Alesana - The Thespian Lyrics

Baby! Why are you doing this to me?
Sweetheart! Are those your eyes staring straight back at me?
Angel! I see your smile everywhere!
Darling! Stop!

Night falls and I'm running in circles (Wohoo Wohoo)
I'm being chased by my imagination (Wohoo Wohoo)

Tell me I'm forgiven say you'll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I'm fine
No one deserves to live like this!

Tell me I'm forgiven say you'll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I'm fine
No one deserves to live like this!

I touch your lips and stare in your eyes
You smile and it makes me fly
You are the reason my heart beats
Tonight it's just you and me

Night as dark as my thoughts sets the scene for my return
Lightning nips at my heels as I race home
Wearily I stagger towards the song of her pale voice
Demons jeer my attempt to be free

Tell me I'm forgiven say you'll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I'm fine
No one deserves to live like this!

Tell me I'm forgiven say you'll always be mine
Say that everything is over, tell me I'm fine
No one deserves to live like this!

I touch your lips and stare in your eyes
You smile and it makes me fly
You are the reason my heart beats
Tonight it's just you and me

Windows cast her gentle reflection
Her somber silhouette dances for me

Look at you, you miserable fool
Get off your knees, your prayers fall upon deaf ears
God's turned his back on you, Heaven's gates are shut
And now you're knocking on the devil's door

I've been expecting you for some time, sir
Allow me to introduce myself
I'm the one who pulls on all the strings, son
You're lucky I don't kill you where you stand

This can't be real
Tonight I raise my glass
There's nothing left
For I know it's time to move on

All hope has failed
My patience will not last
I've lost my soul
Tomorrow I will be gone

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Alesana The Thespian Comments
  1. xDreamseller

    back to the classics..

  2. Jayden Kookie

    This band was always too underrated 😭 this reminds me of my emo days tbh lol

  3. Lala lala

    So y’all just not gonna talk about the fact they did black face in this video

    Satan has me By the left testicle

    they didn't do it as anything to be racist therefore i don't see a problem

  4. BranWhisper

    Ya viene el 2020 y aquí seguimos :'v

  5. Silver Vampire


  6. Bob Schmookuh

    super gay

  7. damienflores

    Jesus Christ this is so fucking emo.

  8. panz blood

    Casi es 2020 :v alguien xdxd

  9. powe rangerainbow

    The best Alesana album

  10. XeniuM

    1:32 IS SO CUTE! I love it

  11. Marcos Martinez

    Like. Si. Eres. De. México y. La. Escuchas. En. El. 2019. En. My. Opinión. Es. De. Las. Mejores. Canciones

  12. Patch Zeigler

    00:49 POOOOOOP!!!

  13. R U B Y

    Anjing he kesini gegara qorygore

  14. sebastian mcfly

    "Everything gonna be okay....My love" she said....

  15. Mr Apple

    Qorygore Heunceut

  16. Sandy Dio

    Ada yang ke sini gara" qorygore ?

  17. Robin Alfiansyah

    Siapa yang kesini gara-gara konten Qorygore ☝☝☝

  18. Muhammad Hasby

    siah kanyahoan kadarieu gara gara si qorygore

  19. Yharaa Esneyttaly


  20. clem licorne

    Yep still gives the goosie bumps in the last months of 2019

  21. paq east


  22. Jeff Sura

    Buenos recuerdos!!!
    Crecí escuchandolos :c
    Cuanta nostalgia

  23. David Cipriano

    Isn't this blackface? Lol

    Satan has me By the left testicle

    i don't think this should be considered blackface. If you're painting your face black to be racist then yes it's blackface but if you just wanna paint it black then i don't see it as being racist

  24. Deljohn lumongsod

    I love it even more when this is Minecraft Monster School music video.

  25. Dimas Satya

    2019 and i still haven’t read enough credit about how genius the writing is and how strong the concept of this album. How the devil introduce himself in this song was so epic!!

  26. Alan estupiñan

    Gratos recuerdos de mi etapa Emo! 🤘😎

  27. Natalia Uyu

    Ainda amo vocêeeees, que sdds adolescência ❤❤❤❤❤ 2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 COME TO BRAZILLLL

    Rafael Kty

    Ah, não fode

    Frank Douglas

    Tempo que todos eram rockeiro

  28. Nafta Azic

    Until now, Im still listening this music. in the past, I always played the music video and showed to my cousins that this is a good music video ever, they're so scared when saw the unclean vocalist on the video, but they're still like playing the music video. Lol, my cousins :)
    I love so much, Alesana is the best.

  29. d i e g x s p i n a

    Amaneci con emorroides Jajajajaja

  30. menotyou135

    I feel like the black face is kinda in poor taste looking back

  31. Cameron Wallace

    One of the most underrated dirty vocalists ever

  32. Pako Solsim

    here we go again ^-^

  33. Sammy Hidalgo

    Casi diez años de está rola.
    cuando me creia emo JAJAJAJA

  34. El papa Juan pablo segundo

    Por favor regresenme al 2013

  35. Dylan Olger

    When she picks up her head on the dinner table it reminds me of that ‘there is nothing’ video that was out a few years back

  36. 1nf3rnal D3str0y3r

    Ke geis

  37. Renan Oliveira


  38. Cologne Bologna

    Emo Dresden Dolls

  39. Emma Millington

    This song makes me feel really old.

  40. Xziol Psyxe

    Alesana is just emo Cradle of Filth

  41. AtmosOner

    Happy Halloween from Bellingham Washington

  42. Denny Sykes

    tell me i'm forgiven so you'll alway be mine.
    say that everything is over tell me i'm fine.

  43. krysta Cameron

    Mucha Nostalgia 2007-2019

  44. Lorainne Lopez

    My favorite band since idk people said they suck but ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ all of their albums dont care if the screams kinda suck its perfecttt


    this song still slap!

  46. J Rebel

    With love from Russia!

  47. Anie Joy

    Best musical era, change my mind. Kids today will never understand

  48. João pedro

    Relembrando a época emo kkkkk

  49. HolyRest NoMore

    Dennis is a good actor like Jack Black

  50. Zoe Campbell

    Is it just me or does everyone else think that Shawn is really attractive

  51. Jonathan Del mas veces campeon

    Windows cast her gentle reflection
    Her somber silhopuette dances for me🎵🎶🎸

  52. Valdana

    My boys

  53. Culur מהמיק

    September 2019?

  54. Devon Sorokowski


  55. Macey Doggy

    When I was in grade school, I usually play Dante's Inferno and play this song. Hahahahahahaha my older introduced this band to me that time and it's good :)

  56. Вжух Великий


  57. Desending Angel

    2019 💓🇲🇽

  58. NicollMusic

    Someone want to be my friend?:"(

  59. Tyler Pierce

    Damn remember my older brother showing me this band back in 2014, and it still slaps

  60. KIPO JPG

    Indonesia 2019 #alesana

  61. Karel Tesař

    My Inner emo kid is screaming now lol

  62. Angelo Dican

    Its been 9yrs and I still remember the lyrics

  63. Lydio Filmore

    Fucking love this song, it got me back into my emo/post-hardcore music journey and the topic of the song and the pov thing going on is great

  64. Daryll Philip Farillas

    Man I remember when this album came out! This album was way ahead of everyone else. It’s wild that emptiness didn’t get enough recognition that year

  65. Justin Mark Ligutan


  66. Vanesa iveth Medina gutierrez

    Es algo curioso

  67. David Zager

    Franks a pussy bitch

  68. Dope boy

    2019 and I just discovered this...

  69. Suffer From Glory

    No sabía que Alvinsch gritaba tan bien

  70. Jep Sahaja

    Still fucking lit🔥

  71. Eduardo

    Parece que se me entro una piedrita en el ojo.

  72. Ean Albe

    One of my favourite Post-hardcore band.

  73. Alex Freeman

    "The the Spain"

  74. Juan Tircio

    Alguien en el years 2019??

  75. david martinez

    Anyone still watching in 2019?! 🤘😄

  76. Ini Cuma Guyonan

    Fag Make me cry again if i'm remember this song.

  77. Hugo gammer134

    welcome to mi life

  78. Harley Quinn

    Flashbacks my college days 😁🤘 who's still in 2019?

  79. frank is a fabulous killjoy

    All the dislikes are from the ex-emos

  80. Tony III Layagan

    Nostalgic lyricism... I remembered my girlfriend long long long ago...

  81. Queen Chesca Beauty

    2019 and i still remember the lyric 😍

  82. MClovin m

    Emo generation jajajaja

  83. Erick Oliveira

    Muito bom mesmo hehe 💝

  84. Yazmine Jasmine

    Saw them live haven’t heard of hem since middle school wasn’t going to mis the opportunity

  85. Kendry Ramirez

    is that jack black

  86. Alejandro Paz

    Tremendo emo era

  87. milo cross

    had to make sure this still slaps in 2019 and it does.

    Türt Gracilla

    and it always be..

    Levi Steadman

    milo cross it really do🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


    It always does.

    Madi Becca

    10 years later and this still channels my inner emo kid


    2019?? Cause I listen to this every day


    Meeeee, same

    Elisa Fernandes fernandes

    I AM MARSHALL MATHERS haha i too

    frank is a fabulous killjoy

    Same. I also blast it in class all the time

  89. Iszaham Sukor

    oml it's been 9 years

  90. Awkward Gabe

    This song is so good and I just now found it

  91. Culur מהמיק

    2019 ? SOMEONE ?

  92. Alejandra Navarrete

    Mi disco favorito 💕