Alesana - Nevermore Lyrics

Memories saved destined to capture
decades passing by
A way to remember
(We need to remember)

Moments fade leaving to rejoin
decades passing by
Let's savor the present
But not lose the future

The shifting sands of time
Pour from the past
But you don't know then
What you hate to now

I try to argue but I'm not getting through
Close your eyes and sing along with me
Relive the memory

We've been here before and I'm begging for more
A destination so beautiful I'm speechless

Idle hands are the devil's playground
Problem solved
Get off your ass and pretend that you care
Nothing will change if we don't stand and fight
Call us to arms into the night
If we all take it for granted music soon will die
It's vanishing slowly, through ignorant madness
If you see what's wrong take a stand and scream out loud
If they want silence then disappoint them all

I try to argue but I'm not getting through
Close your eyes and sing along with me
Relive the memory

We've been here before and I'm begging for more
A destination so beautiful I'm speechless
(I'm speechless)

A positive mental attitude
(Dare to put your pen to the page
Fearlessly imagine your own tale)
Open doors and we're walking through
The music survives if we keep the songs alive

Step inside and relive the dream
of a young boy who tried to sing
and managed to fly
His story should never die

Idle hands are the devil's playground
Problem solved
Get off your ass and pretend that you care
Nothing will change if we don't stand and fight
Call us to arms into the night

With smiles and open arms
We all embrace the underdog!


Dream of a yet unvisited renaissance
A time when music will shimmer with hope

I try to argue but I'm not getting through
Close your eyes but...
I try to argue but I'm not getting through
Close your eyes and sing along with me
Relive the memory

We've been here before and I'm begging for more
A destination so beautiful I'm speechless

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Alesana Nevermore Comments
  1. Pope George Lucas II

    It's weird cuz it has already been half a decade, man we should enjoy Alesana while they are still active

  2. Rendy kassandra

    I like it, good job

  3. Raven Bloodshadow

    The song calling to save music, good music alesana will always be my favorite band real dudes.

  4. The Legacy Of Kaizer

    Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies feel anyone?

  5. Se7enbells

    I miss this song❤❤❤❤

  6. Yasya Indra

    Good scream, good writes

  7. Venemous Syrin


  8. lefteris sot.

    Is this song's name inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem The crow?

    Hassan Ali

    Alesana drops a lot of literary references in their songs- the Annabel trilogy has a bunch of them in lyrics and song titles.

    Abstract Fitness

    lefteris søt. Zz

  9. Syrf

    I love Alesana and love to playing dota. One of DotA character is called nevermore. And this song suits perfectly to it. So i just love alesana more!

  10. Ximena Martinez Ramirez


  11. Mr. Hi there

    Is the whole ep about music? I like it. And why do I love it when Shawn always mentions keeping songs alive?? I hope I'm not the only one who loves that lmao

  12. Samantha Watson

    this song is amazing live

  13. Elizabeth Pettie

    Just bought the tee shirt today at Hot Topic with the song lyric from this song <3 Love Alesana <3

  14. mac nevermore

    3:24 reminds me of dance gavin dance a lil.

    jim bob

    Don't know what DGD you've been listening to...

    mac nevermore

    @Jarrod Baker the title track Acceptance Speech.

  15. Pope George Lucas II

    Kids, I hope this teached you a lesson.

  16. Aldron Mikko Reyes

    This is so fucking great. Can't get enough of this song.

    More great songs to come. I love you Alesana!!

  17. It'sDaniN

    this and this conversation is over are my favorite songs

  18. angel rodriguez

    :P awesome


    amazing <3

  20. Bryan Rabindranauth


  21. Henry Nguyen

    It sounded like it is / or it will be an anime soundtrack, but its good Hail ALESANA !!

  22. Jonathan Reyna Gaytàn

    Alesana Forever ♥ 

  23. Chubby Bunny

    Don't hate on alesana -.- they the best band

  24. Taryn

    ...Cleverbot recommended that I listen to this band. Cleverbot has good taste in music..

  25. Muhamad Amiruddin

    They try to save metalcore music from fading away

  26. tripaloski adidas krasovski

    it's not that I don't accept that bands change....but this is bad I miss the old alesana. they were unique :/

    Pope George Lucas II

    only this EP is different :P

  27. Dante

    Alesana (:
    all bands have their ups and downs in their music but remember they do it for us so just enjoy their hard work if you don't like it then just make your own damn band and your own damn lyrics and see how far you get lol
    I still support Alesana.

  28. Starhopestodie alerion

    Alesana is freaking amazing they will always be my favorite band!!

  29. Shaliza Mohammed

    thier older songs were better like thespian and stuff those were the best :D :(

  30. jason amarille

    di ko masadong naintindiHAN!!!
    a desTInation!!!
    engLUSH eh!!!
    pero MAGANDA!!!!

    jason amarille

    its only a joke dudes
    so well the emptiness
    will hunt you!!

    jason amarille

    i just make you laugh
    so then make sure that
    your too smart dude
    or i'll give you a couple

    Unknown shadow

    @jason amarille it's been 2 years lol aba sorry na pare xD

    jason amarille

    okay lang toll joker talaga ako!!

    Pope George Lucas II

    throwback po para saatin lahat

  31. stall2dude911

    The comments on this are just terrible

  32. anguish snow

    Still falling in love with ambrosia and annabel ..

  33. Marisol Camacho

    Alesana will always be my favorite band

  34. david shaw

    The clean vocals sound like Andy from CTE!:)

  35. Yuki Kuran

    love this song!!!

  36. kira star

     Sounds like the screams are drowned out by the music.

  37. grandtheftlotto

    sooooo shitttttty

  38. UnityDeicide

    The vocals seem sort of weak. AM i the only one thinking this? Its being drowned out by the instruments.

  39. KingKong999king

    You idiots the song message is mostly about metal music not being heard, its slowly fading away " If we all take it for granted music soon will dieIt's vanishing slowly, through ignorant madnessIf you see what's wrong take a stand and scream out loudIf they want silence then disappoint them all" 1:35

    Scarlet Korpse

    Hey, Hey, Hey! Let everyone else have their own ideas of what the song's about. Because in the end, nobody but the producers know mostly of what the song is about.

  40. Garrett Benton

    Far better than APWTSIS.. This ep was a comeback in my honest opinion. 


    In my opinion, A Place Where The Sun Is Silent is BY FAR, the best album they released.

    Garrett Benton

    Well, I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was their weakest work (by far). I guess I'll just have to agree to disagree..

    Josh Pellett

    @Garrett Benton totally agree with you man!

  41. Rock Bannork

    This Original Scream

  42. kenzaki kazuma

    im sure this is song is about quality of music ,thats what i think anyway ,any thoughts?

  43. kenzaki kazuma

    this will make a good opening song 

  44. StCraft

    I havent heard this voice since Beautiful in blue, more used to the older albums. Doesnt mean Decade EP will be a let down, just means im not used to their new "voice"

  45. hayley alexis

    nah guys i like this song why is everyone being so mean

  46. Merry Wright

    I love this band so much <3

  47. Joshie Sillouhette

    those screams are as awesome as usual with the lovely sound of the cleans

  48. madman2203

    Are any of you fans of Edgar Allen Poe? No? Thought not. Here let me clarify this for you. Nevermore is what the raven said in his story "The Raven". The story was about never forgetting those who you loved but lost. Despair and depression is what the Devil likes to play with, This song is about "The Raven" just like "The Thespian" was about his story "Anabelle". You're welcome.


    @madman2203 Actually, this song is not about "The Raven". The song title is simply a reference to that, since the entire album The Emptiness is based on various works of Edgar Allen Poe. This song is about how the music industry is being destroyed by nearly every musician or band on the radio being the same.

  49. GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    Its catchy, but yet still refreshing and unique sounding.
    cant beleive i used to hate this band.
    Just proof that you really have to give music a fair chance and go in with an open mind.
    Dont judge a band because they dress like emos or arent as heavy as bands you enjoy.

    GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    @Filip Stanic
    Yeah, i almost just hated them because others did. Everyone was always like: just another emo poser metalcore band like escape the fate, but these guys are way more than that.
    Escape the fate still sucks though haha

    Leotis Locke

    I have a friend who hates this band for the same reason. I fell in love with them for their lyrics over everything else.

    alpha goat

    @GetScaredGaming hell yeah dude I argued with you about then a while ago I think:)

    GetScaredGaming - Henry Wylie

    @alpha goat
    haha thats likely, I used to be such a bitch sometimes when it came to arguing about music. it really is so pointless lol

    alpha goat

    @GetScaredGaming true but its always fun to battle away knowing you'll never convince the other person haha

  50. bob stookey

    Jesus this album is a joke. No wonder they released it on April 1st.

  51. matthew johnson

    idc what people say alesana is amazing my favorite band until i die no matter what <3

  52. Robert El-Adham

    all these bands are the same tight pants girly boy type bands.  and they all sound the same.

  53. Gambit Thegambler

    all of the albums has been shuffled "i think"! :)

  54. Luluskiv

    I really love this song so much , they are so good like as always

  55. veronica ruiz

    Omfg yuss, I missed them :')

  56. Vychaell Zeller

    So beautiful im speechless, i love this new sound

  57. hordage

    I love you guys, keep doing what you do, it's fucking fantastic.

  58. Mario Saputra

    *Is So Cool Bro! & My favorite song by #Alesana_

  59. Milton Reina

    Best group ever. Thanks Alesana.


    Well that's 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

  61. Adrian Marcelo Ramirez Solis

    i guess nothing will be better than the emptiness album

  62. Luann

    Muito massa a música é a minha preferida do Alesana!!

  63. funk music

    Love all the older songs but I don't mind a little bit of synths as a compliment but in this song its a bit too much. Also the lyrics are sort of going away from what I'm used too from Alesana unless I'm too stupid to realise the real meaning.

  64. Andy Sultzer

    I love there new songs fuck yes!!!

  65. Hans Alexander Razo

    I didn't like this song.... I miss when alesana used an style like on "Try This With Your Eyes Closed" that's my favorite album from them , and the next one is The Emptiness , but that album isn't as good as The first one

  66. Everwritten 変わりなく

    I deff see a part of the old Alesana mixed into their new sound in this song, but to me personally, it doesn't add up. I personally prefer their first albums, Try this.. , on frail.. where myth.., and even most of the emptiness. Anything after the emptiness just doest appeal to me; perhaps because I outgrew this music preference.

  67. Brianna Werstein

    there the first band i ever listend to and i will die listening to them it amazes me how there going this long and still strong but the emptiness album was far mroe the best one

  68. Andrea López

    Honestly, the music and rhythm are awesome! But the lyrics are overshadowed by what they've done before, so superficial.

  69. Daniel McClure

    Its too bad they'll never outdo The Emptiness.. It's legendary but it kinda fucked their future albums.


    agreed, but it's still pretty impressive how they made The Emptiness stand out after On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax

  70. Pantherex

    Meh I guess it's okay

  71. Jona MX

    i just simply love every album ofalesana, try this with youre eyes close, on frail wings of vanity and wax, the emptiness, a place where the sun is silent, this ep and the next album its coming out lml

    Lucero Leon

    El columpio rieleros

    Jona MX

    eso que xD


    What about Where Myth Fades to Legend?

  72. Edwin Garcia

    Good ol Alesana, Good stuff, love it.

  73. Eddie Rachinskas

    The emptiness was definitely their best album

  74. John Munoz

    Attention: Go follow Wandering Soul Apparel on Facebook and Instagram!!! Merch coming soon!!!!

  75. Grave stone

    My favorite song by them.

  76. Tristan Van Wyk

    I love this EP, Alesana is still as awesome as they always have have been :)

  77. Captain Brickhead

    Sadly the band has become nothing but metal heads. Everyone has slowly cut off all of their hair and begun wearing Metallica shirts etc.... Punk Pop is becoming lost in this band. Dennis has taken over and the balance is lost. The Emptiness and A Place Where the Sun is Silent and few other previous records where pretty good.......... Now listen to this compared to The Thespian or Curse of the Virgin Canvas....

  78. Seppukuu

    Won't ever forget the timeless moment I saw them live <3 

  79. TheBigBVBFan

    The clean vocals in this band sound a bit like J.T. Woodruff from Hawthorne Heights.

    Captain Brickhead

    Actually nothing like J.T. Your youtube account name is pretty funny though.

  80. Marc C

    This song is yes. Gosh, I have missed them so much. Jfc.

  81. Juan Garcia

    The Emptiness and A Place Where the Sun is Silent. Both Great albums can't wait for the next one!

  82. Raymond Riles

    Great song and I don't think this is Alesana getting lazy but, in fact it's Alesana let ttheir fans know that they haven't forgotten about them. This is more like something to hold us over until their next big album comes to the light.

  83. FreyrFox

    favorite song from this EP

  84. Leiuq Darknes

    I try to argueeeeeeeeee!  , Fucking love this song ..

  85. vapeislove vapeislife

    sounds awesome 

  86. daniel eastman

    Way better than their old shit

  87. faisal farissi

    For me,this songs is about the opinion of the band about music theese days that almost all of them make the selling an important part of the music and not the art,and some of the lyric is probably for a music lable,you'll understand what i mean if you know how the music industry works and dennis said in an interview that the song is about how technology effect the music industry in a way or two,cause if you're a fan,you probably know shawn,he's the type of a guy who likes to stay classic,and don't really like to be interfered by technologies as much as people theese days for example,he doesn't like his music to be pirated,for him buying an artist album is a way to appreciate their hardwork,he stated that he still likes to go to a record store to buy an album rather than downloaded it cause it has a special feeling about it,he deleted his twitter account and make his instagram a private account.

  88. Himelda Rubio

    K chidooo megsta mucho esta musica

  89. Am Gill

    word. wake up. mass media is being used as a giant brain-washing tool. record companies are selling a formula, not substance. 

  90. juan avendaño pacheco

    de qque album es ea cancion de fatiam rusalka?

  91. aji aditya

    damn , this realy good \m/

  92. Samuel Torres

    Old Alesana in 2014. Love it, wand't much of a fan of their recent works, stopped buying their albums sine the emptiness, but this brings back those goosebumps I got when I listened to Apology for the first time in 07. <3

    Samuel Torres


  93. Leeann

    I don't think some of you understand the concept of this song. I view it as this song is talking about how they've been here for 10 years writing music for us and the dedication that the Alesana Army has is phenomenal. The music survives if we keep the songs alive. And that's what we're all about. I see this song as kind of a step up and fight for good music. To understand the art and passion for music unlike some bands lack today. Alesana has never put that as a lower priority. I think they keep the literature and masterpieces of music alive and thats why they've been a successful band for a decade now and I cant be proud enough to call them my favorite band and call myself a troop of the alesana army. PMA forever I could be wrong on some points on what this song is exactly about but I don't think this song is weak I believe it is the opposite.

  94. David Rodriguez

    I can't really hear Dennis...

  95. Peet MOcke

    Some Emery influences! I like!!!