of this song ?

  8. Slaychelle

    Alexandra would be so much better respected as an artist had the Overcome era singles focused more on ballads - sad but true. With a voice like hers, people really want to hear it.

    The singles should have been:
    - Bad Boys
    - The Silence
    - All Night Long
    - Before the Rain

  9. Miss BeautifuLLL


  10. tarny11

    @tarny11 SHE IS BRILLIANT.

  11. Drobium77

    fancy two brummie singers coming out with the same song title within a year Duran Duran "before the rain" and now this?
    Both amazingly beautiful songs, both are brilliant imo!

  12. tarny11

    @dicktrickslick I like them both.

  13. tarny11

    @dicktrickslick THE SILENCE IS A BRILLIANT SONG.

  14. DutchRose93

    i like it (:
    instead of the questionmarks in the lyrics, i think it should say: "Cause she don't wanna understand (no no)"

  15. etreduardo

    @IdealThinker Honey, if that's flat for you, you should REALLY check your ears. Alexandra can reach many different notes and her voice is one of my favourites (I mean, the sound of it). Definitely, this is not my favourite song of hers, yet it's very good (as always).

  16. tarny11


  17. tarny11

    @dicktrickslick This is a brilliant song has so much feeling and emotion and sounds like it should be in a movie.I hope they make a video of it.The silence is fanastic track and has more vocals in it.

  18. AlexandraBurke4eva

    @dicktrickslick Perfect is on the Deluxe Edition

  19. Mona

    @LABYRINTHSATANIST thnx :) well good promoting talents u have there mate, don't worry I'm buying that one anyways ;)

  20. Mona

    hey do you know what the other new songs in there r??