Alesana - Before Him All Shall Scatter Lyrics

Vid'io piú di mille anime distrutte.
Fuggir cosí dinanzi ad un ch'al passo.
Passava Stige con le piante asciutte.
Dal volto rimovea quell' aere grasso.
Menando la sinistra innanzi spesso;
Ahi quanto mi parea pien di disdegno!
Venne a la porta e con una verghetta.
L'aperse, che non v'ebbe alcun ritegno.
O cacciati del ciel, gente dispetta,
Cominció elli in su l'orribil soglia,
Ond' esta oltracotanza in coi s'alletta?
Poi si rivolse per la strada lorda,
E non fé motta a noi, ma fé sembiante.
D'omo cui altra cura stringa e morda.

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Alesana Before Him All Shall Scatter Comments
  1. lizzygirl1087

    "Oh you, thrown away from the sky, despicable people"
    Began him (standing) on the horrible threshold,
    "Where does it come from, that reckless pride into you?"
    Then he turned onto the dirty street (the Styx)
    And he didn't speak a word to us*, but he showed himself
    As a man occupied and stimulated by other business.

  2. lizzygirl1087

    I saw more than a thousand destroyed souls (the devils)
    Running away, facing the one who, on feet,
    Crossed the (river) Styx, his soles dry.
    He removed that dense air (fog) away from his face
    Moving frequently his left (hand) in front of him;
    Alas, how he seemed to me full with rage!
    He came at the door and, with a little rod (a sceptre),
    He opened it so, that he got any resistance from.

  3. Kathy G

    this is the correct translation

  4. Kathy G

    I saw more than a thousand ruined souls.
    Thus fleeing from before one who to pitch
    He spent Styx with dry plants.

    THAT face fanned 'air grease,
    Waving his left hand oft;

    Ah, how disdainful he appeared to me!
    He reached the door and with a little rod
    opened it, not v'eb be no resistance.

  5. Kathy G

    O banished out of Heaven, people despised,
    He began upon the horrid threshold;

    Whence 'esta arrogance within you couched?

    Then he turned to the way gross
    And spake no word to us, but had the look
    On the man whom other care constrains and bites.