Alesana - Heavy Hangs The Albatross Lyrics

I've made up my mind and I will be leaving.
Leaving this cruel, dark world
For the soulless to share.
But first...

Women will shriek and watch their husbands bleed.
Children will cry (children will cry)
And watch their mothers die.
Because tonight (because tonight)
Tonight we all go to hell!

I have to let go of what happened to my love.
I am taking out on everyone else
All the problems I've brought on myself.
When I made your heart melt.
My belle, we soon will meet again.

There's nothing left for me to lose
Except confusion.
I'm finished trying to tell myself this will go away.
There's no one left to talk me down.
My feet are slipping...

One day oh I hope my name doesn't bring back memories.
Of the day that I left her.
Goodbye, so long.
My heart belongs to the one I am chasing after.
For better, or even for worse,
Remember me forever...

Now the only question left is how
To take you all down with me.
The coroner will have his hands full tonight.
That is if he is not among the dead.

Dead will choke the streets with such vulgarity that grown men will weep.
And then you will find the end is drawing night.

There's nothing left for me to lose
Except confusion.
I'm finished trying to tell myself this will go away.
There's no one left to talk me down.
My feet are slipping...

One day oh I hope my name doesn't bring back memories.
Of the day that I left her.
Goodbye, so long.
My heart belongs to the one I am chasing after.
For better, or even for worse,
Remember me...

The dizziness stuns me,
Would someone please distract me?
Can I really get through this?
Can I really betray myself?
For better, for worse, remember forever

(There's sweat on my hands and a knife at my throat.)
The dizziness stuns me,
Would someone please distract me?
(And as the blade bites my skin Annabel appears...)
Can I really get through this?
Can I really betray myself?
For better, for worse, remember forever
(For better, or for worse, remember me forever)

One day oh I hope my name doesn't bring back memories.
Of the day that I left her.
Goodbye, so long.
My heart belongs to the one I am chasing after.
For better, or even for worse,
Remember me forever

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Alesana Heavy Hangs The Albatross Comments
  1. Kirsten Holtz (LHS 17 Alumni)

    Who's Annabelle?

    Michael Roio

    This whole album is based on Edgar Allen Poe's poem Annabelle lee. Think of the songs as chapters. The first song basically tells you what is going on and then every other song shows you the journey into chaos.

    Harvin Rojas

    @Michael Roio Not the whole album :'v

  2. Tierstin Williams

    "One day oh I hope my name doesn't bring back memories of the day that I left her" thanks, Marco.

  3. Aylin A. Torrez

    There is something so hauntingly beautiful about the last line Shawn sings.

  4. cody church

    and now im listening to alesana for the rest of the day

    Maxime VH

    thats how it goes mate, thats how it goes..

    Mary Maioli

    Just continue

  5. Prince Jasper

    When I made your heart melt <3

  6. Tara Leggett

    it's so strange that this song is based upon such a legendary piece of literature, the title 'heavy hangs the albatross' refers to the moral message in samuel taylor coleridge's 'rime of the ancient mariner', the albatross is strung over the mariner's neck, riddling him with guilt, just like the artist's guilt that riddles him for killing annabel. Notice as well that annabel and albatross both begin with an A, I just think it's amazing that one album can have so many heavy references to literature in it, edgar allan poe and samuel taylor coleridge, wow


    Tara Leggett what are you a Lit. major?

    F338L3 1NC4RN4T10N

    Tara Leggett
    Well, thats why I love them :)

  7. crash979797

    Egsited?! Existed*

  8. crash979797

    And guess what that's based off of. Annabel Lee by Edger Allan Poe. All of their albums are based off of different things. The first is based off of Greek Mythology, the second is based after Grimm Brother's tales, the third (this) is based after Annabel Lee and the fourth is based after Dante's Inferno.

  9. crash979797

    My favorite Alesana song :3

  10. Luis Medina

    Your grammar is fucking atrocious. :|

  11. Alice Arisen

    Thank you for being one of few who actually understands this.

  12. Crimmy Wooz


  13. Bunnyluvskittens

    I love Alesana

  14. Wulf Ruff

    Its a bit vice-versa ma'am. They are influenced by literature. But I agree. That is why I love them as well! And I've never needed help to find a reason to pick up a good book. And is it really? Oh man that will be a wondrous album. And it is so much better then what other bands are doing, look at Falling in Reverse if you need proof. Ha, that band is a joke now. Nice to see someone that can head-bang with a brain. You're a odd cookie. Ma'am.

  15. Leeann

    No one is ever interested about literature anymore. One of the biggest reasons why I love Alesana is because of their heavy influences on literature. Listening to them inspires me to read the books their last few albums were influenced by. I'm so excited for the new album because it's based off of A Wrinkle in Time. They are so smart to come at this approach in music.

  16. Wulf Ruff

    To be honest, most kids are doing good to get out of highschool, let alone learn about anything as deep and complex as Poe. I mean, my lifting class was filled with Niki Manaje I think, and fuckin shitty rap. I had to put in headphones for 2 years of lifting. So I understand why these kids don't understand shit anymore. All the get is these cunts that call themselves artist. And get the same education I got my freshman year of highschool.

  17. Leeann

    High five man, hugs, and I love pizza. Thank you. xD

  18. juniel limosnero

    I Like This Song..^_^ Shawn Milke nice wrote...

  19. AlesanaLove BrusnopDawsonMBV

    Am I the only one who thinks this song sounds like a suicide note? 3 Alesana is the fucking best cx

  20. Alice Arisen

    Amen to that.

  21. EmeraldEyesOfThunder

    Hey. Everyone who's arguing. Just fucking look on Wikipedia.

  22. EmeraldEyesOfThunder

    This really does remind me of FrUK. I mean, the artist... The lover... I just... Ah. It's just something about this entire story. ;-;

  23. rayquazaregice900000

    LOL. Good Comment. Yeah that's true. Alesana has some pretty intense music.

  24. rayquazaregice900000

    So what does this mean by in terms of this song? In terms of Edgar Allan Poe?

  25. Sociobid

    Exactly, and guess who wrote that? Alesana.

  26. Host GfBank

    I don't think people notice in how many songs off this album they mention the name Annabel. Either people are stupid and can't put 2 and 2 together, or are just hopelessly ignorant

  27. Daina Sierra

    The emptiness was based on The Emptiness: A Story Told Through The Eyes Of A Sketch Artist

  28. Hallifax Shadowkin

    2:05 - 2:09 most metal line ever

  29. Hallifax Shadowkin

    the same place as the "justin beiber needs to die" button

  30. Matt Jackson

    And guess what they based that story on.

  31. 09oktobar1994

    "And then you will find the end is drawing nigh" not "night"

  32. Leeann

    All of these ignorant comments make me want to shatter your shinbones with a shovel. The Emptiness is inspired by Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, did you read the word "INSPIRED"? Dennis and Shawn wrote the story Alesana wrote the fucking music. They twisted it to their own fucking story with the inspiration of the poem. Alesana writes good music and they have amazing sound. They are talented artists and I love this band. You fucks.

  33. Nellie Garcia

    Why do all of the best lines have to be screams D: I dont know how to scream, only sing ;-;

  34. Alden Fox

    Are you retarded?

  35. yolihouse

    Actually, it is. Hence of the song, Annabel. And the last song of the album, In her tomb by the sounding sea, which is the last line in Annabel Lee. It also says so in their CD. Get informed.

  36. Alexis Hidde

    This album is NOT based off Edgar Allan Poe. Or Annabel Lee. The guys write a short story and the songs are like little interludes that go along with the story!! -.-

  37. bridges

    Kony's my homeboy.

  38. Rebecca Burns

    We are doing poetry at school and I brought in the album and told my teacher to read the story because it's based off Annabel Lee :D

  39. Alex Ryherd

    is anabel someone who really egsited or is she just a character in the story of the album

  40. Bleeding Lisa

    ,,Women will shriek and watch their husbands bleed.." I love this part <3

  41. David Sampler

    hmmmm i should probably be doing homework right now.Hah! Fuck that

  42. Jaimee Wishonn

    i cannot believe you just said that.

  43. a7xmcrislife

    @RJPwner00 no.....not at all....

  44. Drew Makara

    "there's nothing left for me to loose...except confusion. There's no one left to talk me down,my feet are slipping"

  45. Kikyurfacein

    @RJPwner00 whoa dont get slapped cause no he doesn't

  46. ThAtGuYiNaThOnG

    Fuck the "Love" button,I want a "Good Shit" button :3

  47. Aaron Wilson

    @xiDiViNaTiOn "instead of the cross, the Albatross about my necks hung." its quite a good book but i wish it were longer.

  48. FB MarshChello

    this song makes me wanna kill all the guys that ever disrespect the ones i love

  49. Frederico Xavier

    i fuckin loved it *o*

  50. HenryBvB

    love this fucking song to fucking much

  51. JuggaMongy

    @ThatRussianDrunkGuy Just repetitively click the like button, it's bound to appear someday :P

  52. antoinette obsaint

    @cholula222 i kno right do u live in san antonio

  53. HenryBvB

    @MegaSassy112 u so lucky

  54. antoinette obsaint

    Love this song and anybody went to the alesana concert yesterday I know I did

  55. wanwan tutu

    @DarknessFalls096 for me they're the best to combine screamo with something i can't just explain , poetic?emotional?you can't let go of? i dont know but for me they're the best band ive ever heard ,very original and very cool band

  56. wanwan tutu

    I can't just let myself go of this song for this reminds me of my weaknesses

  57. wanwan tutu

    @xiDiViNaTiOn wow thanks for the info!

  58. Avenger57100

    I love this song \m/

  59. PandaMandy

    2:58 to 3:20 reminds me of Alice In Wonderland, idk why but I love it!

  60. Damon Vaters

    its not night its nigh. the end is drawing nigh sorry for being a troll.just putting it out there so you offence intended...

  61. Sayomi Chi

    I feel like I'm melting during this song, but when Shawn says "Remember me forever...." I DO melt.

  62. ジョネーJonét

    @xiDiViNaTiOn Ooooh, thanks for taking the time to explain all that to me. Sounds very interesting. I will look into it another time. Thanks once again.

  63. ジョネーJonét

    what does the title mean?

  64. Margherita

    this is one of the few songs that can give me the chills.

  65. rockemsockemryan

    @MsMaeUzumaki they wrote a book that comes with the emptiness cd. it's all based on a story they wrote that was inspired by edgar allen poe.

  66. Christian Betancourt

    its nigh not night :P

  67. Sifu Roku 火

    @MrChristian778 ohhh thank you!

  68. Christian Betancourt

    @MsMaeUzumaki a fictional charachter in thier story that they based off of the poem Annabel lee by edgar allen poe

  69. Sifu Roku 火

    I just started listening to Alesana (sadly), and I've wondered... there are a lot of references to Annabel, and there's even a song called Annabel... well, who is she?

  70. stickmaster546

    this song is simply a masterpiece...brings tears to my eyes

  71. Marissa w

    @heavymetalhead366 everyone has their likes and dislikes. -_-

  72. guitargurl007

    @killaincali google their album, they explain the story :o or jus buy the album and read the book thingy :P

  73. ThatRussianDrunkGuy

    where the hell is the "i fucking love this" button?

  74. Gina Annichiarico


    Colorado Cornbread

    Gina Annichiarico children will **cry** and watch thier mother's die

  75. shawarmas

    according to wikipedia, this is related to The Rime of The Ancient Mariner?
    Think it's only because 'Albatross' is mentioned.

  76. TheNeo1992

    0:26 - 0:44 pure fucking epicness

  77. Dsylxeic Gaming

    is lyrical genius

  78. 2898paula

    This is beautiful.... Alesana, you never disappoint me!

  79. Stephen Kent

    "me" Mom can i go kill 0 people? "Mom" Sure why not have fun" :)

  80. skylarfied97

    this is my status on....EVERYTHING!!! my MSN name is "There's sweat on my hands and a knife at my throat. And as the blade bites my skin, Annabel appears", my personal message is "Women Will Shriek and Watch Their Husbands Bleed. Children Will Cry and Watch Their Mothers Die." and the chorus is my FB status!!!! <3 i LOVE Alesana

  81. James Roose

    @AgowTisro lucky
    i love this band and im the only one in my damn school that actually knows about them T_T. i want your school!

  82. Rakista Hardkor

    My heart belongs to the one I am chasing after.
    For better or even for worse..Remember me forever..+

  83. Devon Hickle

    First time hearing Alesana after hearing every scene kid in my school talk about them.. And I'm a little unimpressed. I think I would enjoy this a bit more if the screaming didn't sound like it does. However, the lyrics are great, which is rare nowadays.

  84. Kano Bogdan

    @LADYWICKED11 The Emptiness. Their new album.

  85. Lily C

    alesana why are you asking me why we're all going to hell? you're the one who said so! XDD that's what I was gonna ask you because I'd rather not. Their food is too plain.

  86. DragonofLyoko

    @LADYWICKED11 the emptiness great album btw!


    what album is this song from?

  88. Kole Maravilla

    It's easy to be gruesome and brutal but few outside of Alesana can be gruesome and beautiful.

  89. rustypasta

    @LuGiAdriel14 I know right!!! I was like " O_O !!!"

  90. LuGiAdriel14

    0:25-0:48 sick!

  91. Dalton White

    whats the name of the font you use?