Alex Clare - Tightrope Lyrics

Life's a tightrope,
And you're standing on one toe.
Don't let the fear take hold of you,
You're bound to fall to the ground below.
Pick yourself up again,
Over the edge again,
Hold on to your hopes and dreams.
When all seems to be lost,
Don't start to count the costs,
Just go and begin again.

Tight rope walker, tight rope walker.

The only thing I'm sure of is, to have no fear at all,
Just go, keep on going on.
And the only thing that's certain is sometimes you're bound to fall,
Just go, keep on going on.

When all you work for,
Comes tumbling to the ground.
Don't let the sadness fill your heart,
Tomorrow may be a better day.
Lift your head up again,
You know you'll start again,
No matter what may come of it.
You know there's more to life,
I'm sure that you'll survive,
You know what you have to do.

Tight rope walker, tight rope walker.

The only thing I'm sure of is to have no fear at all,
Just go, keep on going on.
And the only thing that's certain is sometimes you're bound to fall,
Just go keep, on going on.

Who knows, who knows, who knows what may come tomorrow,
Who knows, who knows, who knows, what tomorrow may bring.
Who knows, who knows, who knows what may come tomorrow,
Who knows, who knows, who knows, what tomorrow may bring.

The only thing I'm sure of is to have no fear at all,
Just go, keep on going on,
And the only thing that's certain is sometimes you're bound to fall,
Just go, keep on going on [x2]

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Alex Clare Tightrope Comments
  1. poppy gofton

    who is still listening to this in 2019

  2. 4 9

    Nimalls??? Echt???

  3. S 1 S K O

    OMG I was looking for that song Thank U bruh !!!!!!!

  4. rigivatka

    I'm falling in Love

  5. Sirdiggar

    Still love this.


    2 years later still loving it!

  6. EthanBrittonz15

    this is crap

    Ford Squared

    Fuck you too, kid

    Angela Pintos

    +Green Gamer Then why the hell are you listening to this you IDIOT!!!!!!!

  7. Rory Deegan

    My girlfriend thought this song was about a man called "Tyrone Walker"... is there anybody else that mistook the chorus us "Tyrone Walker" ??!!?!!

  8. Sheila Crentsil

    Alex Clare is extremely talented. I love this song so much!

  9. Teresa Billbe

    All I can say is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love love love love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Tristan Walks

    Tyrone Walker

  11. slipperman420

    whats up with the sound quality?
    bum (scratch) bum tis (scratch) bum tis (scratch) bum (scratch)

    Christina Herrera

    slipperman420 its a cymbal idiot

    Daniel Stuber

    slipperman420 it's an aesthetic choice. it goes: bum tis (scratch) tis ... bumtisbum (scratch) tis. the scratch consistently falls on the third beat of the measure. and christina, he wasnt talking about the cymbal, dont be a tard.

  12. Babyteeth

    Alex Clare
    Ed Sheeran
    Florence and the Machine
    The "gingers" are making a comeback with their soulful music and lyrics.

  13. delacarter

    I can't get enough of this song.

  14. Jade

    Your comment just made my day

  15. Joshua Barnes

    And we still play his tracks over and over

  16. SoJeanGarbo

    Alex Clare got swag.

  17. Keeping ItReal

    I listened to this song everday on repeat during the summer of 2012. Still a great song.

  18. LikeMyTroll

    lol this is copied from a different video. fail?

  19. AnimeGamerHD3

    I might be a gamer but that is so awesome

  20. Tom Quarrell

    Well you could just type in 'Tightrope Alex Clare' into YouTube and you'd find it...

  21. Mitchell Gutierrez

    song is great xD

  22. Lucas Uchiha

    Bom esse video e de 2011 mas musica boa se ouve sempre

  23. wolfXgirl102

    This song was dang hard to find. My creative movement class is dancing to this song in our class final, and so I've been trying to find it so I could practice, and here it is =)

  24. tkterran6

    we found where Chuck Norris's tears come from :) one man on the world.

  25. Le Crocodile

    It wouldn't, because Chuck Norris would immediately surrender.

  26. metroidprimefan18

    He looks MUCH better without that hipster-esque beret on.

  27. MrMarbs1979

    Amazed is how i feel when i hear creativity off this caliber

  28. shopgirl

    hes so beautiful...

  29. GroupOfLolz Yep

    But it really is music :P GOOD MUSIC!!! :DDD

  30. conor kraeling

    he his amazing

  31. Michela Miki

    I bumped into his song "Too close" watching "Taken 2" last night .. i already go crazy for his voice and singing style ! i must keep an eye on this guy .. his music is good ...

  32. MrDa3lo

    lol fell u bro!

  33. Fatalconnection1

    This man has inspired almost all my actions, as straight as I am, this man could sing me to homosexuality! I love you Mr. Clare!

  34. Shaniece Ricks

    I first heard about him last year 12' when Avengers was out an the commercial for Google came out!!! Love this guy now!!

  35. Galactra 777

    Each of Alex Clare's songs reminds me of Klaus from Vampire Diaries for some reason

  36. Ceejay Merrien

    Alex Clare's voice is just 'music to my ears'. His voice speaks so many words. So many memories brought back when his voice is heard. He is so amazing and his songs are just, wow. Speechless....

  37. NeHamilemisin

    this made me alive

  38. Tori Langille

    Perfect. I just had to make sure.

  39. Alex Gregoire

    Amazing voice. In love <3

  40. rawrwtf557

    I. Just. Fucking. Love. You.

  41. Tori Langille

    So this isn't like techno beat is it? D and B??
    But damn that voice.

  42. Lujain Zl Ghina

    <3 <3 <3

  43. Melissa

    this man is truly amazing.. i love his music and his voice

  44. nik naraine

    I love his voice

  45. Joshua Klein

    It's so bad, the hipster in me wants to hate this guy just becasue of how much he gets played on the radio...fortunately he's extremely good to the point where I still enjoy him tremendously despite my own stupidity.

  46. Pat Brisson

    i love this guy!

  47. royalpeech

    So uplifting! Love love love it!!!

  48. MrGetthefuckup

    hahaha, probably not this one, been listening to a few of his other tunes that could be a possibility

  49. jibberingjon

    You going to make a highlight with this now?

  50. MrGetthefuckup

    it sounds like the bass wobbles you can make on ableton or other music software, or a chaos pad type thing

  51. MrGetthefuckup

    love this

  52. zumbaette

    Haha!! A lifetime movie commercial brought me here

  53. P J L

    If Adele had a male equivalent it would be Alex Clare!

  54. Kathy20102010

    A true talent to watch! : )

  55. cahman8

    The guy has some amazing talent. I just ran into a video this weekend. There are a lot of cool sounds and tones in his music. Can anyone tell me what is being used for that pulsating bass tone or what it is called. It sounds cool although he needs to be carefull of using it in to many songs. I agree with a lot of others, I'd like to hear him and Adelle together.

  56. james hall

    was this made with the windows 8 music maker?

  57. TheRealJadeSpade

    When I hear him (them) say "Tight-rope-walker", it reminds me of the Dresden Dolls' song "Modern Moonlight."
    "Wire cutters of the world...You know what to use to for...Spread the word to all the tight-rope-walker boys and girls...brace yourself for miracles! etc...

  58. Blakestefer

    fo sho. I heard him from a GoPro video before the IE9 commercial

  59. Christopher Tenney

    I'm sure he got more popular than IE9 did from that commercial.

  60. FallenIntoSpace

    Why is this guy so good? it's not even normal anymore.. Shivers all over. Seriously

  61. Nicola Cloud

    Love!!!!!!!! Inspirational.....

  62. SgtButterz702

    be careful with what you say... we don't need another internet war on our hands when they're all soooooooo amazing! :D

  63. cat

    i agree with you. :)

  64. Haydento0017

    Ok, lets not get over our head now.

  65. Loïs

    I love this guy,what a beautiful mentality, just go keep on going on, never give up, WE ARE STRONG ENAUGH :)) Thanks to you Mister Clare

  66. Martyna Wysocka

    i discovered him 10 min ago and i have 11 songs downloaded already. oh baby :*

  67. Bee Xam

    i lesson to this song every morning just to start my day of right, so im getting it forever printed my my rib to remind me threw out the day.

  68. SuperMusicvictor

    I like the lyrics and the arrangement. good vocals. Is this an original? Nice job on this one.

  69. Carly


  70. PsychedelicAnza

    i had a really bad day today. this song had made me feel worlds better.

  71. Fail3r

    Congratz, welcome to the community

  72. Subbzyy Boyy

    His voice alone could kick chuck norris' ass in a fight.

  73. MsAppassionata

    I feel the same way. I just discovered him today. Love him.

  74. Amy Regan

    11 people did not keep on goin' on".

  75. Sam K

    I love how just chill this song is.

  76. Kori.Xo

    omg love his voice... amazing.... great song

  77. Tyler Spigner

    i agree, the only bad thing would be that he'd be over played like many other great artists. i just dont think that he should be underground, he's too good for that

  78. sebass03

    my question is how did eleven ppl dislike this?

  79. Keeping ItReal

    love the lyrics

  80. Hari Haran

    Dude I need you on my tracks lol

  81. natalii clink

    lifes a tightrope and your standing on one toe <3

  82. james cockin

    you have to discover at some point!

  83. Joel Mennenga

    im male and 17 and i've been listening to him since i was 15...:)

    Mr. ET

    Joel Mennenga were you not a male then? 🤣

  84. Michael Coombs

    This bloke is just simply awesome! Hope he keeps producing stuff like this and getting some mainstream recognition!

  85. Ryan Oboryshko

    I care.

  86. ihazcheese

    HAND OVER THE UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Jenna McLean

    Good point ^^

  88. MsLexMex

    this warms my heart.. keeps me going every morning

  89. Myles Dickens

    male and 15...

  90. Jenna McLean

    Maybe he was trying to show that there is a larger amount of girls who like this music...?

  91. Selena Vezmar

    this song gives me energy when bad days come... thank u, alex!

  92. Keeping ItReal

    where is this guys album available at in store ???

  93. Ryan Oboryshko

    May I reference This video is MOST POPULAR with:

  94. Alex Ayres

    16 and a male. gtfo.

  95. MultiAsd123456

    stole my line :P

  96. The_parkour_rookie

    I'm 13 and a male

  97. Megan Gallagher

    Whata tune!