Alex Aiono - Unloving You Lyrics

I wish I could unsay the words I said
I wish I could unsee the videos in my head
And if I could untie the knot and
Unhear the promises that you forgot
Would I do that?
Would I?

I wish I could unkiss your dirty mouth
I wish I could unbite the peach and just spit it out
Oh if I could undo the shame
Of ignoring my friends who told me you're insane
Would I do that?
Would I?

Unloving you, is the hardest thing to do
Wish I could find a way to be unlove with you
Unloving you, you're all I wanna lose
But every night I'm closer to the bitter truth
I just can't unlove you
Maybe I can't unlove you

I wish I could unfeel your skin
I wish I could undrown these feelings and learn to swim
Oh if I could unlock the gate and unlight the fire that you put in me
Would I do that?
Would I?

Unloving you, is the hardest thing to do
I wish I could find a way to be unlove with you
Unloving you, you're all I wanna lose
But every night I'm closer to the bitter truth
I just can't unlove you
Maybe I can't unlove you

I can't help myself
But keep on falling

Unloving you, is the hardest thing to do
Wish I could find a way to be unlove with you
Unloving you, you're all I wanna lose
But every night I'm closer to the bitter truth
I just can't unlove you
I just can't unlove you

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Alex Aiono Unloving You Comments
  1. naufal mahesa

    Dear Ms.K!
    best wishes to you.

  2. Jennifer Monis

    My new cry my eyes out sing? Yup I think this is it now I just need a boy to love me, date me, break my heart then break up with me so I can cry to this real hard😂

  3. Emo Queen

    I came across him online, September, 2019.
    I was very hesitant to let him in, he knew since the moment we talked on call that he loved me, I was unsure, I take my time knowing and trusting people, a lot of unfortunate encounters to blame, we used to be the last text and the first call of each other, sometimes even fell asleep while listening to each other talk, slowly, I fell for him, I loved him, talking to him, everything.
    I saw and experienced his love.
    Then one night, during Diwali, he told me it was over.
    He told me he couldn't be with me anymore.
    I felt hurt, angry, abandoned, disrespected, pain, to the point I felt that no one would love me the way he did, I blamed myself and thought he didn't like me cause I wasn't pretty enough.
    I began hating myself.
    I cried the whole night, many nights after that too, I missed him, his voice, him.
    I'd even fought with my parents for him.

    One day, I just realised that maybe it wasn't meant to be, maybe whatever I did for him was me expressing my love and I thought things got too intense for him.
    Whatever that was, I don't think now that he was worthy of a single tear I shed.
    More than anything, I've grown and become more mature.
    I still adore love and I feel that there is a perfect someone for everyone, we just have to stumble upon the rocks first to appreciate the value of a true diamond.

    Sze Tat Tan

    I was dumped man ik how u feel too

  4. Cass

    to my imaginary ex... i wish i can unlove you

  5. K R

    I heard this song months ago and youtube just rereccomended this to to me. Im not heart broken or anything but for some reason i needed this song today.

  6. Nicole Mars

    We broke up about a month ago now. we've been together for 7 years, lived together and planned on getting married in 2020. Now I can't even walk into my room without feeling that there is a whole chunk of my life missing. I don't know what to do.

    Ps it's Maria

    stay will get better

  7. Gloomy Spice

    My bestfriend and abusive bf thought it was an okay thing for them both to start talking behind my back and neither felt any remorse and basically told me to get over it

  8. Noah Maldonado

    Yoooo is that the girl from expelled 😂😂😂

  9. Jonhness Alazas

    Unloving you is the hardest to do because I still love you!

  10. Skittle Tree

    Wow ❤️

  11. Emiko G

    jaden, its been just over a year & this song brought up so much memories. i hope ur doing well & know that i'll always have love for you. be amazing & do amazing things. having you as my first love was truly an honor.

  12. Christina Sturgis

    man if i was this girl i would cry my ass out and yet, happy and flattered. im in my feelings!!

  13. George Cayas

    this is so lame

  14. Joshua Preligera


  15. E R I N J U N G

    Im very sure no one hurt me but this song really pain me

  16. Paula Veilofia

    You deep mf😂 I aint cryin😂🙄 mad luv from Nz brada!

  17. Onyx Zero

    I think there are certain people you could just never “unlove”. Those feelings will always be there until someone else overshadows them. For me I don’t mind that. My first true love I will never forget. I will never regret anything I’ve said or done for her. She was the first person to show me what it feels like to be loved. Although things didn’t end the way I had hoped I still wish the best for her.

    I hope the best for you chiquitita 🥰🙈 and I wish you nothing but happiness and hope you find someone that is deserving of your love

  18. macarena valenzuela

    your voice and this visual concept :O <3 absolutely stunning

  19. macarena valenzuela

    GOALS 3:13

  20. Clash of clan high level of attacking gamer

    Love come from the heart 💓 went you don't love someone. When you don't love someone you stop talking

  21. Flowbain TwoOneNine

    Fuck man 😭😭😭😭

  22. Queennova

    Dang what happened 😢 wow

  23. Diana Margarita

    Hurt my heart😭💕

  24. Sarah AY

    I cry bro

  25. Sheva Ananta

    This song make me remember my ex again

  26. jack kickinit

    this song hits different when someone immediately come to mind while listening to it

  27. Amazing top trends

    Damn bro, I can relate
    These girls will always leave us with broken hearts

  28. Bernard Jonathan

    All of me vibes

  29. Bereketeab Walelign

    emotional af

  30. Miss_christie1217

    I never knew they were together

  31. Raven Noir


  32. ShexxS SHX

    Those lyrics hit hard... Been there. But hey, it is possible to move on

  33. Johanna P.G.M

    Not even in a second in the song and im about to cry😭

  34. Brain Freezer

    i wish i could un'listened' this song as im going through a breakup

  35. Ashlynn Marie

    Just got out of a year relationship, this hurt really bad.

  36. keisha

    to be honest this song made me feel heart broken but the fact that he didn't smile at the beginning of the video hurts more

  37. Rahma nur aini

    I just can't unlove u

  38. Billy Levy

    I’m a musician to in need of views likes and subs

  39. Urixl

    Made me cry a lil bit😥

  40. Azrul Nizam

    My single heart was crying 😢

  41. miami beach

    Dear Alex,
    It's been so hard for me for the Last three months. But I'm starting to slowly recover.Probably not in the most intelligent ways, but it is still progress.It was really bad in the beginning For the first month I could only go to sleep crying.I slept with your sweater in my bed and just held onto the smell and the memory of you. My skin got really bad and I gained weight, because I started to eat a lot because of stress.I would eat much more and a whole chocolate bar (100g) a das plus any kind of deserts that my mum would give me like, ice cream,muffins, cookies etc. .I felt worse and worse about myself.It didn't help that we would call each other and text every other day.You would send me a picture of my hairtie that you wear everyday.You started to excessivly smoke and drink, and it hurts so much to know that I'm the cause of it.A week into the breakup we decided that until we see each other in April we are allowed to do "Things" with other people,and tell each other about it, but that we are going to continue our relationship in April.This really confused me.Two weeks into the breakup an old guy friend of mine (who I used to have a crush on) asked me out on a date.And you said that I can do whatever I want to.I don't understand,I wouldn't want you to go on a date with someone? So then in week three I decided that the crying had to Stop(spoiler:it didn't), so I wrote a list about all the things I love about you, while crying my heart out.I wrote five full pages full with reasons, and I could have continued.I Love you so freaking much and I don't know how to stop it. My friends started to get really concerned after a month.They told me I had to suck it up and start dating again.I did I went on four dates with the guy that asked me out.We made out and I feel so guilty about it.After the second month I started to cry less I would only cry about every three days.It hurts so much.I started talking to my very religious Cousins about relationships.I started to find my way to god.Eventhough I don't go to church I started to pray evernight.It helps so much with the pain.I feel like he listens to me and it is so calming. Three weeks ago I did a week of no sugar.My skin got a bit better and I felt a bit better about myself. I started going back to the gym and working out.On Halloween I got really drunk and I made out with some guy.I haven't told you yet.I immediatly regretted it and started to cry. It is now 4 days later and I feel really guilty, you have been so loyal and I haven't.But kissing someone else linders the pain of not having you.I Wish I could tell you all of this.I know this is not your fault. At least you are sensible, we wouldn't have worked out if you live in Paris and I in Nuremberg.Our parents are strict and won't let us see each other.But why won't you fight so we can see each other in April, you don't have to tell them it's because you want to see me?I love you so much and I wish I could completely show you that.I wish you all the best.And I hope the pain will stop.
    With a lot of Love
    Xxx Alina

  42. lane aloha

    💬 sigh* 😔

  43. Rooki3 _

    Is this a real story? Bc I’m just like woah buddy!

  44. Dann Leebory


  45. Matteo Dough

    A great way to break up with ex is to sing a song recording while you're deleting all the memories. I know it's scripted but it's kinda good idea as well. However, it's a great song. Made me a bit teary

  46. Apple Pie

    Is this his real love life? Or was it just a music video? Sorry I am new that's why asking.

  47. Saman Lama

    My stupid ass hit delete and then restored back up and it hurt worse the 2nd time around.

  48. Saman Lama

    Bro! Why you gotta make me cry like this?

  49. Sweet Nature

    alex i really hope you read this... this song is perfect. it’s everything i look for in a song. it’s delicate, it’s passionate, it’s sincere. the only artist that could ever make me feel something in their songs is adele and i didn’t expect to feel so much while listening to this song. i pray that your fan base grows, i pray that you end up on the charts because you deserve it. your voice is beautiful, you are beyond talented. keep doing what you do. thank you so much for creating this absolute masterpiece, no other song describes the reality of ending a relationship with someone because not a lot of people want to admit that they’re still in love. this song is one of the realest songs i’ve ever listened to. it’s perfect.

  50. Janette

    Same 😭💔

  51. Unknown

    Just hits a little different.

  52. Nadz Truly

    The thumbnail thou. Hahaha I thought its marco gumabao 😂

  53. Savage

    Aqui o Link do Lyric/tradução em português dessa musica foda

  54. Benthe Sommer

    I love love love this song

  55. Dark Fanq

    So what actually happened? why did they break up?

  56. Kate Romero

    I'm going through some pretty difficult times with my partner and I just wish the pain could go away and everything could be the same as before when we both were happy

  57. Maya Marie

    This is literally my 100th time listening to it on repeat. I haven't stoped crying once! I swer i can hear dehydration calling my name.

  58. Jasmine Gravador

    Really cool music video watched every second!

  59. Becca Kate

    my YouTube recommended really knows my feels rn man :(

  60. Engku Syafiza

    this song really hits me hard 😭😩

  61. mubin rulianto

    Sorry... The perfect fan...

  62. mubin rulianto

    The music is like backstreet boy entitle perfect son

  63. Amanda Lovely

    I’m feeling my break up all over again

  64. Clara

    This is why I don't document my relationships, too much to delete lol. Beautiful song~ ❤

  65. Maja bhr

    It‘s late at night in Germany and I‘m crying about my ex. I don‘t even love him anymore what are you doing with my heart Alex🤐😭

  66. Uruj Anjum


  67. Lulu Nanita

    This made me cry :( it’s so beautiful tho

  68. lilla belle


  69. Keshawna Baker

    This broken heart and this song can be missed by the to.Your broken heart can get better

  70. Rachelle Huizinga

    Still listening to this

  71. Ngoc Vi

    You can’t unlove someone. You can only love someone more

  72. Mery _

    Me seeing the thumnail: is that Andrea Russet?

  73. Jade Cochrane

    Feels so real💔

  74. danae ptr

    I may have cried

  75. Brittany Robles

    How the hell am I just now hearing this?! I love it, I wish I was able to hear this sooner!! :( 💗

  76. Mia R

    Well shit😞

  77. Colleen K.


  78. Denisse SG

    Oh boy, I just really love to hug you like that, i just love this song Alex, you're amazing

  79. Mariah Delgado

    Lmao how do I know him

  80. Emma Saylor

    Felt this❤️

  81. One Two

    andrea has something for musicians hah

  82. Sam Castro

    Why am i so sadddd ahhhh. Im in a healthy relationship stoppppp

    But fr, u are amazing keep it up ❤️

  83. Deuce Pula

    Shit got pressed bruh god damn I’m cryin rn😭

  84. Kathy Valencia

    To my ex. I’ve loved you for two years. It’s been a couple weeks now since i last saw you, and now you are moving a couple of hours away so I feel like I won’t ever see you again. I cant make myself stop loving you, no matter what I do or where I go, something always reminds me of you. My friends took me to Disneyland because I told them I wanted to feel something and I was tired of feeling down, but being there I saw all the happy couples, from teens to older couples and it made me sad knowing we never got to do things like that. I always thought we’d get to experience life together. Then I thought of the idea that relationships are like roller coasters, you can choose to deal with the ups and downs if you really love the person, but sometimes people want to experience a new rollercoaster on their own. I guess you were ready for a new rollercoaster maybe one that can make you happier and give you all the things I couldn’t. I’ll always love you and pray for your happiness, even if that means I am not with you for that. I love you

  85. ig: _anahiramirez Anahi Ramirez

    I care. I love. I worry. You have made me feel some type of way. I can't unlove you. It's impossible. Letting you go is hard. But Junior. You hurt me. You really did. You made me feel like I was worthless and I shouldn't feel that way. You deserve better. You really do. You're an amazing guy and one day a girl will see it. Just that I wish it was me. But I can't do anything. I love you. I'll always be here. Till we reunite.

  86. Andrew Hoy

    And bitches wonder why I’m scared of relationships

  87. Nathan Reels

    Wow! Such a cool and fantastically done music video! They were so cute too!

  88. Cheryl Priscilla

    brings me to tears everytime😭

  89. Eve

    Why didn’t I heard this before, I don’t know what’s more perfect, the voice, the lyrics, the video! Alex you’re amazing❤️👏🏽

  90. kirsten harvey


  91. HeyItsAmber

    My heart💔

  92. Farah Nursyifa

    Hi, i just broke up and CANT UNDO THE MEMORIES. If you reading this. Pls know that I love you so much. Everyday, I woke up with a hope that you will come back to me

    Your girl, Syifa

  93. grace newcomb

    omg i love this

  94. Amy & Teddy R

    Wait did they really break up?