Alesana - Praeludium Lyrics

True music, true art chooses you
It lights a fire inside of you that you can't explain
It lives in your heart, your mind, your soul
We are the guardians of its creation
And it is the beacon of our inspiration
The music survives if we keep the songs alive

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Alesana Praeludium Comments
  1. Nicollettte


  2. Edwin Garcia

    Thanks for giving me more good music alesana

  3. dante watkins

    Anyone know the lyrics??

  4. Scarlett Carrillo

    Amaziing *.*

  5. Stephen Kay

    This is just to amazing

  6. Alvin Tingson

    fucking great!

  7. DarKyrios

    i tough this band was dead


    They are recording a new album this summer and releasing it around next winterish possibly also (:


    cool 2 know thankz

  8. Sergio Alday

    Come the the valley! To the Pharr Even Center :)

  9. Jonny Bryant

    Solid fucking intro.