Alex Aiono - Best Songs Of 2016 Mashup Lyrics

That girl is a real crowd pleaser
Small world, all her friends know of me
Young bull livin' like an old geezer
Release the cash, watch it fall slowly

Raindrop, drop top
Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox
Shake on your chick she a thot, thot
Cookin' up dope in the crockpot
We came from nothin' to somethin' brah
I don't trust nobody, no one nah
Call up the gang, and they comin' for ya
Cry me a river...

If we
Tried that we could be
Somewhere in the climate
Is warm, long as you around me
Baby, there's no me without you and...

Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh I'm falling
So I'm taking my time on my ride like

"Hola, ¿Cómo estás?", she said "Konnichiwa"
She said "Pardon my French", and I said "Bonjour Madame"

Then I say woah
Bounce that thing like woah
This is not a fairytale, I already know how...

You nee-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ded me

I get those goosebumps every time, yeah, you come around, yeah
You ease my mind, you make everything feel right

And I'm never on a waste ting shorty
I do it how you say you want it
Them girls, they just wanna take my money
Like controlla, controlla
Like controlla, controlla

We don't talk anymore, we don't talk anymore
We don't talk anymore, like we used to do, yeah

Don't you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won't give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you

So, baby, pull me closer
In the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can't afford, heeey

Let me treat you better than he can
Girl you deserve a gentleman

She said "Come and see me for once
Come and see me for once, you don't ever come to me"

I need a one dance
Got a Hennessy in my hand
One more time 'fore I go
Higher powers taking a hold

Baby, I like your style

Como tú te llamas, yo no sé
De donde llegaste, ni pregunté
Lo único que sé, es que quiero con usted
Quedarme contigo hasta el amanecer

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Alex Aiono Best Songs Of 2016 Mashup Comments
  1. ara jung

    2016 was such an iconic year tho like idk if it's just me but so much things happened that time lol

  2. Analy Andrade.H

    Te amo alex 💖💕😁 #PERÚ💜

  3. E D

    Listening this at 2k19. Still lit.

  4. Xiaoxi Yu

    Will we get one for 2018😍

  5. Eduardo Garcia

    This might be cool or interesting if it involved any skill at all. I hate to be Simon Cowell but this guy definitely should not quit his day job. Bad singing voice too nasal and fake.

  6. Matthew Martinez

    Thank me later

  7. Matthew Martinez

    Here it in 1.2.5

  8. Taessia Mana

    what was the last song called

  9. Moez Azaan

    I’ll buy that voice please 😊

  10. Zephaniah Hale

    I like how this guy sing

  11. Tan Gaming

    whos watching this in 2018?😍

  12. joville soguilon

    whats title the 1st song

  13. Olivia

    Could you do a 2018 mashup?:)

  14. Mighahh

    Goosebumps :)

  15. Haziq Iskandar

    haziq handsome

  16. Jasmin Macneill


  17. Atish Basu

    Bro I just need the songs and details ...

  18. Dalyla Martinez

    2018??or just me

  19. ilia nofar


  20. Alex Aiono

    1000 likes i did you

  21. tuff kiwi

    chur cuzzy

  22. Garrett Prechter #14

    I just this like some sorta song like the “4 chords” song???

  23. Jaeda Jolee

    in '18 listening to '16

  24. Nakita Bravo

    I love your music

  25. omarion diaz

    Good job

  26. millie

    transitions on pointtt

  27. Leticia Frez

    your smile so beautifiul

  28. Jules

    I like it how he always smiles at the camera before proceeding with the video :)

  29. Emmanuel Martinez Marin


  30. IMC PTY

    whar happened to2017

  31. Jay M

    i subscibed

  32. Lil Baguette

    is that 2016 yes or no I THINGK IS 2016 [email protected]#$%^&*()

  33. Lil Baguette

    and happy new year to get some lots of presents
    I excrive you oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AND I SPY wITH MY BAG WHAT IS A VERB AND VOICED HAPPY CRICKMAS
    YOU WELL COME ><<<<<>>>>>>

  34. Lil Baguette


  35. Yadiel Lliguicota

    My mom says why are you hearing this song it is a horrible like I love that song I love all of it songs I like all the songs that he makes

    Yadiel Lliguicota

    I kind of messed up my mom said why you hearing that song it is a horrible and it's ugly and I am like I love hearing all his songs

  36. Wendy

    His “bonjour madame” just gave me a heart attack

  37. Butter


  38. Matthew Rannie

    wow lodi

  39. Saida Acosta

    Love all of them ps big fan Love u what amazing voice you have also your cute

  40. Isaiah Yanez

    What's the spanish song called

  41. Thomas Kim

    I like these songs, but I don't like you singing them. Just my opinion..

  42. Bjb Bjb

    OMG i listen to him all the time.I play each song at least 2 times a day

  43. hi daddy

    0:13 when he smiled. #alex

  44. dougrfitts77

    It looks like a floating head I'm still in love with his voice also 2018 anybody

  45. Yassslinn

    2018 and still heart it!

  46. ILikePasghetti

    Those beast

  47. Regina Hay

    i'm deceased

  48. Selena

    which is the last song he sang? Im loving it

  49. Sanjay Singh


  50. Tutorials with Aileen

    Can u guys plz subscribe to my channel... all I’ll be doing is sing... note I’m not good at it I’m just doing to entertain and to step out of my comfort zone... I’ll post my first ever video on Sunday... btw I’m going to sing Spanish and English

  51. Ange Blake

    I remember this like it was a day ago

  52. Haley Smith

    who still listening to this in 2018?❤❤

  53. David Martins

    Alex,I love to hear you sing and I loved that you got into talent

  54. Anne-Maree Lofipo

    U look good in your smile n 😄😄😄😄

  55. Emily Silva

    anyone watching this in 2018

  56. Yalina Lopez

    2018 anyone? And still Loving this ❤

  57. Natalia Bel

    I Miss 2016 😔❤️ It Was So Lit 🙌🏻💯

  58. Gabriella Chavez

    I wanna see alex aiono vs Asher dov angel

  59. Mary Zemlick

    Me gusta tu sonrisa... ¡Es única!

  60. Raja Asreeza

    2017 mashup please!

  61. Christina Chen

    Please do one on 2017

  62. Spandan Darvekar

    Happy new year again... Still listening in 2018😉😉😀😀

    Super Plays

    Me too dude


    Same here

    1Tap Vxy

    @ANDROX GAMING im listening in 2019

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    I am watching in 2018!

  65. Izzy Dramas

    I hope you're not a fk boy, otherwise my dreams are crushed

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  68. Dreamer

    Do a 2017 mashup

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    Happy new year 2018 I'm in the UK

  70. Mi's Elle

    This guy's good that he seriously captured my attention😐

  71. angie

    speed it up to 1.25
    thank me later

  72. The Young Diesel Show

    [FULLNAME] 🗽 Hey! Bruuh I Like Dis! 📲

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    he needs to do one for 2017!!

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    you should post a 2017 mash up of songs

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    Here we are at the end of 2017...

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    Can you mashup the song of westlife

  83. zy samin

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    2:30 😍😍😍

  86. Allison Hicks

    you should make one for this year!!!!!!!!


    Now its still LIT!

  88. wearewon

    i'm back from the future - and they'll be (you'll be) watching this in 2018 too!

  89. Lili Quinteros


  90. Phoebe Emmett

    Can’t wait for 2k17 one 🙌🏼