Alexa Goddard - Promises (Acoustic) Lyrics

Are you drunk enough?
Not to judge what I'm doin'
Are you high enough?
To excuse that I'm ruined
'Cause I'm ruined
Is it late enough?
For you to come and stay over
'Cause we're free to love
So tease me, ohh

I make no promises
I can't do golden rings
But I'll give you everything
Magic is in the air
There ain't no science here
So come get your everything (tonight)
I make no promises
I can't do golden rings
But I'll give you everything
Magic is in the air
There ain't no science here
So come get your everything


Is it loud enough?
'Cause my body is calling for you, calling for you
I need someone, to do the things that I do, mmm
I'm heating up, energy's taking control
I'm speeding up
My heartbeat's dancing alone

I make no promises
I can't do golden rings
But I'll give you everything
Magic is in the air
There ain't no science here
So come get your everything
I make no promises
I can't do golden rings
But I'll give you everything
Magic is in the air
There ain't no science here
So come get your everything

Tonight, mmm

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Alexa Goddard Promises (Acoustic) Comments
  1. Bec Nicole

    Damn!! ❤

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    collab ??? track brazilian music!!!

  3. Donna Georgian

    Vocal super😍you look great, you are very beautiful 😀

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    Heyy I did a cover of this song, PLEASE go check it out ! ❤️

  5. Divya Kohli

    Hi! I love this song, check out my acoustic cover!:

  6. Heyitsmathis

    Hey I just did a Sam Smith cover, if you could give me your feedback it'd be amazing ! xx

  7. fraehsi

    thank you

  8. Boston Jensen

    Wowwwwww you are so beautiful and amazing!

  9. Boston Jensen

    Can you do- Love Someone by: Lukas Graham

  10. OfficialRedact Hibbert

    hey Samantha Harvey i took your acapella with the piano in the background and made a remix of Calvin Harris ft. Sam Smith - Promises. id like you to hear it and give your feedback on whether you like it, i found your vocals very moving and absolutely couldn't resist not remixing it link :

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  12. prasanta Gohain Boruah

    Please cover avicii without you please

  13. Decibel Audioworks

    Great job :)

  14. Andrzej Piekarski

    You are fucking hottttt

  15. iiaestheticii

    It’s a little too sad and I think she was crying a bit u should be a bit more cheerful for this song but still the best

  16. Rhiannah Grace

    Omg ur singing is beautiful! ❤️ I lysm! xx

  17. Arnold Camueroa

    You must listen to the bachata version of your cover by DJ Alejandro and Melvin War. Incredible mash up of music! 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤🎵🎵🎵

  18. Osmond Dre

    bravo magnifique

  19. TammlMamml

    I would like it much better, if you would learn the full text and then sing it off the top of your head. :-)

  20. Victorino Philadelphia

    #Lovely #Greatness #SamanthaHarvey the Voice of an #Angel #WinWinWin, Oh yeah i definitely like that #TEE,
    💪😜👉#AllYouNeedIsLove !!!

  21. cc. c

    Your stunning what a voice x

  22. Claire Dunn

    Wow Samantha that’s beautiful xx

  23. Anime Woi

    nice :)

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    Круто! Милый голос, приятно слушать

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    Please cover "Changes" by:xxxtentacion,ty😁

  26. ysobelle B.

    You're so Amazing!!!!! I love ur vids and ur voice❤

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    Okayyyy amazing

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    She sings with a passion... I love your voice 😍

  30. Helen Rhodes

    Your voice is stunning. First time viewer off to check out more

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    Love u Samantha 💕💕👌

  32. thomas kilpatrick

    Beautifully Reworked. Lovely voice

  33. Izzi May

    Omg Sam Smith needs to see this!!!

  34. Elise Direktor

    You're wonderful. Am I able to use this for an amateur dancing music video of mine??

  35. Carole Middle

    ❤ u r so talented and gorgeous babe💕💕

  36. Kenneth Henry

    Iam yours damit

  37. Cui Li

    Your voice is amazing❤

  38. kimberly okotie

    The lyrics tho

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    I wish i had one of them shirts sighed with you're lip stick on it.

  40. Kenneth Henry

    IAM yours

  41. Kenneth Henry

    Don't know were ya are honey but i wish you were mine.

  42. Paul Angus

    Great voice, nice cover :-)

  43. Lima Sadia

    Better than the original !!!! I wish I could like this Cover a billion times, your voice gives me chills. Girl you’re blessed ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  44. Dan porsche

    Not a cover song ,and you cant sing !

  45. David De-Niro

    You have a voice of an Angel. X

  46. David De-Niro

    Omg your really something else, love your voice and your cover of promises. X

  47. J B

    Amazing voice and even better looks

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  49. L.A Music

    Very good!

  50. Trace Lorace

    Hi sing so nicely. Any singing tips?Please do some singing tips video. I also sing the way u do but unfortunately nobody's watching n subscribing. Maybe im not good enough? :(

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  52. NEY

    Congratulations!!!!! Aweson👏👏💕🌈

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    Really love your voice 💕

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    Complimenti questa canzone è su Cover Song Mania


    🎶💕👍Beautiful Cover Sam! Your vocals are always flawless ❤️

  56. Markus Sunny Money Honey

    no offence, but
    I'll be honest, you are gorgeous you voice isn't. Some super expensive recording equipments, make up sets are helping you get these subscribers and views...nothin' else

  57. All Star Photography

    Very nice vocals! 💕❤️💕

  58. dannyesc16

    Slower rhythm makes the song too depressing :(

  59. Jaime Fernández Flores

    Samantha que bonito cantas , no lo piedas nunca esa voz . Eres muy Grande

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    💙💙👍😊 Nice

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    Please cover "BACK TO YOU" by Selena Gomez (13 reasons why)


    Omg I love your voice your an awesome,AMAZING singer this and all your other covers are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING Iove it so much

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    you have a nice voice

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    U really have an amazing voice... Can I know what software do u use?

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    Hey,you ve got such a beautiful soothing enchanting voice.Keep doing you and looking forward to recording with you in future.cheers, Samantha

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    Love your work sam, u should cover dean lewis be alright it would sound awesome from u love. Love from australia :)

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  96. Samantha Harvey

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    Can we get tickets through phone call or just online? Xx

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