Alesso - Anthem Lyrics

Why you sitting down you should be dancin' dancin'...

The party is on the floor this is the anthem anthem

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Alesso Anthem Comments
  1. Janelli Munoz

    Party time! 🎉

  2. Piña z

    This track is so underrated….

  3. Fernando Carrera

    Your best good luck brother! #6

  4. Aaryan Narayan

    Why is it not on spotify

  5. Lucien Chauke




  7. Milton Nieto Ricardo

    Gracias por esta música Alesso, te esperamos en Colombia 🇨🇴 ✌️👏

  8. Aulin Nikmah

    Like this in 2019

  9. Karly Fazzino

    I'm pretty sure the people dissing this are missing the bass cause their system sucks, not the song, my house is bouncing right about meow :)

  10. Anirban Nayak

    December 2018 ??

  11. Sophia Zhang

    Powerful marching 🥁

  12. erikcha maz

    Like more and more

  13. Idwal Dion

    Still waiting for this song in spotify

  14. Anirban Nayak


  15. Milan De Bondt

    There misging somthing

  16. Robby Bridgez

    That riser exacly from PAYDAY 2 Alesso heist

  17. Trion Esports

    real nisse
    keep it up!!

  18. Gabriel Rosa


  19. saxwell

    This song needs some more bassline :b

  20. salim zander

    sinc i watched xxx return of xander cage .. i was looking for it every day

  21. Danie Bautista

    Need this song on Spotify


    Still need it

  22. Danie Bautista

    Put this song on Spotify

  23. C. M.

    Payday is still my fav.

  24. Oğuzhan Aydemir

    Last good alesso song

  25. Zuko 2MuchUnderground

    That's f*cking amazing. Respect from Turkey. We love you Alesso

  26. C. M.

    PAYDAY would be a better anthem

  27. LMAO

    Chocolate Puma

  28. luis cent

    se acabo la espera! alesso en la casa road ultra peru 2017

  29. Shahid Khan

    why u sitting down u should be dancing dancing 😂😂😂 but the drops are lit af❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  30. Ank Verm

    can someone bring back the Alesso that made legendary tracks like Nillionaire?

  31. • Gölden •

    Nobody care about your opinion

  32. Rowen Nazy

    xxx return of the xander cage brought me here..

  33. Joca Vieira

    xXx: Return of Xander Cage brought me here!!!!!!!

  34. Samet Atlas Sar'kaya

    Çabuk Xander Cage'ciler gelmeden

  35. Antonio Gleyser

    Am I the only one here addicted for this track?

  36. Benjamín Cordero


  37. Dante Flores

    This song is meant for live performences

  38. Tazer Friend Old channel

    scooter kid music

  39. ive never heard this guy before i heard this in the movie. it has alot of hype makes me want to jump in a lambo and smash the gas

  40. Debee Lynne

    ♥ it !!

  41. Isaias _90

    i came here for Alexander Cage and XXX

  42. PaPa

    Triple X brought me here.

    Que Xir

    Mat Yat sameeee

    DJ Chris Skywalker

    Shit. Same here hahaha


    same here too :D

  43. Ludvig Pettersson

    Why cant this song be on Spotify

  44. Bevy

    Triple X

  45. Ivan Siejanto

    on spotify please

  46. Rafael S

    xXx soundtrack

  47. Sergio león Tv

    One year

  48. oskarelmee

    so much hate don't get it. i heard this live on summerburst 2016 and i got goosebumps!

    Shahid Khan

    oskarelmee heard in ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 17 wohh...felt same man..❤️❤️❤️

  49. Adrian Lukač


  50. evan adiwiwaha

    i have no words.This song is so dope make dont want to "sittin down i should be dancin dancin because the party on the floor this is the anthem anthem"

  51. Marcos Ferraresi

    Insane!!! Nice

  52. REYbatukaz

    why this is not on spotify?


    REYbatukaz free release

  53. Chin Luong

    get me link mp3

  54. Sonic Masala

    Try that on weed. I swear its very uplifting.


    it's not because it sucks guys. it sounds really different live. if you have heavy bass-y high definition sound systems this really sounds way better. i heard this live and i swear, everybody is bouncing, even the groundskeepers bouncin.

    all that complains about this, never heard this live but only listen to youtube music. lol. i heard this live at ultra and it is extremely good i tell you.

  56. Storms

    shit song m8

  57. Cheeko

    Alesso loved the show in DC for labor day weekend, glad i could find this song from the show

  58. zepzep saiyan

    Why you sitting down you should be dancin' dancin'...
    The party is on the floor this is the anthem anthem

    Daniel Yrazoqui

    benben saiyan como se llama la canción originalmente

  59. Danie Bautista

    this song at edc vegas banger

  60. Elliott Black

    It's like somebody added lyrics to the PAYDAY 2 soundtrack


    Why this is not on the iTunes? /:

  62. Mini TV

    this song just for massive speaker

  63. Jack Fleming

    When he dropped this at T in the Park the whole place was bouncing, it's unbelievable

    Kelly Skea

    I know, it was insaaane

  64. Vilte Stat

    My fav song right now! It's literally a banger❤️!

  65. QuestForQuality

    Needs more songs like this instead of the mainstream stuff like heroes..

    Liam Carmody

    Alesso is tryna switch up and try different styles with tracks like this and I Wanna Know. He also said he has an EP comin out with more experimental stuff like this called "Less is More"

  66. Lear Anht

    este alesso y sus vainas diabolicas :v

  67. Daniela Montecel

    Es increíble

  68. G.Dilan İnanç

    fuckin good god damn

  69. Liam Butler

    Big weekend brought me here

  70. Daniel Carroll

    TF is this?

  71. Christmas Supply Store

    Why is ever body complaining It's not even that bad of a song :/

  72. Tommy Sandal

    Pretty okay song.


    here comes another tear the roof up!
    great prod tho! loved it!

  74. Owen LLC & Goddess Elsa

    we need more best anthem for the fucking air yeah I'm a dj

  75. Owen LLC & Goddess Elsa

    alesso can u make a better reason for this mix I know the other one is so interesting but this kind of lacking I see real anthem sounds like tear of the roof a bit

  76. 이산




  78. Vasquez


  79. TacoBellCrunchWrapOfficial

    I like it but... Could you stick to melodic house.

  80. ZE RO


  81. M3.M Ert

    your chanel is nice see my channel and plz subscribe and like plz

  82. joeycoolbaws boudreault

    wow i love it amazing alesso

  83. Stephanie Warren

    I didn't like this song at first, however when he dropped this at Beyond Wonderland, it was LIT! Now I love the song!

  84. Elba Suco

    Is this House??

  85. KJ Willis

    not as good as Tear the Roof Up

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  87. Marlon Guillermo Diaz Briceño

    When its going to be at spotify?

  88. Pnam

    this is trance, right ?

  89. Jason Redouane

    party in the air this what ??

  90. erikcha maz


  91. FirstMallrat

    this song is amazing

  92. DJ VIRUS

    Wtf :o ♥

  93. Siraporn Issarasak Na Ayudhya

    Alesso style and i love it Fuck good yaaa