Alesana - The Martyr Lyrics

Remember why you're here

Fall for me
Lay yourself before the demon
Spread your legs, bite your lip, meet his eye
Drooling, engorged, wide eyed, shaking, you've got him
Don't fall for me
Don't relent invite him to you
Guide his hand, take his breath, consume him
Gasping, lusting, weakened, frozen, you've won
If you should peek beneath the veil
Don't be surprised to find me there

I'm ashamed, a victim of the curse

I think I like the fight
Wrong feels so right, baby
I'm flirting with lunacy
Nothing can stop me and my sinful obsession

Please don't forget what he is, my 'Bel
A monster who designed the fear
Please don't forget who he is, my 'Bel
A monster who enjoys the fear

Listen to me, keep your focus
Your one true love waits in anguish

Lick your lips as the sweat drips down
And taste the torture as you crawl, begging for more, yea!

I'm ashamed, a victim of the curse

I think I like the fight
Wrong feels so right, baby
I'm flirting with lunacy
Nothing can stop me and my sinful obsession

Remember why you're here

I'm ashamed, a victim of the curse

I think I like the fight
Wrong feels so right, baby
I'm flirting with lunacy
Nothing can stop me and my sinful obsession

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Alesana The Martyr Comments
  1. Gerald Jaldo

    wait! please someone explain to me why the title of this song is "the martyr"?

  2. Justin Horodeck

    First time listening to alesana

  3. Igor Amorin

    Musicao da porra vey

  4. darklaouve

    i love the way he pronounced "spread ur leg" and the way she pronounced "dont fall for me" :D

  5. Bel Vermillion

    Don't forget, my 'Bel.
    Alesana is such a masterpiece.

  6. Beatiful Tragedy

    Me encanta este álbum

  7. ferna2294

    So many voices you need 4 throats to cover this.

    Great job as always. Alesana is a very special band.

  8. IDK IDC

    They need to put the lyrics in right -_- plz change them rivalrecs

  9. ToastiestTurtle


  10. Hale Ohienmhen

    I love this song when I didn't know any of the lyrics I thought they were saying "we never wash our hands " at the beginning of the song.


    This is the best comment I've ever read :')



    Raulito CocaColas

    Hale Ohienmhen xd

    noodzz011 d.

    Fush u made me spit my tea XDXD

  11. ImWilfredCunt

    Is this happening??

  12. Leo Shaddz

    Where are the music videos of ''Confessions'' songs ?

  13. victor henrriquez

    me encanta ALESANA xD

  14. Luis sg

    una pregunta me pueden desir que genero es alesana <3
    selos agradeseria si me dijieran ;)

    ViperOG Gamer

    Creo que es Hardcore, no estoy muy seguro pero suena a ese genero.

    Luis sg

    @Mazzaro Nuñez okok gracias :) :D

    belu GreenDay

    es post-hardcore :)

    Laercio Carmo

    Luis sg metalcore

  15. Jules Zotta

    imagine how much more recognition they'd get if everyone who watched this, or any other song they made, shared it at least once

  16. Tourne Asunder

    Alesana is forever a masterpiece on any phones music playlist. Whether their old stuff or their new.

  17. Kuya Robbie

    what the bass.....I like this

  18. สวัสดีนะ วีดีโอ

    Great album

  19. Brian Borrego

    they so need Alesana shirts in hot topic


    They used to.... Once Upon A Time.

    dylan parrott

    I know right they need to resell thier shirts I want one

    Maria Escobar

    You can go to their website and get a bunch of their merch ❤️👍


    No, they don't

    noodzz011 d.


  20. josh kindberg

    Awesome this is my new favorite song

  21. Yober Lima

    Que es de lo mejor n.n.

  22. Winters

    The trilogy is a paradox.

  23. Nagy Ádám

    oh that bass

    Kuya Robbie

    @Nagy Ádám Nice Bass.........more beautiful

  24. Awaken I Am

    @lonercs Thanks That Really Helps to Understand but is it Confirmed


    @Angel Guzman No, nothing I say is confirmed. This is simply my interpretation. Now if Alesana did confirm a story that is similar to my interpretation, but I be shocked if I got it entirely correct. I'd say my interpretation would be somewhere around 85-95% correct.

  25. Beautiful Decay

    Best Band Live I've seen.

  26. azidi haqeem

    this is fucking lovely track..........

  27. Dariø GR

    My sinful obsession. I love these lyrics

  28. EL WAREN

    remembeeeeeeeeerrr....... (8)

  29. Leotis Locke

    That bass and guitar at 3:21 perf

  30. Awaken I Am

    @UltimateAl I was checking to see if anyone had commented to explain what this means to the story and I saw no one did so.....

    Miguel Abadia

    You're awesome haha! Thanks

    Bryan Smith

    @lonercs thanks


    @lonercs Could you explain how you interpret the rest of the album? It seems that Confessions takes place before, during and after the other two albums.

    Shawn did say here that the first few tracks on the album follow Annabel in the world that was created by The Artist and how she's in love with someone known as The Acolyte. This means that part of the album is in the far future and other parts are during The Emptiness.


    I wrote it as I seen it on the music video they released



  31. Sweet6Revenge

    Please don't forget who he is, my 'Bel
    a monster who enjoys the fear :P

    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    +Ethan Laymon The lyrics are wrong.

    Johnny Overdrive

    .. i see i see

    Neko Mangaka

    +The Legacy Of Kaizer the lyrics aren't wrong. When it says "please don't forget who he is" can be heard at the same time as "lick your lips as the sweat drips down, and taste the torture as you crawl begging for more"
    its really subtle, and probably could go unnoticed if you weren't listening for it, but it is there, nonetheless

    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    @Neko Mangaka No it first says, "Please don't, forget what he is; my 'bel. A monster who designed the fear. Please don't, forget who he is, my 'bel, a monster who enjoys the fear.)

    Johnny Overdrive

    Ah... quite lovely song

  32. Alaric III

    Getting some Tempting Paris vibes from this song

  33. FearlessX7


  34. Jose Paz

    sweet bass