Alex Aiono - Controlla Lyrics

My yiy just changed
You just buzzed the front gate
I thank God you came
How many more days could I wait?
I made plans with you
And I won't let em fall through
I, I, I, I, I

I think I'd lie for you
I think I'd die for you
Jodeci "Cry For You"
Do things when you want me to
Like controlla, controlla
Like controlla, controlla

Yeah, okay, you like it
When I get, aggressive, tell you to
Go slower, go faster
Like controlla, controlla
Like controlla, controlla

Yeah, uh
Last time I sang in Spanish, now I hit a verse
I'm tryna kill the game, better get a hearse
Your body's so flame, you never need a propane
I'm 'bout to start calling you Rihanna, for putting me at work
Work, ah- work, ah- work ah- work
I love the way you look when you're rocking my shirt
Especially when you move like controlla, you're going faster and slower
And I don't like it, I love it
That's why I'm pulling you closer, we get to kissing and touching
You make it so hard to focus, baby, you got my attention and
It's so hot cause you know it
Like guh!

And I'm never on a waste ting shorty
I do it how you say you want it
Them girls, they just wanna take my money
They don't want me to give you nothing
They don't want you to have nothing
They don't wanna see me find your lovin'
They don't wanna see me
Smiling back when they pree

I'd lie for you
Thinking I'd die for you
Jodeci "Cry For You"
Do things when you want me too
Controlla, controlla
Like controlla, controlla

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    He kinda looks like Donny Pangilinan 😊

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    YouTube Addict

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    hey this was so good! i like how you changed it a little bit you make it suit your style! i did a mash-up cover of it and would mean a lot if you let me know what you thought to? Keep it up your so good! :)

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