Alex & Sierra - Say Something Lyrics

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere, I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all
And I will stumble and fall
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
Anywhere, I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride
You're the one that I love
And I'm saying goodbye

Say something, I'm giving up on you
And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
And anywhere, I would have followed you
Oh-oh-oh-oh say something, I'm giving up on you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

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Alex & Sierra Say Something Comments
  1. Yvonne Mendez

    Luv these two their voices and as a duo

  2. martha schnapp

    My favorite

  3. Gyaltsen_ 26

    Its The First Time I Saw Simon so Happy...

  4. Yarik Ribowo

    2019 december??

  5. Nour Nour

    Who is hear after they broke up😓😓

  6. Daniel Tulloch

    They're singing to get lovers together but ironically this song marked their very own breakup...

  7. kim wells

    alex made her

  8. JBird Jenn Trujillo

    I love how they totally locked eyes on each other

    Lalo Hernandez

    JBird Jenn Trujillo to bad they broke up

    JBird Jenn Trujillo

    @Lalo Hernandez yeah that's life!! I'm sure they both are thankful for how meeting one another impacted people. I'm sure they will find something else

  9. Alongi21

    Sooo beautiful!! Come back together guys!!!! You both are magical together 💕 what more proof you want from universe 🙏❤😍

  10. Cheryl Jolly

    OMG i love thees two

  11. Skyy Yang

    i miss them

  12. wendyjensenmusic

    Simon and his negative crap. All it takes it a lot of practice and chemistry to nail a performance.

  13. Malek Dimassi

    i'm rewatching all of their performances in november 2019! and damn ethan dolan looks so much like alex! i never noticed that before

  14. Ivam Gamez


  15. Brie

    They look a lot less happier than their first video..or is it just me

  16. tomalba7

    Holy shit

  17. No body

    #saySOMETHING about their breakup
    I can't believe it

  18. Nate Lewis Kyle

  19. Ivam Gamez

    Esta pareja es extraordinaria



  21. PizzaTemplar

    Train Ticket by OTT

  22. Slew

    Did either of them ever make it big?


    Have you heard them on the radio, or whatever lately?
    This is a tv-show. Very few ever makes it past this show...
    Sad but true. It's TV for everyone, but these talents end up as no one...

  23. MiSTR JT

    The way they look at each other.... *that* is love right there. They should cover a 5 Seconds of Summer song.


    I watch this over and over again...

  25. Thara CLC

    u can see in this video that alex is so inlove with sierra and sierra is not really responding to the judges praise to both of them in a way that she wasnt looking at him, only looks at her :(

  26. Nivre Aled Asor

    How if....

    KZ TANDINGAN join this show..

  27. Bernhardist

    Wich people are soo dump and push the dislike button??? They are A.....le

  28. David Ponce

    the best performance , straight to the heart.

  29. Ivam Gamez


  30. lonely heart

    2.26 she just slayed me

  31. Natasha Darko

    This song makes me so angry because these should have been ENDGAME like what the hell happened

  32. Valerie Gordon

    They have already split can see it in the way they at each other and aren't all touchy feely...just sad.

  33. fen

    Luv it so much:)

  34. Dulce Wilcox

    They were so beautiful together.

  35. Chris

    Keeper recording .

  36. Neil Masalihit

    The chills

  37. mee

    2019 anyone? :))

  38. Prospopdancetv

    Am feeling like dancing to this cover in 2019...what do you guys think?

  39. Abdulkarim Al Junaidi

    ،this so bad

  40. AshiaSub


  41. Lea Abouriche

    2019 anyone ?

  42. Victor Perez

    Biggest glow up in xfactor history

  43. Jim Mantel

    I didn't think I'd like this song. But, I love it! Well done! Wishing you much success.

  44. voxxy85

    First time seeing this 2019

  45. Angelica Hemmings

    hacia mejor pareja con Alex que ahora con luke

  46. Denise Salles

    Are they brother and sister? They look alike!


    They should have stayed together ... they make BEAUTIFUL music .... I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS but they belong together ...
    have either of them done anything since they slept

  48. Ashley Grafton

    They gave up on each other 😭

  49. Pritish Gautam

    Luke hemmings has joined the chat

  50. Anna Kakorin

    suprised they won, like when i first heard them sing i was like ummmm ew?

  51. sumi 47

    Who is here after watching their audition?

  52. ChinkyBella

    Oh look. You gave up on her.

  53. Diana Cozmeniuc

    This is amazing and we all know that! ❤️😍

  54. olli nymous

    ...14 years in love with my girl , we love to see , theres many people understand ...foolish and love are the only realy present of lifee ...not for money to buy , just the present of life ...wish alex and sierra the best and all people they understand , dont wait , live your life in love , doesnt matter , what the other say ....nothing matters ,

  55. Jonathan Rodigues

    Tem brasileiros de bom gosto aqui?

  56. Alice Cheese

    They broke up 😂😂 wow. Love ain’t real folks 😂😂

  57. Sarah Robertson

    absolutely gorgeous.

  58. Cam Beth

    Wow, started out as cuties in X Factor, became huge with Little do you know, and then they broke up ahhhhhh that’s devastating

  59. Becky Harvey

    Love this one

  60. Lar Family

    that girl gave Simon a dirty look lol

  61. Lar Family

    Ah I wish they were still together

  62. Larry F

    And they did give up on each other.

  63. Debbie Gauthier

    And where are they now?

    Michael Kovalev

    they broke up

    Debbie Gauthier

    @Michael Kovalev I know, I meant what have they done lately since they broke up.

  64. Parameswari Primadita

    I can believe they break up . And almost 1 years!

  65. TX Livin'

    They don't seem quite as happy as before. Song is foreshadowing....

  66. Montse Montalvo

    Era tan lindos, recuerdo ver la audición en la tele. Ahora Sierra es novia de mi hermoso Luke y no podría estár más que feliz. 2019 ahrre

  67. lorghans nikki

    2019 july someone?

  68. Michael Ortt

    Love these two on this, just love Victoria Justice and Max more

  69. speliba -

    out of all the x factor auditions this one i found was the best. There voices are perfect togheter in this song , it almost sounds exactly like the origanal.I loved this couple but sadly they broke up

  70. Andrea Chavarria

    This is so weird to see them again knowing that they aren’t together anymore!!🥺

  71. mirian. juarez.

    Luke Hemmings has entered the chat

  72. CharliBaltimore

    It was real..

  73. Alyssa Jane Golez

    Meteor garden feels fans :(

  74. Eman Usman

    2019 anyone?

  75. Case Closed

    Did this for real get 31M views??

  76. Xavielle Hardin

    2019 anyone?

  77. Sarah Boldman

    I believe becoming famous was the demise of their relationship and talent, their chemistry is what made them so special and awe inspiring..

    cathy Gray

    Oh that is so sad :(

  78. Sleepy Doughnut

    Alex & Sierra : And I would stumble-

    *Camera Shakess*

    What kind of sorcery is this?

  79. Meriazeza Twice

    May 2019

  80. 中分

    Alex sounds out of tune. Iknow they're harmonizing but he is out of tune.

  81. lele

    just find out she is dating luke hemmings and they look so good together omg

  82. Alexis Lacanaria


  83. Isaiah Ricks

    2019 and I still come back

  84. Connie Klein

    I thought they'd be together forever.

  85. Łukasz Agaś

    Who else is still watching this in 2019 like me?

    Mitchell Nganga

    I am lol

  86. Saantiago Resendiz

    2019 ? Anyone 😭 💔?

  87. zychz

    Demi Lovato is a disgusting human being. Go back to your sewer you drug addict whore! im jk i love sammy ^-^

  88. Mpilwenhle Ndawonde

    Still can’t believe these two broke up 😭😭💔

  89. TheAlexanderSeries

    2019, still in love

  90. Danny Mccoy

    The best cover,,,sadly nothing last forever...😣

  91. Katherine P

    Them breaking up makes me think that all the love in their performances is not real. But then again, they're just performances.

  92. BeeSeeBee

    Holy moly she is hot stuff

  93. Eddy127

    I wish they never won cause now look broken up and everything complete flop and have not heard of then since and they were winners fifth harmony didn't win and they did good

  94. Kathryn Poole

    While they were breaking up I wonder if this performance ran through their head........ Damn but I absolutely love this song

  95. Angel Holt

    U got a voice

  96. Gracie

    To bad they broke up personally and professionally. I loved their love.💔