Alec Benjamin - The Knife In My Back Lyrics

I am slowly learning that the things you promised me
Are burning like the embers of a thousand willow trees
And every single secret has been broadcast like TV
Now all the threads are severed that were tying you to me

I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies
I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies

Pull your knife out of my back, your blood runs black
I was just surprised at how you turned on me so fast
I let you in, I held you close
My blood flows like a river cause I trusted you the most
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)

I was so naive, I even let you in my home
Took you out for dinner, and let you wear my clothes
I can't even breathe, I have your scent still in my nose,
It's like I almost miss you, I should have known

I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies
I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies

Pull your knife out of my back, your blood runs black
I was just surprised at how you turned on me so fast
I let you in, I held you close
My blood flows like a river cause I trusted you the most
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)

I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies
I thought we were friends, but now we're enemies

Pull your knife out of my back, your blood runs black
I was just surprised at how you turned on me so fast
I let you in, I held you close
My blood flows like a river cause I trusted you the most
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)
And now I know it's over (woooh ooooh)

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Alec Benjamin The Knife In My Back Comments
  1. Yoonki min

    I miss my Best Friend...



    I’m not relatable to this song!

    *dYinG iNsiDe*

  3. Bernice Chua

    The worst thing about betrayal is that its never from your enemies....

  4. Midnight Galaxy Wing!

    I wrote the whole song and it took me an hour -w-

  5. Katherine S Allen

    I love this song

  6. Traumatic Dispair

    I feel this on a different level me and a girl broke up and we were suppose to be friends but she broke my trust, I cant be her friend now

  7. Fíla Kašpar

    I´m not crying, you're crying

  8. keara burns

    We need immediate medical attention for the 372 people who disliked this this post!

  9. Blood Moon Wolves

    this song makes me cry :'(

  10. Amy Sartin

    This is like when my childhood friend back stabbed me when she chose to be popular instead of staying with me

  11. jaylie and maylie

    when I saw the video title, I said
    “gee, I know how that feels!”

  12. [ c l o s e d ]

    Oh god, everytime i remember this song i Just think Of my dumb ex. My friends laugh at me Because they think he's "ugly and not that beautiful" but i Never Cared about that. I was so naive back then, and i thought he actually Liked me back. I was so Happy, and i Always Cared about him. He broke his leg once and Of course i came home crying Because i was so scared for him! And i texted him "hardly" Because i was so Shy and scared Because i didin't Know how's he gonna react..And he texted me back: "I'm okay, Please can you Just stop texting me Because your texts kill me." And so yeah i feel in deep depression Because Of him, But it's actually alright today! It's Just Hard that he is in the same class Like me.. But bad luck, i feel in love with another guy and he rejected me and told everyone how i Liked him. So i feel in depression again. 😅 Yeah life is not easy, So i Wanted to Share this Story. And Remember IF you're going Thru a breakup or anything Like this, Just Know that life goes on and I'm sure one Day a handsome Prince Will open his castle Doors for you. 😊

  13. 1000 subscribers no videos

    This is a whole mood

  14. kenna syd

    i lost 7 friends because of all of them being petty and they all hate me for NO reason, it’s just sad because i really loved them and they always said they’d be here for me and that i meant the world to them... don’t know what happened to that

  15. animal squad

    Literally happened in real life

  16. Alexia Hooper

    "I let you in, I held you close, my blood flows like a river 'cause I trusted you the most."

    I have been stabbed so many times in the heart emotionally that I just can't feel it anymore. This song describes all of the times this happened. 😭

  17. mia whitaker

    “ pull your knife out of my back, your blood runs black, I was just surprised on how you turned on me so fast”

    I really felt that.. that’s deep dude😂😭😭
    P.S. keep making wonderful music Alec,

  18. valon gardiner

    Thats how my life was till this year in seventh grade and i made friends that won't ever do something like that to me and i would never do to them.

  19. GamingWithOmer

    "I was so naive I even let you in my home":
    I have a BFF, we always fight so yeah, i always think of this and it makes me sad so, i feel this pain, i even let him in my home so that's why I wrote all this.

    "I thought we were friends but now we're enemies":
    My BFF always fights, then when i try to apologize he doesn't care and we don't talk to each other for a lot of weeks then come back, so i think of this verse but i never say it to my BFF.

    So yeah, i feel the pain of the whole song too, like if you do. (Im not begging for likes)

  20. Francesca Gulyas

    I feel this... I have many fake friends and I’m gonna unfriend them soon....

  21. Fãiry light Studios :3

    Am I the only one who cries at alec Benjiman songs and then has a mental breakdown all day?

  22. No name

    Just found out this was by him lol

  23. Tyson Cabrera

    He helps my anger dis boi da best at singing

  24. Chicken Nugget

    How you can define a fake friend..

    They protecc..
    They attac..
    But most importantly,
    They stab you in the bacc

  25. Lillee Doucet

    This song reminds me of how this girl was being my fake friend up until September when she cussed me out and started bullying me.

  26. SherriLynn Smith

    The best part of the song is 0:00-3:15

  27. Kayla Silver

    I feel this pain I recently lost my best friend and now she's talking about me to everyone. I don't even know why.

  28. Ava Caldwell

    Idk alec every song u make i lison to u made a song 6 days ago i lisoned to it 247 and im lisoning to all your songs

  29. berry베리

    funny how my ex bestfriend introduced me to this song and now we don't talk anymore.

  30. Alexa Russell

    Some song lyrics really hit different when you've experienced it..

  31. Lolie Bit

    My gf left me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Draygun Cash


  33. Amanda nwn

    *''I thought we... Were friends be now were... enemies...''*

    *¿Why you go :''(?*

  34. Eclipse Z

    I have a friend who changed... I made new friends in my new school and so did my old friends.. When she came to my school, I showed her to my new friends... They started hanging with my old friend more... Even one my new friend, had a friend that also realized that my old friend stoled me and her friend.. Then she stoled our other old friends, new friends.. So basically we all don't like her anymore even though Im the most odest friend because I started the group.. Got torn... We still hang out tho.. ;-;

  35. LilDuckie :3

    Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost,
    scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for
    you You Are Beautiful. You Are Wanted. You Are Wonderful. Don't quit on
    yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants
    to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now
    will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love
    you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over
    something temporary. You're better than that. All stars need to see
    darkness before the light. And always remember, Don't change so people
    will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the
    real you. Your own unique Mindset always try to engage in the right
    ways Now read the first letter of every word You Matter! no matter what
    other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth
    my time to write this. I do care. <3 Continue on <3 be a soldier.
    Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you!
    Good luck! Please pass this on to other videos! ❤️❤️❤️


    i listend yo this because my cousin hates me..

  37. BillieEilish _Fam

    *When your crush spawnz into someone elses bed in Minecraft*

  38. Radovan Tutko

    It’s not “the knife in my back” it’s “If I killed someone for you”.

  39. Emily Berryhill

    Every friendship i ever had

  40. Sky Bloom

    *Et tu Brute?*

  41. Vanessa

    Who hurt him? I just wanna talk.

  42. Jay /lmao Jay / lmao

    I love this song :):

  43. Liquid cat 34

    I can feel this song tho...
    It happened it all many many times to me... One of my ex bff's started bullying me, once they even pushed me down the stairs hoping I would die. They also closed me in a room for 2 hours all alone and so on... It was a pure hell. And it wasn't only in school, it was everywhere, I would see them everywhere. It was the most painful period of my life... Then I went to middle school hoping someone would treat me good but... Well you can guess how it went. I ended up with depression and suicidal thoughs. I'm now doing much better after years of pain. Even if I am still in therapy everything is getting better! I changed school and now I have some friends... Everything goes better as long as go on with your life! Don't loose hope, things can only get better!

  44. Amea Holman

    i thought were friends but now we're enemies

    i felt that

  45. Eevees Meemees


    I felt that.

  46. chris smith

    "I was just surprised at how you turned on me so fast."

  47. Vani XIII

    The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies...........

  48. sean8172

    I have kind of a stepbrother and stepsister but they're not really like my step-brother and step-sister will guess what one's name is Sarah and one's name is Georgie and guess what Sarah is the oldest and like so she like try to control both of us Georgie and Sarah fight over the dog all the time his name is Wilbur I called him little buddy or Wilbert Isabelle insane you only like 14 months old crazy so that's clearly how I felt when they fight over it yeah well by this is Leah.

  49. kjadegirl

    There is something wrong with this song...

    It ends...

  50. GamingWithOmer

    “I thought we, were friends but now we’re enemies”

    I had this dude in grade 2 and he was my friend then we argued at so many stuff he kicked my own knee at hometime at my school but now, we still hate each other (maybe he hates me, but I still do)
    That’s how I feel... this song make me have so much nostalgia

  51. Arianna Cole

    Y isn't he on the radio???? And if he is y haven't I heard him?????

  52. Forsythe Pendleton Jones III

    I hate when I play and song then my fucking ugly ass step sister decides to sing alone LIKR BITCH NO STOP COME BACK AFTER YOU STOP BEING TONE DEATH

  53. Abriana Allery

    *starts to tear up*
    I can relate to this song. Who else?

  54. Poke Turf

    1 like=! healing potion(lol)

    Poke Turf


  55. Elaine

    " I was so naive I even let you in my home took you out for dinner and let you wear my clothes"

    I felt that😓👎🏼
    @my ex bsf😭

  56. Shifty Dude

    This song makes me forget the things ihAd to do love it

  57. My hero acidamiea Deku

    Ive been going through some stuff and if you want to know I feel keep reading.

    how i feel I’m 11 and my parents have argued for the past 3 years I know that I don’t have it bad but, my dad cheated on my mom supposedly and now I don’t even trust my own parents or friends. If you are going through something Just know it will all eventually be ok and that you will have a new regular you have to adjust to it so just know you are loved and it will be worth it to push through the pain and that life is worth living. 🙂👌❤️🙂

  58. Bushra Alsafadi


  59. Ytje van Pelt

    on the primary school i had just one friend and when she moved i had no friends anymore. now i am on the high school and i have a new bff.

  60. Ellie Belcher

    I felt almost condemned by this song because there is no way I could be as pure as he is

  61. Abby W.

    Just me and one of my best friend but turned her on me before I moved out and I don't know were she is now so yeah

  62. kitty kaya

    I don't only like the song I also really like the way you put the words down before Alec said them good job!

  63. mahnameistabz

    hello fake friends.... we meet again... 🙃

  64. Ciel Phatomhive

    " i let you in i held you close my blood flows like a rive cause i trusted you the most , and now i know its over.....and now i know its over...." 💔

  65. Diana

    'My blood flows like a river..'

    Girls on their period: same..

  66. Savannah Raposo

    This reminds me of MY OLD FAKE FRIENDS😔😔

  67. Xxskylar wolfxX flame

    the sad thing it really happened to me that...

    but I love that song

  68. laci stark

    Remind's of my friend who betrayed me..

  69. mmousie0703

    this song is honestly my life story people used me as a shield against all the hate in this fucked up thing we call society they told me i was useless and i just thought of it as just another fight i cried every time they broke me they did it again recently i dont know why i keep going back but i do its hard to let go of someone you've know for 9 years and they just can leave you and let go when your still there like a lump on a log because you meant what you said when you said you dont know what you would do without them but then they obviously lied they say they care and then they get on your "good side" just to destroy it and ruin your trust i have really bad anxiety and trust issues i pus people away because if i let them in and they hurt me then i would be broken again i hope this helps for someone out there going through the same thing as me just dont let them get to you like i did you dont have to be broken or lost youcan find yourself again just dont give up.

  70. Haltleth Dominguez

    Sorry suffer

  71. Haltleth Dominguez

    Exactly the person thT made the other person deserves karma
    “What goes around comes around”

  72. xo astrobi

    i'm depressed

  73. arian salehin

    this song just made me cry after a frickin lot of days later. it's great . i'm at a loss for words man .

  74. • ᴄαкιє •

    never been in a relationship and yet *i felt the whole song*

  75. Shelby Root aka Jane the everlasting

    *I thought we were friends but now were enemies. Pull your knife out my back....*
    That explains a time in my past where I trusted this person the most then they had to go and stab me in the back... 🙁 but only true friends stab you in the front... 💔

  76. Zoë

    Am I the only one who really loves the way the lyrics appear on the screen...

  77. Lonely Potato UvU

    2019 anyone

  78. Foggy Pebble

    Why is this great song unreleased??

  79. V R

    Very underrated song..


    My best friend turned on me so suddenly. I relate to this 100% it is so sad!

  81. The Girl Who is Lonely

    I had this happen to me once but it was with my aunt and uncle cause they abused me when i thought they were good people

  82. Becca Lanozo

    I'm not betrayed, defeated neither attacked, but I feel like I'm under the ocean.

  83. Alex Kid

    not a lot of people think about the fact that Alec Benjamin could be really really sad. He could be making these songs to help others or to express his feelings

    Alec are you ok? I hope so

  84. Skylar Simpson

    this is one of my favs

  85. Olene

    Me when my teacher gives me a 100 question test that I didnt study for

  86. Zoe Dow

    I thought I had a true friend and as it turns out I didn't. And I can't listen to this song without crying

  87. Sugar_plum1965

    "I even let your wear my clothes"

  88. ILiekYogurt

    I love how everybody in the comment section has been hurt so badly

  89. Lisa Borowski

    ...... what

  90. Park Jimin

    I sang this to my ex bf cause he was just using me to get closer to my friend and I hate both of them because my friend knew and they are in a relationship

  91. c.xr. 444


  92. Lexi Strum

    What does the beginning of this song remind me of? It sounds so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it

    It’s faster car nvm

  93. The daily life of two Weirdos

    “I thought we were friends, but now we’re enemies.”

    Felt that.

  94. The Galaxy



    This is so me and my friend right now😂😭

  96. Alayjuia Love

    my favorite song

  97. Skye Duffy

    this song is just 😦 "best" friend lied to me and she's my enemy!!