Alex Aiono - Jealous Mashup Lyrics

You're to sexy beautiful
And everybody wants a taste
That's why I still get jealous

I'm jealous of the rain
That falls upon your skin
It's closer than my hands have been
Oh I'm jealous of the rain

I'm jealous of the wind
That ripples through your clothes
It's closer than my shadow
Oh I'm jealous of the wind

I wish you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There's nothing to forgive

I always thought you'll come back
And tell me that all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say
I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me

I don't like the way
He is looking at you
I'm starting to think, you want him to
My crazy have I lost you
Even though I know you love me
Can't help it

I turn my chin music up
And I'm puffing my chest
I'm getting ready to face you
You call me obsessed
It's not your fault
That they hover I mean no disrespect
It's my right to be hellish, yeah

And I always thought you'll come back,
And tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say
I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
I still get jealous
So jealous of the way
You're happy without me
I still get jealous
It hard for me to say
I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me

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Alex Aiono Jealous Mashup Comments
  1. Emmathel Asiddao

    2019 anyone?

  2. Uswa Khalid

    4 years later and I still absolutely love this song and you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Romy Ullmn

    2019 and I‘m still in love with this

  4. Valeria Cruz

    this will always be my favorite

  5. Say the name SEVENTEEN

    whos still here? anyone?

  6. Joshua Ibañez

    Still the best cover😍😂

  7. EvenStevenSays

    Alex cover Jealous on its own. So beautiful.

  8. EvenStevenSays

    1:18 😭😭😭 I’m dead

  9. Michael Corleone

    Shes happy without me

  10. Sarah Mesa

    Is there a karaoke version of this anywhere?

  11. Rod Langbon

    I like dis vid bro keep it up 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  12. Joferson Sison

    Listening and watching 2018

  13. Pearl Rosete


  14. Abraham Sacdalan

    I wonder why there are a lot of good , No, I mean Great and explosively talented singers out there, just like Alex, but they don’t get the recognition, publicity and appreciation they deserve. IM JEALOUS THEY DONT!

  15. masetshaba mokgohloa

    that is soooo amazing!
    i am big fan and you are my inspiration

  16. Olivia James

    2018 anyone?

  17. Ana Nunez

    Alex inspired me to do my own version of jealous!! Please go check it out if you’re reading this

  18. Matel Patayon

    Listening to this in 2018, and daaaaang the end of this song got me jelly 😉

  19. Niharika Guruwara

    Dang the end of the song got me jelly😚

  20. Fear less

    Why so fcking perfect!😍💕

  21. Betty San Sebastian

    still listening to this 💜 it's 2018

  22. Sarah Abdelwahab

    l like Song

  23. brianna blanchard

    Ow my fuckin heart

  24. Cutie-Q

    Dang, the end of the song got me jelly.

  25. Nya

    Dang, the end of the song got me jelly

  26. Raya Villamin

    Its 2018 and im still admiring this cover aaaah😍

  27. Ms. Brandi

    Dang the end of that song got me jelly

  28. Sachie Morales

    2018. Is it just me or

  29. Renaldo Calienes

    They best mashup I've ever seen

  30. Charlotte Hubbard Wright


  31. Jade Thompson

    Why am I crying right now???

    Oh, I know why! Cause this is so freaking beautiful!

  32. Julie Grace Beniabon

    Dang the end of the song got me jelly

  33. Tyreisha Morgan

    so incredible and different such soul and meaning to the heart beat people have.

  34. Ysa Zara

    "Dang the end of the song got me jelly..."


  35. Mâdîsôn Bîlôwnë

    I'm just in love omg!! It's amazing!! 😍😍😍just incredible I'm serious

  36. Ultravioletx1

    This is so beautiful 💖💖💖

  37. aggioo

    DANGGGGGGGG 😁 this is incredible i’m shook

  38. Valeria Cruz

    this is alex best cover ever

  39. Eline Lie

    This is amazing!!!❤️

  40. Wendy

    Still my favorite one even 3 years after

  41. Spotify Two

    Oml why have I only seen this beauty right now

  42. sandra Al.

    I cant get enough of your voice😍😍😍😍😍 one of the best and real artists out there! ❤❤

  43. Tori Largo

    this is still my favorite song, honestly.

  44. Melanie

    This might be my favorite cover you have ever done Alex. So amazing!

  45. Jassydoitbig

    Dang the end of this song got me jelly

  46. Anna Oleksy

    You can catch me singing this at work everyday (I work a lot and I sing a lot)

  47. Anna Oleksy

    I sing this and watch this everyday

  48. CASPER 18


  49. Jessica Silva

    Dang the end of the song got me jelly

  50. Arianna Colon

    This cover makes me cry

  51. Kannika Klug

    You're great
    So beautiful

  52. David Bayrak

    only me who noticed that the one filming is shaking like crazy?

  53. syra wiltson

    Who's still coming back here in 2018 ?

  54. Jodie Mitchell

    I love Alex so much! He makes the most amazing covers as well as William singe.

  55. aurora cipolla

    So in love with this medley!

  56. Cristina P.

    Dang the end of the song got me jelly


  57. cynthia tran

    why isnt this acknowledged?!?!?!?!

  58. Anna Oleksy

    I listen to this everyday

  59. Pixi Wishiwush

    Dec. 2017

  60. Marthe Berlanger

    He spitted a bit on 3:04... a piano is not water tolerable OH NO ;p

  61. Nek Arot

    incredible. fuckin talented in musicians

  62. katrina singer

    Love love love still Loving this😍😍

  63. Sierra Cheyenne

    Still listening to this in 2017 😍

  64. Muskaan ibrahim

    'Dang the end if this song got me jelly':)

  65. Hannah Mathew

    Check out my cover of this song on my channel!

  66. Victoria Sanchez

    Would you please please please just do a cover of jealous by Labrinth ?

  67. Eva Davidson

    shag me dad

  68. Mre Dvs

    I love Jealous by the Labrinth, such a "feeling something" song

  69. Monica Soto

    This is soooo beautiful 😭💙👏

  70. Saamia

    1st time I'm listening to this and his voice is goals 👌💜

  71. quira janssen

    Almost crying💕

  72. Hazel Acerios

    may tumalsik na laway babe! hahaha

  73. Imhed Ong

    his so cute and yummy

  74. Evelin Barrera

    Still my favorite cover! <3

  75. Cora B.

    Dang, the end of the song got me jelly😍❤

  76. Chantal Ladinek

    Omg I'm speechless

  77. Marisa q

    listening in 2017

  78. Nina Xox

    This gives me goosebumps and a tear in my eye, honestly in my opinion this is one of his best covers💙

  79. Jordan Sterling

    Amazing calab Alex 😊

  80. natasha tirop


  81. Mirán Fernandez

    Dang the end of the song go the jelly

  82. Franchesca Tiangco

    3:04 that real

  83. Trudy Allen

    Im placing my too be a good vibe of life....not so much negative. ...its turn me off ....
    When guys say negatives of themself.....i dont like that.....

  84. Seth Valdez

    yow? alex!! i just want to sing with you and make us cover..

  85. Modirwa The Artist

    ♡Look up to this person♡

  86. Marina X

    Just found this old cover and I'm so impressed.I always wanted a cover of these songs together

  87. Shaheena Ebadi

    dang the end of this song got me jelly

  88. chloë the smol princess

    Dang the end of the song got me jelly😆

  89. Spinnox channel

    where the Alex Fans at!! we love and support you Alex! You are so amazing and unique😊

  90. Poké Master enzek

    amazing. you can tell he's really singing from his soul. where would one learn this piano score?

  91. Lovee Bautista

    July 2017?

  92. Kendyl Crain

    This is the greatest song I've ever heard I'm not lying ❤️❤️

  93. Brodi Aimson

    ugh I love him so much😍

  94. Kendyl Crain

    There's only one person that I wish to give the biggest hug ever... it's Alex

  95. Alexis Gonzalez

    hes voice always sounds good but this is 10x times better!! plus the emotion he puts into it with the paino its just amazing

  96. Scribble_Queen

    So many onions around me.