Alec Benjamin - Use Me Lyrics

I like it that you're calling, every time you need something from me, mmm
I know you think I'm falling for all these tricks you're hiding up your sleeves, mmm
Pull a rabbit from your hat
Anything just to distract from the motives that you don't know I can see
Pull the wool over my eyes
You don't know what you hide is providing me with everything I need

I know that you are using me, I'll just keep it to myself
Cause I know if I don't then you'll just use somebody else
I like it when you're using me, so I'll keep it to myself
Cause I know if I don't then you'll just use somebody else
Use me
Use me
Use me
Don't use somebody else
Use me
Use me
Use me
Don't use somebody else

I know that it's so easy, to get me to do anything you ask, mmm
I know that you don't need me, but you know that I will keep on coming back, mmm
Pull a rabbit from your hat
Anything just to distract from the motives that you don't know I can see
Pull the wool over my eyes
You don't know what you hide is providing me with everything I need

I know that you are using me, I'll just keep it to myself
Cause I know if I don't then you'll just use somebody else
I like it when you're using me, so I'll keep it to myself
Cause I know if I don't then you'll just use somebody else
Use me
Use me
Use me
Don't use somebody else
Use me
Use me
Use me
Don't use somebody else

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Alec Benjamin Use Me Comments
  1. Parker Maki

    I sent this to my ex... um he hasnt replied yet but yea

  2. Purple Rose Yoon

    I'm sad this is not on Spotify ;-;

  3. Itz_ Julia

    It's ver y good... But.. He says "I know that it's so easy to get me to do everything you ask" right? qwq

  4. Rania San Pedro

    He's one of my favourite singers💓

  5. XcorruptX 05

    This song bring back so many memory when i have a gorldriend then she just use me for money because i was rich i knew but shut up to several of them so they wouldn't use any other of my friend.

  6. IStoleYourLactoseFree Milk

    I can’t relate to this for relationships but to anyone who can my heart goes out to you

  7. Savannah Ashley

    Man this is so true with my crush...

    He asks for anything and I'll find a way to give it to him I buy him food when we go out... He never has gotten me anything just sea salt lime lays chips... He knows i like him and he's using it to his advantage... Man I'm stupid... But he's my drug

  8. Drake Zippel

    I just had the song stuck in my head

  9. Baylie Robertson

    Remind me if it's on Spotify please 🤗

  10. Angela Burgener

    yo we all know how tocix these relationships are but darn I can still relate to it like yea

    youre an asshole.
    but be my asshole.

  11. Shreya Sudarshan

    this song is a big fat mood ngl

  12. Willy Boy

    I've been alone for so long and this kids music helps me so damn much I can't understand it

  13. Jose G Torres

    I like a girl who is using me a she has a boyfriend and it hurts but I stay quiet

  14. devin cameron

    Anyone know any other songs thay give of that "I'll just keep to my self* verse vibe?

  15. Lucy O' Reilly

    For me, I know it's wrong to keep her around, it's just that I don't want anyone else to have to suffer so I just suck it up.

  16. Anecko


  17. Proud Killjoy

    One of the most fucked up of Alec's songs and yet the most sad and beautiful one. Love it <3

  18. KBATVE

    Love this ngl he a whole mood


    hello aleccc benjamin i like your song

  20. Mikaia Ray

    I'm the one he chose to use.
    I'm the one he chose.

  21. Msp Gamer

    *So cool* ❤

  22. Xxmagic X

    Simaler to my life
    I have been use many times I kept it to myself
    I was nice to many people so they knew they could use me
    1:my best fake friend
    2:fake friend
    They threaten me they used other people to
    I try not to talk to them but I keep coming back they played me like a toy

  23. Lily Pierie

    Why isn’t this song on Spotify it’s so good :(

  24. rm's trash

    *"use me, don't use somebody else,"*

  25. semi cath

    I understand the feeling but you shouldn't be getting used in the first place.

  26. StickSyrup234

    It's really nice that he wants the person to use him, instead of somebody else being used. I love you Alec, your so kind and you have an AWSOME voice!

  27. emo fish from spongebob

    this sounds like never be alone by shawn mendes lol

  28. Rufina Hernandez

    This song is like me and my best friend kk

  29. Khimmie Leakhena


  30. *sʜᴜᴜ ɴᴀ*

    I falling in love with this song!🤗.I hope you all having a good day!😙

  31. Draven LaRue

    everybody comment a heart for him on my comment

  32. Ave Maria여자친구

    Charlotte Lawrence x Alec Benjamin Collab pleaseee!!

  33. Sune

    Is there any tutorials about guitar for this song?


    A minor, F major, C major for the verses, and in the pre-chorus he plays G major for the last chord instead of playing C twice.

    In the chorus its F maj, C maj, G maj, and E minor

  34. Crislaine Lupini

    listen at 0.75x speed y'all.

  35. sobia syeda

    🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗 🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑
    🌑🌑 🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑
    🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗 🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑
    🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌓🌕 🌗🌑🌑🌑

  36. Sarah Graap

    Hey! Do you know why this song isn’t in Apple Music?

  37. Clumsy dog e.e

    ( • - •)
    / - 🍪-
    This is bunny. She is selling cookies for 1 like each

  38. Mark Person

    It’s sad that I think of my ex when I listen to this song. He used me, abused me sexually and physically. He would leave me for about a week then come back and apologize. I was stuck in this I couldn’t get out. I just couldn’t because I was used to it. He was using me as a person to bring up his toy. I just let it go because he was giving me attention. I just wanted some and I didn’t know what it felt like to have some. So I liked it only for that part. Then I met this girl. Me and him were broken up so I dated her. I was used to my ex so much that I cheated on the girl and I actually really really really like this girl. It broken my heart so much to do that to her. She found out and she blown up in my face which I understood. I always feel very terrible for it. She was actually my friend for a little while after that. She helped me get out of the relationship a little bit and now me and her are together. We have been dating for 4 months


    that's amazing, honestly

  39. Papyrus

    *i need this on Spotify now*

  40. Viki

    The dislikes are the users 😎

  41. New Dawn

    Why I always cry when I hear alec benjamin's songs 😥

  42. Katrina Joy Cainghug

    Luis I know that you don't need me but Know that I'll keep coming back. 😉

  43. Roach Kacey

    This is my favorite song tbh. I prefer someone using me then somebody else. I'm ok with it even tho it hurts.

  44. Nawal Asim

    These 207 dislikers are definitely wasting their life right there

  45. Depressed Weirdos

    I know that this is meant for a relationship but...this sounds like me and my mom

  46. Rukki3K

    I like it when youre using me, So i keep it to myself. Hits hard.

  47. Banu Rustamova

    People who disliked this video accidently hit the button while they were dancing.😂😂

  48. Jonathan Asdell

    It's strange having a tbh twisted thing expressed in such an upbeat, happy tune. I like it though

  49. loser lamo wannabe

    dude him and his songs are so underrated the heck

  50. Kiera M.

    I love him so much. I’m so so proud that he’s getting bigger. I really want him to get even more popular but there’s that part of me that wants him for myself (you know?). But I’m too happy for him to be selfish.

  51. Rhys

    Good morning to everyone except whoever decided to use Alec Benjamin, fuck that person

  52. Kaitlnn

    where do you get these songs?

  53. Some random Gacha Fan

    I hate the fact that I’m so stupidly kind that even though I know people around me are *sshole I still give them chances over and over to the point I don’t even mind if my “bff” outright kiss my crush without even liking

  54. ŇƗҜĦƗŁ S

    Every alec Benjamin song has a deeper meaning to it

  55. Diana OwO

    Sad but true ..

  56. Couch Potato

    The meaning of this song tho..😖

  57. daniandeben

    My ‘friend’ is kind of like this song, she’s so manipulative. Somehow I always come back to be her friend. At the moment, I’ve blocked on everything, and blocked her out of my life. I’ll have to see her again though, she forced me to take her to s concert later this month. My mom already bought the ticket though.. I’ll have to be with her for two days. After that though, I won’t need to see her.

  58. ItsMeYuui

    I can actually relate to this song cause i had a crush on a gold digger and she would call everytime she needed something but i didnt want her to stop... 😭

  59. Kornon c

    I love how she uses me... if it makes her happy, anything for her.

  60. Kami Cromwell

    If this isn't a big mood

  61. Emily Cooper

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    alec: imma gonna make you sad ok, but i’ll be here for you

  62. Lindsey

    don't read this because it actually works, you will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life, however if you do not post this comment to at least 3 videos you will die within 2 days, now you've started reading this so don't stop this is scary put this in at least 5 videos in 145 minutes, when you're done press f6 and your lovers name will appear in big letters on the screen

  63. Kerin Desimone

    It is such a sad world tha ppl have no idea what love is - it makes me sad - twice in my life the same thing happened- I was about to say something mean and I looked at them and realized omg I love him I can’t ever hurt him - and I would neve intentionally hurt him - must hav been the present of Jesus’s - the first time was 20 years ago and even though wer not together we were I’ll always be there for each and best friends - - bubjhe’s never lied to me just lik eu and me - I’d never hurryppl like u and me r n vet animals lol I gotta mine as well be aliens bc they do. not t - math

  64. hey girl

    the sheer number of people that can relate to this song is heartbreaking... 💔 remember, self love is the best kind of love. i know it’s easier said than done, but PUT YOURSELF FIRST!! its not selfish, it’s healthy.

  65. blackout

    i’d like his songs to be on apple music 🍎 🎶

  66. i left


  67. y .h

    Oh girl ! Do not let anybody use you and even the feel of to be use .... cause that person see you as the things not LOVE!

    uwu indeed

    y .h first of all, you realize it’s a song right? and also, it’s a guy singing. :))

    y .h

    @uwu indeed right but i hear that the girl sing it;) and also songs came from thoughts ...
    As a matter of fact i like the rythm of the song but deep down its kindda unusuall

    uwu indeed

    y .h ok

  68. Maria Barraza

    Use me, use me, use me~, dont use somebody else :(

  69. Maria Barraza

    *isn't this a song of depression? Welp if its depression then im feeling this feeling :c*

  70. Anaya Navarro

    "I like it when you're using me" - Alec

  71. Badass Goodman

    Man this hit me like a thunderbolt, hits me sooo damn hard, I wish she realized it hurts me so friggin' hard..

  72. Samuel Owen

    What kind of song is this supposed to be

  73. Faith T

    This song totally reminds me of Harvey from Side Effects May Vary....

  74. Min Min

    This hits me so hard

  75. Fluttershy Reacts

    Ok it’s officially there’s not one song that alec Benjamin made that I dislike...

  76. Norfarrah Dini

    I swear my broken heart is cracking with this song

  77. Sleepy__Cat_

    My roblox friend he joins my bloxburg game and he asks me for money I already gave him 25 thousand that I worked hard for. He dared me once to give him all my money of 60 thousand dollars. I'm down to 29 328 from him

  78. Jessica Roque

    Why date a person that is useing you??🤔🤔🤔

  79. Leah PH

    hi just wondering if you could also watch the video i made paper crowns by alec also thanks in advance.. and help me improve..

  80. Stranger.Løsers

    Omg I wish this was on Spotify... I love Alec so much <3

  81. Mannaz

    I don’t hate you, I deleted you cause of the messages you sent to Kat. You’ve also when you’ve reached out have at like 3-5 in the morning, while I’ve been asleep and pointed out already that I can’t answer at those times because I’m asleep and already on skype so it doesn’t ring.

    If you called during the day it’d be no problem and I also don’t message back cause idk if that’d be ok or get you in shit so I chose not to but taking the risk now. Sorry about the fact I’m not up late anymore but I’ve gotten to a normal sleep schedule.

    Would of replied a little sooner but life’s been nuts. Told Chris and mom about amelia and her age, met her a week ago. Making plans for the summer. Got on ow kinda waiting for it to process and go through . Quitting smoking soon (moms condition for something I asked for) and still getting my desktop back to where it was.

    Hope you’re doing well and being smart, worried about you ofc but while I’m still here as a brother figure I don’t have the same responsibilities for you I did and I don’t have to revolve my life and sleep around you anymore.

  82. Jojo Swaggy

    I relate to this song immensely. There’s this guy I’ve like for almost two years now and we’re super close and really good friends but he would never like me like I like him. I’ve never told him I have super strong feelings for him but he’s totally leading me on to think he likes me when he has a new girl every two days... he’s totally using me

  83. Bhawana mishra

    Clickbaith- it is not about dustbin 😅

  84. francesca gelera

    Fuckin' hell. This shit hits my heart like a train. I don't talk but I'm not dumb not to know everything. I love you so much, that's why.

  85. Calum's fake betch

    actually describes my relationship with my crush, i was literally typing the whole thing but then i hesitated and deleted the words.

  86. Asma Didi


  87. arielle:cyr Imagine

    This song describe perfectly one of my past relationships 😂🙁😭

  88. Angel Fong

    Omg so deep and kinda sad and relatable

  89. nelia goerigk

    my love life in one song sksksk lmao

  90. juul 2706

    Best song ever 💙 please follow my fann account thank you 💙

  91. Ew Flow

    I feel useless** af
    I jus waiting til i used lmao
    Im a mess
    Ill jus be playing games til then
    Have fun (:

  92. Lxlys _lxfe

    Need this on spotify...i love it more than anything😍😍😍

  93. melanie's 3 wishes

    Maybe the next Shawn Mendes?

  94. Rida Shakeel

    I am in a toxic friendship and i relate soo much. She uses me just because I am the "smartest" in the class and I have all the answers. She stole all my friends and I only have one left. All she knows is that she is the only one I have.

  95. Priya Rajput

    Soo amazing song....Every Alec song lyrics make me u...

  96. Yuko Thorn Star


  97. dian d

    this call bucin

  98. Cloudy

    enjoy these beautiful chill vibes :)

    Riley Warren

    Hi, I know it is been a while. Stupid for saying that because you probably don't remember who I am. But I've wanted to say sorry, it is not to often the viewers apologize but hers I am. So I haven't been on time latently and you probably won't see this comment because i'm a DAY late. I wanted to say sorry because I haven't been keeping up with your amazing channel. Thank you for supplying me with these songs and your songs have helped me through a lot. Thank once more. You've let me see a whole new world with the music you have. That is all I wanted to say so in short terms. Sorry and Thank you cloudy. You are on a road to something greater. Partially wise words from a young child. Well bye

    christina 000

    Hy can I trust you?


    This is a request but can you make more lyrics for Alec Benjamin songs? I hope this comes true

    Ayshan’s Life

    It is amazing 😉