Alesana - Comedy Of Errors Lyrics

I’ve been here before am I losing my mind?
Look at me, tell me I’m crazy
We’re in danger
Follow me and you’ll see things are not what they seem
Take my hand or don’t you trust me?
We are in danger and I’m the one to blame

At the edge of man’s reason there exist designs to escape reality
The tesseract calls to me
Cosmic strings shall be mine to pull
Failure met by failure
Try again! Try again!
Still she calls to me...

Can I hold you closer and drown in your dreams?
I promise fantasies can be more than words that we have buried alive
The nightmare is real still I pray and beg for more
I’m never closing my eyes
Forever one with the night

Hush sweet baby don’t say a word
I’m ignoring destiny for reasons I can’t tell you
We try to fool our minds
How long do we wait for salvation?
Is it a sin to wonder?
Get off your knees!

Failure met by failure
Try again! Try again!
She’s insane!
Can I hold you closer and drown in your dreams?
I promise fantasies can be more than words that we have buried alive
The nightmare is real still I pray and beg for more
I’m never closing my eyes
Forever one with the night

Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can you hear me? Someone’s talking
Can you see me? Someone’s watching

Delusions of grandeur, where the hell am I? Save me from myself!
‘cause I can no longer play this morbid game
Just when I thought it was over, here we go!
Galaxies welcome me inside!

I’m insane!
Oh the horror! Oh the panic!
Paranoid and deranged! I am a God!
Psychotic and ashamed! Why! Why!

Can you hear me? Can you see me?
Can I hold you closer and drown in your dreams?
I promise fantasies can be more than words that we have buried alive
The nightmare is real still I pray and beg for more
I’m never closing my eyes
Forever one with the night
I’m never closing my eyes
Forever one with the night

It was a dark and stormy night...
I’ve traveled near and far, raced with all the stars
now alone I’ll be, subtle tragedy
If I had one more chance to just explore
I would take your hand and do it all again

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Alesana Comedy Of Errors Comments
  1. i rock

    Alessana die hard fan here from phillipines💜

  2. setia adi prayoga

    Im listening to this song in 2019, who else?

  3. Yimo Obrigon

    Alesana is so creative to do this lyrics of a song just like a claasic painting of art

  4. Fabio Blesst

    Someone in 2019?

  5. Lixo

    emo 2016.

  6. bacon macon

    discovered this song because they played this song on their instagram

  7. Dick Tiny

    When i think of post hardcore, the only thing in my mind is alesana

  8. Edjane Alves


  9. Crazy Ally

    I'm so happy I looked them up to see if they came out with new music... I always loved this band... still amazing like always

  10. Mandak strOmp

    4:10 cant resist


    Mandak strOmp ohhh yeahhhh

  11. DeShawn Smith

    I have heard every song on every album from Alesana/ Acdc/ Blink 182

  12. Leroy Najatahn

    I'm throwing back to my "emo phase" days here XD.


    Leroy Najatahn phase? I still am emo haha I just am more... adult.

  13. Hydro Drop

    Trying to find more bands like ice nine kills. Did I come to the right place?

  14. Ever Gomez

    Esta canción Me encanta y salío en mi cumpleaños Amo A ALESANA

  15. Courtney Kreag

    🖤 dat voice doe

  16. Mauricio Zamora Devia

    Weones bacanes les chupo la <3

  17. Lana Crowley

    4:10 Bitch, I came!

  18. James Dareck Dumo


    Justin Horodeck

    Well that sounds forced and cliche

    Alex De La Cruz

    emos are gay, so much cringe. Emos more like people who need attention

  19. Red3f1ned

    Does this song remind anyone else of bloodborne? I mean holy sh*t.

  20. Monder Hafdi

    im in the mood for some music similar to this part 5:57

  21. Fernando Urtubey

    alesana son muy buenos ídolos

  22. KenniBoii 19

    To the people saying they've never heard anything like 4:10 from Alesana have obviously never heard the beginning of Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time...

    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    Okay? What's your point? That people are stupid for not exploring the depths of the abyss before appreciating something they found on the surface?

    ouija bored

    idk man that song isnt really as heavy as this song. like that was a breakdown at 4:10 and it was great. Alchemy Sounded Good At the Time is still something i'd consider post-hardcore, this is basically metalcore

    KenniBoii 19

    +Darkstar 暗スター Well i'm not saying that entire song is related to this, i'm jusy saying that one part here that everyones talking about and saying how crazy it is or like it's something new from Dennis, when in Alchemy Sounded Good at the Time has much heavier growls in it, but they are both definitely rad songs and I love them both haha 👌

    ouija bored

    oh yeah i see what you mean, it should also be expected he'd improve so much over the years as well.

    Keith Marsh

    Dennis had a deathcore side project called "Child of the Jackyl". He's vocals have always been on the brink of deathcore honestly

  23. Coregirl

    Dat voice ❤❤

  24. rapmon

    holy fuck!

  25. Musical Lifestyle

    This is gold

  26. IDK IDC

    Roll up a joint won that shit. Get fucking rekt Jeremy aXd


    Do u pronounce alesana like Alice Ana or ale sana? Idk how to pronounce it

    Gideon Ide

    it's not a dumb question.


    Tbh I pronounce it like Aleh-Saw-nuh

    Garrett Underwood

    alice-anna. they even say that in an interview. i used to call them ale-sauna for a long time

    Dave G

    +Robviolli same

    Noel Cervantes

    many people say aw-le-saw-nuh but in an interview they said the correct way is Alice Anna

  28. DEATH Url

    <3 Alesana Forever <3 Brasil ^__^

  29. Metalcore

    That breakdown tho


    Lets talk alesana

    A Wet Tombstone POV

    Can we like, keep the peace and love. <3

    Jairu Senpai



    Why so serious? We're just being sarcastic

  30. Piper Fournier

    Lol I just found out how to change the speed!! One of the greatest things to happen in my life so far.

  31. xxGOKUxx

    the people who disliked have baby dicks or strected out vaginas beyond medical help


    Are you trying to tell us you disliked this?


    +its monsta! no bruh

    Emopro Burrito

    skip2175 or they have different taste because you know, not everyone likes the same thing.

  32. Kookie Yoon

    sere sincera no se q dice la cancion pero me encanta esta bien cool con esta cancion me desahoga :-D

    Dahiana Morales.

    jajajaja busca alguna traducciòn :v

  33. UnderAge Moto

    Shortyona636 brought me here

  34. Fernando Cod Dantas

    algum br? fã

    Dimi Gabriel

    Fernando Cod Dantas eu já ia perguntar isso kkkk.

  35. anderzon dennis P M

    I love this music

  36. Glen Suelto

    We've missed you Alesana! I know it's great to be back!

  37. Drake Mcallister

    I feel like Alesana is what happens when English Majors go hardcore. Another great album with lots of literary references haha.

    Daya Nara

    Drake Mcallister hahaha thissss tho 😂❤

    Andy Knutsson

    Drake Mcallister i so fcking love ur comment hahaha it really is like that <3

  38. Trent FG

    4:09 - 4:31 My favorite part <3

  39. Stephen Guzman


    That is just unholy. Lol

    Christopher Mijares

    +Stephen Guzman sorry mi english is bad xD

    Garrett Underwood

    if you want heavier then alesana isnt your band.... theyre called sweetcore for a reason. lol but i did enjoy this album alot

    Samuel Palmquist

    Garrett Underwood who the fuck calls them sweet core?


    +Samuel Palmquist Nobody. Its made up


    On frail wings pretty heavy for them

  40. Grace mr

    3 ~(^o^)~ oh...yeaaa.... :3

  41. Alanwrench

    0:07 Is That Anthony From Smosh?


    +BeardedDragon Mann OML LMAO

  42. May Sanchez

    i loveee you alesanaaaa!!!! <3

  43. Dirta SP

    can you hear me😁

    Jorge Estrada rodriguez

    Can you see me 🌚

    Dirta SP

    +Jorge Estrada rodriguez hahaha

  44. Felicia PHC

    OMG, this is amazing :O

  45. lilly chan

    'His' fav song.. I know it's aimed at me..

  46. Rocio Saavedra

    The best intro

  47. HAYABUSA-507

    its put my nipples so hard ! <3 :v i dont know but its remember me to GET SCARED - SARCASM .---. i dont know why :v

  48. Brisa Gtz

    Can I hold you closer and drown in your dreams? 
    I promise fantasies can be more than words that we have buried alive 
    The nightmare is real still I pray and beg for more 
    I’m never closing my eyes 
    Forever one with the night

  49. Jessica Hallman

    When is the concept story going to be posted?

  50. Jessica Hallman

    Music Video?

    Jorge Estrada rodriguez

    Tomorrow 🌚 (literally)

  51. Daniela Galvan

    I love this music since years the metal master :3 :D

  52. Renata Muafaqqah STORY

    This music in the part 'Hush sweet baby don’t say a word' remind me of Halloween.
    And this part 'Can you hear me? Can you see me?
    Can you hear me? Can you see me?
    Can you hear me? Someone’s talking
    Can you see me? Someone’s watching' is prove it cuz sound like supernatural thing

  53. Missy Mullins

    see you this saturday

  54. floreo1

    its a perfect mess.

  55. Bradley Rees

    They can't get any better
    these guys are the best thing thats happened to music

  56. MyNameIsYourDemise

    They should make a music video of this song.


    ... And it's coming out in two days!

  57. Chyl Crenshaw

    Probably the best breakdown I've heard from this band by far. Can anyone argue with that?

  58. Axel Lopez

    buenísima cáncion

  59. Jhay Mangulab

    one of my favorite Fucking band

  60. Enrique Martínez

    que buen cancion de alesana

  61. ProjetoZ

    4:13 Holy Fuck

  62. viktr estebn

    at first i was like " nhaa, what happened with alesana", but then, ohgg i fucking know why i am still here listening to this guys after all this years.

  63. Idiot :3 Forever! :3

    I would like to see this band together in a future, really They are my inspiration and my happiness :3

  64. Neon1Ice

    this is probably my favorite Alesana song. you can literally sense the panic and chaos setting in from 4:10 and on. the emotion feels almost overflowing when Dennis screams his "OH THE HORROR!". I consider him as one of the best unclean vocalists. the depth in his growls is so fucking amazing!

  65. Alex Delagrange

    Can I hold you closer and drown in your dreams?
    I promise fantasies can be more than words that we have buried alive
    The nightmare is real still I pray and beg for more
    I’m never closing my eyes
    Forever one with the night!!!

  66. Shakey

    Been awhile since ive listen to them..
    And this takes me back.. just love what they are doing with the whole approach to every album.. guess their back.. and so am i.. \m/

  67. Ashley Clarke

    It`s a fact people enjoy being fooled.

  68. Yerko Cortes

    Amo esta banda y todas sus canciones :') hermosa esta cancion ><

  69. jimmy Kellin

    new music alesana one that I like more

  70. Vincent Yustinus

    this is masterpiece \m/

  71. Laboratório dos Beats

    Download this album !!ZZBikZrZ!td1BOtox4s-_8Oic_0uGXCxJMJLL6pEqQqZ_hCXrCP0

  72. Lucas Garibaldi

    It's scary how this band never evolves, still sounds like a teenage band and they are kinda old now

    David Ortega

    @Lucas Garibaldi Think about this if they change a bit, people would be saying "i want the old alesana back, why would they change " nobody is ever happy with what they get.

    Lucas Garibaldi

    @David Ortega don't throw me the "nobody is happy" card, I like several bands that changed overtime and bands that managed to maintain the same sound but still sound more mature


    Yah. They sound pretty much the same as they used to.
    But what would you change?
    People like this because it is what it is.
    Yes, band can evolve and people still like it but for an example (somehow close, somehow far) but band 'painted in exile'. They used to make about 10minutes long songs with the genre changing few times during the song. Now they make 4min long songs and its pretty much the same. It aint the same that it used to be. They have gained new fans but also lost alot.


    Also good example! Metallica. For generations doing the same thing and people like it. The make death magnetic and people hate it... ALOT :D

  73. Jonathan May

    This reminds me of Ice Nine Kills, but these guys are much better.


    @Jonathan May Ice Nine Kills and Alesana is all I have been listening to for the past few days. Both are so good.


    @Jonathan May I think you discovered the student before the teacher! haha! I'm pretty sure Ice Nine Kills are influenced by Alesana ! :) Both are super good ! :D

  74. tryitpro

    Just saw them In SLC It was amazing!!!

  75. Spency TheMcGee

    I was afraid their new c may just be too weird, second song I've heard and I just can't stop banging my head, they've done it again, theirs a reason I love this band and the best part is is I get to see them live tonight. a skylit drive also recently put put there new album before their last tour, my 2 favorite bands come out with a cd when I go to see them, how lucky and amazing is that

  76. Viccenzo Gaio

    Best song.

  77. Pope George Lucas II

    Melissa Milke strikes again ^_^

  78. Vinny_ Vapes98

    dude this song is genius  oh my gossip

  79. Nick Goble

    I just saw these guys in concert there amazing defeintly should go check them out capture the crown killed it also

  80. yerik zhukovskhi

    i love  alesana  <3

  81. Adhesty Bayu Prima Mumtazah

    Alesana is an epic band!!

  82. Roberto Alarcón López

    Increible que puedan llamar a esta mierda metalcore

    Rodrigo Rojad

    nadie llama metalcore a alesana pedaso de mierda.

  83. _ kiiteng

    I feel possessed listening to this and damn I don't want this possession to leave me.

  84. Mark Anthony Cabellon

    they're getting heavier than before
    rather better than before :3

  85. zet

    I am listening to this album currently. I'm on track 8/11, and there honestly not one bad song so far. Pick up this album if you're a fan of Alesana!

  86. Joaquin Grimm

    Great!! perfecta con un porro aahahaha

  87. Alejandra Garcia

    Que buen tema por eso amo alesana 😍 nunca me decepcionan: 3

  88. Kris Brown

    Alesana has come a long way...

  89. Santy Estevez