Alesana - The Last Three Letters Lyrics

Dearest love,
I hope this message finds you well
As these endless thoughts drip from my soul
Every single word secretly paints a fairytale
(Every single word secretly paints a fairytale of when we)
Of when we will melt into one...

Eyes (I am so scared...)
Forfeit sight to the pain (So scared...)
Cold scalpel's steel whispers tear at my very core
As I cling to my memories of you (I need you with me)

Were the last words that I wrote for you, enough to tell you
That in my death, the light that shone through my painful darkness
Was a blinding vision of your eternal smile?

It's me again,
Is it me, or am I wrong to be concerned?
Will the beauty of your pen
Ever cross my eyes again?
Was this all a lie?

Were the last words that I wrote for you, enough to tell you
That in my death, the light that shone through my painful darkness
Was a blinding vision of your eternal smile?

Make it stop, make this pounding in my head stop
(I don't know what happened... who would have thought my life would end up like this?...)
Fill my lungs with air, give me one more day to make her dreams come true
(... I never even got the chance to see her face...)
She understands right? that I'm not coming back...
(... or to touch her hair... and now it's too late...)
She understands right? that I'm not coming back...
(... I didn't mean to hurt her, not hurt her like this... I can't feel my legs...)
Make it stop, make the pounding stop
(... I can't feel my legs and I can't even cry... how could someone die like this?...)
I'm not coming back, I'm not coming back, I'm not coming back...
(... Who would have thought my life would end up like this)

If my words even reach you, I'll assume you don't care
Never knew that silence could cut so deep or that you could twist the blade
Now I curse all of your beautiful lies...
I love you and goodbye...

Were the last words that I wrote for you, enough to tell you
That in my death, the light that shone through my painful darkness
Was a blinding vision of your eternal smile?

Cold scalpel's steel whispers tear at my very core
As I cling to my memories of you
I need you with me

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Alesana The Last Three Letters Comments
  1. David Christian

    End of year 2019, and still give the goosebumps..

  2. Senpai Sodium

    Dabes to taena

  3. Ele Ele

    que mamadas oia en la secundaria


    hello my 14yr old me

  5. Emperor saba

    Nov 2019?

  6. Mark Maggay


  7. Bagas Dwi Armada




  9. Brian Hall

    Still gets them asses clappin 2019

  10. Leroy Heyder

    November 2019???

  11. Ricky Houdini

    The intro always gets me

  12. Chamot - James

    This is the only video i kept on playing since i discover this song back on 2007

  13. renwei __

    Throwback when senior high school

  14. Pee Diddler

    This song still sounds great. Amazing band

  15. angel gabriel

    2019 Brasil alguém?

  16. Taylan Glates

    emo times...

  17. Bryan james Magnaye

    Oh men. Way back 10 years ago. The emo vibe still in my veins. Hahaha

  18. PootPoot Tsun

    i love this song but reading through the lyrics of the song is confusing AF XD

  19. Ryoga YT

    2019??? Emo Never Die :v

    Dark Heart 666

    Ryoga YT yes baby

    ignacio elgueta

    Give me your cell phone number

    romwel robles

    yes ill never forget because i like you

  20. Govinda Telajan

    My alarm clock before went school a long time ago

  21. Yimo Obrigon

    2006 to 2019 to.... 8ternal


    Do you know one?

  23. nurul mukmin

    Anyone still listen in August 2019?

    Sebastian Ramos

    nurul mukmin yeah man right here!

  24. Nuisito

    If Minecraft returning, why this rock dont returning????

  25. Parker Olsen

    Lol I showed this to a girl at school and she said "This is going to be me and my bf's new song" then I had to explain to her what the song is about. lol

  26. Leamse Risac

    Was this all a lie ? 😁

  27. Bryan So

    2019 anyone? hehhee

  28. Miew Miew

    I learn to screamo in high school when im 13y0. And now im 27y0 Singer in Club .

  29. sapa yoh

    2019 ada?


    july 2019

  31. Dan Critical


  32. shodaime hokage

    2019 anyone?? :)

  33. Abu Jafar

    Alesana is like a fucking crossroad lol.
    Each others vocal crosses each other, confuses me sometimes

  34. Jha Sardia

    Back on the day, I would self harm with this song playing lol

  35. sading rome

    My name is Anthony am emo boy

  36. prayoga putro


  37. Cocain child

    It's been 12 years..
    2019 3june anyone else

  38. Lil Nick


  39. I'm Angel

    All of the emo talk about Alesana is crazy because I love great music and maybe I put a blade to my arm in past but this is legendary!

  40. hellolalau _

    Gran pu** como pasan los años!! escuchando en pleno 2019 recordando mis 17 años

  41. sleepy jackdaw

    Change the playback speed to 1.25x

  42. qamarul rafiee

    Hello im still here

  43. Rama Abubakar

    2019? any wacthing??

    xHack酷寒 editz

    Yeah, in July 2029


    @xHack酷寒 editz same

  44. jimins thighs

    ...2019 **cringes**

  45. Dekley Souza

    2019 curti ai

  46. Puny Stitch

    This is my favourite from Alesana

  47. Callyxe Zaneus Sabas

    Im still emo since 2006 ... 2019 here and still love this band

  48. Panda VEVO

    I remember.. my ex girlfriend rebekah broke up with me this song years ago when MySpace was around... I still listen to it to this day and wonder how is she doing

  49. Juan Manuel Solano Gonzalez

    Never dies

  50. Kai Moncada

    This is so nostalgic.

  51. Nomzilla

    I never paid attention to the lyrics even back when I first discovered Alesana, but it's pretty funny hearing the stark contrast of such sentimental words paired against the br00tal, angsty screams here lol. I've always loved screamo, but, truthfully, I never bothered learning most of the lyrics in screams in any songs .-.

  52. tony lopez garcia

    Alesana make me feel the best Sense of adrenalin i ever had in my life thanks guys.

  53. Patrick Deleon

    long live alesana songs wish they had new songs

  54. Angelo Palogan


  55. 吾之榮耀•W

    still listening in 2019... :-) ... 8/2/2019

  56. mondae sickness

    11 years ago and on this day YT recommend this to me. Hello 2019!

  57. Rayjo enteng

    2019 still listening

  58. The Last One Standing Gets No Pity

    ,, Was this all a lie" best moment in the song

  59. Norwila Sumlpong

    2019 [email protected]?

  60. Mahardhika Pradana Putra

    2019, anyone?

    Edgar Tinajero

    Im still here 😎

    Chelsea Oates

    Me and never going to stop listening to them <3

    Haring Sining King

    I neeeeeed youuuuuuuuuuuu wiiiiittthhhh meeeeeeeee


    Ya why not

  61. Louie Villegas

    Fuck me i didn't realize this was back in '07

  62. i eat rice

    11 years 👍👍👍

  63. Moises Rojas


  64. Renz Marrione

    2019 and still screaming

  65. Selena Nunez




  66. arvin halcon


  67. Isa Resendiz

    Starting 2019 the right way.

  68. renvh dungo

    2019 anyone?

  69. Vikmar Rodrigo

    2008 memories bring me to this

  70. Sword Magic

    When i first listen to them i think the clean vocalist is a girl.

  71. Ronnel Motel

    December 2018

  72. Cedrick Ramos

    2018? 🤘

  73. PP W

    2019 coming

  74. Mr.PeanutButter

    When this got you through your first breakup in sophomore year

  75. R2PX Aries

    0:00-0:35 best part

  76. Byron Marais

    im still here XD age 27 guys haha been years still a fan

  77. Alexnadra Rangel

    I can’t believe I loved this shit 😂😂

  78. Ricsan Tubo

    This song is eternal

    Ricsan Tubo

    So is the band

  79. Zyrus Papio

    Ilovethissong till now..

  80. polsek banjarmasinbarat

    still in 2018 end

  81. JNL Roque

    2018 and still loving it.

  82. Platense

    2018 I have not overcome this theme, nor this band, nor that time.

  83. Mary Vianney Santos

    2018 ✋

  84. daniuwu

    it's been so many years since I first listened to this song and I still love it so much

  85. Ross Najarro

    I'm in mood emo again like 10 years ago .😎☻👻👻👻🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤

  86. Sun of a Beach

    I just looked upon your account to see how you've been doing. But perhaps there's always someone there to poison and control facts according to how they see fit. Sorry for getting you involved. Mr. Sykes.

  87. marryjane macdon

    I Love this song

  88. Double Clutch

    i still remember my dead grandma used to hit me when i play alesana at home when i was in my highschool days. lol