Alec Benjamin - Swim Lyrics

I've been falling much more deep
Than I wanna
I've been wishing I could breathe
I hold my breath
I can't see what comes next
I don't know when
I'll see dry land again

Another 40 days I'm lost at sea
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Hoping that your heart will rescue me
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim

I've been drowning in these sheets
Feeling lonely
Wishing you were here with me
Every morning
Over my head
The tide comes rolling in
I don't know when
I'll see dry land again

Another 40 days I'm lost at sea
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Hoping that your heart will rescue me
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim

I will never get over you

Another 40 days I'm lost at sea
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Hoping that your heart will rescue me
I'm just gonna swim until you love me
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim
Swim until you love me
Swim, swim, swim

I will never get over you

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Alec Benjamin Swim Comments
  1. Maggie DeFonzo

    As a swimmer 🏊🏊 this song is in my soul forever😘

  2. LuckyJazzy Giraffe

    is it me or..Ok it may just be me or it could be very obvious to others..when he says “Another 40 days i’m lost at sea” I feel like he’s kinda referencing Noah and the ark 40 days and 40 nights..sorry if no one else thinks so i just thought just came to me :/

  3. Laura Ivanauskaitė

    Swim swim swim 💖

  4. Abi M.

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 :D))

  5. 적어도 난 죽지 않았어

    Me to bias: Another 40 days I'm lost at sea
    I'm just gonna swim until you love me

  6. Shadow NovaVR

    Swin Lyrics:

    It on your screen you should of knew

  7. Gacha life girl Bored

    For real tho this song is stuck in my head when I go to school I sing it in my mind

  8. MahoGats TFM

    To think that this song isn't about a relationship but rather about being dropped from his first label... holy shit

  9. Daniel Jarrait


  10. Zxabix

    I’ll packing up my things and I’m walking I all did all for her would u luv if would hole my hands youuuuuu would u turn me in should news cuz I killed someone for youuuuu I hear the sirens coming i tell can’t you see I’m running I gotta ask I something I know ulll would ya luv if I killed somone for the same ones that I used wen would u turn me would you hider youuuuuuuuuuu you have changing be I followed did ievrything u asked would youuuuuuuuuuuuuu would u turn me in? Youuuuuuuuû yeah

  11. uwu

    People who disliked this....
    Everything alright?

  12. SparklyPerson

    This is the better swim song

  13. Ashley Borrayo

    I never get tired of this song

  14. Ara

    Flaco sos genial te amo❤

  15. Monster Thighs

    Worth it

  16. kerk palacio

    i love this song

  17. Tess Verweij

    Your voice is so baeutiful💜

  18. Wolfie the Wolfie

    just swim intilll you love me won't he drown intill he gets there -_- za logic is so um unique XD

  19. Wolfie the Wolfie

    he is swiming but she is pretending they get to the water fountain .maybe it was just the wind from the knife in her back ntill she is the wolf and the sheep maybe she will be outrunning karma.He will be killing someone for her defending her because she is the last of her kind.there gotta be a reason why he is doing annabelle's homework in 1994 so maybe thats why he is the boy in the bubble he is letting me down slowly he is looking from his mother's eyes.He built a friend named steve then he had the worst day of his life

  20. gacha shadows

    Your goan swim until the world loves you and your music <3

  21. Cool Teens

    I’m just gonna say that ALEC BENJAMIN is sooooooo talented!!
    Every time I feel lonely or happy I listen to your songs (I repeat every so many times but I can’t get bored IT’S AMAZING 🤩🤩) I LOVE U FROM TUNISIA 🇹🇳❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇳❤️😜

  22. Turtle Toonz

    I cant tell if I want u to be underrated so I can be one of the few ppl to know u, or If I want the whole world to know you.

  23. Anthony Klima

    We should send theses songs to every popular public social media

  24. DeadlyXaero

    This dude has the same name as me

  25. Elizabeth Mendoza

    Loooove this song!!!

  26. _Melk•Carton_

    I always thought it said another 4 days and I'm lost at sea lol

  27. Nick schall The knight that says Nee

    Im a blond with blue eyes 🔥

  28. Angela Skye

    Tell me this doesn’t remind you of the odyssey,

    I’ll wait...

  29. Helen

    This is awesome!!

    I do covers and write music, it would mean the world if you could please go check some them out! Thank you! :)

  30. Lahly Bird

    "Ive been getting much more deep, than I wanna"
    mme: but alec, all your songs are deep.

  31. Amy Wang

    You should collab with sashaaaa

    MahoGats TFM


  32. olfat 1

    I can't stop listening to this

    Lahly Bird

    Deep isn't it?

    olfat 1

    @Lahly Bird very deep and beautiful

    Lahly Bird

    @olfat 1 And that is basically the Alec Benjamin formula

    olfat 1

    @Lahly Bird true, I even got my friend and brother to love he's songs

    Lahly Bird

    @olfat 1 We must spread the secret gift!
    everyone must know of this wonderous marvel

  33. It's Britney, bitch

    literally WHY IS THIS SONG SO UNDERRATED? wait, no. why is ALEC so underrated?! I love your music ❤️

    Lahly Bird

    Why is he swimming?

    we love him

  34. iihxney_moon

    Alec benjamin is one of my favorite artists ever. My style of music is way different than my family. My brother likes rap, my mom likes rap as well, and look at me:

    Lahly Bird

    Alec can rap. *cough*BoyInTheBubble*cough*


    Lahly Bird lmao

    Lahly Bird

    @iihxney_moon :)

  35. KV Studios

    1.25 speed is great


    All the dislikes are Australians

  37. Mayu

    Alec Benjamin is in my first on top fav artists❤️

    Lahly Bird

    Mine too.
    Especially after Ed Sheeran made South of the border

  38. الصفراء soso

    Please the meaning of this sing

  39. Comic Collector

    My friend betrayed me and put *A knife in my back* I asked my crush if we could be more than friends *If I killed someone for you* Everyone says I’m *Outrunning Karma* When we hear Hunters outside The teachers say it *Must have been the wind* Never lose your *Paper Crown* There’s Alex and *Steve* since it’s September 11th it’s the *Worst day of my life* ! BTW I know how unoriginal this is don’t have a toxic comment about it be kind or begone

    Lahly Bird

    I've been trying to figure out how to do one of these.

  40. Shanaye BS

    i now it is allot to asked but can ya do a tour in Australia one day pleas
    your my fav singer by the way🤞😎😊💕

    Lahly Bird

    It's he already down under?

  41. Anix xD

    You're do underrater

  42. Nightmare the Fallen Angel

    Thx Alec. This represents my love life and this came out right after my birthday. Your songs have lots of meaning. I wish I could come to your concert but I have school that day. Good luck and know that I'm ready to listen to any of your songs.

    Love your music and personality

    Lahly Bird

    Your heart will rescue him

    Nightmare the Fallen Angel

    @Lahly Bird awwwwwww thank you. that means so much to me

    Lahly Bird

    @Nightmare the Fallen Angel Awwww, your welcome :) .

    Nightmare the Fallen Angel

    @Lahly Bird it means a lot to me. I support u; as well

    Lahly Bird

    @Nightmare the Fallen Angel Aaww, Thanks.
    And we both support Alec.
    because he is pure gold.

  43. Blanquita13

    its been a year and only 221 ppl disliked this, got to hell y'all who diliked

    Lahly Bird

    Yes, to everyone who disliked, go take "A journy to the lowest place on earth"

  44. Gacha Potato

    Okie first of all I play his music when I fall to sleep cause he is my fave singer and his voice is so soft and soothing

    Lahly Bird

    @Gacha Potato London, and Alec!?
    Your just trying to torcher me aren't you?

    Gacha Potato

    Lahly Bird sorry😅

    Lahly Bird

    @Gacha Potato *has died*

    Gacha Potato

    Lahly Bird 😟😂

    Lahly Bird

    @Gacha Potato :'(

  45. Cooky taetae

    I know who is the *240* dislikes it's the people who doesn't know how to *swim*

  46. Jack Son

    JuStIn BiEbEr but slightly better

  47. Sambucky4ever

    Alec Benjamin. 🤝 Billie Eilish
    The only artists I love in this last decades

  48. Trevor S

    I’m a water man so I’m fine

  49. Paris 54

    Just singing this to my dog because he is the only thing that will ever love me and also the only thing that I will ever love. I have a heart of stone.

  50. HeatherDaleThings

    After listening to this like 400000000 times the word swim sounds weird now

  51. Sasuke

    Breaking the replay button

  52. RocketTheCat •-•

    I am so upset how Alec Benjamin isn’t super popular because I listened to a bunch of his songs and they were all my my favorites for some time, and I didn’t know that he wrote all of them so then after falling in love with must have been the wind, I finally looked up his name and now he is my all time favorite singer

  53. sarah lol

    Most best song of his 😂 I love u alec❤❤

  54. Amali Wijesena

    I'm just wondering what Alec and Billie would sound like together 👌💯

  55. Jean Yeh

    *me in swimming class*

  56. Daniel Meza


  57. Lunara Heart

    Me: omg it 1 am? I gotta go to sleep


  58. Ayma Zee

    Okay, I really love your voice.

  59. Kim Ngân

    I like his vocal so so much OMG

  60. Kenneth V.

    Alec should be at like pewdepies level of stuff cause this is fire

  61. Carys Griffiths

    Why is he not more famous

  62. Clownery luvv Xx

    Hope i am gonna see you live one day, because dude YOU ARE SO GOOD holy shit

  63. izuku midorya

    I remember watching ur videos when u weren't popular but look at u now! 😊

  64. campbell’s soup

    me and alec are actually married, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    kinsey Thompson

    He cheating on u with me

  65. Daniel Meza


  66. Nightcore Subliminals


  67. Nehemiah Thompson

    If this was my case I would be swimming forever 😅

  68. eyelash

    when he sings "I Will never get over you" gives me the chills everytimeeee

  69. Stacy Wilson

    Alec: "Swim until you love me! Swim swim swi-"
    Me: " StOp SwImMiNg."
    Alec: "I will never get ooooveeerr you!"
    Me: " GeT oUt Of ThE gOdDaMn PoOl AlEc!!!"

  70. alya shah budin

    genuine lyric! I love it!

  71. CatDaly Draws

    I hope i can get tickets for his dublin concert any irish alec benjamin fans here

  72. Kiera M.

    Why do people dislike things? I don’t understand. If you don’t like the type of music just don’t do anything, it seems a bit extra to go out of your way to give someone a dislike.... 😖 I love Alec’s music and I can’t see why anyone would hate it, but even if you do, don’t dislike!

  73. Danica Winder

    This song makes me think of Dory (swim, swim, swim; just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming)

  74. Dung My

    I love your voice <3

  75. Adolf Hitler

    Vey, eu jurei que o moço na foto era o J-Hope KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK QUE BRISA

  76. lila

    Every time I listen to a new Alec benjamin song I fall instantly I'm love. They are all so catchy. It's amazing

  77. JanickXC

    i was the 30k like

  78. Elie Kuan

    Alec still swimming...

    33 AMAZING HACKS FOR YOUR NEXT BEACH TRIP 5-minute crafts 0:09

    What Alec needs to get him to safety 😂

  79. Isabela Revoelta Toth

    Se ele estivesse nadando por mim não teria nem entrado na água (of he had been swiming for me he would not have even gone into the water)

  80. Lissy Lives On

    1:44 and 2:14 😍😍😍

  81. stan yourself first

    I'm so in love with your songs sksksk Must've been the wind and Water Fountain are probably my favourites :')

  82. Alec Benjamin

    Tickets for my world tour and special NY + LA shows are movin fast :0 . grab tix here:

    Kiera M.

    Alec Benjamin can you do a tour in Seattle? 💗💗💗I love you so much and I really want to see you live. ❤️❤️

    Cassius Felix

    Thank you making awesome music man

    Kyler Owen

    I'm so sad because you never come even close to Kansas and I can't go out of the state so sad

    Angie Brown

    I love you
    I love jimin
    I would love if you make a song together❕🙇

    Crys-chan VA

    Yay! I might be able to go to the tour! I'd love to see you live!

  83. SisterSara

    Billie Elis and Alec.... *yusss*

  84. Lahly Bird

    Alec you do not have to wait for me I love you already I promise my heart will rescue you

  85. Sugar_ Coconuts

    YouTube: forces us to watch 30 second ad we can’t skip
    YouTube: WaNNa sEe uS d0 iT AgAin?

  86. Christa Mendoza

    Love Alec so much ❤️♥️❤️ love him so much it hurts

    Lahly Bird

    It's hilarious he thinks he needs to wait for us to love him LOL

  87. Emily Holbert

    He says swim 30 times in the song. No hate I love the song but wow.

    Lahly Bird

    LOL I love the fact that you're literally counted how many times he says the word swim in the song

    Emily Holbert

    Ahlyana Seaman thank u

    Lahly Bird

    @Emily Holbert you're welcome. Side note Alec Benjamin fans need a fan name!

    Emily Holbert

    Ahlyana Seaman ikr I was thinking Alec’s Brownies but then I was like nah that’s retarded

  88. Adamari Arredondo

    I love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️

    Lahly Bird

    Yeah Alec why are you waiting

  89. I'mGidgit!

    just keep on swimming just keep on swimming

    Lahly Bird

    What do we do we swim swim swim until you love me

  90. narutofromtheleaf

    There's only one naruto and that is me :) even tho i don't have alot of subs ;-;

  91. Panda Melody

    Who was here when the demo for this came out? 🖐

  92. A Secret

    I listen to this song every day when I clean
    # love it

  93. Paprika

    Why isn’t he more popular? His music is *E V E R Y T H I N G* 💕💗

  94. Angel Spill-the-tea

    swim hymn grimm sin tin ams in my bank acount

  95. Stranghalde

    I adore this AND the demo but they feel so entirely different. I normally listen the the demo tbh. *guilty*

  96. Marii xo

    Who else wishes Alec was talking about them?😩

  97. kroftie

    ughhh i don’t want people to find out such great music but i want you to be loved my many why is this so diFFICULT



  98. xoxo

    well I can't swim. what am I gonna do?

  99. lil thang

    Alec, your the bestestestestestesyestestest person ever