Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know Lyrics

Little do you know
How I'm breaking while you fall asleep
Little do you know
I'm still haunted by the memories
Little do you know
I'm tryna pick myself up piece by piece

Little do you know
I need a little more time

Underneath it all I'm held captive by the hole inside
I've been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind
I'm ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight

Little do you know
I need a little more time

I'll wait, I'll wait
I love you like you've never felt the pain
I'll wait
I promise you don't have to be afraid
I'll wait
The love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me

Little do you know
I know you're hurting while I'm sound asleep
Little do you know
All my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know
I'm trying to make it better piece by piece

Little do you know
I, I love you 'til the sun dies

[Alex & Sierra:]
Oh wait, just wait
I love you like I've never felt the pain
Just wait
I love you like I've never been afraid
Just wait
Our love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me

I'll wait (I'll wait), I'll wait (I'll wait)
I love you like you've never felt the pain
I'll wait (I'll wait)
I promise you/I don't have to be afraid
I'll wait
The love is here and here to stay
So lay your head on me
Lay your head on me
So lay your head on me

'Cause little do you know
I, I love you 'til the sun dies

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Alex & Sierra Little Do You Know Comments
  1. krissy connors

    And now she is dating Luke hemmings 💕

  2. Pedro Osorio

    december 2019

  3. Meredith Burke

    december 2019 anyone

  4. Stephanie Ruiz

    December 2019? I'm still listening to this song ahhh!! >.<

  5. Elle Jaey

    December 2019. Winter song? Gosh

  6. Manurag Dogra

    dec 2019?

  7. Game Tube07

    This was our song.
    I would always sing this to her and she always loved it despite my bad singing voice(haha).
    We were together for 2 years but she left me for a better suited guy for her.
    Whenever I miss her I always listen to this song and my heart cries .

  8. Erva Seven

    Güneşi söndürmem gerekten gelenler❤

  9. Kimi Yansa

    The fact that now Sierra is with Luke from 5SOS..

  10. Gabrielle Ordoñez

    Who is still listening to this song in december 2019?
    Guess i'm the only one

  11. Suleyka Alvarez

    I Love this song so much 😘😘😘😘😃😃😃😃😃

  12. Marshar Cox

    I hate you Alex and sierra.

  13. ynaa

    Décembre 2019?

    Anonymous Crosses

    ynaa us 😇

  14. Ryan Fleming

    why is this the first time I have heard this. Amazing song

  15. cute X

    Who is listening in Decemeber 20199999

  16. Tripurari Ghosh

    5 years old song....... still it brings tears in the eyes.... When u r feeling it.....
    This song is a support when u r actually trying to cope situation like this.... ☺☺☺☺

  17. Zineddine Rebhi

    December 2019 ?

  18. huy nguyễn

    I miss my friend :,(

  19. Nayane Alexandre

    Alguem e brasileiro?ou e so eu

  20. Brian Baker

    Danced with my wife to this song at my daughter's wedding.

  21. Budak Jahat

    where are elex and sierra now? December 2019..
    Who is still listening to this song...

    Rafael Germinal

    they broke up

  22. tima oran

    I think that I'm the only one who discover them in December 2019 ?

    and did they stop singing together?!!


    Hey im watching this too

    Nadia U

    Same!! Lol can’t believe i came across them just now

  23. Ayshn Dood

    2019: Millions of people comment, like and subscribe on Alex & Sierra.

    Jan, 2020: We get Alex & Sierra's attention, and they watch their old videos again.

    Feb, 2020: Alex & Sierra get back together.

    I say best plan, who's with me?

  24. Avesta The Gamer

    December 2019? do not let me feel alone

  25. Günter Gapp

    15th dezember

  26. Victor Coria

    Who still listening in 500bc

  27. Divinity

    I’m literally 5 years late.

  28. m c

    Dec 2019

  29. Areeba Aamir

    Who came from Hayden Summral and Annie laBlonce cover

  30. Rishi A

    From TikTok 😂

  31. I am ناجيسا

    53 mil vieu اين العرب إثبات وجود🌝🇩🇿🇮🇶🇸🇦🇱🇧🇲🇦🇵🇸🇪🇬🇱🇾🇹🇳

  32. Thai Ya Long

    I'm before 1M likes.
    It's 999k likes wow.

  33. Grays Gracia

    december 2019? who's with me 😆

  34. Fazal Fariz

    Too bad they broke up.

  35. Leonard Pangaribuan

    Selasa, 14 Desember 2019 #FromIndonesia


    dec 14 2019 still listening

  37. this guy

    We just gonna accept the fact that the SUN died just like that??

  38. xb yaz

    I'm inlove because of these guys.

  39. xxFireGirlxx _yt

    am lissening for 2years

  40. Chelsea Wang's Fun Times

    2019 December... anyone????

  41. Marc Ryan

    Ending my 2019 just like these feelings in this song.

  42. Maria Rita Vieira


  43. Wail702 Zhrni

    رااااح تووباككك لحن مايكمل الا ب توباك فقطط *

  44. Adnan Bizri

    Camera man is shaking

  45. Grace's Vlogs

    I saw the America got talent I love this song I did know they sing this

  46. Nana Hasim

    December 2019?

  47. Shefali Begum

    Who's watching in december 2019???

  48. Shanxshan Vs

    Am still inlove with this song is it me alone

  49. Dawn Heath

    Hey this song made my grandma cry when i sang it to her im only 7

  50. Borñ 2 know

    Learn meditation And yoga form me
    I am Indian🇮🇳👳

  51. GachaElla

    December 2019????

  52. rommy143

    Love this song

  53. Arthyung Kim

    Wave to me watching and Listening in 2019 ...supp guys

  54. Arthyung Kim

    why does perfect couple always split ?

  55. Arthyung Kim

    this song reminds me of something called couple aren't meant to each other
    I was a fan in X factor .This couple wake my nervous system and at the age of 15 I realize how love works.

  56. Arthyung Kim

    is there true love ? my goodness it tears me up

  57. Arthyung Kim

    what's suppp still listening this year 2019 .

  58. Paulo Santos

    Cade os br

  59. kurama chen

    11 december 2019

  60. Xxx X

    December 2019 anyone😂

  61. douae jerradi

    December 2019😀

  62. Notorious K

    Dec 2019.....this song makes ma heart rest .....feel so gud

  63. comer é vida ;_;

    linda linda linda 🙆

  64. Fragment of Creation

    Still listening in December and forever..

  65. Bby kaykay

    I’ve to sing this on Thursday in front of my music class 😭😭😭

  66. Sonia Soni

    Décembre 2019 ?

  67. Januel Labrador

    December 9,2019 anyone?💙

    Gamer Girl

    Januel Labrador Yepp 💙🤷‍♀️

  68. Johan Lin Menezes

    December 2019

  69. sisi429

    This is their song?? Finally matched the song to the singers...

  70. OMG! I’m not Wengie!!!

    Ok so everyone is blind and saying “2019 anyone? No?” and ignoring ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Oh and some people mentioning their relationship.

  71. Bellinhaah Chan:3

    Alguém Br ou Port?

  72. Leo Cervera

    December 2019 still listening to this song.

    Paulo Santos

    Cade os br


    yep same

    Paulo Santos

    @GachaElla tankyou so math


    your welcome but for what exactly?

  73. Dwight Lewis

    DECEMBER 2019

  74. roaa äbdo

    December 2019 who is still listening to this beautiful song with me☺

  75. Ally Nguyen

    December 2019, 2020 is almost here

  76. Medoo Alzhrany


  77. Misha gacha

    Türkiye ?

  78. Snigdha Sarkar

    Omg!! Anyone December 2019???

  79. Wsaan Gamde

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله عليك يا حبيبتي

  80. Red?OrGreen? Gacha

    "Love you till the sun dies~"
    They Didin't stay together though 😭😭😭😭

  81. Leigh anne

    December 2019?

  82. 버찌버찌

    좋아요 Good

  83. Lea Martinez


  84. Amar Hamlaoui

    I just found out about these guys when I watched their first audition in the X Factor and I was saying that their love is so strong I even got emotional about it, then BOOM I found out they aren't together anymore, I dunno how to feel anymore :'(

  85. 3bdal7hman .MOH_3

    after 5 years and I am listening the song , but I am not alone 😁❤

  86. Juan Garcia

    2025 Anyone?

  87. Jeanmarc Hernandez

    Décembre 2019

  88. Xinhu Liu

    What? This song is already five years old? Just discovered this...

  89. Logan Miller

    Who's having a goosebumps while listening to this? Only me?

  90. ꧁شہخہصہيہهہ مہلعہؤنہهہ ꧁

    THAT IS SAD 💔💔😓

  91. Danny Bullis

    wow, this is such an amazing song! I have listened to it at least 10-15 times in one day! Great job

  92. Gacha girl life

    I'm listening to this and I just broke up with my ex and we still love each other. We are still friends and today he told me he loved me and still does 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  93. I am a little Cactus

    December 2019?
    Whoever read that,Merry Christmas and I hope you and your family stay Well😊⛄❄🎄🎁🎂

  94. Rhylle Justine Amaga

    I just watch them winning the x factor coz I didn’t know that they were X factor champions and now i just viewed a video that they broke up😭ughh perfect couple

  95. Christian random gaming

    I’m from december 2019! Anyone else????👇🏻

  96. ILuvRAGe on ig

    What happened to them its beem a long ass right sense they uploaded😭

  97. DexXyStatsGummies

    December 2019? ;0;

  98. Alex Moore

    alexs part hits me so deep bc about 1 or 2 months ago i technically cheated on my girlfriend and i had no idea what i was doing in the moment and i thought i could leave it in the past and go on being happy w her but then it caught up to me and we broke up. i was filled w regret and sorrow and i hated myself so much. i never imagined i would have done that. about a week later i begged her to forgive me and it took a while but i finally got her to forgive me. she never forgot but at least she let me have another chance. and then about 1 month later she called me saying how she wanted to just be friends bc things didn’t feel the same and it was then when i just didn’t know what to do. i fuckin love this girl, she means everything to me. and it’s so hard to be friends w someone you love so much. this was a while ago and i’m still broken. i don’t wanna feel like this.....

    text me 512-924-4020 (girls only) they’re easier to talk to

  99. Arianne Mcdaniel

    now i know what they look like and i watched the x factor and seen them and never realized lmao

  100. Kay La

    Can someone tell me when they broke up