Alestorm - Mexico Lyrics

When the quest is over and the battles won
There's a land far to the south where we go to have some fun
The wenches they are plenty, the alcohol is free
The party lasts all through the night and the alcohol is free

Tonight we drink together
Tomorrow we may die

Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Tequila and a donkey show
Mexico, Mexico
Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Take me away from the ice and the snow
Let's go to Mexico

A pirate's life is simple
We drink and steal and kill
Always we are questing, in search of bigger thrills
We sail across the oceans, got drunk in many bars
But when we sail to Mexico that's where we party hard

Tonight we drink together
Tomorrow we may die

Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Tequila and a donkey show
Mexico, Mexico
Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Take me away from the ice and the snow
Let's go to Mexico

Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Tequila and a donkey show
Mexico, Mexico
Yo ho Mexico
Far to the south where the cactus grow
Take me away from the ice and the snow
Three margaritas and a taco
Let's go to Mexico

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Alestorm Mexico Comments
  1. MOy Corbin

    Fuck Trump Viva México

  2. Elias Santos

    No mmn gente
    Mínimo pónganle subtítulos en español 😂😂😂😂

  3. Ondrej Bartoš

    My brother : I hate metal
    Me : Shows him this song
    Also my brother : *pretends to be a metalhead since hearing this*

  4. Doctor Aven

    2 years and still no clue about that booty :(
    Pinche madre

  5. Lord Katharos

    Love this great band ! it`s so funny and verry good !!

  6. Maria Concepcion Bernal Ordoñez

    Así no es mi hermoso México 🇲🇽 psolo la cerveza 🍻 buen video jaja

  7. Samael Rodríguez

    jajajaj, que hijos de perra, que agradables sujetos XD

  8. Antonio Gouveia

    Tonight We Drink Together!!!!

  9. iti malia


  10. Pradeep Singh

    donkey show??? lol. didn't see the donkey show. was looking forward to it. hehehehe

  11. Josué dlTLl. EngScD.

    Any captain that could please let me know who the chick in orange washing the donkey is?

  12. Humberto Rodriguez

    I am from méxico, can you please tell me where the alcohol is free? I beg you🤗

    you know

    Everything is free if you're a pirate.

  13. Maiky Navajas

    soy Mexicano y esto no me ofende, rajado el que si! XD

  14. Mayola Mayola

    This is very true! Thank god you recognize that anglosaxons are the trash pirates of earth! And yes mexico has always been the party central the orgy land cause protestants are party killers they dont want fun they hate fun they are NOT FUN! They dont have orgasms! But LIKE WTF then! You party and you shit everywhere! Dont expect mexico to be the immaculate most NO DRUG land on earth! Shit!

  15. AJP247

    I was watching this

    In class.

  16. Manuel Mandujano

    A1959 feministas no les gusto

  17. Cristopher

    didnt this use to be a pirate band?

  18. Miss Jay Speechley

    Ya ha Australia
    Far to the south where the drop bears are
    XXXX beer and a Holden car
    Australia, Australia
    Ya ha Australia
    Far to the south where the drop bears are
    Take me away from all these galahs
    Let's go to Australia

  19. limón Pines

    No todos los días en México son día de muertos :v

  20. Mario Cuellar

    Modelo is not free!

  21. Stevens inwhite

    Greetins from Mexico compas metaleros scotish ❤i love the estribillo song

  22. Chris Wyatt

    I love pirate metal! 🤘

  23. Thomas Peterson

    Yay Hay USA

    Over to the West where the Drunkards grow
    Alcohol and a Football show
    USA, USA
    Yay Hay USA
    Over to the West where the drunkards grow
    Take me away from Canada
    Bring me to the USA

  24. Rayan Ighil

    Alcohol is free

  25. Justin govak

  26. thespoonlord

    i don’t think anyone has been so exited about finding mexico since the spanish

  27. Lightness©

    1:21 that ass tho.


    Yes, it's a very sexually arousing donkey.

  28. pijamaman bb8

    For Donald trump

  29. Tony Brenton

    Love the Sombrero man, full fucking metal
    - Devin Townsend

  30. peter

    la tierra donde los cactus crecen ........ y la cerveza es gratis? jajajajajaja

  31. Felipe Heras

    What kind of trash is this????? About making a vidio of the orange orangutan???? (Who is this ....orangutan orange?.(.Donald trash .trump). ...hahahahahajajaat the rnd it is funny....what the el el mayo......👍👍👍AMLO.....VIVA MADURO..........VIVA PUTIN......VIVA. N. KOREA!!!!!!YEEEEEES VIVA!! VIVA CHINA..VIVA RUSIA. YEEEEEEEE. .HAHAHAHAHAHA. ..VIVA CHIHUAHUA.... 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 FOX. - CALDERON -


    Lmao wtf

  32. Chelii. MontañezC.

    Cervezas gratis hahahahaha que mamada nunca lo he visto!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Char The Zombiehound

    what most people don't realise is that the main character in this music video is the donkey... free sexy sponge bath! xDDDD

  34. Luzbellangeles Ángeles

    Qué onda?
    Así no es mexico

  35. Alexis Hernandez

    The song is fine but what says that Mexico is to the south and it is not like that. Mexico is in North America. and it is a lot of stereotype about Mexico. Come to Mexico City to see that it is not so.


    I believe he meant that Mexico is south of the United States.

    Alexis Hernandez

    @Joe Well, he says it but it's wrong because Mexico is in North America. From Canada to Mexico it is North America and from Mexico down it is already South America

  36. Jonathan Milligan

    Did they get Anna Kendrik for that part right at the end of the video?

  37. Patrick

    1.9k envious donkeys disliked this video

  38. Pedro Montes

    Great song pirates! Is cool to hear the name of my country in a song like that. Ahoy!!!! Free alcohol!!!!

  39. Dank Memes

    3 margaritas and a taco 🤣

  40. Boiled nut

    Donald Trump approves

  41. 19stjohn67

    someone send me the blond girl

  42. Rich J

    LMAO. There are cars in Mexico. They do exist, but It is nice to have that donkey-car.

  43. Overwatch252

    Ra ra Rasputin lover of the Russian queen

  44. AutisticAnarchist

    Red Dead 2 players only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting

  45. Jeffrey Leon

    Leon Trotsky when Stalin taking over Soviet Union

    Ephemereal Moment

    Underrated comment!

  46. Tom Loree

    In the end:
    Did he ask for food or for alcohol?
    Did he ask for pizzas and a tacos or for cocktails and a tequila?


    My god! any info on the chick in the red bathing suit, nicest ass i've ever seen.

  48. John Martin

    Love the dude with the Nekrogoblikon shirt

  49. Відео Шоу

    хто із 2019?

  50. Daniel Titus Burcus

    The fuckin' most corruptible country in the world!! I should be ashame to sing about it..

  51. Sam Morbid

    Hell yeaahh I was listening to their song in a dream after 4-5 years and just now woke up and blasted "The Quest" on speakers.. then just came across this masterpiece and hell yeahhh man.. This track is as awesome as others ....Wohooo

  52. Bee H.


  53. Alquitran Mx

    🤘🏻 thats a very COOL song! Can you tell me where the alcohol is free in Mexico ?🤣

  54. TheUnbeholden

    A sword to the cactus, a pick axe to the ice, we'll brawl looking for the thrill, we'll be afloat tonight! If your the mexican police we'll do a heave, ho and throw you out the door...

  55. Alice Calderon

    Why would you steal and kill :( That's not cool

  56. Tread Knought

    The two chicks washing the donkey are about as Mexican as Anita Ekberg.

  57. Lord Fred

    At 2:30 I love how there is just a violin playing but none in the video

  58. tania martinez

    Jajajaja no mamen está bien cagado, desde Cabo San Lucas confirmo que sí hay muchos cactus xD saludos metaleros! Viva México

  59. kekideathstar

    Es hoy es hoy

  60. Matthew Morenzi

    Have you ever accidentally found something and thought, "I like this, imma stay here," Cause that's exactly what happened for me with Alestorm.

  61. TacoBoy

    As a Mexican I feel way too offended
    At the very ending he only asks for ONE taco, how can you be in Mexico and only eat ONE PUTO TACO?!?!?

  62. Juanoncho Crack #official


  63. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    No matter what mood I’m in you guys just make me want to roc N party

  64. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    I’m sorry but this is the best goddamn song on the planet

  65. Copperman

    What the fuck is a donkey show?!

  66. オオカミインクイジタ

    I am a Mexican and I disapprove this fucking racist video Mexico is not like that and i did not existed at the pirate age time

  67. Adam Brady

    Mexico... sucks

  68. Invader Jet


  69. getting lit gaming

    How metal are you

    Donkey riding metal

  70. William Balthazar

    Yoho Mexico far to the south where the cartels go tequila and a bag of blow. Americans cant catch el chapo

  71. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    I really hope you guys know how good you are

  72. Bam Margera

    That girl on 1:22 who know her name?

  73. Nikita Marus

    Come to Belarus! Alcohol here is also free, but the rest costs a fortune LOL

  74. Michele Goodsell

    I fuck’n love your music!

  75. El Viejo Broly

    1:16 oie zi

  76. Alan Alm Lop

    As a Mexican.. This guys arrowed me.. they have All package, Beer, MIdgets and Party.

  77. Legend Sop

    Drunk in Mexico - Wake up in China

  78. Legend Sop

    0:07 8bit Sound? I subscribe!


    Good metal...
    Donkey shows...
    Nice girls...
    Old videogames graphic...

    .... the perfect song with the perfect video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Argh...... they are too good. Let them walking the plank !

  80. blagojce siljanovski

    Koja e igrata

  81. Luiz Matthew

    Sponsored by the Mexican Board of Tourism

  82. Wigton De Silva

    Nice, I like Mexican songs.

  83. baki hanma

    Cactus y desiertos ?
    ¡ Qué hay de su hermosas playas y la gran selva lacandona !
    Y sombrero charro y burros eso sí que es estereotípico 👎🏼


    PLEASE COME BACK TO MEXICO!!! Here is your home and you'll be allways welcome

  85. Barragan Rubi

    Hahahha A'm from mexico, CABRONESSSS!!!! LML XDXD JAJAKAKA

  86. fer nando

    Oh shit, im mexican and I fucking love it.

  87. Caguilarro

    While this buds play and joy we all Mexicans are wondering to go to that Mexico "where the alcohol is free" I've never seen that, what a wasted life I've been having (paying up for drinks) come on! kill me God and give me a chance with those donkey shows...

  88. Vinícius Cerva

    Most fun metal band I've already came across.

  89. Wesley Hayes

    fuck that corrupt shit hole

  90. mozzyforest

    The best song to do a beer run to!!

  91. Mr Moses

    what happened to this band...damn..

  92. Joshdamighty

    Came here because In Flames called this song shitty. Gotta say, they were definitely wrong!

  93. Arthas Gaius

    mexican ass

  94. Jiří Jiřík

    Neumim anglicki ha ha!

  95. Thebest Codder

    1:31 Black people on the streets be like.

  96. Steve OGlory

    Where can i find that arcade game?

  97. Rizz CS

    Yo Ho, look at dat ass tho.

  98. Otpornik