Alex Aiono - Highest In The Room & Hot Girl Bummer Mashup Lyrics

Got her in my room
In my feelings (Yeah!)
She fill my mind up with ideas
I'm the highest in the room (It's lit!)
Hope I make it outta here (Let's go)

She saw my eyes, she know I'm gone
I see some things that you might fear
"I'm doing a show, I be back soon" (Soon)
That ain't what she wanna hear (No)
Now I got her in my room (Uh)
Legs wrapped around my beard
Got the fastest car, it zoom
Hope we make it outta here
When I'm with you I feel alive
You say you love me, don't you lie (Yeah!)
Won't cross my heart, don't wanna die
Keep the pistol on my side

'Case it's fumes (Smoke)
She fill my mind up with ideas (Straight up!)
I'm the highest in the room (It's lit!)
Hope I make it outta here (Let's go)

We ain't stressing 'bout the loot
My block made that caserío
This not the Molly this the boof
Ain't no coming back from here
Live the life of La Familia
It's so much gang that I can't see ya
Turn it up till they can't hear (They can't)
Running, running 'round for the thrill
Yeah, dog, dog 'round my real (Damn!)
Raw, raw, I've been pouring to the rim (Drank)
Naw, naw, naw, they not back of the VIP (In the VIP)
Gorgeous, baby keep me hard as steel
Ah, this my life I did not choose
Huh, been on this since we was kids
We gon' stay on top and break the rules
Uh, fill my mind up with ideas

'Case it's fumes
She fill my mind up with ideas (Straight up!)
I'm the highest in the room (I'm the highest, it's lit!)
Hope I make it outta here (Outta here)

I'm the highest, you might got the Midas touch
The brightest and my bitch the vibiest
I'm excited, everything I do is exciting, now
Play with giants, little bit too extravagant

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Alex Aiono Highest In The Room & Hot Girl Bummer Mashup Comments
  1. sabina sharip

    talented dude

  2. Basheer Bawa

    I actually listened to this more than the original by Travis Scott.

  3. Anita Rodrigues

    Happy Monday

  4. jαч ʙᴇᴀʀ

    just clicked and i honestly dont know how you will sing hot girl bummer..

    the first line has a vulgarity..

  5. seemasharmatweety

    Alex you are among the best. My son, a musician himself told me about YOU. Ever since I became your die hard fan just like my son. You are very talented and sing straight from the heart.

  6. Mei ka

    Beautifull and genius. 😍

  7. Amynah Julius

    Best mash up yet!😁

  8. JAAY

    Can someone tell me what's the name of that pad that makes beats over there?

  9. Hamoudi Ben

    لا للإنتخبات مع العصبات 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  10. oCryBxby x

    Aiono? You Samoan?

  11. Nettrice Davis

    Who still here almost 2020?like👇

  12. Joshua Schroeder

    Seriously underviewed.

  13. Sulamithsulay Hungriadaluzdossantos

    Oooooooooooooooouuuuuu beautiful smille oh my god, oooo voice

  14. syiffarshd


  15. Mason Wade

    This sucks

  16. Vitoria Iglesias

    Love,sings the songs of pharrell William happy,please!

  17. Irmak Gündüz

    I m highest in the woom

  18. Apolo

    0:00 starts: ...... AH KABRON (para los que entendieronxd)

  19. Odiadi Sylvester

    Love dis

  20. YouTubehood ps

    Straight up

  21. IchMagHacken

    The Keyboard that he got, is that the AKAI Professional MPK Mini MKII?

  22. Keratin Kabunram

    Fuck you, and you, and you
    I hate your friends and they hate me too
    I'm through, I'm through, I'm through
    This that hot girl bummer anthem
    Turn it up and throw a tantrum
    This that hot girl bummer anthem
    Turn it up and throw a tantrum
    This that throw up in your Birkin bag
    Hook up with someone random
    This that social awkward suicide
    That bite your lips and buy your likes
    I swear she had a man
    But shit hit different when it's Thursday night
    That college dropout music
    Everyday leg day, she be too thicc
    And my friends are all annoying
    But we go dumb, yeah, we go stupid
    This that 10K on the table
    Just so we can be secluded
    And the vodka came diluted
    One more line, I'm superhuman
    Fuck you, and you, and you
    I hate your friends and they hate me too
    I'm through,…

  23. ah ray


  24. Armin Hosseini


  25. Zach Lucero

    He would be a good ass DJ the way he knows how to transition songs! Does anyone know if he ever does DJ stuff?

  26. NK Music&Sports

    Damnn that beat !!⚡️🔥🔥

  27. Kardelen Guncicek


  28. ヤヒヤ

    We listen to song because of Travis. So I don't think there's any point of making a cover out of it.

  29. Aleena Jansen



    Also check my cover HIGHEST IN THE ROOM in acoustic version

  31. mohammad shamroukh

    He just woke up n droped the remix thats why it sucks

  32. Trisha Cornellia

    he should do memories by maroon 5

  33. jasminnolasco

    I’m serious 99.9999% of the time your covers sound SOOOOOOO much better than the actual song! Like I hear the real song on the radio and I’m like wth this is lame where’s Alex!

  34. Ariyan Sharma

    make your bed x

  35. Lorena Jass

    I could listen to him all day

  36. brysonszy


  37. Alliea Mohamed

    where is your smile Alex at the starting of the video

  38. Nozizwe Ntshangase

    Alex, love your cover bro🔥🔥🔥
    And your smile🥴❤

  39. M K

    Them little smiles to the cam 🥺👏🏻

  40. Call Me Rose

    Will you do a cover of Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone

  41. Ninja

    The highest in the room beat is so addicting

  42. clase degraff

    Goldfish, Ritz crackers, and honey?...... anyone else?

  43. Gamer Awwab211

    Mostly Travis,

  44. Person Person

    Kinda sad there wasn't more blackbear

  45. Daniel Day

    Bit of Butterfly Effect thrown in the mix to 😯

  46. Tibelya

    this is sooooo good

  47. pandaboi57

    Does this guy live in a hotel..

  48. THEA

    highest in the room , hot girl bummer, AND butterfly effect mashup lol

  49. Kayla Lopez


  50. milk and cheetos

    I thought this dude was dead

  51. Niall Noble

    Happy Monday!

  52. Josh Medlin

    Does he remind anyone else of Fez from that 70's show? Some of the facial expressions are spot on to me lol

  53. Emma Dong

    You sound like a bitch

  54. bxddie


  55. asha m

    his mashups never get oldddd go off alex!

  56. Amie Jimenez

    This is the first time I've seen your videos what equipment do you use my son has a Yamaha keyboard but you just did all that with that mini keyboard! It sounded amazing!

  57. josh lee

    its in my feelings not my fumes

  58. Danielle Atobs

    The smile in th beginning kills me everytime❤❤❤❤

  59. TropicalVibesBabe

    no one:

    alex: 😁😁

  60. nicki lehnr

    Another unbeatable Cover!😍🎶
    I love it❤️

  61. Fiona van der Hoff

    That piano stuff you did with the highest in the room song sent me straight to heaven

  62. Sofia Maria

    Happy Friday everyone

  63. inverted mind

    pls make a video on your vocal key

  64. Matiss Meinards

    Happy monday

  65. Tony Aiono Kid

    come on Neeeen we wont you Will and Conor

  66. Pawiks Villaver

    yeeeeeeah 👌🏻

  67. Keshav Maharaj

    Happy Monday

  68. Stark HD

    Anyone else want to see him do I cover with Hollywood is bleeding ? I feel like he would do that song amazingly

  69. Nicole Turco

    Everything about you is stunning.

  70. Michael _ Saville


  71. bella silver

    i hope blackbear sees this

  72. lorena rodriguez

    blackbear🥰🥰 Thas bub

  73. Monica Fu

    I just hopped on this Alex train not too long ago. Heard he was even on the Zach Sang Show. This guy is going to make it so big! He gets so creative with his music, he sings like an angel but can still rap like a beast. I also love him now that i know he's a blackbear fan ;)

  74. Natalie B.

    Couldn’t even make his bed... smh😂

  75. Natalie Goldstone

    Can you do a video where you take us through the steps you take in order to create your live covers?

  76. Pablo Escobar


  77. Lauren Jones

    How are you not signed yet

  78. Nadz Zeurbi

    i can’t believe your the kid from the alphabet soup now look at you LMAO I use to think maybe one day when I see you in the street there’s a chance I could strike a conversation with you but now your way to high to reach. Aaaaaa I’m still inlove with you tho 🙃

  79. Zaid Alsaeed

    How to fuck up a good song

  80. Hailie Bechey

    Wow, what a fucking vibe.

  81. inglatheawesome

    0:45 I was literally waiting for him to smile😁🤙

  82. SportyGirlGamer

    Yooo do 10000 hours by Justin beiber plzzzz it will sound soo good but it doesn't even mater because you make everything sound soo goodddddd with your voice

  83. shal shal

    Will singe and alex aiono collab again
    Like this if you want it to happen

  84. Zara Ahmad

    make your bed alex

  85. Muhammad Arbee

    Happy Monday

  86. briana Hautau


  87. ChickenWingsTV

    Alex finally remember his youtube password.

  88. RyKoG's

    Alex can you put ISpy, T-Shirt, Isn't She Lovely & Swang Mashup to Spotify?

  89. Davi Lima

    So good bro

  90. Abraham Sacdalan

    Good as always!! But hey, I just saw this on YouTube... check her out, do u know her?

    Abraham Sacdalan

    Sorry, lol, 4get it... I thought she was an unknown, but it turns out she was on the voice or something like that

  91. Laila _sadekkk

    I never thought it was possible to do a cover of Travis this beautifully AHHH

  92. Naydelin Victorio


  93. My Artsy Planner

    🤩 this is the vibe I’m looking for 🥰

  94. noirgloss

    you are so good alex

  95. Tyler Syhabandith

    Yooooo this shit smacks

  96. bernard dhakal

    Can I collab With U??
    Love Ur Vids #BiggestFan

  97. breaunna davis

    We need another Armon and trey and Alex collab

  98. Melissa Redmond

    ❤️❤️❤️ this quality content