Alesso - City Of Dreams Lyrics

Everything seems like a city of dreams,
I never know why,
But I still miss you.

There she's standing in a field of lights,
I close my eyes,
And I still miss you.

Uohooooo Ohooooo

And I still miss you,

Uohooooo Ohooooo

And I still miss you.

Everything seems like a city of dreams,
I never know why,
But I still miss you.

There she's standing in a field of lights,
I close my eyes,
And I still miss you.

Uohooooo Ohooooo

And I still miss you,

Uohooooo Ohooooo

And I still miss you.

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Alesso City Of Dreams Comments
  1. Sonal Punchihewa

    Do u guys ever just miss someone even after years of not talking to them?

    Ameir al rubaiee

    Yea at some point in life


    I can't stop listening to this until the day i died

  3. Yugyeom And Dex

    Predobra pesma bro

  4. Carlos Brenes

    Nov 23rd 2019 n still love this

  5. Gehtdich Nixan

    Creepy Kirmestrance

  6. Paul Schneider

    Sooooo amazing. Make me think of the love of my life that i have not met yet

  7. IllKovallI

    BUT I STILLL MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gabriele Berselli

    Only trap in 2019?

  9. C Deejay Official

    This is dope bro. You should try my soundcloud channel too. You'll enjoy a lot of stories placed on the right chords! We can also collab if you like what I'm creating. Thank you for support!

  10. Joseph Gaming

    old times :>

  11. Caio Atila

    Oooh my, best one!!

  12. paweł szczepanik

    nice song

  13. s vang

    November 2019 I was here.

  14. Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    Here from zyzz tribute vid

  15. Thio Clanggaa

    Damn , so many memories .
    2019 (?)

  16. Mic Pie

    2019.... ????

  17. Top 100 funny video

    Tbh I'm listening to this songs like for few years and my parent think I'm crazy 😂😂

  18. CARLIS _

    2019 anyone?

  19. James Gacheru

    2019?? anyone?

  20. dan dan

    I didn't see Alesso here🤔

  21. 津川館長


  22. Nilton Nunes Gonzaga

    It's so magic this song

  23. Xuân Phùng



    🇧🇷 2019

  25. Jason Tirta

    2013 is the best of edm years

  26. LuIS SaNdS

    the best song for rember great things...

  27. Claudia Martinez


  28. bagus slamet sabariyanto

    Best 👏👏👏👏🔰

  29. Gogo H

    alto tema

  30. Julian Yung

    Who else here 2019 ? 🔥

    † RAUL †

    No, only you, the different

    Al Ali Ali

    Me 😍😍😍🌹❤

  31. wilyz360

    6/18/2019 7:35pm “I love this song!!”

  32. Jaskaran Singh

    I.25x 🥵

  33. Veronica Castillo


  34. Jaime AR

    2019 September 11 😍😍

  35. salvio ricardo mamani huancoillo

    Ohhhh 🎈🎈🎈🎈😀😀😀😀😭😭😭

  36. ODWAR erressé

    Sep 2k19

    Zaho 😍

  37. xyzyx00

    whatever happend to dirty south? that shit was liiit.

  38. Neto villanueva

    Despues de todo, con esta canción viaje por varios lugares del mundo, grandes recuerdos.

  39. Vita Oktaviany

    I still miss you...😍😍😘😘

  40. desmond cheng

    still listening after 6 years!!!!

  41. CookieDashNB

    Still great even in 2019!

  42. Fraan BeeH

    Like si viste este video en Septiembre 2019!

  43. Roger Sanchez

    Name something that will make you cry


  44. Arya Kembar

    This song for my ex girlfriend JINGGA

  45. Jose Cervantes

    Nostalgia cada que escucho esta canción :D

  46. Zac Elsdon

    love this song!


    Anyone 25/08/2019?? 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  48. Tyrone Perry

    The beeps at 3:33 made me think my headset had low batteries.

    A Google User

    Air Pods? Me too ;)

  49. Mundo da Lai Suellen

    Since 2013, I still love this music!

  50. Mundo da Lai Suellen

    The Best song ever 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  51. Xbyron

    2018, 2019 - This song fills our heart with joy

  52. DAJ

    2019 anyone ❤️ 2012 the golden era of house 😜😘


    Progressive house forever


    2019 ?🥺

  54. GUTOM


  55. Camila Távara Sánchez

    Soy la única que aunque pasen los años no se cansa de escuchar esta canción?

  56. CheezhOfficial

    10 Million views for this beautiful track! Let's celebrate that!

  57. Isuru Kumaratunga

    2019 still get the chills <3

  58. Rodrigo Perez

    2019 anyone?

  59. F:Daniel Lopez

    En 2019 y me sigue gustando está canción 🙃

  60. Phong Hoàng

    i still miss you

  61. Tuấn Đào

    2019 comeback to 2012 2013

  62. Arturo Lerma

    I think this song is going to be part of my life like forever. And funny thing is that I realized that the first day I listened to it. Amazing! I wish everyone a wonderful day!

  63. Andy Quintero

    But i still miss you.

  64. Gradito Tunggulcahyo

    Summer on 2019.....

  65. Jhonatan Borges

    Nostalgia mano, Alesso sempre mito

  66. Josselyn Morales


  67. Klon AZ

    _Recuerdo que la primera vez que escuché esta canción iba en auto por la ciudad a media noche, no puedo explicar lo fantástico que fue. Luces, velocidad, nostalgia, soledad, recuerdos..._

  68. mike mwenda

    Still loving this song

  69. Luan P

    Uma das melhores de todos os tempos

  70. Seah Huay Yen

    2019 ☝🏻

  71. Joako Avalle

    Coscu Armada :D

  72. Cristo39

    It's been nine months since my ex and I broke up. This song reminds me of her. I still miss you. 😔

  73. Facu Romero

    Cada vez que la escucho es como si fuera la primera vez. 2019!

  74. yiribeth Alonso Martinez


  75. JC Botavara

    2019 and I still miss you......


    2011 to 2019 :)

  77. Andres Villamil Orjuela

    Absolutely underestimate

  78. KHALIFI Music

    I still miss you AVICII R.I.P 😭😭

  79. Taha Alhaj

    shit music

  80. muhdeyam

    2019 anyone? This song is legit my heaven

  81. AndreasH900


  82. Yashvant Patil

    This track is my favourite track ❤️❤️

  83. 2713

    Que hace ahi Randy Nota Loca ? jajaja

  84. Collins C

    Why am i just hearing this song ???????????? ❤🎵🎶🎵❤

  85. Husnain Farooq

    This song is very very dreaming I am pakistani plzz like is song

  86. Monica Cardamone

    Occhio di vetro

  87. Itzel M.

    Con esta canción vuelvo a revivir miles de cosas del pasado, buenas y malas. Pero qué épocas de oro :')

    Carlos Rai

    Conoci a una chica con ese nombre y apellido el cual recuerdo con esta canción :(