Alesana - Best Ex-Friend Lyrics

Pretty words roll off of your tongue
Come out of your mouth heard by everyone
So convincing I believed it
For so long I still can't figure out
Why many wont last, why many wont last
With the blink of your eye it's all gone away
... please give me one more stay, I guess that's why I feel I'm loosing again...

Miles we've walked the moons we've seen
Leave it all behind and start a new beginning.
I won't keep you searching when there's nothing left to find

'cause I'm not ready for this life... ready for this life
But I'm ready for tonight, I'm still wondering why
... days convincing me once we'd never be strong, this is goodbye...

Tears fall down like the mourning rain
A taste of strain does
Something's getting compromised
Fall in or fallen the damage is done
And there's no convincing with these words you've spoken


Pretty words roll off of your tongue
Come out of your mouth heard by everyone
So convincing I believed it for so long
Still I can't figure out when you were wrong
... everything you ever said would ever make this right or guilty
Now you say you wonder why you're my best ex-friend...

Pretty words roll off of your tongue
Come out of your mouth heard by everyone
So convincing I believed it for so long
Still I can't figure out why
... everything you ever said would ever make this right or guilty
Now you say you wonder why you're my best ex-friend...


'cause I'm not ready for this life
But I'm ready for tonight, I'm still wondering why
... days convincing me once we'd never be strong, this is goodbye...
Days convince...

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Alesana Best Ex-Friend Comments
  1. Jesus Sanchez


  2. Kimmyうふふ

    2019 just to clear things , this is a Alesana song 💯

  3. Hawrowrow

    2019 guys haha

  4. Everly Adam Daclan

    where is there greatest hit album :>

  5. Lance Kenji Parce

    HAHA still nakikinig <3 2018

  6. Emo evans

    i love this song

  7. russel alarcon

    It's 2017 and I'm still listening to this haha

  8. David Dunkoku

    People think they are Alesana because they heard Shawn's voice... Lmao, it's funy because Alesana are more than one singer

  9. Lucas Supra

    This is not Alesana ._.


    +うふふKimmy What are the tracks? I only know this one and Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good.



    Intro to set
    Cancer or car accident
    Days that end in why
    Best ex friend


    +うふふKimmy Thanks.


    DoktorCL they have alot of demos tbh . The one from Tragedy split ep is their 3rd demo which is already on youtube .

    Their 2nd demo " Jesse Clark session " was Goodbye goodnight for good and Beautiful in blue . The lyrics and the stucture of the song is totally different

    Bought the origin box , so yea . My info is 100% accurate


    +うふふKimmy Anywhere I can find the other demos? I've only found Best Ex-Friend and Goodbye, Goodnight for Good. I've found a "demo-ish" sounding version of Beautiful in Blue but I think that's from the original version of Try This With Your Eyes Closed.

  10. Bernie Burns

    Best Ex Side-Bitch


    ahhh when music had depth, passion, and emotion. gotta give it to alesana though, they've always catered to their fans and stayed true to this sound in small instances even to this day. long live these guys.

  12. BennyPaddyCake

    It's 2016 and I'm still listening to this

    moon carter

    Me too 😂

    Carlos Arriaga

    BennyPaddyCake 2017 ahaha

  13. 666 Pathological_Metalhead 666

    To my ex friend Hayley, fuck you!!

  14. Trever Sobkowiak

    Reminds me of old Taking back Sunday a little bit. Man they've really grew as a band.

    Lucas Vicente Huerta Huentenao

    Trever Sobkowiak yees taking back sundays sounds like this in his EP

  15. Keroscene `

    This is not The Legitimate Excuse guys! Shawn sings there and he is clearly not the singer here! He is just doing back ups here... this is the pre-Alesana when they have different singer. They still don't have Dennis here yet! I'm a fan since 2006 :)

  16. Guilherme Carvalho Peppe

    the post-hardcore between 2000-2007 was the best. Yah, don't need to call it screamo.


    But it is screamo.

  17. amiiboi

    This isn't Alesana, this is The Legitimate Excuse


    Shawn was the singer of the legitimate excuse

  18. Taail Sykes

    what's fuck is sweetcore!? O.o

  19. jay de guzman

    I think this season ended the era of emo and punks...

  20. lessly benitez

    People say just because im a directioner i cant like them^^ you know.fuck it they are fuckin awesome

  21. XturntodustX

    you must have never even grew up in the time period

  22. Halosphere

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL Sweetcore????? you can't just make up a music genre! X'D

    nice try though.


    All music genres are made up...

  23. Lucifer686

    WTF?! I don't Fu**ing care if its alesana or not this song is Fuc*ing Awesome!

  24. haydenlafayden

    No, just no. If this was Alesana circa 1994 they would all be about 12, 13, 14. And probably have a higher voice than this

  25. XturntodustX

    3rd wave

  26. F0RTHEWlN123

    WOW YOUR FUNNY.............

  27. F0RTHEWlN123

    you are such a poser xD

  28. Tormented

    Yeah… it's called emo

  29. XturntodustX

    emo you mean emotive hardcore lol they tried hard to follow the foot steps but feel short to the underground scene.

  30. santiago ocampo

    is alesana in an interview they talked about this song and another called "our plan" or something like that but never incluided in an album or ep´s

  31. santiago ocampo

    is alesana in a interview they talked about this son and another called our plans than never included in albums or ep´s

  32. Edson Alexandre

    this is not alesana

  33. John D'Antonio


  34. Aaron Hernandez

    Yes it is, any real fan knows that. ^_^

  35. SpoopyDoopy

    I want to punch all of them in the face.

  36. raa625

    ur stupid if u think this even sounds like seriously get ur facts straight.....and who gives a fuck if they are emo....they arent even emo....

  37. Emy Radke

    dammn that's not alesana!!

  38. Jordan H. R.

    This band si the best..!!!
    I love alesana.!!!

  39. LostLuver014

    I feel bad that I am IN LOVE with Alesana and....not with Legitimate excuse.
    Then again they are two different bands, so its whatever

  40. Tormented

    @XturntodustX Sorry to tell you, this shows several instances of what emo is if you even heard it. "Sweetcore" is not a genre, it's a slang that Shawn Milke made up, idiot

    Damn dumbasses

  41. Nerdlotion

    Dear Idiots, Shawn does NOT equal Alesana. This obviously The Legitimate Excuse, NOT Alesana. If it is Alesana, are you telling me that other voice is PeeZee's? Or Dennis'? /Sarcasm/ Oh wait, it MUST be Steve Tomany! You guys are such "lead singer posers."

  42. Jenski Slommers

    @XturntodustX I know, right!?

  43. Sora Steenvoort

    @MyBloodyFate this is shawn, but not alesana. it's "the legitimate excuse", shawn's former band. i know that because a friend of mine and i spent one whole night talking to the guys of alesana after a concert and i asked shawn about this one song whether it's an alesana or a tle song and he said it's a tle song.

  44. Henry Fuentes

    I'm glad Shawn left this band. Alesana is so much better.

  45. ALIVE845

    Dennis sings fukking awesome!!! it sounds like Punk Rock mixed with screaming volcals

  46. Zachary Rafferty

    This song was on the old-school 3 song demo, and i also believe it was on "all the tragedy money can buy vol.1" which vol.2 was never released :P but thats besides the point....i'm 16, i've been listening to alesana since their first demo in 2004 i believe it was i know my alesana when i hear it haha :) this is deffinitely them, no arguement! :D

  47. Zachary Rafferty

    @MyBloodyFate this was actually one their first 3-song demo :)

  48. Zachary Rafferty

    @ruskiiin1975 this was in the times of the 3 track demo cd :)))) old school alesana :D

  49. XLycorisXkillsX

    This is the legitimate excuse, not alesana.
    It's shawn's old band.

  50. XturntodustX

    sorry to tell you noobs this is not emo its called sweetcore damn kids..

  51. Kelsey Kirk

    @MrKevlem You're right. It's Alesana...

  52. Kevin Lemley

    this is ok at best its no from autumn to ashes no bullet eathier

  53. Sora Steenvoort

    @ruskiiin1975 that's not alesana, that's "the legitimate excuse" which was shawn's old band. shawn confirmed that when my bf and me had been stuck in front of the concert hall cause we had missed the last train home so we spent that whole night chatting with the band members of alesana and a skylit drive.

  54. Lashawn Fortney

    @ruskiiin1975 dude this is before dennis, this is just shawn and patrick. and patrick is doing the singing shawn is screaming.

  55. XxXpsyhcothugXxX

    @kekoaalii97 Woot i'm not the only one.

  56. BMEZZZ

    This Alesana isn't that good, I see they improved a lot!

  57. spinooch555

    i love it, it's different from their other songs. Well, because it's old.

  58. Jorge Arellano

    @SIRFELIPEIV zii es alesana! era muy antes de on frail wings of vanity and wax. dennis no solo gritaba si no cantaba tambien. puedes oir a shawn tambien

  59. Felipe IV

    en verdad es alesana?
    expliquenme que no entiendo
    el ingles

  60. TheLetterZ

    @ruskiiin1975 I'm not entirely sure but I think it's Huck singing, try compairing this singing to Dennis speaking voice, no resemblanse o___O

  61. Gaby Gabster

    @MyBloodyFate ahhh! I agree so much with you!! :DD
    In my opinion this is like one of their best songs. I love it.
    They should put it on their new album

  62. joey143anna

    yes it's alesana i play the lead guitar for over 7 years in my band it's alesana or was alesana. saint anna.

  63. boost1devin2

    hey to all those ppl that only listen to their newest albums search them on wikipedia and itsays that they've replaced alot of ppl in their band

  64. Alberto Rodriguez

    hey where did u find this song its pretty good

  65. narutoasda

    @LoriBeth91 yea i think your right because i can't hear denis but i think i hear shawn in the backround and the main singer definatly is not shawn's voice and alesana has only 1 singer shawn and a screamer denis not 2 singer.not alesana.

  66. Hailei Lewis

    " pretty words roll off of your tongue , come out of your mouth heard by everyone " fave part
    Thumbs up if you agree(:

  67. Tepeii

    this song is actually an alesana banned..^_^

  68. henjoe1cat

    lol i kno this is the first song i herd by them

  69. Ballad of a Downfall

    its adam ferguson doing lead vocals lol

  70. Brent Rounsville

    This is a bonus song off of their first album, Try This With Your Eyes Closed (2005)

  71. LegendaryPoro

    haha yea missie they do and man this song is good tho

  72. Camilo Bayona

    hey wat kind of genre is this?

  73. Evan Sullinger

    y havnt i ever heard this song?

  74. blanchantin

    i talked to melissa milke ( shawn's sister) and she said its from an old band of shawn's and not by alesana.

  75. Edgar

    No one knows how to use "Emo" xP

  76. recreo16

    i like this song.....i remember my ex girlfriend : ( but good video

  77. Liss


  78. risingsilences

    sounds like afi kind of

  79. ruskiiin1975

    guys..this is alesana.this was the time when dennis not only screams but also old.before the on frail wings of vanity and wax

  80. Isabella Monroemance

    It's not really alesana's style but i definitely hear shawns beautiful voice lol. i love this song whether its alesana or not hehe 8D

  81. kanra

    think you're right. you can hear shawn, but the guy who's singing lead vocals is not dennis. and it really isn't alesana-style ^^
    i mean... you don't need to hear the vocals to figure out what is an alesana-song and what's not..... XD

  82. Fire Walk With Me

    I agree
    I don't know for sure either, but it seems the most probable
    Shawn's backing vocals and screams can't be mistaken, but the lead singer isn't from Alesana
    So yeah, you're probably right

  83. Juan

    i love this song reminds me of my girl

  84. sindy san

    this song reminds me of someone.

  85. David Muñoz

    mm no
    parece alesana

  86. Jerome Sison

    its... shawn patrick and huck... correct me if im wrng..

  87. Kevin G


  88. Kevin G

    wow your an idiot.
    i hear at least 3 different people speaking
    at least 2 guitars
    and drums
    so it definetly isnt just shawn and patrick.

  89. Erika Kotroba

    yes it is. its just a non-album song.

  90. Malakito

    beautiful in blue is the best!

  91. Malakito

    this is not an alesana's song...

    only shawn and patrick participate in this song... along time ago.. alesana in their myspace posted a blog telling the name of the band... AND I CANT REMMEMBER!!! soo.. if you are a true alesana fan and you remmember that post... tell me plz

  92. M. K.

    I Love Alesana < 33

  93. Erika Kotroba

    <3333 i love alesana.

  94. febcanl

    In my opinion these are the best songs: apology, a most profound quiet, ambrosia, congratulations i hate you, red and dying evening, seduction.

  95. nomorecakes

    also..i kinda am being a hypocrit...but one of my other stances is that ppl who put themselves in categories are tools...soo congratz ur a tool :D.

  96. nomorecakes

    he is deff emo... lol. all he does is whine about everything...and whats wrng with all time low.. they are good..u dnt have to be a faggot and like only one type of music..if u realy say u enjoy music u should like all kinds of music. retards who say they love music and only like one type are idiots...soo please before u argue with someone who likes all music..ya ALL! including Country and Clasical. get ur facts str8. and i love Alesana... and wtf is Powerpop making up genres now.. rofl

  97. febcanl

    all of them :D