Alex Aiono - OTW, SAD! & We Belong Together Lyrics

Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way, I'll be on the way
You can meet me in five, I'll be all night, I'll be all day, I'll be all day
Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way, I'll be on the way
You can meet me in five, I'll be all night, I'll be all day, I'll be all day

Yeah, this the type of thing that you been waiting all year for
Back in town for a minute if you with it
Got a lot of time, I just need somewhere to spend it
I just see a button and the top go missing
I kept the slip so you know it's not rented, yeah, oh, oh
What you wanna do?
Worried 'bout your friends, they saw you this afternoon

Girl you got me like
I gave her everything
She took my heart and left me lonely
I think broken heart's contagious
I won't fix, I'd rather weep
I'm lost then I'm found
But it's torture bein' in love
I love it when you're around me
But I really hate when you leave

Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go
You decide if you're ever gonna let me know
Suicide if you ever try to let go
I'm sad, I know, yeah, I'm sad, I know
Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go
You decide if you're ever gonna let me know
Suicide if you ever try to let go
I'm sad, I know, yeah, I'm sad, I know

'Cause when you left I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby please
'Cause we belong together
Who else am I gon' lean on when times get rough?
Who's going to talk to me on the phone 'til the sun comes up?
Who's going to take your place? There ain't nobody better
Oh, baby baby, we belong together

Put it in drive, I'll be outside, I'll be on the way
I know, yeah, I'm sad, I know
Put it in drive, I'll be outside
'Cause we belong together

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Alex Aiono OTW, SAD! & We Belong Together Comments
  1. banana mcdonald

    When he sang the we belong together by Mariah Carey, I felt that

  2. Sierra Rider

    Let’s take a sec to appreciate that smile in the beginning ❤️

  3. Randal Harper

    that mariah carey part is amazing

  4. Robbea Laurice B. Pacursa

    He is kinda cute when he smile like that 🥰💕

  5. Jae Oppa

    amazing cover

  6. kenneth delpuso

    IDOL <3

  7. Nesrin Go

    Wooooooooow such a wonderful amazing voice 😍😍❤️luv u're work and good luck 💋

  8. Anonymous Bitches

    Im here for jahseh longlivex❤
    Press like if you love xxxtentacion too 😊

  9. Roland I

    I have to pick up my jaw, cuz it was hanging on my chest😍good freakin’ mashup bro💪🏼💪🏼

  10. DeathFX

    EVERYTIME I hear you sing Mister Alex , It's magical and I really REALLY dig how beautiful your voice is and can be and how you also can see you getting into the song and or music that you're performing! Bravo yet again sir and hope all is well :)

  11. Luis Jaime

    Damn he really felt that we belong together verse 💀 it’s okay cuz me too LMAO

  12. HubeSpeaksHerMind !

    That “hey”🥵🔥

  13. Noah Shin


  14. Chinelo Anaje

    This gave me chillsss

  15. Seavey Softie

    ur arm.... is everything okay?

    i cant tell what it is...

  16. MiGhTy MaCkAy EeL

    RIP X ♥️♥️♥️

  17. kito lu

    its HARD to stop to listen this cover

  18. Morley

    " Who else I'm gonna lean on " Shit ❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Crystal Agwata

    that note at 2:23 though...... dammmmmmmmmmmn

  20. Crystal Agwata

    anyone here 2019?

  21. Adrian YT

    Rip XXXtentacion you had a Bright Future ahead of you but some Stupid people had to come and ruin everything you motivated a lot of people nobody is ever gonna forget about what you did to this world you made a big impact

  22. brotzeitrocker

    still burns

  23. Beyblade Wulf

    99% about xxxtentacion

    1% about the mashup

  24. Beyblade Wulf

    RIP XXXTentacion. He is with you where ever u are btw legends never die like Alex

  25. justin samuel 35

    Real name of xxxtentacion

  26. justin samuel 35

    Jaseh d. Onfroy

  27. justin samuel 35


  28. Pedro Lopes

    sing more Mariah's songs please!!!

  29. Noah Tabiesa

    Do lost boy👏

  30. Timothy Kalvin


  31. mitazuliii

    Sir i feel attacked ima need you to stop smiling like that

  32. Devil - Senpai

    My grandma is gonna love this😂😂

  33. Rodrigo Freitas

    would you do a tutorial, that shows how to use AKAI MPK mini?

  34. ChaseSasaki

    My grandma is gonna love this

  35. ChrissNonstop


  36. Her Ann Dayang

    I love it😍

  37. Lord Trinity

    Rip X love u 💗💗💓😀😢😢😭😭

  38. Prestiges Jamille


  39. sunbodiiaa

    aw, his smileee 😍

  40. purples

    I loved otw you should make a full cover that would b lit

  41. Vмιnca ʍօօղςհíӏժ

    The beginning!! that cute smile kill me..

  42. NX ICE

    This thang made me cry i dunno why

  43. Charl es

    Can I have a request Alex Aiono?? Umm... I would like to hear a mashup with sunflower and roses

  44. rose/tata abrasaldo

    Im so SAD for XXX

  45. Lil.Ugly.Kermit

    More pls 😍XXXtentacion

  46. Ana Riza Maniquis

    Its great i gave u 1000 score ur best

  47. Tai Pareanga

    Put your hands up if your listening to this in 2019✋✋✋

  48. Dr. Drew

    i got some lyrics, i press one button and the top gone missin, got two gay niggas in the back and they kissin. Pull up to the chuck e cheese say, "whats wit it?" gimme all yo tokens or that nigga chucke gon git it

  49. life as turkey

    your voice is blessing

  50. Cali Confirmed

    I’ll be outside do U know de wae

  51. Lombos :ph

    Rip xxxtentacion

  52. Leon Russell

    I bet the neighbours get mad when you stop singing.

  53. Natalia Enriquez

    Anyone loves that colgate smile 😂

  54. Micole Montealegre

    You nailed it! ❤️

  55. visage 1 Harmony

    Smooth!!!!!! Love it sm !!

  56. ajohn1220

    Play @ 0.75x...thank me later

  57. Dr. Ahmed

    Please subscribe my channel.

  58. Tony Ma

    Yes you fucking did it again!

  59. Alia Amira

    Put it on 1.25 speed.... Thank me later :)
    Well okay maybe its only me

  60. Jazz.toocute 234

    Do a mashup with the songs 772,moonlight and my beyonce

  61. Jathav Jeyasunther

    Rip xxxtentecion

  62. Syd garrison

    yoooooooo my grandma gon love this

  63. Khadzz U

    The smile in the beginning was 💞🤪

  64. REECE

    My dead grandma for sure gonna love this!!

  65. _ EzClApPeD-XI

    Rest in paradise x legends never die

  66. Princess Alex

    Suicide! If you ever stop posting these videos.
    You decide! If you want to lose a fan.


    Truly Haja

    Veekey Alex 😂

  67. jocselyn jarquin


  68. Amethyst Lee

    this is so good!!!!! why am I now seeing this?!??!?!

  69. Cadet girl

    Holy crap your hawt! 😍😍😍

  70. Juicy Zeuzy

    I’m still shocked that x is gone feels like he passed away yesterday 🕊🖤😭

  71. Ehigiator Eseosa


  72. Rylen James Delapina

    yeah bro

  73. tori thot

    Happy birthday xxxtentacion

  74. 乔恩

    Rip xxxtentacion

  75. driht guzman

    R.I.P X

  76. driht guzman

    You have a beautiful vioce


    This is definitely one of my favourites 👍👍👍

  78. 시간MARKLEE

    2:14 😭❤️❤️

  79. Kristineviamae Aringay

    I love the way his lip twitch💋oh my heartttt

  80. GMP

    I love you bro.
    Rest in peace XXX

  81. Zoe Naughton

    R.I.P. x

  82. Savi

    Holy fuck ily

  83. Alaa Atari

    That mariah carey cover tho

  84. Karen Chamblee

    rip xxx

  85. ghost of reflections


  86. mosesgt 135 mosesgt 135

    Who said his dead he is alive in our hearts😢
    it will took more than a bullet to kill a legend
    R.I.P Jahseh onfroy
    big fan of x i wish that i cna just visit his grave

  87. Danko official

    Your perfect brooo🔥🔥🔥

  88. Milkshock 101

    his face at 7 seconds is funny assssss

  89. Hala c.

    I have already followed u . So... u surprised me when u smile I hope every video I'll watch k can we that smile and by the way ur voice is amazing u nailed it ✨💜🌸

  90. payton sciascia


  91. Baby Jay

    Thank you for Alicia keys

  92. A X L E

    Grabe ang galing👏👏