Alesana - Hidden Track Lyrics

Dear love, I'm honestly scared.
Your voice is everywhere.
Are you there?
Oh, I am not ready for this.
There's so much about you, love, I miss.
Do you know that I'm lost?
And you left me here on my own.
Songs live on but I'm dancing alone.
Where is my lullaby?
Sometimes I forget you're gone.
You're all I have, known for so long.
Do you know that I'm lost?
And you left me here on my own.
Songs live on but I'm dancing alone.
Where is my lullaby?
(Two bits of singing together...)
Do you know that I'm lost?
And you left me here on my own.
Songs live on but I'm dancing alone.
My hand is lost without yours to hold in mine.
And tonight I will say goodbye.

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Alesana Hidden Track Comments
  1. Aren Swensin

    At one of my lowest points, this song gave me a much needed shed of tears that pushed me forward. Alesana is amazing!!!

  2. vinicius aguiar

    3:17 i can feel the agony, the feeling that you cant take this anymore, and at any time you will fall appart, everything seems lost and you cant see how it could possibly get better.
    but trust me, you can make this get better

  3. Mishemer eridera

    juist wow

  4. mikki15xxx

    My grandmother just died yesterday on 4/27/2017, and I've been listening to this song nonstop.
    It's helping a cope.

  5. TheABomb321

    40,000 views and 500+ likes!! If we get 50,000, I'll eat a banana. xx <3

  6. Sahrul Gunawan


  7. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    This song is so fucking beautiful. I've been listening to Alesana since I was in middle school while I was going through my Emo phase and since then I've always loved them and will continue to love this band. I like a lot of Alesana's songs but this song if so powerfully emotional it's ridiculous. I hope Alesana makes more Acoustic music in the future maybe even a full length acoustic like a lot of the hardcore bands have been doing g in the past couple of years. I loved that I bout the acoustic album It's All Acoustic on it. Alesana did a good job with making that alb hopefully they continue.

  8. luz gutierrez

    linda cancion ....gracias a mi hija q me la hizo escuchar....

  9. Jhul Vincent Calabia

    this song reminds of my ex when we broke up and she found another guy.. :(

  10. EL WAREN

    cancion cuilia hermosa!!

  11. Kristy S

    Someone please make a piano tutorial

    Kyle Smith


  12. griffisjm


  13. Pope George Lucas II

    Does anyone know the chords for this?

  14. Indra Novia

    easy listening and amazing lyric

  15. Emanuel Nuñez

    this is absolutely perfect..!!

  16. NoBodyCaptain

    Still loving this song omg I love Alesana so much best band ever

  17. G Landau

    Shawn said this song is called Eleanor In Bloom...


    @Gonzalo Landau I thought Eleanor In Bloom was the name of the side project he started a few years ago?

    Joshua Sanchez

    It's actually Dancing Alone. Eleanor in Bloom is his side project.

    Arthy 'Lord of the Shlags'

    +TheABomb321 It is

  18. Amada Go

    Yo quiero esta cancion pero no se como descargarla...... :'(

  19. Brian

    Best song ever.

  20. DeadEnd776

    This is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. Excellent, excellent job Alesana

  21. Mimzyy

    Forever my favorite band ^~^
    Also, can anyone tell me where to find the sheet music for this song?? I can't find it anywhere 3:

  22. Evelyn Huang

    Still listening in 2015 :) amazing lyric and voice. so great music !

    Kevin Martinez

    Cool c:

    Shannon Freggie

    This song came out last year

    Manny Rios

    @Shannon Freggie  lol she made it seem like it was old haha

    Pope George Lucas II

    +Shannon Freggie lol

  23. TheABomb321

    20,000 views! <3

  24. Muhammad Gilang

    very sweet voice for shawn,

  25. TysonIsKetchy

    g-d dammit shawn 

  26. Erica Evoy

    Whoever disliked this song is a dick ;-;

  27. Sonaras

    Imma call it 'Goodbye'

  28. Punk Anarchist

    Just found this video now. ._.  Thanks for posting this, mate. Got yourself another sub. c:

  29. Cloud Taylor


  30. Hannah Horton

    When his voice breaks omg


    +Hannah Horton I love his voice. Love that break.

  31. mewmewwolfangel


  32. TheABomb321

    Over 10,00 views?! Fuck me. Thank you so much. c: <3

  33. Karla Orozco

    Shawns voice the lyrics the piano ahhhh I'm happy I've been waiting for alesana to make new music for soooo long  ;o;  

  34. EleventhDawn

    This is so beautiful It's also very sad :'(

  35. SuperBlowpops

    I have ALWAYS loved Alesana,and I ALWAYS will ❤ ❤

  36. Cosmo Naught

    Is it only me or this song just reminds me the story of annabel?

  37. Laura Lee

    Whats the title of this song ? This song is so sad :(

    Raquel Nevarez

    Dancing alone

  38. jeffery peterson

    this song is like alesana- Vestige

  39. jeffery peterson

    im 100 who like this song

    jeffery peterson

    and oh yeah u earn a sub mate tnx for posting this

  40. Eric Johnson

    damn... I thought I finally had all my cousin's songs but now I find this one and its not on iTunes... so disappointed

  41. Lucas Grosso

    I really missed piano songs...

  42. crash979797

    Wait... how do you get to this hidden track?

    Arthy 'Lord of the Shlags'

    The title is "Hidden Track" ^~^

    jeffery peterson

    @The Eleanore Gaming oh k tnx mate

    Arthy 'Lord of the Shlags'

    You're welcome.


    @The Eleanore Gaming iTunes is more convenient that going to a store to buy a CD that may not even be there. Most stores have reduced or even taken out the CD section.


    jeffery peterson title is "dancing alone"

  43. Ruby Rael

    This, is absolutely beautiful, ♥

  44. Josevarocker

    Omg, the lyrics are perfect. The voice of Shawn are perfect. all are perfect. 
    This song ll make's me cry ;_;

  45. Bianca Jade

    Alesanas lyrics are so perfect... Going through a really rough time and this hits so close to home... :'(

  46. Brianna Sanchez

    Shawn's voice....the lyrics....omg...;-;

  47. Marx Vilchez

    Send me the lyrics via mail please :)

  48. Arthy 'Lord of the Shlags'

    This song makes me cry... Just like "Early Mourning" in 'Try This With Your Eyes Closed'... Shawn's voice still perfect...


    Yeah... I love that song... but quite sad. Shawn's voice is still perfect, I must agree. 

  49. Qamarul Ikram

    any idea whats the real name of the song? 

    Edwin Aviles

    For Now We Can Just Leave it as "Hidden Track"

    Lucielle Sky

    @Edwin Aviles That's good enough for me as long as i can listen to it :D

  50. Tales Freire

    you have the lyrics of the rest of the ep?


    Unfortunately no. :/ I just figured out the lyrics to this song because it was quite easy and I love this song. (I'm using my other Youtube account)


    @TheABomb321 Please let us know if you find the lyrics to EP (: thanks for the upload and these lyrics btw, subbed for hope ^^


    @TheGreatLestat When I find them, I shall upload them. c: 


    i wrote them down. here

    Dear love I'm honestly scared
    Your voice is everywhere, are you there?
    Oh I am not ready for this
    There's so much about your love that I miss

    Do you know that I'm lost?
    And you left me here on my own
    Songs live on but I'm dancing alone
    Where is my lullaby?

    Sometimes I forget you're gone
    You are all I have known for so long

    Do you know that I'm lost?
    And you left me here on my own
    Songs live on but I'm dancing alone
    Where is my lullaby?

    It seems so unfair that the sun still shines
    (I'll never let go love but tonight I am saying goodbye)
    That the waves still crash, that the wind still blows
    (I'm closing my eyes)
    I will carry this, what choice do I have?
    (I'll never let go love but tonight I am saying goodbye)
    But without your laugh smiles are meaningless
    (I'm closing my eyes)

    Do you know that I'm lost?
    And you left me here on my own
    Songs live on but I'm dancing alone
    My hand is lost without yours to hold in mine

    And tonight I will say goodbye

  51. Will damian

    I love Alesana

    James McLaren

    They are amazing. c: