Alesana - Early Mourning Lyrics

Last night I forgot
How the sound of your voice whispered sweet
Your eyes, left to die
I'm alone to understand why

Why not one more night?
One last kiss goodbye?
My sweet love tonight
I hope the stars
Still spell out your name
Where you are...

Kiss my closing eyes
Help me sleep
Without you I'm so lost
Tonight I cry
Tell me why
I can't live without your warm embrace

Why not one more night?
One last kiss goodbye?
My sweet love tonight
I hope the stars still
Spell out your name
Where you are...

I close my eyes and you are everything I see

Goodbye to you my love
I won't forget you
I'll see you soon
Goodbye my love
Goodbye to you my love
I won't forget you
Let me live

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Alesana Early Mourning Comments
  1. Ani Joy

    When I was twelve my best friend the love of my life was murdered in cold blood. I used to play this song on repeat, flash forward almost 8 years later and I’m still here playing this song. I wanted to go be with him, I don’t even know what’s real anymore or why I’m alive still. I’m so empty without the love of my life.

  2. Tormented Soul

    ASMR for a sleep? Haha ok no ❤️😂

  3. Fruitster

    I recall going on a gore site and seeing this Indian man found hung. He left a note and someone in the comments took the liberty of translating. It mention how he could not go on in life without his wife and may his family forgive his trip to the stars. That last part really stuck with me. Everytime I listen to this song, I think of this stranger on the other side of the world who took his life... Sometimes I shed a tear or two.

  4. Nathaniel Lopez

    This is to my sweet love sam... we all have one, that we regret not loving hard enough.. or not knowing how to love.

  5. Tragic Hero Records


  6. Cápsula del Tiempo

    Saved me in junior high school 🤟🏽

  7. Dwiki Sendy Ruhimat

    this song was describe me at all... i wish heaven have a visit hour, so i can see you there even just for a moment, my love..... i miss you so, wait for me there!

  8. bluxkyrxngxrx _

    Last night I forgot
    How the sound of your voice whispered sweet goodbyes
    Your eyes, left to die
    I'm alone to understand why
    Why not one more night?
    One last kiss goodbye?
    Me sweet love, tonight
    I hope the stars still spell out your name where you are
    Kiss my closing eyes
    Help me sleep, without you I'm so lost
    And tonight, I cry, tell me why
    I can't live without your warm embrace
    Why not one more night?
    One last kiss goodbye?
    My sweet love, tonight
    I hope the stars still spell out your name where you are
    I close my eyes and you are everything I see... Goodbye...
    Goodbye to you my love
    I won't forget you
    I'll see you soon
    Goodbye my love
    Goodbye to you my love
    I won't forget you
    Bye bye, love

  9. panji prasetyo

    Lagu gua zaman sekolah kereeeeen ...

  10. zöbä zebe

    Miss u dad , sister, cousin and long Lost love.

  11. Dave Pacia

    this is so much better than the on frail wings of vanity and wax version.

  12. Jorge Augusto Escalante Matias

    Amo esta cancion ♡

  13. Vince Serna

    for my grandpa who past away last feb 02

  14. Maxsonlly Moucy

    11 years i still hear this song!!!!!! Since i was 14 ys

  15. Gilo 1619

    2018 💕

  16. Evan Warden

    Havent listened to this in sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

    Tragic Hero Records


    Evan Warden

    I'm back for seconds haha @tragicherorecords

    Tragic Hero Records

    @Evan Warden ❤️

  17. Justin Moreno

    I always end up coming back here. I'm just one of the ranks of the eternally sad. It seems like something always comes along to crush me. Now i have a daughter and family, that is the difference. But THIS, music is my soul.

  18. Life with mae mae

    Brings back so many GOOD memories, probably the best years till now

  19. Danny __

    I broke up with my ex 'cause I thought that she wasn't the right girl for me, but only after 6 months and a little relation with another girl I understand that it was an error to leave her only now, is too late.. I think to her everyday, everynight.. I miss her so bad.. I spoke with her and she don't want me anymore.. she like another guy..
    I love you M, you're my all.

  20. Toasty BaconBoi

    I was with my girlfriend for 7 years. We went to the park to celebrate our love when she was savagely attacked by a rabid shark and died instantly. It’s been 50 years now and I cry every time I see finding Nemo memes :( we dedicated this song to each other before the shark bit her head off. Clarissa, I love you forever

  21. ZexionVI

    i know this song was about his friend who died from a drug overdose but i just lost my cat that was seriously my bestfriend and it reminds me of him.. its prolly weird but he was seriously like my own child. i never love anyone or anything as much as him.. RIP Sai

  22. Wiggle

    So good

  23. Manuel Ayón


  24. dulce soto

    i loved this song!!


    Extraño tener sentimientos...cuando todo era felicidad y no lo sabia

  26. Tamara Barillaro


  27. moe, ,

    Alesana has always been my band since the beginning. They have helped me cope with feelings and thoughts. I would like to dedicate this song to the thing that I have lost in my life, my happiness.👌❤


    Always be my fav song.

  29. Undying Torture

    Its 17 Yrs ago now..since we first met,our first dance,our first Night together..i hope the Stars spell out your Name..where you sweet one and only love...i cant find happyness since the Day you died...because my love and joy died with you. Julia i still love you where ever you are..i promised you back then i will never love a Girl again..and see i hold my Promise...i dying alone and hopefully we met again soon in the bright only love

    Anie Joy

    Undying Torture i relate..

  30. Uno Carb

    Trini Lopez brought me here!

  31. Toxologie II

    omg so cuuute I remember I met a boy one day (back in the emo time :D) he dedicated this song to me after a while bcs he seemed to have feelings for me. I told him that i was straight lol but i huged him bcs i found this so cute <33:)

  32. alonso zuniga

    playing this song after my girlfriend broke up with me :(


    Hope you're doing well bro

    alonso Zuniga

    @Jack i am i already moved on so i'm good now

  33. zöbä zebe

    i see face

  34. Sebastian Lar. 【ViolinxBass】

    Hello darkness, my old friend...


    i've come to talk with you again

  35. Trini J.G

    this song always makes me cry

  36. megan torres

    This version is better than the On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax version <3.

    Piper Fournier

    So true, this version is absolutely beautiful.

    Juan Humberto Gómez Quiroz

    Try This With Your Eyes Closed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax & When Myths Fade To Legends

  37. Marwen Titouh

    i miss the days when i used to have feelings and emotions

    Nathan Serna

    same here, I used to cry to this song...I'm 21 now and I heard this song when I was 13

  38. Thiago Machado

    "I close my eyes and you are everything I see".

  39. Holde Mdown

    8 years later and this song still hits me in the feels

  40. Gui Radke

    i hope to stars, what your name

  41. Tyler Geer

    10 years since I seen alesana live working at the old music venue in Joplin Missouri. holy shit it feels like a lifetime ago? a dream? hmm

  42. Great Dragon

    I dedicate this to my ex who thought i was cheating on her when she was the only person i really actually liked. just going to say bye bye so i dont have this pain anymore

  43. Kvzjx2

    I love all kinds of music.

  44. AbztraK

    What is Shawn Mike's voice type range in this song? Soprano or baritone?

    Joseph Hill

    +MariosGuy uhm i think its soprano. i don't think his voice is that deep to be baritone. but i may be wrong.


    tenor is what you're looking for. just the upper ranges. some notes are very nasal head voice type falsetto.

  45. 尹口


  46. Shiro Kurai

    Haven't heard this song for 4 years. Still knowing the lyrics. Still loving the song.

  47. Anything Channel

    i miss my secret love. shes gone and i iddnt tell her what i feel

    Petros Gabriel

    Oh man, i'm so sorry. I hope you can move on despite this.

    Chad Phillips

    Damn thats sucks for you bub you shoulda been more Emo and more open about yourself and how you feel.. roflmfao at marwen titouh

    JLN Music

    Belfran Days dude i'm going to cry

  48. Jonathan Ebling

    Hey Tragic Hero, lyrics mate?

  49. Princess Mamuad

    I want to cry because of this song its for my sister i did not hug her when she was leaving the philipines


    @Princess Mamuad Nasa huli ang pagsisisi, Wag ka mag-alala nasa heaven na sya ngaun :'(


    Princess Mamuad Philipino ikaw? Ako din akala ko Ako Lang dito


    pilili mak hug abivi macly

  50. 666 Pathological_Metalhead 666

    I dedicate this song to my dead goldfish bob I miss him so much ❤️💔

    RIP Bob

    jake Agnelly

    that's sad

    Dylan Hough

    RIP Bob. You will be missed by all. You Are in a much better place

    Jalen Williams

    Rip bob


    rip bob

  51. Shannon Freggie

    Drugs are dream killers

  52. Aiden Martinez

    I deddicate this song to my ex girlfriend the last night of her life, she died for heart problems, it's so sad to me play again this song, but i still plying again, & again, & again...


    i feel you bro


    +Aiden Martinez hope things are well

    Anie Joy

    My boyfriend was murdered. Can we talk? Hmu @ani_is_a_dinosaur on Instagram.

    Dwiki Sendy Ruhimat

    i feel you mate...

  53. Benja Alvarado

    muy buena cancion alesana igual a las demas
    son un grupo genial


    nunca te leeran :v

  54. nikki joy cortes

    i miss my brad with this song :(

    666 Pathological_Metalhead 666

    It's okay just drink milk and watch breaking bad and you'll be okay that's what I do :)

    nikki joy cortes

    really? but i don't drink milk :)

  55. Malevolent Ruler

    This song is perfect.

  56. seloy2008

    I want to dedicate this song to all 44 Philippine Police men Special Action Force   who were killed in their mission #Fallen44  

  57. Jorge Viaña

    Hey guys, I'm from Colombia. Good job.

  58. recklentless

    i can't live without your warm embrace. ♡


    @Chris Sauter xD Probably the vagina because it's a sad, sappy song like a girl on her period xD

  59. Jenny Perez

    Alesana <3

  60. Joaquín Arriaga

    Siempre cuando escucho esta canción, me dan ganas de recordar cosas tristes ;_; , las notas son muy melancólicas.

  61. ElMcPortador

    I love this sound <3

  62. teoluke johark

    WOW.... it makes me cry...

  63. Vashele

    It's sad how almost every comment is either about 1: Someone who died, 2: Someone who killed themselves, 3: Someone telling someone else to f*** themselves.

    It's not like they WORKED on the song or anything, I mean, they ONLY made it to make you feel bad about yourself. And my sarcasm is killing me.

    Sheesh, appreciate the music, don't make it a reason to insult someone.


    Lick my left testicle


    LMAO you got butthurt off a comment i posted a week ago take your ass on somewhere


    Hey YungBeezy51.

    You have a mother. And you just said that.

    ... Wow.


    @Keaton Kitsune I'll finger your bootyhole


    This is scary.


    Really scary.

  64. Jonathan Mtz

    I cried

  65. Laniya Anderson

    Crying :'(

  66. Adam Sauer

    I saw Alesana live a few years ago and Shawn played this as the encore song, and the band came in at the end. Before it began, he explained that this song was about his best friend who died from a drug overdose. He said "drugs are dream killers" right before he started the song. 

    Shawn Plummer

    damn that sucks

  67. hapki9

    This song is dedicated to my friend Jimmy Argueta. I miss you so much, Jimmy. You were taken from us too soon. You didn't deserve to die, but only the good die young. Every show we went will be a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks for being my friend. R.I.P Jimmy K. Argueta I love and miss you, brother 9/30/1991-2/23/2014 

    cyn lasos

    We have the same birthday:) r.i.p♡


    thanks <3


    rest in peace ♡


    @ambahhh ♡ Thanks <3


    @hapki9 No problem ♡

  68. Victor Cuevas

    Como quisiera conoserlos en persona

  69. Roastedtaco

    So reading the comments, did anyone else see the one of the girl that watched her boyfriend kill himself over Skype? Tha fuck

  70. Vivi Mo

    love it ♥

  71. Dominique Duenas

    This was my loves angel song I sang at his funeral :'( I miss him so much why did he have to leave me I need him here I can't keep doing this on my own..... I love you forever ill see you soon
    Angel Lopez


    just remember, only the good die young. i believe that even if we dont know why, theres a beautiful reason behind death. 


    I hope you're doing well, Dominique.

    jonathan zeon

    Damn my neighbor who use to be my best friend was named angel Lopez but he's older than me and I'm 21 (born in 98)

  72. HUNskitzZER

    Old :D ... But gold :)

  73. EvilCrumpet

    Beautiful song.. but I probably shouldn't have listened to it while i was already upset. 

  74. Mark Derrick

    My dad fucked fucked to this song

    shinji ikari

    oh my god XD

  75. johnnyjohnryan12

    Really?! holyshit dude that's fucked man. SORRY for ur lost I lost my gf 7 years ago we were barely leaving Jr high...

  76. Tania Alejandra

    Remenbers ♡♡♡♡ *.* SO CUTE

  77. Hernan Castillo

    Was needed you to share with us how he died? Im sorry for your loss but damn.

  78. braian andres marin berrio


  79. Jule La

    This song was the song me and my first boyfriend danced to... Also our break up song.

  80. Nikkie Madness

    i will always have love for this band brings back alot when i was in high school

  81. Lucas Grosso

    I close my eyes and you are everything I see...

    Fuck, I miss her so bad...
    Can't get over it...

    Anie Joy

    Lucas Grosso i understand your pain

  82. Geer Corex

    te extraño (L) T.T

  83. Collin Boelmann

    u are sure he dont cheat on you?

  84. Dani Marie

    This is so perfect

  85. Fabian Toxxic

    omg i haven't heard this song in the longest time

  86. sergiopena93

    Anai :'(

  87. Living Ghost

    The ending kills me ;(

    I close my eyes and you are everything I see

    Goodbye to you my love
    I won't forget you
    I'll see you soon
    Goodbye my love
    Goodbye to you my love
    I won't forget you
    Let me live

  88. enter name here

    :'( you can hear the sadness in his voice.. Breaks my heart every time I listen to this song..

  89. Nick Bolton

    what is the album cover suppose to be? -__-

    Juan Humberto Gómez Quiroz

    It's another album cover on this one dude because is the 2008 version, anyway, it's a broken heart drawn like a stain of blood or something like that. The original album cover is about an emo girl looking down in front on a mirror and it has the same stained broken heart placed on a corner of the album 😉

  90. Alfred Rojas

    I love this song :'3 :'(

  91. amy rose

    Iya betul :')

  92. Andita Anggrainy

    lagunya bikin nangis :'(

  93. Marisol Flores

    Heres to you Ronnie /3

  94. Bon Joviee

    Forever one of my favorite bands and songs. This has such a powerful meaning to me, and it makes me cry :'(