Alesana - And Now For The Final Illusion Lyrics

Wake up... Wake up... Wake up...

My eyes open wide as I wake, panting, some say that dreams have deeper meaning.
That they are cries from our subconscious.
I never put much thought into such theories, but I felt strangely compelled to recount this one to my love,
My Annabel, shaking her gently, I wonder why her flesh has the chill of virgin snow.
My thoughts are disrupted as reality hits me like a bolt of lightning and I scream.

We are the crucified, we are the virtuous, we are the damned.
We are the crucified, this is our nightmare, let's pray we never fall asleep.

Imprisoned beneath the world where the soulless dwell.
Lies a place that the damned call home.
A place where the virtuous hide in fear.
A place we see only in our nightmares.
A place where the sun is silent.

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Alesana And Now For The Final Illusion Comments
  1. Livvy Hackett

    I recognize this song from somewhere but I can't work out where.

  2. Brianagh Presser

    This song is my new favorite song  i really love it :D

  3. equinoxpromotions

    To clear things up, A Place Where the Sun is Silent is the first part of the Annabel trilogy and this song is the bridge between it and The Emptiness. Their new album will be the final chapter.

  4. will Phillips

    agreed, I read online that MIlke stated that it was to be a trilogy beginning with the emptiness and ending with their next album which will hopefully will be released soon :D

  5. Victor Olivas

    I don't know if I'm the only one but..I think that the final of this songs sounds just like the beggining of Curse of The Virgin Canvas AKA the beggining of The Emptiness..just my opinion.

  6. PrussianWarfare

    I'm calling it that this dude who has been through this album all along is the artist from The Emptiness. If you read the lyrics to this whole album, Alesana makes references that this is a dreamlike state he is in, the most blatant being this last song. It does make sense. He journeys through Hell to pursue this harlot in a dream, then wakes to tell his love, Annabel, who he finds out is dead. Because of both occurrences, he goes insane.

  7. SkyExplosion

    Looks like Annabel died after all. Either that or they both died.

  8. AlesanaLove BrusnopDawsonMBV

    this always makes me cry i cant even begin to explain MY FEELS ARE SLOWLY EATING ME ALIVE I CANT EVEN ASDFGHJKLHRFAYUAETLIUT4EA

  9. lane mullen

    memorized the outro the 1st time :D

  10. Nathanael Rose

    The end gave me chills o_O

  11. MikiErazo Erazo

    awesome video