Alesana - Fatal Optimist Lyrics

I miss counting the stars
And I miss the way you kiss me
I miss the way you touch me
I miss calling you mine
Baby you know who I am
And there’s nobody I’d rather dance with in the moonlight
I just want to go back

I fear the emptiness will swallow me whole
This is my confession

I am no hero and I’m not a saint
I can’t save the world
and I never asked for this
In your eyes I see the questions I don’t have the answers for
Arise suspicious minds

You told yourself I was pure, certain that I would save you
But if it crosses your mind that I was saving myself
Remind yourself that I’m dangerous!
Maybe I’m not as honest as it seems, a siren dressed in silk
Maybe I’m just selling a lie, a villain in disguise

I fear the emptiness will swallow me whole
This is my confession

I am no hero and I’m not a saint
I can’t save the world
and I never asked for this
In your eyes I see the questions I don’t have the answers for
Arise suspicious minds

I don’t know if I’m praying, I don’t know if I’m begging
But I have to believe that someone, something out there can hear me
I have to know that there is a chance
I have to believe that I might escape this hell
I fear I’ve lost myself and I don’t know the way back
the way back to what I once was
Am I Fatima? Am I Rusalka? Or am I just me? Sweet, innocent Annabel.

Star crossed lovers in strife embracing on a battlefield
Giving in to the fight, changing at the speed of light
Time to move on to another night
Time to move on to another fight

I fear the emptiness will swallow me whole
This is my confession

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Alesana Fatal Optimist Comments
  1. Jairu Senpai

    Takes back memories from 3 years ago

  2. Rizky Darmawan

    3:00 eargasm

  3. Mrk Belkcbs

    Más videos así:c


    I bought t-shirts from my local graffiti store and name of this song and group was on it i decide to search it and now its my favorite songs and groups even if i dont know much about them

  5. 》Foxx Domination《

    This is my Uncle. I`m so proud that he has all these fans! <3

  6. Cat Garin

    2018 😍💝

  7. TheLazy One

    the most catchiest song in their confession album

  8. her alenk

    i am from indonesia . alesana the good band screamo . shawn mieke your voice veerryy good

  9. Hudiya Rosyadi


  10. RexorCall Skyline

    It blow my mind how consistently good this band is... No album or song that is suck. Listening to them for nearly a decade now. They still killing it!

  11. Wayne Hemming

    whoever did the unclean vocals for this song did a great job, i loved how he made it quiet enough to go along with the clean vocals and not fuck it up, lovely job~! ^^

    Keith Marsh

    That's called production. But Shawn and Dennis are both some of the best vocalists in the scene

  12. Marcixchu Marcixchu

    Best Song without a doubt

  13. Axl Vadze

    Did anybody else notice they used a 3D model of Dolly from Toy Story 3 when it goes "I can't save the world?" I just noticed it and I began laughing so hard. XD

  14. jared dion

    my favorite part of the song is the narration so awesome

  15. Mei Chip

    I have this song as my alarm because i know I'm always going to sing it

  16. Ghost


  17. Isabelita Santos

    Proud to say I've been a fan since the beginning <3

  18. Parekoy Poyix

    Awesome lyrics


  19. Melody Everheart


  20. A little razzle dazzle

    Sooooo good.

  21. butt

    story of my life

  22. Hima

    honestly it just describe so perfectly how it was with my this song was made for me, but of course it doesnt

  23. grr Devine

    I think this is the only song I like from this album...

  24. Alex Red

    I love this song God damn. And as a 3D artist I'm really appreciating the lyric video.

    Alesana has always been a favourite band of mine, but I haven't heard their recent stuff since The Emptiness until now. I've been missing out

  25. patrick poole


  26. Hannah Escobar

    Best sing

  27. Aaryan Ali

    This is the first song I have heard from Alesana and now I have found another band which I love!

  28. Cameron Jones

    who is annabel?

    Harper Josh

    Cameron Jones "The Thespian"

  29. DDD TTT

    Мурашке и какашке по коже

  30. Bel Vermillion

    Alesana's the VERY FIRST Post-Hardcore/Metal band that I listened when i was just at the age of 13 and the song is this conversation is over and i fucking love it til now that's why i still love alesana and this band is a part of my life
    Confessions album is fuckingly awesome, i hope the band will make more fucking great songs


    soon my friend!

  31. Courtney Kreag

    haven't listened to these guys in a long while.I honestly figured they sucked now like most good screamo bands from the early 2000s but Damn was I wrong. still fuckin killin it


    Why thank you! We appreciate it!

  32. Arey Hernandez

    this is a good song!! long time i did not listen to Alesana, when i was in university, lets check another song 😃🤘🤘🎸

  33. Kjirsten Nord

    who does the clean vocals? I just recently got into them so I don't know what memebers do what


    Shawn Milke

    Keith Marsh

    He and his sister did a side project called "Tempting Paris" if you like his vocals. I highly recommend listening to it,

  34. Seize IMmUnITy

    Remind yourself Im DANGEROUSSSSSSS <3

  35. Ray Getard

    1:22 I swear it was "you throw yourself while I watch"

  36. Jairu Senpai

    first comment in february <3 btw this is my 2nd fav in the confessions album. i like the through the eyes of uriel more

  37. da game lord

    what did Anebell come from its been a name used in so many songs but where did it come from that made them want to use it

    Ray Getard

    Tim Clemons Shawn Milke's (lead singer) sister to be precise

    Brent Rounsville

    da game lord they based the first album, the Emptiness, on Edgar Allan Poe stories. Annabel Lee is a character in one of his and they included to add her as one of the main characters in theirs.

    Khaleeda Lee

    Their songs are inspired by Edgar Allan Poe poem, Annabell Lee. In the poem, Annabell was killed by the angels bcs they're envied of the love between her and the poem's main persona (The Artist). You should try listening to Poe's Annabell Lee and come back to all Alesana's songs. They're so beautifully written and being well-referenced to. Best band ever :')

  38. Alexandra Castillo

    I love this band is my favorite <3 I love it! their songs is awesome

  39. Micah Watson

    Is this a continuation of the emptiness??

    Ray Getard

    Well, this album is a continuation of A place where the sun is silent album. And a place where the sun is silent is a continuation of The emptiness. So... it kinda is

    Khi Onda

    Micah Watson yes

  40. Murasakibara Atsushi

    I read optimistic Hispanic, I don't know why...

  41. Kevin Bernal

    haters hijos de puta

  42. roy khau

    these guys have such a steampunk sound, they should really go for that image

  43. Rafael Boniatti

    alesaaana <>3


    Rafael Boniatti those lyrics tho. 👌👌

  44. Dave G

    this is literally my life

  45. Alesana218


  46. Ikhsan M

    I fear the emptiness...
    Will swallow me whole
    This is my confession!

  47. Aleejandra Ávalos


  48. JuniperSk8s

    That Annabel part gave me chills 😭 it reminded me of their older song !! Omg I'm so happy they are back ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Denis Macias


  50. Zorroak Cycles

    Sweet innicent annabelle holy fuuuuuuck!!!!

  51. Zorroak Cycles

    Sweet innicent annabelle holy fuuuuuuck!!!!

  52. akulahirpada1993

    Man this looks expensive XD

  53. Geek&Nerd House

    "fear the emptiness" what a punny pun

  54. Luke Phantomhive

    Man, as a big fan of Alesana, imagine if they do a Series based of the Annabel Trilogy and the name of the episodes are the name of the songs of the 3 albuns of this trilogy: The Emptiness, A Place Where The Sun Is Silent and Confessions, the actor that represent The Artist is Shawn, The Thespian is Dennis and Annabel is Shawn´s Wife. If they read this and actualy think of doing this i will love it. S2 Shawn and Mike.

    KenniBoii 19

    They are, there's an album coming out called Annabel

    I'm in Love With My Car

    Mano Markes #ContenteTv Finalmente um Br mano

    Luke Phantomhive


  55. Epiphany Maxx

    Back to emo time hahahahah ! fuck

  56. Halg

    alesana is back motherfuckers❤❤❤❤

  57. jose marte

    muy buen adelanto, que mal que no tenga difuncion

  58. Jesus Garza

    I can tell this is the same studio that made the video for Me Myself & Hyde by Ice Nine Kills. Very similar style. Not that it's a bad thing, just can help but be reminded of that lyric cideo

  59. Anne C.

    Where do I begin to find out what the stories of "Annabel" are? I want to hear the rest.

    Rodrigo Melena

    the emptiness :D

    Lorri Salmon

    Listen the the entire the emptiness album. Read the story that goes with it, also. You HAVE to read the short story

    Anne C.

    I'm really interested and I've got to search for the short story on Google!

    Lorri Salmon

    +Anne C. the story is so great and you can tell they spent forever perfecting the album because it's flawless

  60. Calvin's Ass

    Ahh this is a great song!!
    I love Alesana, you guys are such a great band!

    Monder Hafdi

    but you need a chin

  61. Renegade Kills

    my favorite song out of the confessions album more like this is sure gonna explode keep it up

  62. Levon777614

    leave it to alesana to not change. I love this band.

  63. Rosa Arnache

    Tengo miedo a que el vacío me trague entero, y esta es mi confesion.

  64. Ultra_Patate

    Didi :3


    toi aussi :)

  65. Anne C.

    I didn't intentionally go on this video, but I'm fucking happy that I did!! This is awesome. :)

    wallace Silva

    Did not you know them?

    Anne C.

    No, I knew them, just not their latest stuff.

    LeeAnne Whipple

    Anne C.

  66. jared peña

    cuando sale el libro de confesiones? D:

  67. Skimevo longboarding longboarding

    best yet ever!

  68. Screamox02

    Excelente Canción, Saludos desde Colombia...

  69. Nacho Rodriguez

    No paro de escuchar este album desde que salio.

  70. Muhamad Ryan Efendi

    Official Live HD please

  71. Jae Melancholy

    This suits Finn from Star Wars.

  72. Rebeka Cvetnarov

    <3 <3 <3



  74. renan campos fagundes

    são ótimos

  75. Ghost Leash

    ASDF##(%^#[email protected]$#&)*

  76. Joseph Ángel Johnson Glen

    Ya Hacen Falta En México 😭
    ¡Ya Regresen!


    Estarán en el Knotfest :v

    Joseph Ángel Johnson Glen

    +Jesús Néstor ¿cuando es ?


    @Angel Allen Malto deja veo papu

    otaku gamer

    el 15 de otubre en m exico toluca en el teatro nose


    ¿qué estás esperando idiota?, ¡ve! >:v

  77. Grunge Dave

    I love it....!
    *I miss counting the stars,..
    This is my confession too...!!

  78. Jesus de nazaretx

    hagan ésas canciones en español que alguna ves prometieront


    Las disqueras nunca los dejarán :'v

    Abraham Oliva

    +Jesús Néstor El presidente de Revival Recordings es Shawn Milke, así que si de verdad quieren lo hacen.

    Danox Ríos

    explicarme porque :(


    +Abraham Oliva pues ahi te equivocas, la disquera no los dejo hacer la canción en español por el tema de ventas, las disqueras solo ven el tema de las ventas, y como Shawn es dueño de revival recordings desafortunadamente también tiene que pensar asi, pues el hacerlo asi sin mas seria un gran desperdicio de dinero para su disquera, asi que no tiene que ver con que ellos quieran o no hacerlo, el problema es que no pueden por la misma razón; dinero xd

  79. ジョーイJoey

    I wanna sing with Dennis :C


    @Nancy Flower i want learn portugues, and in Colombia we have 0 screamers XD but maybe there are bands that speak in spanish and sing post-hardcore, but i dont find, because i don't like the songs in spanish.


    +Nicoll de MG how you dont like spanish song? '-'


    @Nancy Flower i don't know why


    @Nicoll de MG​ you know Upon This Dawning?


    @Nancy Flower no, what is your favorite song of Alesana?

  80. Edgar Castillo

    quisiera que hicieran un vídeo oficial de esta canción, me encanta eue


    Wey no mames, por eso sacaron primera y segunda parte de Comedy of errors, como resumen de Confessions :v

    Edgar Castillo

    a la verga yo quiero video de fatal optimist :,V


    @Edgar Castillo pos te chingas, dile eso a la disquera :v

  81. Aylin A. Torrez

    This is like the best thing ever.

  82. Farhyda Milke

    Me encanta esta cancion xD


    en fin, ya mero sale el libro de Confessions ouo

    Farhyda Milke

    @Jesús Néstor Si no puedo creerlo, ojala no decepcionen xD tenemos que leerlo xD


    no creo que nos decepcionen, ojalá llegue a México

    Farhyda Milke

    @Jesús Néstor y a nicaragua xD


    @Farhyda Milke esperemos :'v

  83. claudia vega castro

    muy buena ❤ come to chile

  84. Devil In Alon

    Buen video.

  85. Abriil RoNa

    wow *^*

  86. Cam Cam

    I fear the emptiness <3

  87. Dahiana Morales.

    COME TO COLOMBIA please ♥ i loved Alesana UwU asdgñldnz está genial, me encanta :3

    Erick Mitch

    cartagena :D

    Erick Mitch

    +Nicoll de MG vecina mia xD


    @Erick Mitch XD Yo fui a Cartagena, a la playa. No me eche bloqueador sola y ahora no pienso volver a la playa.

    Dahiana Morales.

    @Nicoll de MG me pasò lo mismo JAJAJAJAJAJAJA aunque Cartagena es genial :3


    @Dahiana Morales Arbelaez No sé pero no vuelvo a la playa, te quemas mucho y te duele muchisimo, además para que, la playa es aburrida

  88. Yacel Crump

    is Perfect ♥

  89. Byoga Daikasemi Gore

    Simply beautiful, I love all the songs of them.

  90. Marco Antonio López Ramírez

    Los mejores!

  91. Haris Zul

    My favourite song in the Confessions album :3

    Cam Cam

    Same :'3