Alestorm - Alestorm Lyrics

Go! A storm is coming
The cold is mind numbing
Darkness is descending
Die, there's no escaping
We're all anticipating
Smashing your brains tonight

Firing the cannons and raising the flag
This is the piratical way
We under the sign of the Storm of Ale
Soon with your lives you will pay

Go! We're losing our minds
Into the barrel, and drink what we find

Rum, beer, quests and mead
These are the things that a pirate needs
Raise the flag and let's set sail
Under the sign of the Storm of Ale

Rum, the finest potion
It gives me quite the notion
To vomit over your face
Beer, so cold as ice
Its taste it will suffice
Drinking through night and through day

Quest! This is the meaning of life
A voyage into the unknown
A tankard of mead, is all that I need
To enter the partying zone

Go! We're out of control
Escape from your brain to the depths of your soul

Rum, beer, quests and mead
These are the things that a pirate needs
Raise the flag and let's set sail
Under the sign of the Storm of Ale

Go! We're losing our minds
Into the barrel, and drink what we find
Go! There's no turning back
Ready for battle, it's time to attack

Rum, beer, quests and mead
These are the things that a pirate needs
Raise the flag and let's set sail
Under the sign of the Storm of Ale

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Alestorm Alestorm Comments
  1. Skulhed

    I'm disappointed with the video. Where's the pirate ship? Also, who thought the midget fight would be a good idea?

  2. Noah Coleman

    God I love Napalm Records

  3. Morgan Roose

    His shirt is damn funny had me crying 0:36

  4. Liber8Gaming

    honestly everyone looked like they enjoyed making this video. including all the extras

  5. Ash Metcalf

    Anyone getting a levan pokla vibe?

  6. Korriban in December

    *Boots up sea of thieves*

    Yall in for it now!!!

  7. Justin govak

    my stepdad: voilin is girly instrament.

    alestorm: hold my beer.

    DarkBrotherhood Dovahkiin

    Umm Alestorm doesn't have a Violin. A violin is a smaller guitar that uses a stick also known as a bow. I assume you are talking about the Keytar that Christopher Bowes (the lead singer is playing).

  8. skit and stupidity

    Imagine walking into a bar. And seeing a midget and a toothpick having a flipoff contest. With no context

  9. nigganigga

    Tyrion's new hobby after retiring from politics

  10. Kenneth Joseph

    Seeing these guys tomorrow in Toronto!! I can't wait!! :D

  11. Cukakaraban

    Зарготракс уже не тот

  12. Fallout Jesus

    Ottawa, this Wednesday, FUCK YEAH!

  13. Danilo Gentile

    I'm pretty sure one of the dwarfs is Peter Dinklage

  14. p Bazyl

    For me this video is only real competitor to replace "Breaking the law"as best metal video.EDIT and i wrote this comment while i was completly drunk so i realize it might look really stupid.

  15. Rey Peligro Garcia

    Love this song

  16. Tommaso Pespani

    ok first time seeing the band members, and not at all what i expected AHAH. I LIKE IT


    Fuck is this shit? I searched up napalm for a college project and I find...

    Wannabe punks

  18. Justin Armstrong

    +1 Subscriber , Comment , and Like. Boys, help these men fulfill our dreams.

  19. TheUnbeholden

    We'll steal your witches, The witches are part of our hand, we'll drag your ugly wives through the streets, we'll take our sluts too, because we hate vice! So fuck your instructors, and fuck your sponge baths, we'll keep the horizon and the streets too! Thats the pirate code, its what the men in the fight say. Also, We're in it for the thrill, so we'll open up the systems bloody doors, we'll add your eights to the tankard, to have our fill!

  20. Fallout Jesus

    Nothing like rocking out with some beer after being frozen in ice for 1,000,.

    m m

    Watch out Bowes, this guy knows your secret identity

  21. percy howle

    2:26 midget says fuck u

  22. Drake Dragon

    Rawrsome Band

  23. Black Rose

    Сool ......

  24. vloggingwallie

    I'm happy I found this band but sad it took so long

  25. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    Fucking A and goddamn right

  26. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    Rum beer quests n mead these are indeed the things that a pirate needs

  27. Robert Poole

    Would the band of dwarfs be "Lite ALESTORM"?

    Geeky Metalhead

    Or Dwarfstorm

  28. p Bazyl

    This song is quite good, but the video is way above good.

  29. Jay_ OshuA

    How hard it is explaining to your friends why you’re watching a video of drunks fighting midgets

  30. Theo Williams

    what a great video. Alestorm has mini-mes now, so they can do a TRUE doctor evil impression.

  31. Dylan Smith

    Horrible compared to your older shit.

  32. Elena Briska

    Crazy and fucking awesome!!!

  33. Mike Ditka

    aLeStOrM - 100

  34. Jesse Miller at The Crow's Nest

    I know you’re a very fun band but it’s obvious that you all have a lot of musical training. I’d love to interview the band not gonna lie. I could get myself and five other guys On a live stream with stream yards. Offer will always be valid

  35. mort4kingfanboy

    I remember hearing this song for the first time live, shit was so lit

  36. Bam Margera

    That girl on 1:56 who know her name?

  37. Brenda1 Beverly

    I am obssesed with this band

  38. Madefuji

    Captain Morgan and Captain Jack should be your all time sponsors

  39. jan prondrie

    Happy Metal

  40. TheWorld Says

    Looks like Captain Shae and the Talion Charter just found their theme song.

  41. Maciel

    Alestorm é uma banda divertida, foda, animada, excelente, engraçada, pesada. Pqp q banda incrível🤘

  42. brad potts

    hey the dude on the guitar was doing the violin way back in that other video

  43. METAL TV

    Take Slipknot - Psychosocial and put a lot of synth and you make this song!


    I fail to see the resemblance

  44. Claudius Maximus

    Cleverbot told me to look this guy up

  45. Станислав Белолипецкий

    Тирион жжот!)

  46. Lord of The Jizz

    what a weird Kids lingerie ad

  47. GymbalLock

    I don't drink, so my version would be, "Quest, quests, quests, and quests! These are the things that make Pirates best!"

  48. Gabriel Apiu

    I swear Michael star had an appearance!!!!

  49. Rik

    Русские есть?

  50. Steve OGlory

    Bartender: how many beers do you want?
    Alestorm: Yes!

  51. Aquanox 19

    Song is bout pirates getting drinks, video, getting into a fight with midgets on a stage..seems legit XD

  52. Oxymore

    Can we sayh "Dwarflestorm ?"

  53. beautybymelxoxo

    The red headed dude should be the lead singer. His screaming is amazing.

  54. 隊長野獣

    Where is a pirate?

  55. Marvin the Maniac

    Russell Brand looks good in a kilt!

  56. StarShine Torres

    Cómo olvidar cuando Alestorm peleó contra Chanekes jsjs

  57. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    Those two women could raise my flag...

  58. KaamosWolf

    Fellow pyrates, a Scottish Clyde-built ship launched in 1878 in Glasgow is out there pleading to be saved before she's scuttled or sold for scraps; her due date has passed months ago and based on the latest news she likely only has 4-6 weeks left to exist, if her rescue can't get funded in time (link at the end of comment). Her name is Falls of Clyde and she's the very last remaining four-masted, full-rigged, iron-hulled ship in the world and also the sole surviving sail-driven oil tanker. All her sister ships are long gone and she's the only one left and also the oldest one. Her condition has deteriorated to the point she can not sail herself to safety anymore (the museum that previously owned her ignored maintenance and spent the money on other shit) and a non-profit organization is now desperately trying to save this important piece of sailing history and her 140 years of shipbuilding legacy. She might look little more than a rusty doomed tub right now but plans are to restore her to her former glory and sail the seven seas again. Please donate to her rescue and spread the word around, her time is running out and she has so much more to give! She already escaped death once before, she can do it again! Support Falls of Clyde here:

  59. John Galanakis

    beating a midget? not cool man :p

  60. Bl00dw0lf 14

    Skeptics: I bet you can't make a rock band about pirates.
    Alestorm: hold our beers

  61. Rick Stienen

    did I just see Peter Dinklage at 1:07 ?

  62. Quin-Lord Dark Matter

    Nice comic book effects.

  63. Андрей Ганихин

    So cool! Amazing n wonderfull guys! Is realliy a fucking cool! God dammed this band a true badass!

  64. WulfF420

    one of the dwarves deffinitly looks like peter dinklage the bassist

  65. Delilah Mosier

    Why do the fakes all look like Peter Dinklage?

  66. Doggo

    1:55 who is the cute chick?

  67. TheDanx666

    I'd love to see the bloopers and behind the scene of that video

  68. Revi0li

    How did you get peter Dinklage lmao

  69. Dung Bui

    So beautiful, thanks!

  70. Dynestis

    Fuck you.
    Fuck you with an anchor.

  71. C A M

    They must really hate sleeves

  72. Dylon Strange

    Dude where has this been all my life!!!

  73. Eddie Romo

    What kind of Alexi Laiho is this?

  74. FairDest

    I don't know when i went from "Every kind of Metal is ... Meh" to a Folk Metal addiction

  75. Ricardo Andres Vega Torres

    álzate también publico una canción llamada álzate, del álbum homónimo álzate producido por la disquera álzate cuyo dueño es el señor álzate quien encargo a álzate que se hiciera cargo de componer los temas del álbum debut de álzate titulado álzate cuya canción álzate se convirtió en el primer éxito de álzate, bitch please

  76. Frank Reaper

    The opening threw me off

  77. Maciel

    Vou baixar essa música🤘

  78. Deathlygrim667

    The screamo parts kinda ruin the song but otherwise its a great song

  79. centipedeloaf


  80. Halseh Conata

    This video needs more


  81. Bubba Scrunch


  82. POSM PintOfSam

    Damn giants. Always picking on people smaller than them!

  83. Thantos

    Why's the rum always gone


    P.S. I love how alestorm is now a part of my phones vocabulary

  84. Six Beer Math

    How did you even corral that many midgets in one place

  85. Sgt. S. Muffins

    han solo dies

  86. vonkäuen Theforbidden

    This band should be used for the main songs for One Piece.

  87. Oven

    I feel the need to go on a quest of booty and plunder

  88. Luke Keyser

    Who else saw tyrrion lannister get kicked off stage?

  89. Rainbow Blitz

    0:21 slipknot?

  90. DemonicKiller63

    This was um

    Definitely alestorm

  91. AliasSLH

    only one kilt? what the fuck

  92. Nick Callahan

    I've made actual mead before. Shit's dank

  93. DarkurSrike

    Why do i feel like i just found Dethklok in real life?

  94. Tanner Bates

    So. This song is played at furcons now. It's pretty hilarious.

  95. steven doughty

    If you painted the dude green he'd look just like blanka from street fighter lol, he sings like blanka to be fair tho I guess

  96. Angry Welshman A

    "anybody got an idea for a music video?"
    "lets beat up some midgets"


    Considering it was a midget cover band it should have been called "Midgetstorm"

  97. Adam Laine

    rrrrraising the flag