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What is wrong with her eyes?
A glossy stare that won't leave me be starts my blood running cold.
A gaze that could make hell freeze over...
I have to understand she's gone...
But she's not!
Don't you tell me that she is dead!
Watch her lips softly move because she's still whispering to me!
...And something here is not quite right...

Skin so cold beneath my touch as I brush back her hair and close her eyes.
But I cannot stand to turn away.
When I do, she'll be gone...
It's frightening...

Sweaty hands will fail to lock the door...
They'll be here soon.
I wish I could keep my teeth from grinding.
I wish I'd stop looking behind me.
Running now will only make it worse...
They'll be here soon.
I wish I could shake the awful feeling.
I wish my mind would stop...

Maybe I am crazy and my mind is trying to deceive me.
As the ground vanishes I wonder will the sky be the next to fail me?
Paint abandons canvas.
And my brush can't seem to start again from scratch.
As I watch everything unravel, why should I even try to stop the collapse?
I won't...

Shaking as I rest her body down.
No one knows, only me...
It's frightening...

Sweaty hands will fail to lock the door...
They'll be here soon.
I wish I could keep my teeth from grinding.
I wish I'd stop looking behind me.
Running now will only make it worse...
They'll be here soon.
I wish I could shake the awful feeling.
I wish my mind would stop...

Maybe I am crazy and my mind is trying to deceive me.
As the ground vanishes I wonder will the sky be the next to fail me?
Paint abandons canvas.
And my brush can't seem to start again from scratch.
As I watch everything unravel, why should I even try to stop the collapse?
Why should I even try to stop the collapse? Why should I even try?

There's a madman glaring straight at me!
Oh I know I've seen his face before...
I am sure I've seen his face before...

Maybe I am crazy and my mind is trying to deceive me.
As the ground vanishes I wonder will the sky be the next to fail me?
Paint abandons canvas.
And my brush can't seem to start again from scratch.
As I watch everything unravel, why should I even try to stop the collapse?
I won't...

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Alesana The Artist Comments
  1. Dylan Olger

    I always thought it was ‘drop down this canvas’ guess I was wring

  2. Dylan Olger

    The fact the these guys have all been in the band since it started is amazing.

  3. Stars-made-of-metal

    Oof I came here from an animation by one of my favorite artists and I was not expecting instant screamo. It's one of my least favorite genres because it honestly spikes up my anxiety.

    Edit: 2:21 and forward till the screamo starts up again was the part I knew from the animation.

  4. Steven Waller

    666,999 views O_O.

  5. Homer The Don

    Crazy to think youd have to be in a phase to appreciate this album.
    Its art and will continue to be as time goes forward.

  6. The Future Flash

    2018 still awesome ^-^ emocore ftw :DD

  7. Peace Walker

    Many came here because they were in their emo phase. Many come back because they realize the poets Alesana were.

  8. Lance Kenji Parce

    Pang Anime <3

  9. Adit Faturrohman

    5 November 2017...:v

  10. DemonicStudios

    This is so accurate for me

  11. 姫いちごーちゃん♡

    I like this music it’s very soft and heavy at the same time the screams are unique as well

    Zoe Morgan

    BVB_Alesana_MelanieMartinez your name is everything

  12. Zion Sairin

    how about all the metal fans get together and stop making up menial bullshit genres that separate the fan base. It's all under that umbrella and we should respect one another and all be metal fans as opposed to some other stupid convoluted name.

  13. Jeremiah Rivera

    most of the people here thinks that 6 years passed and it's still good to come back here.
    while me , (2007 emokid up to now), shit! so this was released years ago? , i guess im frickin stuck!.

  14. Mary Maioli

    The band of my life <3

  15. Annabel Lee

    Great album, greay story... It's been six years? I'm not an emo teen anymore but this is brilliant

    sean christian

    2018 same here haha

    Vasto Lordes

    Dont trust annabel
    Ex : the artist :v

  16. Alex Black

    Damn, it's 2016, and this is still great!

  17. Sam Core

    So good

  18. Kiriko Astin

    I remember listening to this in my emo stages of life... coming back here and I realise that I really do like this music lmao

    Patty Rivas

    Kiriko Astin i feel ya. same here they're still good lol

    Sailor Taylor

    still am emo. 😐

    Marceli Martwy

    Kiriko Astin same

    Andres Ordoñez

    LOL, exactly

    Christopher Andolsek

    ive been into this music since i was 12 im 19 now and i still like it so for me it wasn't a phase

  19. Rick Allen

    God damn I haven't revisited this music since awkward teen years.

    WAVE after WAVE of goosebumps. for fucks sake this is the shit

  20. RiseOfTheIdiots69

    Get stoned and listen to this

    Morgan Brown

    @RiseOfTheIdiots69 drink coke and listen to this XXX

  21. Yemak Markuri

    Wow. They are really good. Umm, is this somehow connected to Annabel? 'Cause I read a comment on the bottom that said something like that…


    Well yeah. The whole album "The emptiness" is

    Yemak Markuri

    Ohhh. Thank you~

  22. FacelessFigure

    About the story of this song, in my honest opinion, is about a man who had loved his girl until she betrayed him by cheating on him with another man, (mentioned in "Annabel"), and he had murdered his girl in retaliation. He is now haunted by the voice and the eyes of his lover. *"Sweaty hands will fail to lock the door. They'll be here soon. . ."* This means that the police are going to break in because he cannot lock the door due to his sweating hands. *"I wish I'd stop looking behind me. . ."* This means that he can't stop looking behind himself at the murder he had caused. *"Running now will only make it worse. . ."* He cannot run from the police. *"Paint abandons canvas. And my brush cannot start from scratch. . ."* The man cannot undo what he had just done to his lover. *"There's a madman glaring straight at me. Oh, I'm sure I've seen his face before. . ."* The man looks at himself in a nearby mirror, and sees that he is a killer. *"Why should I even try to stop the collapse?"* Why should he try to stop going insane? :3

    Alex Negron

    Thats great. If you enjoy it and practice a lot it can become your own kind of art.

    Jamie Cupcake

    +GrazionShy Okami-Honda If your theory were true that would be the beginning of his murderous acts considering the fact of the matter that he had started murdering more people after this song in the song "The Murderer" in this song he is a murderer and is very passionate about killing people, but then hears the voice of his lost lover in his head and she says "Looking in I see a lonely man etching tallies into the bar, Looking on I see a desperate man repeating something to the floor" and it's like he shakes his head to get her out of his thoughts because after that he says "Oh how blood, turns me on... So sweet..."

    Jamie Cupcake

    +Brunneis Ursus He went completely even after that because he kills more and more and still hears the voices in his head.

    holy fuck

    That's where you're wrong kiddo, read the short-story that the singer made.

  23. Neko_Sam

    The video was made well! Thanks for the lyrics! :D

  24. Lizzieliz Cosplay

     think im the only one but this song reminds me of the (vocaloid) story of 'Leia'...i know, im a freak

  25. Zack Reed

    The intro guitar is a lot like bvs in one song or bvb is like theirs.

    Jamie Cupcake

    +Zack Reed The Bvb song Unbroken.

  26. TehMagicalGinger

    Alesana,Blessthefalls and A Skylit Drive are comparable... But still complete different

    Luigie Trashero

    you forgot saosin

  27. PerfectionistHD

    friend told me to try rock metal music ....... dont like it right now how do i over come this.... sounds kinda demonic


    if you're looking for metal, why did you come here?


    Not metal fam, this is between the post-hardcore and screamo.

    DeShawn Smith


    CrizzDafo 0

    Um I gotta say that that metalcore post-hardcore and screamo are part of the metal genre. Just saying

  28. Feline Tokman

    Yes, I finally found it. XD.. (*jumping happy in front of the computer like a fat unicorn*).. X3 

  29. Helena Romance

    I love this song..^^

  30. yoyobanannahead

    the song is based off a short story in which an artist wakes up one morning to find his lover annabel dead by his side, he believes he killed her. he gets up and panics. he hides the body in his basement and than runs for miles and miles to the next town where he murders 7 more people, he continuously sees annabel in reflections of windows and puddles etc. he also sees a dark figure he repeatedly refers to as THE THESPIAN. he than realizes that the thespian is actually her killer and hunts him down. they have a brutal fight in an ally way as he tries to avenge his lost lover. the thespian drives his knife into his back and he slips into unconsciousness. the story takes an unexpected twist when he regains consciousness back  in his own home peering into the mirror that originally exposed annabel's lifeless body to him in the beginning of the story. When he looks into the mirror he sees his lover plunging a dagger into his side. the story ends in annabel's point of view talking about how over the course of their decade long relationship he slowly slipped into insanity. THE ARTIST constantly sketching progressively more and more violent sketches in his book. She believed what ever he was now was not the man she loved. She believed that what ever he was now had killed her lover and she ended him once and for all.


    Holy crap that's deep.


    Okay now it finally makes sense. Unfortunately my guess was that he has a split personality, killed her, chased what he thought was another person, then got killed by her ghost. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but sometimes it's also more boring.


    Ei spoilers

    Courtney Kreag

    Damn bro on point

    Brian Giatti

    You can thank Edgar Allen Poe for creating the story

  31. UrielBurnsHope Rodriguez

    Alesana is more creative than BVB, I prefer Alesana. Don't compare them, BVB isn't close


    UrielBurnsHope Rodriguez i love them don't you underestimate the Andy Biersack

    Ben Fazio

    Love both bands lol, alesana takes it for me though

    Alan Yuan

    I listen to BVB and Alesana.... I think its great to have alot of variety

    Ambrosia Perish

    Yes duh that's a fact. Eventho I listen to BVB.

    Chris Rockwell

    @Maki LMFAO not no more, alesana takes it hands down, oli went soft now bmth just sounds like every other band now

  32. Cristin McGowan

    They should all work together! X3

  33. Lucy Todd

    but i love BVB and Alesana :(

  34. Cristin McGowan

    Alesana and Motionless in White should totally work together amiright X3

  35. Raymond Cesar

    one of my fav songs ^_^....

  36. Maki

    And what genre is Alesana?

    gato paint

    Screamo...maybe Post hardcore

  37. Ashleigh Warneford

    Both BVB and Alesana are amazing; you don't have to think so, but I don't see the point of trolling BVB on a completely un-related band... Get a life.
    p.s. Like BVB's lyrics aren't poetic xD

  38. Lynsey McDonald

    I wish my mind would stop.

  39. Lovydove

    I was looking for a diffrent song when I heard this one I be like screw dat!! XD

  40. Noah Kelly

    Mmm Shawn milkie :3 marry meh

  41. MoondieApple

    finally someone who understood that post-hardcore isnt a metal-genre. i like you

  42. Heavens Demonic Tears

    They're Metalcore or Melodic Metalcore I can't remember which but I know its one of them and yeah your right I just wanted to clear it up for people who think Alesana is a metal band.

  43. Guenièvre Satu

    Hold up.
    So you have to be a metalhead to appreciate Alesana? Wow, I guess I can't see how talented and amazing they truly are, then. Damn.

  44. 115MAGGOT115

    They are post-hardcore, which is a sub-genre of metal, therefore it is a type of metal which would mean it is in-fact metal. Just a different type and sound is all (:

  45. 115MAGGOT115

    I personally despise BVB. I really don't like them. Alesana on the other hand, has such an artistic approach to their lyrics which I admire greatly.

  46. terrorgamerful

    this intro is so fucking awesome <:

  47. Stephen Lachler

    The genre is Shutthefuckupandlistentothemusic

  48. XxIchigoXHalibelXx

    Once upon a time there were no sub-genres in metal. Yes they are. Post-hardcore is one of the many genres of metal. Here, I'll name a few. Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Death metal, Post-hardcore, progressive Metal etc. Alesana is part of metal. If they are not part of metal, what genre do they fall into? Too fast to be Rock, obviously not Rap, NOT EVEN Country. Not trying to be a douche, just trying to prove a point. Although poorly.

  49. JP Solmerin

    yup alesana is way better but i respect both of them because they are both good.

  50. XxIchigoXHalibelXx

    They are. Post-hardcore is a genre of metal. And they also fit the tempo of metal. They're metal.

  51. Katia Soto

    This is an old band, theyre good. but why do u keep comparing them to bvb? Just stop the bullshit

  52. Jelly IQ

    I've the album cover t shirt which I make love to, does that count? :)

  53. zixxie

    They are like poets you're right!

  54. TheCody217

    It wasn't happy

  55. TheCody217

    Lol. And why's that?

  56. Holli B

    Cool thing you did with the font^^

  57. Kobhu_

    *douche* coughs *douche*

  58. probably sydni

    *coughs* douche *coughs*

  59. Luisa Alvarez

    I love this song <3

  60. Zen

    Alesana Rocks ! \m/ enough said .

  61. Riley

    Its just you, plus if that was true, kellin would sound like shawn, since alesana was around long before sws lol

  62. Christina Powell

    Really? Bvb sucks. I love Alesana, they're basically poets!

  63. Cathy Walson

    I agree, both are good, I dont care if alesana or BvB is better, they're both good... ELSE ILL ADD BILLY TALENT for no reason... now shut the fuck up peepz try accepting that other people love other bands too >_>

  64. Cesare Roman

    Sir, I see that you have your head screwed on correctly.

  65. MightYTHPS

    All peepz who allways compare different bands sucks hard ...just stop that and enjoy music that you like...

  66. Smaliex5

    This was my first screamo band and the last one!
    Because i aint changing them for nothing!¡

  67. Josh Karnes

    @israboiluvsmario Actually, that is untrue. I like the music. But I could give a fuck less about him. I don't listen to music for the musicians. I listen for the music.

  68. KonaKona4736

    I'm a 17 year old nerdy male, so your description isn't exactly accurate. I truly do like the music and Andy Six. I am not Scene, and you don't have to be in order to like the music.

    Your opinion is that BvB isn't that great, and I will respect that. But you don't need to over-generalize all of the BvB fans.


  69. d__m

    BvB is not amazing at all, it's called 12 year old wanna be scene girls who force themselves to like the music because of Andy Six, simple as that.

  70. TeeHee_Rex

    1:22 is the start of my ringtone, really hard to answer the phone some times as I'm enjoying the rest of the song

  71. Alice Arisen

    Still one of my favorite Alesana songs of all time. Just cheers me up all the time no matter what. <3

  72. Alice Arisen

    Well of course.

  73. The Danu

    Ever silently vent over their songs?
    makes me want to hit something..

  74. Jer Regondola

    i know how to sing/scream/growl this song and i love it !

  75. xbrianxshieldx

    im an artist so i listen to this song :dd

  76. snowster18

    They sound so different it's unreal.

  77. TheSilverEcstasy

    It's you : o

  78. Lizz Lopez

    why is black veil brides name on these comments? o_O
    this song is alesana not black veil brides ;x


    Is it just me or does the singer sound just like the singer of sleeping with sirens?

  80. tigrederd

    alesana is the shit, end of story

  81. German Eatswater

    Are You Shitting Me? Black Veil Brides Is Not Even Close To Alesana's Level. Fuck Black Veil Brides.

  82. Bryn Bowen

    okay i'm sorry...

  83. Bryn Bowen

    just one album dude.....

  84. Hannah Beth

    hell yeah! xD

  85. arazorbladesymphony

    @Eliza Quinn no shit xD ....

  86. Eliza Quinn

    I am suspecting that Edgar Allen Poe influenced Shawn greatly ...LOVE THIS BAND

  87. Devon O'Boyle

    Only true metal fans can appreciate the talent Alesana has

  88. Elizawitch

    You need to see somebody about that..

  89. Mason Bruzgo

    Wow ClubDeMonstruos' picture is gay. Oh so gay.

  90. Bleeding Lisa

    No I would never troll I like BVB too but I just think Alesana is way better lol

  91. KonaKona4736

    Congratulations, you have an opinion. Now display it proudly, and don't troll others for having a different one. :D

  92. naj karl binarao

    i cant accept to myself that
    i love alesana than BVB
    i hate when it when someone comparing the two bands i just cant think
    who i go for DUUUUHHH :)

  93. Bleeding Lisa

    Alesana is way better than BVB

  94. Michael Sauceda

    I fukin love bvb!!!! And alesana!!! Number 1's

  95. Micah Preyer

    Ew, wtf. Is your picture 2 dudes kissing?

  96. Necrotic

    Exactly exactly exactly my thinking..... the stories they can create are amazing their lyrics are simply beautiful and his screams grow on you lol

  97. Hallifax Shadowkin

    i like starting my day to this song :D

  98. Freakshow

    Alesana is one of the best at painting with lyrics! I haven't honestly seen anyone hate on Alesana yet though o.O(except for Dennis' scream which i have come to love over time).

  99. Homer The Don

    i wish the hate would stop. no but i love this song.