Alex Aiono - Doesn't Get Better Lyrics

She's every color in the spectrum
She's the sunset in July
She's Picasso's Box of magic
The iris of an angel's eye
Yellow umbrella
A sea of New York City black
I need to tell her
She made the stars tonight burn brighter than a million suns
It doesn't get better
Get better
It doesn't get better than this
It doesn't get better than this
Shines like coral in New Zealand
Flashes like gold of a grand prize
Lit the darkness of my midnight
Blued the gray of my April skies
White hot in winter
Kiss until we're feverish
And I need to tell her
She beams she glows like lava flows
She sets the moon on fire
It doesn't get better
Get better
It doesn't get better than this
It doesn't get better than this
Blinding eyes
I'm struck like lightning
It doesn't get better
Make me feel just like I'm flying
She mades the stars tonight burn brighter than a million suns
It doesn't get better
Get better
It doesn't get better than this
It doesn't get better
It doesn't get better than this
It doesn't get better

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Alex Aiono Doesn't Get Better Comments
  1. Noemi Tag-at

    Who's here in 2019?

  2. shannen paige


  3. Squishy bean

    T~T I've been looking for this song for 3 years. I've loved this song for so long and I finally found it again

  4. Digimon

    Watch who in 2019?

  5. Kate Flynn

    I heard this song on the radio just now, glad to have found it easily. 😊 I love it.

  6. bella

    This takes me back. When I was younger my family and I would always listen the the "Now That's What I Call Music" cds in the car and this song was on the upcoming artists. I just remember this being my absolute favorite song and now whenever I hear it it brings back good vibes. So thank you!

  7. Carl Tobeza

    This is a coincidence....

    I live in NZ... What a coincidence... I’m just speechless, right now...

  8. Isi Novovic

    feeling so euphoric, enthusiastic, optimistic, cheerful, bright and hype while I listen to this. This song always changes my mood, it doesn't matter what moment it is. Love u ❤

  9. Jessica Fernandez

    2018? Anyone?

  10. Matthew quay

    2018 🤟🏻

  11. Annabelle Porner

    I love this song but did anyone else notice that the sun is also a star

  12. wth o

    0:25 sounds like a song ive heard before can someone relate.. cant remember the name!

  13. Alexander Kasakeew

    Love the Song😍😍😍❤️❤️Favorit Song❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️

  14. StrawberryHero

    Is it bad I found this from it being blasted at chuck e cheese

  15. Lyn Rose

    2018 anyone😁

  16. callie Zuniga

    I looove this song!!! I didn’t know it was that old. 2013?😂

  17. Madison McNeese


  18. Shama Mondo

    nice words

  19. Kannika Klug

    You're Amazing Alex<3

  20. Kannika Klug

    You're Amazing Alex<3

  21. Kierra J.

    bro I didn't know he sung this song😭💙💚

  22. Andre Del Castillo Incierto

    doesn't get better? #AlexAiono
    I really love it #iLoveTheBeats

  23. euphoriclil

    Anyone 2017?

  24. Libambe Flores

    I love you

  25. AngelDumapias Vevo

    I like this song😍😍😍

  26. Sena Nur

    Wait how do i know every word of this somg I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS WAS BY ALEX IM SO CONFUSED

    Sena Nur


  27. onn

    omg i feel so old, I remember hearing this live a few years ago :')

  28. Bella Yang

    i have Royal Crush feels!!

  29. Paul Benaczek

    So nice this song I love it

  30. Mariah Piner

    Loven this song

  31. none

    I love it <3

  32. Cheerleaderfan6

    is this copyrighted??

  33. Marina Shannon

    this song is da bomb

  34. Daryl Reinne

    "yellow umbrella" hmm... sounds familiar hahahah! How I Met Your Mother hahahaha~

  35. Amalie Rothhaus

    "It doesn't get better than" YOU😍😍😍


    Found this song years ago..
    Thanks Sami Slimani.

  37. MarcsLife 04

    omg i love this song. i must thank rebekah wing to put this cool song in her video :) you are so cool. :)

    Youre Fan Marc from Germany

  38. Alissa Lemus

    I remember turning up to this 3 years ago I'm crying

  39. Jaesha Vlogs/react

    My friend Kathleen Silva has a crush on you pls add her facebook plssss!!

  40. rjhayclemente

    hi alex im a magician from philippines can i use your song as one of my music in my future videos thanks in advance :)

  41. Johanna Dyer

    best summer song

  42. Ashmitha Maria

    omgggggggggggg this is sooooooooooooooooooo freaking amaaaaaxing!!😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😍LOVE uuu

  43. Stephanie Frost

    It's so crazy how much he's grown!

  44. google user

    his voice is amazing but these lyrics.... are .. ._.

  45. wissal sal

    watching this in 2k17 who else ?

  46. Azaliya chavez

    who's going to the concert

  47. jessicastokesxo

    it sounds like a boyband song kinda

  48. Finn

    i found this on spotify before coming here

  49. Liberty Foutz

    Watching in 2017

  50. Kiran Manwah

    Who's watching in 2017

  51. MFL Lennon

    This reminds me of my grandpa

  52. sammyantha 〰 sam

    this is the only song that makes me happy. love this song❤ Hope to see you someday!!

  53. Ciará Castex

    your words are so perfect... everything a girl likes and needs to hear

  54. Dean Youtube

    this song is the first song i ever hears from him lol i don't know how this song popped on my suggesion but i love this song so much fav song

  55. Violet Martinez

    +Alex Aiono this is my favorite song and I wanted to ask how old are you

  56. Alexis Vasquez

    This song makes me feel so happy 💗

  57. Fatemah Alfadli

    Im a new fan but already deeply in love with the talented Alex and his beautiful youtube channel!! I've been trying to find out a lil more about you and realised that you are part Maori, seriously freaked out and imagined you visiting New Zealand!!! It would be loveeellllyy to have you visit New Zealand and from the comments I read you have quite a lot of kiwi fans pslplspslpss visit New Zealand, keep up the awesome work Alex!!!

  58. Melissa Lima

    thats gold 😍😍😍

  59. Nai Nai

    everything I hear this song I fall more & more in love with it

  60. Boonsita Nuthong

    It took my forever to find this

  61. _felixnavidad_

    Your so talented you should already be a popstar

  62. bruh

    the lyrics make no sense in the begging ... ,_,

  63. sodacream03

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeee so fun 🎉

  64. MeMyself N Kids

    I can see this sing on the radio

  65. Nurdiyana Rusmadi

    How many songs does he wrote

  66. seasoni’s say


  67. seasoni’s say

    It really doesn't get better than this 😉

  68. Cutiemakeup

    I really like it👍👍💙💙

  69. Michelle Styles

    3 years later and i still love it

  70. Amazing Goat

    Alex im from New Zealand and when famous people mension it i get happy

  71. Bhoo Shkey

    Omg I love this song Alex you have a wonderful voice

  72. Taahlliaa

    I kinda freaked out when he mentioned New Zealand in the song xD

    Xian Loi


    Fatemah Alfadli

    tbh same

    Eva Moyle


    Anika Veituna

    Omg same

  73. Rianna Sinanan

    ikr...........oml wat cud get better now😘😍

  74. Helena Dilling


  75. Mia Dowen

    people who says they didn't know he sang this then who did u think did? I mean you can hear his voice if u watch Alex's covers and listen to his other original songs then its kinda easy to know it's Alex his voice is amazing

  76. Summer xox

    Love this still and its 2016!!!

  77. Theresa Moser ::: Daisy Raise

    Very nice!!! :D

  78. Jansen Talens

    I love you Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Vikki Nguyen

    Can I please use this song in my videos?!

  80. mocsave tv

    such a great song.. <3

  81. Patricia Go

    Watching this in 2k16!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😝😝😝😝

  82. Janine Smith

    Thia song got all what it takes. At the beginning it's a beautyful lyrics with a very nice melody and then it's a happy song which you get addicted to it. sorry if my english is not correct but I'm from austria and only 13 yrs old so excause me :)

  83. Maybelline Chavez

    love it 😍👆.. big fan ✌

  84. Caoimhe C.R

    In new Zealand
    OMG love my country

  85. andrea turner

    why is this song not popular? It's so good Alex!!! 😊💙

  86. Kayla Underhill

    you need to make some more originals!❤️

  87. Kayla Underhill

    I absolutely love your originals(:

  88. Mariana Lopez

    if I can't have you I want the closets person to you

  89. Yasemin Huseyin

    lord help me

  90. vanessa Juarez

    omg I remeber 2 years ago I downloaded this song without knowing and I used to listen to it the whole time I knew who sang it but I was intrested in looking him up this song just brings so many memories of the happy times 💕💕💕

  91. Hanan Mohamed

    it's amazing 😄

  92. Doitlikedixon __

    New Zealand pride


    I literally had to replay it cause I was like surely he didn't say New Zealand! Represent

  93. Angella Reid

    OMG Alex...... where did u get these lyrics..... love them OMG...... your my favorite.

  94. Aura Winter Rain

    I can't believe it took me this long to find this song 😍😍❤️❤️ I was in love with it when I heard it on Royal Crush

  95. Kyra Lee

    this is better than the austin and ally one

    Christina Suh

    definitely :))