Alesso - Scars Of Life Lyrics

I think scars are beautiful
I think black is white
I'm stuck between the hell I'm in and where we lie

You say that this could kill you
Your words cut like a knife
We are the beautiful mistake
That I can't fight.

So I...I...I
I don't care if it kills me tonight...
Cause I...I...I
I'll be loving these scars for life...

And I...I...I
I don't care if it kills me tonight
Cause I...I...I
I'll be loving these scars for life...


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Alesso Scars Of Life Comments
  1. Gabriel Sanchez

    October 9, 2019

    ryan i love alesso i still hear this artwork i'm listening to Forever again this brings me nice memories

  2. Tayevaughn Williams

    Dancing With the Stars (Nick and Sharna) brought me here

  3. sharon m


  4. Allan Blocker

    Sometime I really hope my mother Tongue is English so I can Truly understand the meaning of this song.😢

  5. ぽぶ



    2019 anyone?

  7. Carlos Noel artola Rocha

    Que bonito escucharla en el 2015 pero con alguna extraña razon se me habia perdido y se me olvido completamente el nombre despues de casi un año la volvi a encontrar que bonito recordar esos tiempos

  8. Ali Iwan

    I like it musik

  9. Shenggai Babiera

    Goodness, Ryan Tedder! You really are a genius! this tandem is so heaaart

  10. Yuri Takahashi

    I fought with my depression and I don’t let my scars hide in my closet, they are still part of me and I’m trying to use them to help others.

  11. LanUnique

    love this song.. added to my playlist....

  12. TheGamePlayer

    this song just wow... I LOVE IT

  13. dead memz

    I like it I may be two years late

  14. Clesto Music


  15. Tally Atkinson

    Love this song so much amazing deserves more views

  16. leon Sales

    Guatemala present.

  17. Vishal Pithadia

    2018 anyone?

    Anup Jha

    Yes 😍

  18. Enrique Rolando Leon Dextre

    El mejor Dj del mundo

  19. Vishal Pithadia


  20. Eddy Denca

    Stupenda!Non è vero?

  21. Tompus

    This is a fucking remake fuck you

  22. LoveTheProcess

    This song is the definition of a hidden gem. Only 461k views on YouTube. While a lot of songs that are nowhere near as good have triple and even quadruple the amount of views. Just goes to show how unnoticed great music is to the majority of people.

  23. Mr. Small

    I think scars are beautiful,
    I think black is white,
    I'm stuck between the hell I'm in
    and where we lie...

  24. Richard Holland

    26 people don't have scars.

  25. Kameron Berkly

    Lol I don't believe whatever comes out of his mouth. He thinks black is white :D

  26. Zack K

    I am a year late but oh well still jamming to this

  27. D K

    eh its alright

    Blue Amber

    Slav what do you mean? What do you dont like about it?


    Yea whats wrong with it

  28. Veynome

    Wonderfull song!

  29. Light Light

    Damn Alesso! Why does all your songs have to be amazing?! :)

  30. Sanduciorba &Company

    ALESSO................. i love youuuuuu

    Jure Dermastja

    +Sanduciorba &Company suck a tough workout this number is

  31. ToxikDouche

    i hate that there are no good remixes to this

    Blake Audibert

    There's no good remix's because this track is absolutely amazing so there's no reason to remix it lol

    Richard Holland

    so true +Blake Alexander

  32. David Fitterer

    That first drop tho....


    It's a remake...


    it's not, this's the official version


  33. Kira Keough

    Came from Dancing With The Stars! Such a beautiful song :))

    Kira Keough

    @jasminedeathbringer Yeah, I went on to the Dwts website and you can see what songs the couples are dancing to and I saw Nick and Sharna's. I looked it up and its a great song! I can't stop listening to it lol 

    Esmeralda Tayez

    Same omg

    Meera Krish

    +Kira Keo That is where I heard this song also!!!! It is great


    +Kira Keo same! love it!

    Jennifer Sarah

    +Kira Keough I thought I was the only one who goes on dwts website to get songs lol.

  34. Marizza Aguilar

    I absolutely love this song. it truly speaks the words that are in my heart. As a young person with Terminal Kidney Disease I have had to have a few surgerys. Which of course lead to having "scars". Some people are ashamed to show there battle wounds,but not me. My scars show the pain,hurt,frustration,fear,sadness,happiness,hope and faith I went trew because of my Disease. Thank you for this beautiful song. It really does describe my relationship with my "scars"!
    -a kidney transplant survivor

  35. Stephanie Chang

    This is one of my favorite songs!

  36. Mohamed Chami

    Nice album good Alesso

  37. betito bad

    so my cat... first coment ¡¡ :D


    learn how to speak English! or just shut the fuck up and eat your Nachos ;)

    betito bad

    jajajjaja no soy de mexico, i am from peruvian


    say hallo to ur Mother from me! tell her i love her so much :D

    betito bad

    gringo virgo ni tu me entiendes y ni yo tampoco te entiendo gatito

    Abenezer Girma

    Classic YouTube comment section 😂