Alec Benjamin - Stan Lyrics

My tea's gone cold
I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be gray
I put your picture on that wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

Dear Slim, I wrote you, but you still ain't callin'
I left my cell, my pager and my home phone at the bottom
I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not've got 'em
There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin'
Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em
But anyways, fuck it, what's been up, man? How's your daughter?
My girlfriend's pregnant too, I'm 'bout to be a father
If I have a daughter, guess what I'ma call her?
I'ma name her Bonnie
I read about your Uncle Ronnie too, I'm sorry
I had a friend kill himself over some bitch who didn't want him
I know you probably hear this every day, but I'm your biggest fan
I even got the underground shit that you did with Skam
I got a room full of your posters and your pictures, man
I like the shit you did with Rawkus too, that shit was phat
Anyways, I hope you get this, man, hit me back
Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan, this is Stan

My tea's gone cold
I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be gray
I put your picture on that wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

Dear Slim, you still ain't called or wrote, I hope you have a chance
I ain't mad, I just think it's fucked up you don't answer fans
If you don't wanna to talk to me outside your concert
You didn't have to
But you coulda signed an autograph for Matthew
That's my little brother, man, he's only six years old
We waited in the blisterin' cold
For you, for four hours, and you just said no
That's pretty shitty, man, you're like his fuckin' idol
He wants to be just like you, man, he likes you more than I do
I ain't that mad, though I just don't like being lied to
Remember when we met in Denver?
You said if I'd write you, you would write back
See, I'm just like you in a way: I never knew my father neither
He used to always cheat on my mom and beat her
I can relate to what you're sayin' in your songs
So when I have a shitty day, I drift away and put 'em on
'Cause I don't really got shit else
So that shit helps when I'm depressed
I even got a tattoo of your name across the chest
Sometimes I even cut myself to see how much it bleeds
It's like adrenaline, the pain is such a sudden rush for me
See, everything you say is real, and I respect you 'cause you tell it
My girlfriend's jealous 'cause I talk about you 24/7
But she don't know you like I know you, Slim, no one does
She don't know what it was like for people like us growin' up
You gotta call me, man
I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose, sincerely yours, Stan
P.S.: We should be together too

My tea's gone cold
I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window
And I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be gray
I put your picture on that wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

And that story isn't over, but I have to tell the truth
I know I couldn't do a justice, only one who could is you
Because I idolized you, Marshall, and nobody understands
Maybe I'm a little crazy, maybe I'm just like Stan, damn

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Alec Benjamin Stan Comments
  1. Gi Pop

    I love how he did both parts

  2. Nour Elhouda

    3 Words:
    I. LOVE. IT.
    Sorry, but I missed something :

    PS: Ily :)

  3. A Cup of Tae

    I’m being serious!
    I searched for ,,Eminem lyrics” and this song showed up 😂

  4. Syazwa Auni

    I'm jawdrop!

  5. Abel Lamont

    keep trying you are really good i love it

  6. Abigayle Adkins

    Is he rapping???? OMG wtf why is there not MORE of thissss😁😁😁

  7. VIA_Crown18 18

    Wow. He surprised me...

  8. Dylan McIntyre


  9. Dylan McIntyre


  10. I love dogs beacham

    I DID NOT KNOW THAT HE SWERS wait is he sing about eminen

  11. Wolfergang

    Literally thought he actually made this himself until my friend slapped me XD

  12. My Unpopular Opinion

    I was in disbelief when he started rapping and then my brain practically exploded when he swore

  13. black wing

    My dumbass just realised this is eminem stan but alec singing if it even alec

  14. Eva Cudgel

    Welp... a friend told me to listen to this and now I’ll m almost crying

  15. Rem Young

    I didnt think this would actually be a cover and now I'm crying simply of joy lmao.
    Voice is so stunning and perfect 💜

  16. Gloria Vargas

    Also this is the first time I’ve heard him curse

  17. Gloria Vargas

    Delete it

  18. Gloria Vargas

    This isn’t a song that he will sing

  19. Teresa parker

    I didnt know it was originally by eminem and i was like....


  20. Marco Vinícius Alves das Neves

    Basically, soft Eminem, I loved it

  21. Jane Mellor

    Gacha tubers


  22. Nomi _ Playz


  23. Grace Coleshill

    I didn't know Alec swore

  24. Duh It‘s Grace

    I looked up for 'I am Stan and I was wrong' song and came to this woah

  25. ღ MajesticBecca ღ

    This is the first time I've heard Alec curse. I have mixed feelings about that, but at least he sounds great while singing it!

  26. Nomi _ Playz

    This reminds me of NF a little bit..

  27. Rr Gacha!

    this is the first time i heard hi curse

  28. Wolfie the Wolfie

    plz never do dis again because people are gonna copyright you for this song because many singers did this so just warning u :-(

  29. Wolfie the Wolfie

    he is swiming but she is pretending they get to the water fountain .maybe it was just the wind from the knife in her back ntill she is the wolf and the sheep maybe she will be outrunning karma.He will be killing someone for her defending her because she is the last of her kind.there gotta be a reason why he is doing annabelle's homework in 1994 so maybe thats why he is the boy in the bubble he is letting me down slowly he is looking from his mother's eyes.He built a friend named steve then he had the worst day of his life.

  30. Wolfie the Wolfie

    I found out there are many versions of Stan like from M&M and many other people did this song so I found this very catchy I love it :)

  31. senile reeds

    Is this for Stan like the one who made spiderman or is it for slim shady like m and m

  32. singing is my life

    It is the first Time that he course, and he so it like no one else

  33. alex

    The bass in the background tho, so good

  34. Rylynn Baker

    Slim shady ??????

  35. ming ming

    His voice is so cute that i find his cursing sexy asf!

  36. &mJ ¡s m¡ss¡ng¿

    Oh my god my two favorite artists and THIS HAPPENS! OMFG IM SO HAPPY!

  37. Mik Is a Mystery

    That last sentence made me throw my phone, not gonna lie. This is absolutely amazing

  38. B Cullen

    It's perfect

  39. RaindropSketches

    Broooo I can’t. I can’t be the only who is falling in love with the little accent he has when he’s rapping. It’s sounds soo good, not to mention, it’s very soothing. Which, I know this might be kind of ironic how I’m fangirling about him when this song is literally about an over-obsessive fan, but I gotta give credit when credit is due, okay. Alec Benjamin is perfect. That’s all I need to say.

    I’m out ✌️❤️

  40. the edit aesthetic

    am i the only who loves alec and literally never heard this song??? like where was it????

  41. M O N I R O T H

    At first I didn’t know this is a cover

  42. 슬린 ALEX

    i don't know why i'm rapping the comments

  43. Jan Sabana

    Me and my broken heart !

  44. Monica khatai

    Omg.. He was talking to Eminem this whole time!

  45. Nomi Plays

    He doesnt even soud like Alec..

  46. Rubi Maya•

    Watch the video again but with subtitles🤣🤣

  47. real_shady_stan

    I love Alec
    I'd die for Eminem

    Alec + Eminem = perfection 👌🏻👌🏻😱❤️

  48. Hasti M

    I like this more than the original 💜💜 he has a great voice 💖💜

  49. Eggos Waffles

    I found this because I was looking for a seen from IT about Stanley😂😂

  50. nothing xx

    Y’all let Alec swear. he’s like 23-24.

  51. fyre ball

    I didn't know alec was the one who sang this i was actually looking for this and when i saw that it was in alec's song playlist i was suprised.

  52. KillerStudios

    I don't know if this was the right type of song for him to cover

  53. GamjaChop

    Yep I *stan* him

  54. ItzBumble

    *this is fabulous* _that is all i have for this _*_cover_*

  55. gamer animator z

    I love the eanding

  56. The splendid life

    The most he cursed in a song
    Love you Alec B.

  57. Fu Bar

    To be honest, he sounds HOT doing it!

  58. Fu Bar

    😨Oh... My... God!!!!!!!!!! He curses SOOO much in this song! He actually say fuck! And he raps! This man is full of suprises!

  59. Cassia L

    This is dope, I'm surprised how much I like it. I usually only listen to the Dido parts cuz I'm not an Eminem fan, but this was softer and clearer (English's my 3rd langage) and I loved it!

  60. Ganimo 22

    When you look out the window pretinding to be in a emotional music video. XD

  61. Tucker The dog

    Bro who dis and y he cussing dis ain't Alec he must be collaborating with someone

    Sm0l Fish

    Nope. This is Alec. He's cussing because he's a grown man.

  62. Ela Demir

    im confused

    _X_Dark Shadow_X

    'bout what?

  63. nothing to see here

    i love how he took a song i love and made it completely different, and i love it almost as much as the original.

  64. Arshia Chidambaram

    I love you alec

  65. Arshia Chidambaram

    Okay but the lyrics are wrong 😬

  66. Denki Kaminari

    Oof it's like a Nightcore version of Eminem

  67. Alinka Golovach

    Alex should do a collab with Nico Collins!!!!
    They both have such unique and amazing voices!

  68. Ash Ketchup

    Alec why did you have to swear

    Sm0l Fish

    Cuz he's an adult

  69. Just_A_Potato

    Only three seconds into the song and I'm already loving it.

  70. Potato Molina

    Alec try to go with the flow of music of today thats full with cursing

    But his music is already gold

  71. Alexandra Pedroso

    I never knew that Alec Curses..

  72. Limelight Lovelies

    The teas cold y’all


    Wtf!! I thought he was innocent!!!

  74. jrsjr Sanchez


  75. Allie McCorvy

    When did he start to cuss?! WTF

  76. The Captain Chicken Channel

    He copied this 1999 song at the beginning see the lyrics until dear slim then listen to this

  77. Rwan Hamdy

    What's the meaning of stan?

    Ailene V

    It's a name

    M B

    stalker + fan

    Sm0l Fish

    Stan means "fan"

  78. x Isabełłe x

    Alec Benjamin can make swears not sound like swears

  79. robin savage

    He Van sing with his own style... Cool kid

  80. Marina Lim

    Omg I was so surprised when I heard the rap part ! It’s cool huh!?:/

  81. makayla thompson

    I love this

  82. Boxer Emaan

    0:39 omg that is my first time hearing him swear

  83. Dynasty Negron

    he's a pretty good rapper

  84. Alîce Viiølët

    His raps is much more Better than any rapper in my opinion

    *I'm speechless*

  85. Majin Biri

    hmmm.this is
    indescribably amazing

  86. manticore q

    I love Alec and Eminem and seeing him posting a cover of his song is just a dream come true

  87. Laura Appenzeller

    that “damn” at the end tho- i mean the while cover in general is amazing dont get me wrong- but wow that soft damn at the end 😍😍

  88. Hallie Jo

    Hold up alec u one my favorite singers and Slims one of my favorite rappers so this is perfect more plzz

    Ps ur singing and rapping is amazing

  89. That One Normie

    Summary of the comments here:
    1% : complaining about the cursing and doesn't like the new "change" Alec's done.
    39% : a message to the 1% about how this is Alec and he can do whatever he wants.
    Almost 50% : wanting to hear Alec rap more and just overall nice things about this cover
    5% : Just others who're the 1% but have "no hate" or something.
    5% : others.

    I literally could not find the ones who were complaining about the cursing and the "change" in this comment section.
    So ye.

    Sm0l Fish

    If you go from "newest first"you prob can. xD

  90. LePtitTouLyonnais

    Alec benjamin, a wonderful mix between eminem, ed sheeran, tyler joseph ... and most of all: ALEC BENJAMIN !

  91. The Private Internetter

    Love it!

  92. bailee

    king shit

  93. Idrawmypain

    1:43 My little cousins name is Matthew he is about 4 months old :)

  94. Alby The Great

    I like this better than the original

  95. Alexander_x

    ;-; Why is Alec cursing!? That doesnt sound like him... I know almost all of his songs! im consused help


    he's covering eminem's song, Stan.

  96. a paradise bird

    ~~ Alec Benjamin ~~
    check out our "Alec Benjamin" Playlist: