Alesana - Apology Lyrics

Sweat drips in my eyes
Screams of lust we cry
Tonight, you are, everything
You're everything...
You're everything to me

No more as I wake
From this perfect dream...
I'll escape from Eden's walls
Can I not stay and live this lie?
For I must think only of myself

And to think that you will not be scared
Or surprised I severed all these ties
This is the end

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you

I feel so numb to see this bitter end...
(It has come to this...) End of beautiful illusions
(Broken pieces) Will not mend
(... One last kiss) To save our past now

This is the end

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you
One last false apology
Help me get over you

Now we must let go...

Urgency overwhelms me as I must restrain my flood of tears

I refuse to be slave to your false beauty again

I'll lose myself in anguish for tonight
Help me get over you
One last false apology
Help me get over you

In my mind blood drips from your eyes
A beautiful last goodbye

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Alesana Apology Comments
  1. Atzai

    Alguien 2020?

  2. Maxwell Eagle

    Man... high school nostalgia hit hard... time to layer my bangs and break out the old “Cute Is What We Aim For” hoodie...

  3. Mbengol Chanel

    I'am from indonesia..
    I like...👍👍

  4. Lilian Chiang

    Coming back here before 2020


    is there any jamaican emo here? i think they tought the dislike button is "dis i like?"

  6. Charlie Gil

    Once an emo, always an emo

  7. dabe paje

    apology for 2019 ?

  8. John Carlo Cruz

    2019? ❤🖤

  9. That Girl Lucy!

    Omg highschool

  10. Arief Rahman

    coba mana likenya yg masih ngedengerin di tahun 2019 - 2020 🔥

  11. Moisés iran

    2015. ❤

  12. Dani Derpasaurus

    2008-2012 was really the time to be alive

  13. Creeper 135

    My acting teacher was a former emo an Mc r is my favorite band. We were talking about it for 10 mins straight

  14. Augustus Waters

    2009. Highschool days. Good old times! Tang ina

  15. Nova Capone

    I'm going to cry

  16. nickDOTbloc

    this shit is trash wtf

  17. Gianluca Daga

    My chemical romance Reunion!!! Oh wait... wrong band !! It’s time to be Emo ...again!! *scream* 2006/2007 golden ages

  18. Max Nordt

    This song introduced me to so much good music and shit that happend after going to concerts till today! 🖤

  19. Shinobi _

    So much teen anst I love it 🔥

    Make me 13 again baby 🤘🏽

  20. Chipotle Lime Flavored Sadness

    I'd give anything to go back

  21. Ace Alberto


  22. fatpeniswrinkle

    Never gets old

  23. Roberto Silva

    I just came to see who else heard "Sweat drips in my ass"

  24. Alexander Reyes


  25. María Elena Castolo

    Que bonitos tiempos de secundaria cuando era emo, ésta música jamás dejará de gustarme. 😍

  26. OmegaNeofelis


  27. Red Banana

    October 2019 anyone from 🇵🇭🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Shinobi _

    Red Banana

    I’m not Philippine but this music 🔥🔥

    Jason Kirt Balonga

    Angas padin erp no? Haha

    Vivien Ross Miraflor - Amante

    Na aalala ko pa yung ganto tinutugtog namin dati. Nakaka mis.

  28. Valentin Miranda

    Amigo wtf???

  29. Master Swiggles

    This made it to TikTok...

  30. Lichecalipso

    Tired of coments linking Alesana, and these albums to "back in the middle school" or "during my teen emo phase". Music has no tags, I have 34 years and I still like listening to this music.

  31. Max Planck

    esta canción me recuerda al Runescape, y cuando salio el xbox 360 xd ....

  32. Pee Diddler

    Shoutout to the normal people that liked this music and ignored the emo scene culture

  33. — Taehyung

    2019 <3

  34. El papa Juan pablo segundo

    La secundaria, oir esta rola, grabar debajo de las faldas de las niñas, conocer la masturbación.
    Que tiempos


    Cielos viejo tu si que estas enfermo.jpg

  35. Stefanie C.

    2019 🇧🇷

    Jonathan Del mas veces campeon

    Br aqui 🇧🇷

  36. Yosselin rinaldy

    Cuántos recuerdos con esta banda, jajajajaja tiempo de escuela según yo sería emo x siempre 😂🤣me siento nostalgica, 🤣😂

    Heidi Astrid Erira

    Pensaba igual jaja

    Gianluca Daga

    Es tiempo de sacar tus ropas de Emo de tu armario porque los mai quemicol romans regresaron !!

  37. Sebastian Yañez

    Highschool memories come to me!

  38. SpurOfTheMoment Dumpster diving

    Jesus, fuck me. I came across this song by chance. I forgot all about it. Still fucking great. 2008 lol

  39. Ichigo Sakura

    This is the song that I will bring to my life until the end

  40. Ice dice

    You are everything to me

  41. Matheus Pereira

    Tempo bom que não volta.

  42. jane jacob

    2019 still

  43. Ingrid Hdez

    Alguien en 2019? 😂😂😂

    Gabrielys Jimenez

    llorando en noviembre 2019

    Luis Eduardo Silva

    Jajajaja por alguna razón me acordé, justo ayer salió mi lado metalero escuchando lo de prepa (cradle of filth, megadeth, Nightwish, eluveitie, Therion, etc etc, ahora mi lado emo jajajaja

  44. Hugo Giancarlo Echeverria Recalde

    2019 :v

  45. ghost ._.505

    Que recuerdos cuando era emo :')

  46. misrai __

    Damn this makes me feel like I’m living in the past but I’m stuck in the present.

  47. ivan Ariel castro

    My hair is growing to my eyes as i hear this hahaha

  48. Sergio Andres Paz Betancourth


  49. Diego Nicolas

    2019 🤯

  50. Fikram Hidayah

    2019 anyone?

  51. Sektarius

    Haven't heard this song in about 10 years... wow

  52. Kero Osprey

    2019 and i still listen to this stuff. good old days

  53. N1N4 BACK HOME

    2019 !!! top

  54. Raditya Ibrahim

    my childhood is awesome :)

  55. Black

    I've been transported to 2009

  56. Mike_Bonilla

    Quien en el el 2019?

  57. Starz Kiing

    This is great

  58. Nicolás Molina

    Ningún comentario en 2019 xdd

  59. Paul

    Fuck.... I want to go back to this era 💔🖤

  60. Oscar Jr. Munoz

    Your everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Sykes Motta

    Br aqui poha alguém 2019?

  62. Seduzencia Total

    BRAZIL 2019 - Isso que é música <3

  63. Carlos Garcia

    me voy a cortar mil veces mas wuuuu arriba los emos

  64. Noé Rafael Hurtado

    berraco y bueno

  65. Matheus Felipe

    Aqui é brasil caraio


    Matheus Felipe sempre

  66. apaucokes

    Used to listen to this song 13 yrs ago

  67. Lucky Pick

    2019 ♥

  68. Cody Wood

    I'm here from punk goes acoustic... that cd sucked because of garbage bands like this

  69. Haa _

    Jully 2019

  70. Andrés Soto Arancibia

    2019 OMEGALUL

  71. RamenEveryday

    So wet dreams in my eyeeeeeesss

  72. Amy Jane

    i just realized they're singing about fucking at the beginning, all my years of listening and i didn't know till now.

  73. J T

    Damm this was my jam back when i was 13

  74. ンサタ

    vsf eu amo essa musica

  75. Rosa Aguilar

    2019 Jajajajaja

  76. Pope George Lucas II

    The nostalgia is real bois

  77. zαվαs ցαᴍɪ́ղց

    Listen 2019 ;(

  78. True Dragon


  79. seraphic ava

    I can feel my fringe growing back

  80. Christian Jello

    Friendster Days

  81. Ferdi Ansyah

    2019, june ?

  82. Sean Johnson

    Que asco de musica

    Geebus Christ

    Sean Johnson gang gang

  83. cako duente

    Oh yeah that song

  84. Gooca

    i was the one kid in the hood who listened to this in private

  85. Tragic Hero Records


  86. Leon Neon.

    listen this song when i was 15 yo, now i'm 23 yo but still my favorite

  87. Black Moon Witch

    Still hear in 2019 <3 So many memories


    Imagine spelling here wrong in 2019. <3

    Deyanira Coradin

    Im going through shit so put on some amazing headphones, clicked this song and just jamming my feelings out in 2019 😂

    Adam Beasley

    Most still are even if they don’t admit it

    Kaycee-ron sill sillar

    me to from Philippines

  88. Spoiled Ramen

    Why the fuck is this reccomended by me, I don't want any nostalgia shit like this.

  89. Jeon Jung Kook

    When all the people are ghotic in 2006-2012

  90. Ana Martinez

    June 2019?