Alex G - Charlotte Lyrics

Every day is the same
All they know is my name
'Cause I got nothing to say
No one to save

Conversation arrives
All I know this is time
Counting down in my chest
And they'll forget me

Does anyone care if I'm even there?

Speak up
We're listening
Your silence is crippling
And you're not a nothing

All the wonderful things
You can see on a screen
Picture perfect they seem
But what about me

Empty words in my mouth
I've been waiting to shout
'Cause maybe then they will see
Everything in me

Does anyone care if I'm even there?

Speak up
We're listening
Your silence is crippling
And you're not a nothing

You're not a nothing
You're not a nothing

You are your story
The messy pages inside your head
You are worthy
Of our attention
We're listening

Speak up [x4]

Speak up
We're listening

Speak up

Speak up
We're listening
Your silence is crippling
And you're not a nothing

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Alex G Charlotte Comments
  1. Sara Bocian

    Is the little girl form the YouTube channel braytayley in here?

  2. Marge Dellatorre


  3. Erin C

    Where you at Alex? Miss you & your beautiful voice. Hope you keep doing what you do. <3

  4. Tiago Avila

    Well clearly this is another slow song just like the other songs I heard today, but this one is thousand times better that I had no choice I had to give it a thumbs up. Now please Alex try and release an upbeat song, I mean come on if u can sing Thinking Out Loud better then Ed Sheeran then clearly u have a voice beyond anything anyone can ever imagine, so why not test it, so please make your next song an upbeat song. Please and Thank u.

  5. Ry BLINK Hopkinson

    Absolutely beautiful song I love you Alex! <3

  6. S U

    Keep coming back to this song since its the one I can relate to the most..

  7. ASelenaN Gomez

    OMG!! jennifer stone!!!!!

  8. ASelenaN Gomez

    love this is song

  9. sweetbaybabz

    I love this song. It has made me cry many times. The whole album is great. I hope you can do this project again one day with new songs with great meaningful and emotional songs.

  10. Christa Colburn

    This is still by far my favorite song of yours

  11. Mohammad Shaheryar

    I Love your Smile I am here to Support u, Ill support u as much i would be able to,
     Love Your songs <3

  12. Francesca Minieri

    wooooow i love this Song!!!😍❤💋

  13. John Norman

    Very nice! Love it!!

  14. Quality Winner

    I shared this on FB. My friend said it's her new favorite song. I love the message, "We're listening; your silence is crippling"

  15. UnicornLove


  16. Brad W

    I thanks for that. In all seriousness though I love what you all are doing here. I am also a huge fan of you Alex (I have your first album on this weird thing called a compact disk), so keep up the good work. I love the originals!

  17. Kaela Puyod

    it's weird when the boys is singing with the voice of alex. BTW i love alex and herr voice :*

  18. Klaus

    I'm crying rn 😭
    its just that the lyrics of the song are the words I badly needed.
    Thank you 😭❤

  19. Pruden Tercero Nieto

    You have grown up my dear Alex, with all my respects, naturally... Your songs are more intimacy, your storys are in your heart, and you give us your songs that they heal our wounds... Thanks you Sorry for my bad english

  20. lespinoy

    I still love this song & video!!!! :-)

  21. charlotte de vries

    funny my name is charlotte

  22. Aleksan Chaperon

    I love this!! <3


    AleX G You The Best Singers And Sexy Girl I See Her Ever :* #Memo Allouani From The Last Place In The WorlD #Algeria :*

  24. neo28502

    very good song

  25. Aysha Quadri

    Great song! It touch my heart💜💜💜

  26. Emma Greywood

    Can someone please tell me what the girl in 0:25 name is, please? I know I've seen her somewhere but can't remember, thanks!

  27. Max Steel

    How does this only have 100K views lol
    Very uplifting and incredible vocals!

  28. Johanna Schöllmann

    love this song because its so emotional and honest and raises everybody spirits!

  29. Ani Meow

    oh alex im proud of you that you are coming up with your music!
    Do u still remember me ?
    u was and are still my favorite !<3

  30. _JessicaRodrigues

    Liana Liberato ❤😍👌

  31. thegreenweirdo210

    Who's the backing singer?

  32. Charlotte B

    It touches me so damn much because my name is Charlotte, too, and I feel the same.
    Thank you for this incredible song.

  33. Roos VL

    Wauw, this song brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful lyrics.

  34. Mare The Red Queen

    I have never cried to a song until now. I just started at a new school and almost everybody dislikes me I don't this is relatable but they don't talk to me or acknowledge me they walk past me like I am invisible. I am a good kid I get A ' in pretty much every class they just don't the things I want to say like I want to scream:LOOK AT ME!!!!! TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!! ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!!!!! I AM NOT INVISIBLE!!!!!!!! I have one friend who is one of the quietest people in class.

  35. Beautifulyou78

    Speak up, we're listening and you're not nothing. I close myself to people being so afraid they will reject me. So much that the people who want to know me, I just won't have it. This song, "Speak up we're listening and you're not nothing." I believe it. It won't be perfect but I will be moving, I am lovable. I am worth getting to know. I am worth believing in. All of this, seeking the truth.

  36. Beksultan Abdulkhamitov

    Liana Liberato is in this video...😄😄😄...She made my day :)

  37. Charlotte S.

    My Name 😊❤

  38. Daniel Bachelis

    I know this may seem like a silly question, but who is Charlotte?

  39. Amanda Wilber

    Alex I just wanted to give a shout out and say that you're awesome and I love your music and all the covers you do. I wanted to suggest that you do a cover of jessie j's flashlight song from pitch perfect 2 I just love that song and its gotten me through a tough time lately but I know that if you did a cover for it that you'd kill it!! love you Alex keep doing you!<3

  40. Cassie mcgregor

    This is so good and so important! Thank you for doing this project, you are doing it justice. And you are wonderful! Thank you again.

  41. C.C Johnson music

    Terrible sorry

  42. Kathy Lynn McDougall

    Gorgeous song!! But just curious how does the song get the name Charlotte ?

    Nelida Borchez

    qculpa tiene farmagul

    Jessie .J

    You may already know this by now but a girl named Charlotte submitted her Story for the Share your story EP and Alex wrote this song for her. She wrote a few more for some other people and they're all on the EP titled after the people who submitted the story she decided to write down! :)

  43. Mary xo

    and wonderful comment

  44. Mary xo

    really cool video

  45. guineapigplace


  46. Poll Luren


  47. Miguel Mil-Homens

    Why so few views? This is a good song :) Hope she continues the good work ;)

  48. Natalie Seet

    Why Charlotte?
    Amazing song *^*

  49. Iris Durán

    Hi guys!! I loved this song so so much and decided to a cover of it 💗💗 It would really really appreciate it if you guys check it out because it will mean everything to me, like literally.

  50. Diana Quezada Ramírez

    I love alex

  51. SydKidd

    how many subs do you hqve

    Zoe Blue

    That's what I was wondering

  52. Philine

    amazing video, amaaaaaziiing song and amazing people <3 gave me the chills <3

  53. Amy Jewel

    you are all kinds of wonderful Alex. you have brought me to tears. xx.

  54. Pınar Aksoy

    perfect perfect perfect! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. Amy

    Sorry for the late view and response, but this song is just so inspiring! I'm glad that you've decided to use your music to do good in this world, Alex. <3

  56. Sarah Roberts

    This song brought me to my knees in tears! You are so incredibly talented and have a way with reaching out to people who need to be supported. Absolutely beautiful Alex!!! 😍

  57. AbbyH

    Does anyone else not see how many subscribers she has?? I can't see it doesn't show up

  58. urrutia456

    muy buena cancion y precioso video...felicidades de corazón

  59. S U

    I felt like your music has been inspired by Taylor Swift. The way you write, sing and at some parts I even thought it was her. Then I saw in one cover that you really liked her and I am so happy that you do. Because shes an amazing role model for music to be inspired by. Love you.


    +Sss Uuu Taylor Swift may be inspiring, but not a single song of hers has ever been inspired by a fan. She couldn't possibly have the time to do that anyways.

    S U

    @amyhoover9 really? then you must not know Taylor Swift. Have you ever heard the song Ronan? Tied together with a smile? The best day? Breathe?not that these are about fans, but they are about real people. oh and not to mention, the song Long Live that she wrote for her fans? Taylor sends a lot of charity to her fans, sends them christmas presents, invites them over to her house to let them have an amazing day, finds them on award shows and sends her security to take her fans to meet her and clearly stalks her fans on Tumblr, Instagram etc and then arranges a meet&greet. You cant say that Taylor won't have time to get inspired by her fans because she is the only artist that is so intimate with her fans. 

  60. Thamer_ss

    you should be holding a Grammy in your hand right now just for this song ma'am ☺

  61. Tunan Guo

    You are awesome

  62. Caroline Herman

    Charlotte is my name and love the song!

  63. Laura Jolly

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful message! I think it hits home for a lot of us.

  64. toufik boukhalfa

    i loved it so much . does anyone come from africa !!

  65. Camila Do Valle

    Hii Alex, I'm brazilian, and I love you so much, your voice is of an angel! Congratulations of the music, my prefer song eeeever!♥ rsrs

  66. Blover Lovely

    i wish i could actually talk to someone.
    thank you for listening Alex...<3

    Anna Caes

    +‫שלי שטרית‬‎ I don't know you, but if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to talk to me! <3

  67. Dreams

    You sing very well and these good bone I love you

  68. José Guerrero

    Es una canción que trasmite un gran sentimiento, una interpretación maravillosa. Saludos desde Perú.

  69. alicia was here.

    Wow, this song breaks my heart. The video is beautiful as well.

  70. Keera Miller

    Alex G,

    Have you ever thought of being a contemporary Christian singer? Honestly, you could rock it and you could become an even bigger hit! I absolutely love your music! Especially this song!

  71. Agatha Chan


  72. Huang韻

    surprisely good

  73. Favorite Music Songs

    Runaground =]

  74. LAB

    Amazing Voice

  75. Tiffany Alvord

    Alex, I LOVE this, this song, the message, everything is so beautiful! What a great reminder for us all!

  76. smol bean mcnoodles

    in the end he forgot everything about nao ;;-;;
    wait, wrong charlotte...

  77. Vanillie_xoxo

    Amazing Song❤️ everyone is worth💎 everyone is unique!!!!

  78. 13stineh

    i srsly cant get enough of this beautiful song - i needed this

  79. Bridie G

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for bringing such a wonderful, thought-provoking song to everybody. This song completely encompasses what it means to feel alone, but how to turn those emotions around :)

    Thank you x
    Love From Australia

  80. deigismon

    Liana <3

  81. Mona H.

    This song always makes me feel good about myself. Thank you, Alex, for making this song. I love it so much. I wish I could be at your "share your story concert", will you come to India? Please!!!

  82. Suyogya Shrestha

    Loved this song... Inspiring

  83. Emi Seli

    This song speaks to my heart❤️ ! I'll see you in Munich and I am so excited! (btw is that the one from wizards of waverlyplace in the video? harper? she really looks like her)

  84. Chrissi M


  85. pablobulldog

    I've enjoyed you so much for your voice and fun-ness. Now I get to have that PLUS you being deeply real in your music and videos? How ultimately cool is that? Awesome to see you growing in these ways. So brave of you to share. But then creation = courage. Thank you Alex.

  86. Aminah Akhtar

    literally cannot stop listening to this, on repeat everyday so far <3

  87. lagunabxo

    Beautiful song Alex :)

  88. Gabriella B

    Thank you.

  89. Alexis Worthing

    This song speaks to be on a very deep level, because I often do feel like I am nothing, that I don't matter to anyone. Its a constant battle I have to fight

  90. Gary Weber

    Absolutely beautiful song Alex. I'm going right to I Tunes. Thanks for this one. As usual, you are great

  91. Yaniza

    Chills ❤️❤️❤️

  92. ningisa

    are u and tyler not friends anymore?

  93. Sinead Kelly


  94. Mandy A

    Where can I find the lyrics of this wonderful song?

  95. Hamster Lover

    how old are you?

  96. The Wolf MC

    did you see the anime charlotte? its so cool xD

  97. Cameron Chiovitti

    Can't stop listening to this song... thanks for helping me feel like I'm not alone

  98. Petr Ebr

    Perfect song :). I really looking forward on your tour :). Its gonna be LEGENDARY. I am your fan from Czech Republic and my dream is photo with you. Maybe it ever will. I hope :) :)