Alesso - Calling (Lose My Mind) Lyrics

Can we freeze karma and surrender our rights and wrongs
Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong
Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away
That won't change
Together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith
And I will find you
I will find you
I will reach you
Or I, I, I will lose my mind
Lose my mind
Lose my mind
Lose my mind

I will lose my mind
Lose my mind

Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away
That won't change
Together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith
And I will find you,
I will find you,
I will reach you
Or I, I, I will lose my mind
Lose my mind
I will lose my mind
Lose my mind

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Alesso Calling (Lose My Mind) Comments
  1. Hernán UwUr

    Canciones de Progressive House que marcarón una epoca en mi vida! Aqui vuelvo 7 años después. DESDE BARRANQUILLA/COLOMBIA. <3 <3 <3

  2. Pratik Pattnaik

    Songs to carry to my grave! Till my last breath gives away...

  3. Gita Alvi Shafira

    Iiiiii looooseeee my miiiinddd

  4. Erhan Kalistu

    Listening in 2019 and it still gives me goosebumps. Bring back these kind of tracks!

  5. Bernardo Lisovski

    Cara 2012 foi o melhor ano da música.

  6. Amila Kavinda

    Golden times of EDM 😢

  7. mexican bullfighter

    Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away!

  8. Thomas Albarracin

    A year ago I was thinking about killing myself. Today, I'm with the love of my life, I love my actual career, I have great friends and a nice family that I love so much. Don't give up, if you want something, you can achieve it


    That depends on whether you're capable of doing so.

    Dead Body

    @rxnse forza Atalanta ahaha🖤💙

    Raghav Kaushal

    @Den no fuckface,it depends on much you want it

    Persistence beats talent everytime

  9. く、ま

    なう(2019/11/26 11:57:03)♥

  10. Lewis Rumble

    FOREVER? 🔥🔥🔥


    yes <333


    Todavía sigo esperando a ese Alesso

  12. Roberth JV

    noviembre 2019???

    keny omega

    Diciembre y para siempre 👽👽

  13. Ankit Gill

    Anybody in November 2019??❤️


    i love you <3

  14. not ry

    Alesso's hair look sooo good in this vid

  15. cynthia ra

    Ingrosso alessso i love you ♥️

  16. nefer londoño

    De las mejores canciones para toda la vida esta canción de cuando te revuelve todas tus emociones pero te libera te hace feliz 😃💪🎶😃

  17. jhonatan kenyo ruíz jumpa

    QUIEN EN 2020??

  18. Jason Ngooi

    Who miss Alesso short hair cut ? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻

  19. Ahmed Aathif

    Golden age of Edm 💛



  20. 火箭狗羽旋渦


  21. insomnia

    Sabastian the reason why Alesso was discovered

  22. Noa Mou

    November 2019?

  23. Jazmine Run

    Vengo del 2019 , y aprovechen esa epoca ,porque fue una de las mejores

  24. nappflaskan MJÖLBY

    Why is this version different than the Spotify version?

    Taraque Hassan

    This one is shorter, it's a radio edit

  25. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    WE NEED MORE SONGS LIKE THIS BACK IN 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    bruh ''back in 2019'' the f ur from the future ?

    Clark Knight

    Don't you worry bro! I'll save the good old Progressive House, probably not gonna breakthroue this year but, next year, be prepared ! #nomorebullshitmusic

    KB IIN

    Totally agreed edm house music is dying😢 producers making shitty tracks

  26. mas6252 #

    The song that made me fell in love with EDM.

  27. Nadia SHM

    ❤️ 🔊👌👊

  28. Andres Escobar

    en que momento pasaron 7 años :(

  29. Tv Films

    Jeje y aún no entiendo el porqué está en blanco y negro el vídeo clip🇵🇪❤️

  30. Tv Films

    Que recuerdos tmr cuando era más pequeño lo escuchaba a cada rato, ahora tengo 17 y me causa mucha nostalgia ❤️🇵🇪un abrazo desde Perú

  31. Ineza Bonte Grevy

    Man this is so nostalgic i wanna cry. I love this song

  32. Kevin Carrillo

    Octubre 2019🔥

    Isidronp Cabrera

    Yo woooo

    Roberto Sánchez

    Yo 🙋

  33. kristerka

    Still love this track!!!

  34. Hamoda abdel

    2019 Octobre ???????

  35. Éric Texeira

    Teen Wolf😆

  36. Gabriel Rezende

    SEPTEMBER 2019 ???

  37. benigno jesus del pozo zapico

    Can we freeze, come and surrender our rights and wrongs
    Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong
    Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away
    That won't change
    Together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith
    And I will find you
    I will find you
    I will reach you
    Or I, I, I will lose my mind
    Lose my mind
    Lose my mind
    Lose my mind
    I will lose my mind
    Lose my mind
    Maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away
    That won't change
    Together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith
    And I will find you,
    I will find you,
    I will reach you
    Or I, I, I will lose my mind
    Lose my mind
    I will lose my mind
    Lose my mind

  38. 안명식

    Hi. today is 2019.9.17

  39. Luiz Felipe

    por muitos anos, essa música foi a melhor dá história da EDM pra mim. hoje ela divide o topo com "Waiting For Tomorrow". bons momentos que essa música me proporcionou, nunca vou esquecer das memórias com essa música.

  40. Josué L.A

    q legal la música Axwell te manda saludos de México

  41. Mooncalf

    Bring 2010 edm music back

  42. Jen

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They get HATED for having a womb on, and doesn´t get to meet at all in lifetime if it´s to their protesters to decide their fate and destiny!! Not at all that is!! They don´t get to have ANY FRIENDS AT ALL AROUND!! They need to perv in, and work HARD AS FUCK, to make it happen with friends here, not that they can´t make them, they are not allowed to see them!! For the rest of the women, and some men, that wants to retard HARD here!! They keep them apart, and rape all the men, so that it looks like the men are taken up previously, and doesn´t get to want to meet at all, and THERE IS NOONE FOR THEM HERE THEN!! They are bastic on us nicer women here!! We don´t have a chance at all, and they also tell the men to frown HARD on us and our situation so that we fall and bleed!! This situation happens to be here when the women doesn´t get to have any energy forms on them, as we as women don´t at all come with energyformage here, at all even! 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You must understand that the rest of it stops completely everywhere here, as you can´t starve one small group of people like that, without that everyone around starts going and dying, in the energy core that is!! Why do you do this like this?? This IS SO RUDE, I´VE NEVER HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE, YOU DON´T SURVIVE THIS, AND HAS STARTED BECOMING VERY DUMB AND LONELY HERE!! EVERYONE GOES WITH THE LEFT OUT ONE, OR THE MISTREATED ONE!! YOU HAVE AN ENERGYFILTER THAT FLIES OFF AND CREATES YOUR DAY IN THE SAME WAY AS THE LEFT OUT ONE, ALL OF YOU HERE!! PLEASE STOP THIS BANTERING NOW, YOU ALL GO DOWN IN FLAMES HERE!! BUT WE HAD TO BE SO STRONG THAT WE MOVE MOUNTAINS HERE!! PLEASE HELP US OUT TO REMOVE THIS TORTURE NOW, AND GET THE WOMEN OUT, IN THE VISION OF IT!! AND THE ENERGY FORCE OF IT!! IT´S ONLY ONE ENERGY FORCE HERE, THAT´S WHY THERE´S ONLY MEN THAT CAN GO TO PRISON IN OUR REGULAR SOCIETY, THE OTHER ENERGY CORE IS MISSING COMPLETELY!! PLEASE HELP ME NOW!! Cheers Jenny, Nike 1


    It´s supposed to look like that the light people are ROWDIER than the other ones, and everything SWAPS AROUND and creates the opposite world that we have here now!! We die here then, as food is BAD, LONELY is GOOD, and hair is SOLD OUT!! Please stop folding, and everything that goes with folding, there´s no grounding there, and everything becomes very pessimistic!! It goes on to kill everyone, as there´s a way to fold you into a hotter looking person here, and think in your illness that there isn´t a difference in the person, on the inside, that gets laid or not, it´s just up to looks here!! So folding stands for this, and all the mistakes that´s created there!! My honey has one big enough accident a day with folding, that he does now!! I don´t like this, you become so freen with me!! You think you´re killing me off in one day!! Please can you check on what the accidents are all about!! Maybe I don´t look enough, smile enough, or do enough to tell you that I love you, and you go hateful on me then!! PLEASE STOP THIS HAVOC CLEAN THEN, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT´S WHY THE WOMEN ARE MISSING!! STOP IT NOW!! MARK YOURSELF OUT BETTER, OR DO SOMETHING SAFE ON THE INSIDE TO TELL YOU THAT EVERYTHING IS OK!! THANK YOU, WE SUFFER HERE MUCH!! PLEASE HONEY, CHECK ON WHAT THE ACCIDENTS ARE ALL ABOUT, I GET SO LONELY WHEN YOU DON´T LIKE ME!!! Cheers Jenny, Nike 1


    "Are they at all alive??" is sounding here again!! This is NOT good, this is a man spacing out, thinking that he´s going into repulsive attack on a woman or so!! He becomes missing for us, and stands alone here then! We don´t know how to survive anymore, with these women running around here, without the energyforms and all!! They have them on now, but want to loose them soon, as they are lesbians, and doesn´t want to stand out so much then!! But without an energyform you can´t at all go and do anything which is happy for you! And you don´t take an interest in things then! The women are freen in attackspace, they ALWAYS go on here, and I saw one of them today, nodding likedly to my man here, Ryan Gosling, for having intercourse with him yesterday, as an attack on me, she was thinking!! We have a Nike in our food store, she looks hard as nails, and doesn´t say hallo when I come, but wonders why I don´t pay attention to her at all, with a hello or so!! She asks it the whole time, when I regress on her, and give her the money, only! So today she called in Ryan, to stand in front of me in the line in the food store, and if he doesn´t look like himself, then he doesn´t know if he´s taking care of me enough, with the other women here!! So he spaces out completely, and says nei to me then, as they have his response stolen, and can deck him down like this!! He´s in interrogation right now, and stands firm on his thought that I love him much, as we got to see the love we have yesterday, and it was BIG and STRONG!! So he can stand his front for 2 more days on that view on things, but then he´s going down, to get cringy on me again, like that I suck, and have friends here at all!! He´s VERY RUDE THEN, and I ask him to be nicer to me!! He compares with me completely, and says that I shouldn´t have anything to show for myself as a person, or a woman, and he disappears with anger if I make it happen with people here every day!! What is this all about?? We don´t get to end the turning of the world before this is over so that you all understand that!! We hare here to CORRECT all this now, and can´t start talking about the end of the turning of the world, when we´re still in THIS MUCH DANGER HERE!! Please stop talking about the end of the turning of the world, I must come out of prison first, and the dudes too, and get these women to STOP RAPING US!! This is a BIG PROBLEM now, and we space out completely if we start talking about ending the liberation of us!! Please don´t do that, it´s very inappropriate!! Keep it open, and don´t discuss the end yet, you space out then!! Who is doing this onto the lighter women, and then complain about that we are FULL OF STUFF AS INTELLECT, AND INFORMATION so we can survive here!! It´s so RUDE, and intellect, and information falls off then!! So that you don´t have any, the rest of you here!! We stick out as fuck here, as the happier ones, when we found the rest of you, as that we are running with our heads on, in the lining of it, and saving the whole place from fires and flames, to be consumed by!! This must be that hiddeously dangerous child making machine again!! So that making a child here means the end of the world, as it´s so tedious and large here, in the energy force of things!! So if this happens, what happens to the rest then?! Don´t you think like this?? If I use a red pen instead of a blue, what happens then?? All pens are blue, as blue ink makes it happen for the brain core, so that we can read it easier!! What if someone made us use red ink instead, where would we be then?? Do you know?? Check it out in one of the machines!! How does it end the world here?? So if Ulrika gets to isolate me, Jenny, as much as she likes, as she lays down her own things in regret of it, and gets new things a week later, and gets to do whatever she wants then, what happens then?? If Jenny can´t write for instance?? If Jenny can´t read for instance?? Where do we end up then?? How much is resting on Jenny´s shoulders here?? MUCH MUCH MUCH!! Do you tollerate this or what?? Are you insensitive or allergic to Jenny yet, that Ulrika and them can use to space us apart with?? What happens then?? Why did you all get so pessimistic on me here, honey´s so pessimistic in one of his systems he´s almost dying!! What does this come from?' What are the stories that you get to hear on, that ends your existance, as you and I are the same, in one core here, and suffer the same then!! What are the stories that you get to hear on, and what do they happen about?? We hate stories here now, they hold us back as fuck!! But when I come I don´t have stories, I have reality to come with, much too, as I need to be so ACTIVE X3 to survive here!! So I have enormous amounts of stories to go with, and I like them all, but it wasn´t happy there, where the stories became me, and my background here, it was EXTREME!! And ANGRY, and FAILED as the rest of you, and KREEVIE, whatever that means!! It wasn´t true that it was good there, it was the HARDEST life has ever offered!! Spaced away from everything, just coming after as women, and a few men, but not many!! What is WRONG with the women here?? They are completely BASTANT in the way they go here!! We should snare them all and havoc them now!! We don´t survive them at all, and the way they are thinking, with the leathal deadly womb membrane thinking that goes on in a darker woman´s mind!! We need to get rid of the womb now, as it is, it´s a deadly machine!! Something is WRONG there, on the ones that comes with it ALWAYS, in one form, they are not good in their head at all, and all and everyhing beckons on their death here, for some reason!! What if we discontinue the womb on one race at a time, then something else comes up from behind, to take it´s place!! We can do this until something great comes up, do you want to, or do you want to die as the DUMMBEST THINGS I´VE EVER SEEN ON?? What do you think?? Want to go with it, or maybe become a woman?? Cheers and stricters to you too!! // Jenny, Nike 1


    We can all survive if the rest of you all need to buy your friends, so it´s nature´s way to protect the endangered ones, to start buying and selling with them!! If you don´t need it, you´re happy, but if you need it you´re unhappy as fuck!! I think that it´s come out enough that most of you people gets to stick around without good manners on you, and then you all need to go and buy your friends here, as it´s hard to imagine that they can all be ok with what´s coming out of your mouth, at any time even, without that they have the understanding of money there too, to enhance the speach, and the listening too, to a form that hurts your heart, but makes the rest of them pay less attention to what you say here!! So you are all SAD with attention free speach, many of you, but the 2000 women are all HAPPY with attention rich speach, as you need to speak to survive here!! But you survived in another way, with people around you, closer and easier than me!! You didn´t have to run around to make it happen with your veins, that they survive this pressure that we have for the richer women´s death!! They have gone into hiding, but they come and greet with me, and look scared as fuck!! It´s nice as the days here are full of people to meet, so they come and show their scared faces much!! I can see it under who they are, but not so often over!! They are stuck in prison much, where there´s not supposed to be friends anyways, so your veins can survive there!! But what a life does that become for the other ones, the ones that´s you here, the tedy ones that doesn´t take care of us, because of dominant behaviour from Miley Cyrus, and her league of gang!! ? What becomes of you then, the men here?' Check it out, and be rid of me as a BAD person!! You treat me nice here in short small doses, but it goes away very fast!! Don´t do this now, please investigate the situation so that you don´t get stuck in it!! Cheers Jenny, Nike 1

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