Alex Aiono - Don't Wanna Know / My Way Mashup Lyrics

Why wait to say, at least I did it my way
Lie awake, two faced
But in my heart I understand
I made my move and it was all about you
Now I feel so far removed

You are the one thing in my way [12x]

I don't wanna know, know, know, know
Who's taking you home, home, home, home
And loving you so, so, so, so
The way I used to love you, no

We used to kick it on your nights off
Couple drinks with the lights off
Now I'm sitting with the mic on, trying to tell everybody where the hell we went wrong
So where you at, what's new?
My friends tell me what you're doing and it just ain't you
Man, you got me ever wondering if I ever knew
All there is to know about you, did I not have a clue?

And I couldn't help but open up your Instagram
It's been a minute girl
(We don't talk anymore)
So I don't know if you're messing with another man
And I'm curious but maybe I don't wanna know
'Cause he irreplaceable, call you 'Queen B'
And I really wish the feeling was reciprocated
'Cause it's getting really lonely under these sheets
So when I tell you that I miss you it's an understatement

I don't wanna know, hey-ey
You are the one thing baby
Loving you so, so, so, so
The way I used to love you, no
You are the one thing in my way [4x]

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Alex Aiono Don't Wanna Know / My Way Mashup Comments
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    2019 anyone? Hoping for a collaboration again😊 also subs to me bro small channel here

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    Not monitized??

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    Wah conor with alex?niceeee

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    What song i love so😍😍😍😍😍

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    Y’all sing good together ! ♥️

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    2016 alex aiono was not of this world

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  8. Majed.

    1:19 best part ever.

  9. Ananda Axl

    i love it
    the bass breaking my ears

  10. Azra Nafisah

    anyone in 2019???

  11. I am Adi xx

    I miss them

  12. Mango Jibas

    more collab IS NEEDED🙏

  13. Cynthia Cardozo

    I remember playing this multiple times and alternating between Conners part and Alex’s part.

  14. Tenzin Sonam


  15. MsTvinson

    They sound really good

  16. Freddy’s World

    You should do Antisocial by Ed sheeran


    Damn this video and song is so so very good I like it so mush you guys are awesome and amazing keep it up okay God bless you forever and BTW this is my new favorite song for real yo 💯#Savage

  18. icone buddy

    Conor is making crying face lol😂😂😂

  19. Genzyme

    I remember when Alex had more subs then Conor


    if you like Alex's smile then thumbs up...also if you are watching in 2019

  21. Dj Toni Tonton New Zealand

    are u guys cousins?

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    They sound SO good together!! They should make a song together lowkey

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    I had a dream about Alex

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    Conor et Alex qui rap c'est ouf

  26. Hemarpaul Abian

    You are the onething in maui

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    AhhHhahahaha fuck boyssssssss

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    no one talking about how smooth 0:46 was💕🔥i keep replaying that part


    Alex you need to do a throwback cover of "I Don't Wanna Know" Mario Winans

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    2019 gang

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    Hello! Buddy, Are you also from UK?

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    Omggggggg i love this song

  34. Apex Addict

    2019?🌍 still awesome

  35. Cringe Queen Vlogs

    OMG: My ears just got blessed at 1:40
    Conner + Alex = Everyone Melts ❤️

  36. idekiiskms

    This is literally my fave cover of all time I’ve been coming back to this for years literally ugh 😔🤘

  37. Joe Burton


  38. zye eclipse

    what a voice meeeen? so niceeee

  39. pianoman losier

    very nice cover i like it :)

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    Alex and conor are back🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

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    2019? 🤠😍

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    U r the one thing in maui (maui from moana)

    Idk y i think its funny but it actually isnt

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    This is time for next 10m subs.....Hit the like button

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    Dang Daniel

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    U both sound so good together u should do a sing off together

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    Conor I Love your Song 💕

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    i can tell this is prerecorded cuz alex keeps facing us (away from the mic) to sing and his voice is the same volume throughout the song :o

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    All I can say is thank you to the both of you!! This song got me through the year from hell!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  59. Alvira Usmani

    This was uploaded on my birthday. OMG so happy :) love you both so much. #CLEX #MAYNIACS #CLEXISBACK. <3

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    Alex and Conor are back #CLEX

  61. zay_naa xx

    I need more CONOR and ALEX covers<3

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    more clex videos huhu

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    I died. They're so stunning af

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    I swear at 1:36 Alex sounded like Chris Brown

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    it's 2018 and i'm back here. I forgot about Conor's rap in this song im shook all over again

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    Never getting tired of Alex Aiono singing 💝Alex Aiono is bae 4 life (No Lie)❤️

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