Alex Clare - Up All Night Lyrics

Wakin' up in someone else's bed
Was what I was waitin' for.
Oh my days, what have I done?
She saw me sneaking out the door.
What have I been waiting for?
Been wasting all my time,
Watchin' my youth slip away
Surely is a crime.

And no, she don't know what we do in our spare time.
No she don't know that we've been up all night
All night, all night, all night

[Chorus: x2]
We go on and on and on and on and on
Never knowing where, never knowing where
We gonna, we gonna, we gonna end up in the morning.

Sun is out while I'm walkin' home,
And my head's up in the clouds.
Trying to get myself to bed
But I really don't know how.

And no, she don't know what I do in my spare time.
No she don't know that we've been up all night
All night, all night, all night

[Chorus: x2]
We go on and on and on and on and on
Never knowing where, never knowing where
We gonna, we gonna, we gonna end up in the morning.

When I get myself home to my bedroom,
I'm gonna sleep all day 'til the sun sets.

[Chorus: x2]
We go on and on and on and on and on
Never knowing where, never knowing where
We gonna, we gonna, we gonna end up in the morning.

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Alex Clare Up All Night Comments
  1. merisu519101

    RIP Class

  2. Sharpson

    Man I forget how great this album is!

  3. system_shift

    anybody else loved alex clare's "Too Close" so you listened to the whole album and then loved it so that was the only thing you listened to but forgot about it, and now coming back to it years later only to wonder what the hell "Class" is

  4. Moosa Dude

    27.09.2019 still listen...


    Anyone here from BBC Class and now understood why they use this song as their theme?

  6. system_shift

    2:39 oh hey look it's alex clare

  7. hj h jvhh jjgjgbn

    2019 who still here listening this on loop??

  8. Ralph _

    So goyish

  9. Zayzaysmallz

    Jesus who is this “class” guy everyone’s talking about

  10. Zayzaysmallz

    what happened to this man?

  11. [Insert Name Here]

    Wtf is class? I just found this from Alex Clare!

  12. Stylinson X P L R


    Just me 😕


    Georgia Rose X P L R me too 🙂

  13. Robert10075

    No idea what class is. Just remembered the song ✌🏻

  14. Salvador Rojas


  15. Jeff Duncan

    Who actually likes this song and has never seen Class?

  16. Season

    I dont know what Class is....


    Season u should watch it. Its on Netflix

  17. pies w kapeluszu

    the older i get, the more i love this song. this truly ages like a fine wine.

  18. VIOLETTA ya

    Alex, ❤thank you for your songs, they are amazing, they sound very cool! Greetings from Russia🇷🇺.. Thank you!!!)

  19. XBettie Page

    Sleep all day and wake up when the sunsets is my kind of life ;)


    Chris K same but sadly i dont have that life 😂

    XBettie Page

    @Amna ;)


    Chris K :)

  20. ayy lmao

    i still can’t decide if this song is about reckless drug use or cheating but regardless it still goes hard years later

  21. ה.כ

    אמרת לא להופעה עם אדל אבל קליפ כזה?

  22. Finn Sharkey

    Waterloo season 7

  23. GANZO

    I think this is my favourite song

  24. Artyzone24 That one Nice Guy

    This is my favourite song ever. Thank you CLASS for introducing me

  25. Redkwan

    I have no idea what Class is

  26. Іra Fomenko


  27. L S1979

    [email protected] class! Although I'm glad it educated people.

  28. anx diyei

    Este es un temón! So many memories man!

  29. GE-Galaxy Emperor

    I think I *have something in my head* god it stops me *killing.....I’m a Slave*

  30. TryingLightning

    big up classmates

  31. Ki10 UK

    Class anyone?

  32. Aaron Csoka

    Lol I'm the only pre-class dude it seems, haha. The video makes me want to learn drumming so fucking bad. Drum away all my anger and fears, hah 😅

  33. Mohamad Rajab

    اذا في حدا بيعرف عربي .... مرررررحبا

  34. Suckmy C0ck

    Class is cancelled😑

  35. Edward Tollady

    This was from my favorite sci fi tv show. Im talking about Blakes7 of course!!!

  36. Lucus's Productions

    who is happy about all the class comments? 😍

  37. HD Pictures

    I wonder what this comment section was like before Class

  38. Vasiliki An.

    I can't forget this song. It gives me so much energy and passion for life.

  39. Mister Dalek

    I love this song !

  40. izzynelo

    wtf is "Class?" I only know of this song from a friend who showed me this and then I fell in love with Alex Clare's music.

    Danny Morgan

    It's a doctor who spin off and this song was used as the theme tune.

  41. Nerd Central

    Class song this ain't it?.... Sorry I had to...

  42. Lewis Giles

    Class 👌🏻

  43. Gill Carrion

    I fucking love this song. I herd it in 2015 and it’s been in my list of musics since ...... I love musak

  44. Graylyn Rhee


    Cameron Monaghan

    Graylyn Rhee BBC made Class possible. However I see that they didn't market properly. What didn't help was the butchering it got from the internet before the series got off the ground.

  45. Arianna

    What is class?

  46. Milkshake Ninja8209

    Class? what!? what are you maniacs talking about???

  47. Tamara Davoyan


  48. pies w kapeluszu

    My sister showed me this 5 years ago, when I was only 9. After all this time I still have this song in my head.


    Only 1 Season ;(

  50. Theodora

    CLASS <3

  51. Weed Boy

    2018 ♡

  52. The King of Fandoms

    Class needs to come back


    It won't as the BBC decided to decomission it due to a couple of things including poor ratings and the creator saying he would not be involved in a second series.

  53. Deb Copeland

    Lol i love how everyone is here cause it's the theme song for class but no one cares besides that.

  54. LexiLou :p

    I love dis song

  55. maddie fuggle

    I miss class!

    Panic! At The Bastille forever

    maddie fuggle same 😭😪❤️

  56. Elliot Hancock

    The skream remix is much better

  57. TheRadiantNarwhal

    Heard this first live and after the concert got a signed shirt and a picture w/Alex <3

  58. socialis_anxietatem

    Sad that class was cancelled. It was left at such a cliffhanger.

  59. TerryVibes

    Great stuff. I'm a Reggae/HipHop beatmaker - feel free to check out my productions as well. One love

  60. Trash Covers

    What if that's forever? Then it's forever... 😍

  61. Sueda Karadeniz

    I would like to thank my brother for showing me Doctor Who when I was just a kid and I would like to thank Doctor Who for being such a great show and making me watch the Class as soon as it starts and finally I would like to thank Class for making me discover this amazing song. That was my Oscarish "discovering a new song" speech. And I would like to thank my mom for giving my birth. See ya in next Oscarish "discovering a new song" speech.

  62. Chaos Lesbian

    RIP Class 2016-2016

  63. Gerald Schilthuis-Duggan

    This song is so classy

  64. Lipziger

    I don't know whatever "Class" is but whatever. I am just here to listen to some amazing music.

  65. Molly - Joanne

    I haven't actually watched Class but I've had to analyse it for a media project and holy fuck I love the intro song/this song!!!

  66. tylergerlach1999

    It’s so crazy seeing how much this song has blown up so long after it came out! I remember listening to this back in 2011 when I was in middle school and thinking how cool it was that I was one of the few people listening to it. Btw I’m a doctor who can and had never heard of Class before. How good is it? Is there any chance they’ll reverse the cancellation?

  67. Mark M. San Diego CA

    Call me sometime when you have no class. 🤔

  68. el steele

    WTF is Class?

  69. Mr. Valeska

    Rip Class (it wasn't THAT good anyway)

  70. 7563able

    What is Class? I found this video randomly 5 years ago due to a very late night and my memory of it was recently jogged, but who has popularized this song once again?


    Class was a spin-off of Doctor Who that was awful, nobody watched and was cancelled after just one season.


    Yeti Danke

  71. Lils Makin

    RIP BBC Class :'(

  72. Georgia

    Rip class 2016 - 2016

  73. Emerald Saiyan

    who here is not from class, and wonders what the fuck this amazing class is?

  74. Roxy

    All these people saying they are from class, and I don't know what that is. I've been listening to Alex since too close.

  75. Seth Ackerman

    Fuck class, I'm here for the music.

  76. UntoldProphecy

    who's here in 2017?

  77. Jamie Brennan

    I want series two

  78. Nagana


  79. Ebanks Studios

    I came from waterloo road not class

  80. alicismz

    Here from Class

  81. Immamardybum

    i love this song

  82. J Bravenboer

    This is a proper fucking tune.

  83. Diskord


  84. Sahil Bloch

    one of the MOST UNDERRATED SONGs

  85. TheMasterGlaceon

    So many Class fans :D

  86. Daniel Bergquist

    LOL everyone here is from Class

  87. MerlinUsesCtrl

    No idea what class is, But love this song, did alex clare ever do anything similar? All his other stuff is vastly different.

  88. Dais

    Only here from class but damn that's a good song

  89. jessica_x _lauren

    everyone here are my Classmates YES BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE GUYS

    Cameron Monaghan

    Honestly I come back to this video to see how many Class comments there are. Also still a great song.

  90. Loretta Heinrich

    sorry but... I AM WAR ITSELF

  91. Siddery

    What the fuck is Class

    Panic! At The Bastille forever

    Cade it's a tv show that plays on the BBC channel

  92. Сергей Касауров

    отлично 👍

  93. Trev Mac

    This sounds exactly like the old *Police* albums with Sting singing only speeded up because the turn table isn't working correctly

  94. rosie does art

    the comment section on this video makes it seem like we have a fandom that consists of more than 5 people. god bless.


    I guess you can say this is CLASSy.

  96. Jadon Aguirre


  97. TheMIghtyZiz

    Class is epic! series 2! pls Theme tune amazing!

  98. Namrita K

    The Classmates have officially taken over the comments sections! WOOOO!

  99. Bad Wolf

    Class brought me here