Alesso - If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix) Lyrics

I stared up at the sun
Thought of all the people,
places and things I've loved

You can feel the light start to tremble
Washing what you know out to sea
You can see your life out of the window, tonight

If I lose myself tonight
It'll be by your side
If I lose myself tonight
Yeeeah, yeeeah, yeeeah!

If I lose myself tonight
It'll be you and I
Lose myself tonight

I woke up with the sun
Thought of all the people
Places and things
I've loved

You can feel the light
Start to tremble
Washing what you know
Out to sea
You can see your life
Out the window

If I lose myself tonight
It'll be by your side
If I lose myself tonight
Yeeeah, yeeeah, yeeeah!

If I lose myself tonight
It'll be you and I
Lose myself tonight
Woooh, woooh, woooh!

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Alesso If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix) Comments
  1. murphey63

    so i heard this on some russian radio so i tought that it would be a good idea to search for this song.. here i am, i found it.

  2. Tanasda Samlee

    like this song so much ... i lose myself

  3. Sooh Alves

    Inexplicável o que eu sinto quando ouço essa música. Love, love this song.. ❤️

  4. The Supporter

    I remember when alesso closed Tomorrowland with this song was so epic i cried like a baby thank you Alesso for the best night in my whole life

  5. Jarek Bassara

    Love this soooo much

  6. Adeezy

    1:25 😗

  7. Samuel Muriuki

    still a great song

  8. Ashley Joanne


  9. André G

    I Hope Baenas

  10. DF jogos

    BRASIL ::like

  11. spongebob squarpant

    Like this song favorite

  12. Ph Ferreira

    Br 2019

  13. John B

    I never knew music could have this kind of effect on you, WHO'S listening in 2019?!?!?! Woooooooooo!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

  14. Alk Ahar

    Lecimy tutaj

  15. girish thali and this song......what a ride

  16. Renan Souza


  17. Josh Ross


  18. Bordeaux Cloud

    Here we are, December 2019

    One of the best songs of the decade.


    its 2019 near end and i am still cant moving on, i always listening this song everytime i miss 2013 and drowning in tears

    Arkin Heinkelmann

    U mean 2020 uh

    Prénom Nom

    Me too !!! :( I want to talk with you about 2013'th music :)

  20. Rob Oliver

    Making this slightly slower makes this better than the actual remix that’s on Spotify.

  21. 木白gTM

    damn it i love alesso❤️

  22. Erhan Kalistu

    Still listening in 2019. What happened to this kind music? #BringItBack

    Marius Verbavicius

    People got bored of this music.

    Kobus Baard

    Yeah!! I agree #BringItBack!
    Daars niks soos die langpad en die musiek💯

    Marcos Ramirez

    Ppl wants drugs n lil's in this world

    Seveyna Garrix

    I 💗this song

    James Crude

    no bitch its fucking gay like you

  23. The Phenomenal Marius Nicu


  24. Tereza luna

    If i loose my self tonight

  25. WięcborkNaSygnale 112

    I love this Song Becuase
    This is My the best memories of Party .... L O V 3 S 0 M U C 4

  26. Heri Fadli

    Yes,, i'm still here ...
    Every week, every month, every year.
    and WELCOME 2020 every body.

  27. Sri Kanth

    I love this song forever

  28. El Coyote Cojo

    Casi 7 años y sigue provocando el mismo sentimiento eufórico que como la primera vez que se escucha

    Koko Koko

    y tanto tio... esto es un tema que no se va a olvidar por muchisimo tiempo ... jeje

    Miriam castro

    Me pasa lo mismo, pensé que era la única jaja

  29. Nicole Hurtado


  30. HWZ666

    Very good song

  31. guillaume pelletier

    This is the Hardwell Mashup at TomorrowLand 2012


    Maldición, cada vez que la escucho se me aguan los ojos jajaja

  33. Saltiest Salt

    Man this song reminds me of some good careless times

    Arkin Heinkelmann

    Hmmm not my case


    Like what?

  34. raffel fishing

    Indonesia 2019?

  35. Méndez Oldrin

    Algún latino ?? 🤨🤧

    AMV dbz

    Obio ....

  36. Frdellak

    Damn, this came out the day i lost my first girlfriend.

  37. Abrahan 360 :'v


  38. Juanfran Escobar

    December 3, 2019 ❤️

  39. Legionite 1st

    December 2019?

  40. ryan ng

    Stupid people figure out advance thing.

  41. Pablo Gaming

    december 2019

  42. mekson Lollen

    wow its almost 6 years

  43. Casey Kiss

    Amazing!!!!!!! follow my page to see party's in LA!

  44. A Tökfőzelék az elég Dj

    2020 Hungary!❤️🔥🔥🔥🇭🇺

  45. nicorette

    you have to imagine that dis random guy made thousands of dollars just by uploading this remix.

  46. Franx

    the original video 25.407.091 views and this 96.126.213 views lol

  47. Musa Agrest

    My class😫💙

  48. Kelly Jackson


  49. Sole Wanderer

    It's Friday, ready to party!

  50. Chic B

    one of theeee best!

  51. Shake datass

    Cant believe this was made 6 years ago. Much better than recent music

  52. Simeon Soname

    Makes me remember the good old days.

  53. mohaimin rahman

    Old days gone...
    Avicii become legend.....
    Another legend you are (OneRepublic)...
    Can't be forgotted.

  54. Marcelo Augusto

    som muito foda ouvindo feliz em nov 19...cade os Brs?

    Galanyn Music


  55. FnafBendyAndThe InkMachine

    Has anyone ever made like, a small movie in their head when listening to songs-
    Am I the only one that does this?
    Lmao idk- but this be a good song to have like moments put into animations n' stuff-

    (Lmao I haven't commented on YouTube for awhile-)

  56. Levente Juhasz

    Alesso is a genious.

  57. Xiao Mi

    Go Hara vs Suli love 😍

  58. Hanry S

    Hit LIKE# 👍
    if you Like this song for all time ⌚ 🎧🎧🎧

  59. ulises suastegui

    Clásico edm 2 0 1 9.

  60. SongsByLuke

    Great work mate! <3
    Keep it up

  61. Vacillate

    I remember first listening to this song when it came out when I started uni, only just come across it again years later and it's still a solid tune!

  62. Barzan Khairi

    Takes me to another world
    It is real spiritual

  63. rylo lingo

    MDMA +++++

  64. Evade xXx

    This song makes me hell of sad I dont know why


    Evade xXx it really be like that


    It reminds how simplier everything was back then :/

    Evade xXx

    I feel ya fellas

  65. morgan gaillard

    Encor un albums

  66. morgan gaillard

    Gros bien

  67. CG Panda

    Anyone noticed that this one has more clicks than the original vesrion? I love it!

    Sandesh Bhalke

    ikr, like this was released before the official video came out on youtube which should explain the views. People just loved the song so much when it was released there was no stopping it.

  68. Hashen Roshika

    I Got Tears Man...😥

  69. Abra Sua Mente

    2019 ?

  70. Adzy82

    November 22/,19. That intro got planted on repeat several times tonight lol

  71. PeTrIrTeP

    1:23 *If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix)*

  72. Cloud70

    Need to go back to 2011 2012 years of progressive ♡♡ this one give me goosebumps everytime

  73. Daniel Molina

    this song makes me feel strong, alive, than i can do anything, falling in love of life

    Phume Mdluli

    Feeling love w/ life, itself.

    Evade xXx

    And it makes me sad for me

  74. Bloober On

    η βουλα τσαλερα ειναι μια μπαζολα, γυναικα ενος σαβουρογαμη και εγκυος ενος παιδιου που αμα παρει την "ομορφαδα της"το λυπαμαι το κακομοιρο😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. El_Patron90

    2013 - 2014 sono stati due anni stupendi ci si andava a ballare con queste canzoni e ti divertivi tantissimo tra questa John martin e Alessio entravi nell’atmosfera della notte succedeva di tutto be se succedeva a te era qualcosa di speciale ho dei bei ricordi ora non fanno altro che mettere quella merda di reggaeton incredibile che in 3 - 4 anni cambia tutto

  76. evette kabareti

    I smell avicii here for some reason

  77. Michael mac

    NOV 20TH 2019 ✔🥰

  78. Arfaninda Widyaa

    Somebody in November 2019?😍

    Łukasz Stan

    Of course...

    ta ka

    Yes! From Japan...

    Arfaninda Widyaa

    @ta ka Nice city . Im from Indonesian😁

    Wu Ching

    Here m i

    Wu Ching

    From Taiwan

  79. Alexandra Hyblova

    Wauuu ✌️😘😘

  80. Douglas Bicudo


  81. Ragul Chandrasekaran

    2013 still going.

  82. Mohamed Adam

    2019 ❤❤ 💪💪

  83. Khayriddin Alikulov

    19 th November 2019❤👍

  84. ᄂᄅ

    Fcking good


    one of the best remixes ever

  86. Francisco Silva

    Who's listening to this inside a cave in 12.000 B.C?

  87. Mahmmoud Dwari

    Who is listing to this song in 2020

  88. Aaron Cooke

    This song reminds me of my cousins sisters teacher that past away. It touches me and brings emotions to me I didn't know existed. Always remembered and loved. Random fake person ❤️☠️🙏🙏

  89. Joaquim Araújo

    I really miss this Alesso...

  90. na maria

    Who still listening in 2019 ? 😂

    Asif Shaikh

    Here ✌️

  91. Daniel

    This drop is fckin beautiful !

  92. Mayara Macedo

    In 15 november 2019 😎

  93. Nostalgia Dg

    Novembro de 2019


    in 14 noviembre 2019

  95. David Hine

    cant believe a 6 year old song can still make the hairs on my neck stand up 👌👌

  96. Buzzman Official

    Why this song remind me of Rihanna we found love

  97. Dredo

    2019 Who still listening????