Alec Benjamin - Settle Down Lyrics

He set out with a backpack
A compass in hand
To steal Mona Lisa
And that was his plan
A modern day outlaw
He'll take what he can
And vanish before you
Like tracks in the sand

His pockets were full but his heart was so heavy
And all these material things can be deadly if
No one is there who will share when your seventy-one

If only someone
Filled the spaces
He might settle down

He met her on Tuesday
On his way back from France
He rolled up the painting
He stole with his hands
And even da Vinci
Couldn't have sketched
A more perfect woman
Than the one that he met

His pockets were full but his heart was so heavy
And all these material things can be deadly if
No one is there who will share when your seventy-one

If only someone
Filled the spaces
He might settle down

Settle down, settle down, settle down, settle down

He woke up in the morning
With nothing around
She left with the portrait
No trace of her found
She was the outlaw
She was the one
She took the bounty
And left him with none

His pockets aren't full and his heart is still empty
And falling in love it can be just as deadly
And no one is there who will care when he's seventy-one

If only someone
Filled the spaces
He might settle down

Settle down

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Alec Benjamin Settle Down Comments
  1. sami

    i need this song on my spotify i’ve been listeing to it since it came out and i can never get enough of it 🥺

  2. phillipexe

    it's been two years since i listened to this and i still remember all the lyrics. your music is unforgettable

  3. Iso Dia

    Takes 2 seconds of Alec Benjamin to make tears fill my eyes

  4. Truly Greg

    This song ain't on spotify and I'm sad

  5. Jana Jenko

    why aren´t these on your spotify

  6. Vanessa Chen

    Usually when I’m trying to sleep, but my brain is full of junk, I end up listening to one of your songs, and my brain “settles down” (haha get it? Ok I’ll leave now)
    Love your music! I also really appreciate your lyrics. It takes a lot of skill to not only rhyme, but also have a good rhythm.

  7. Pierre M

    2mil happening today

  8. Kitt Cath

    why are there so many of his songs not on Spotify??? :((

  9. filip madsen

    Can you pls put this and "Journey to the lowest place on earth" on spotify

  10. Oscar Koehler


  11. Nomi _ Playz

    His voice is so calming ❤😊

  12. Mikayla Anne

    Is there ANY way that you can publish all your songs on iTunes OR Spotify idec which one just PLEASE

  13. Art_girl Kelley

    Me: awe this looks like a cute song

    Also me:😭❤

  14. gorgon medusa

    Omg! 1M already yeyyyy😭❤❤❤❤

  15. Ellie Belcher

    I feel like I would be the girl in this and I'm so sad:(

  16. TheRandomCatT Meow!

    💜 2019 💜 was just at your concert in New York yesterday I will never forget October 25th 2019

  17. natt2153 x


  18. Jaylan Hanifyh


  19. Lahly Bird

    Who is still here in 2065 and still loving him when he's 71?

    Isabelle LaFrance

    He would be 91 and I love him always

    Lahly Bird

    @Isabelle LaFrance hahaha

  20. Darrien Howe

    why is the background of him in a store??????

    Isabelle LaFrance

    It's just a random photo that he picked. I like it

  21. Selene

    Wow this is a masterpiece <3

    Lahly Bird

    Of Course it is.
    Alec Benjamin made it.


    @Lahly Bird haha thats soooo true thought!!

  22. Hhmmm

    *hi if u are reading this, that means u are probably as obsessed as me*

    Lahly Bird

    I'm more.


    Lahly Bird *bet*

  23. nonexistant X_x

    It's nice to come back to his old stuff and see how much he has grown as an artist and the giant community he has created

  24. Mayo Sauce

    his voice in this song tho ♥♥

    Lahly Bird

    He sounds younger than he usually does doesn't he?

  25. timaxx

    this literally sounds like a story someone would write, this guy's a genius i love him


    Exactly, he doesn't sing, he narrates ❤️

    Lahly Bird

    Welcome to Alec Benjamin.
    Every song is a story.


    @Lahly Bird ik ive been listening to him for years

  26. White Trash

    Only Alec can make a picture of a person in the supermarket that looks like it was taken by a stalker look like art

    Isabelle LaFrance

    Its himself

  27. Kristin Angel

    crap its a year now I wanna cry

    Isabelle LaFrance

    It's a year?!

  28. Aabidah Baksh

    need this piece of art on spotify

  29. Miya C.

    Reminds me of the movie The Best Offer. It tells exactly this story and the portrait stealing isn't metaphorical. It's actually real. But he ends up falling love with her and she turns out being a fraud. So it goes both ways.

  30. Ashley Thompson

    Every time. EVERY TIME. I listen to a song of yours and I'm like, "Yeah, got it. This is the story. I know how this is going to end". I've grown so used to correctly guessing the ending of movies and TV shows and songs and I keep thinking that you'll fall into the same rhythm but more often than not your last verse ALWAYS GETS ME. Now I'm so crestfallen that this guy who I thought had found a happy ending gets played by this woman but it's like, "HE JUST WANTED TO SETTLE DOWN". But at the same time I've identified with your character so quickly that it feels like I'll never get to settle down either. WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME, DUDE??

    haya Ibrahim

    how much time did it take you to write this

  31. sushi soosh

    i read the word "settle" as "seattle".

  32. Sofia Console

    For some reason This song makes me want to punch this girl in the face


    its 2019 and here i am listening to old demos *sigh* hes come so far :')

  34. Laura Morph

    Maaannnn, 2:22 till 2:53 and 2:54 till 3:08 have such different fellings

  35. Rumman Younis

    U stole my Heart ;) its True

  36. Elizabeth McGuire

    How have I not heard this yet omg 😭😍

  37. Reny Sunshine

    His songs always give me chills

  38. movie


  39. Uhh433

    Seriously, how are you not famous!?


    he grew fame, but he deserves more even if hes not gonna be our little secret

  40. Yves Paris


  41. Yves Paris

    OMG his voice is so different but still is AMAZING

  42. The DeadCreator

    This song is perfect wtf

  43. WAYHOO

    His music aren't songs. They're freaking stories.

  44. Georgia Jones

    The most amazing song 😍 I wish all your music was Spotify, one of the most talented singers ever 😍❤️


    ikr hes soo good!

  45. Rina Marapao

    Alec is such a super cool singer song writer♡

  46. Ryan Weisner

    Piano intensifies

  47. Gardenpop

    I am so happy I found alex before he realesed his first album cause I can say I was one of the first

  48. Jessica Rodgers

    My life in three words: Alec and AJR

  49. J A L E E L

    The swallowing at 1:08😍😍

  50. rami

    I’m crying , this song is so beautiful

  51. Az Rael

    Thank you Alec.

  52. Az Rael


  53. NujAij weiL

    Anyone got the Spotify link for this song?

  54. Just Someone

    This hurt so much :'c

  55. Makeshift Feelings

    this song is one of my favorite. we think we will all have the best life with the best car and décor for our million dollar homes. but in the end, it's not. we still feel lonely. since we have no one to share with. also, is the seventy one thing a subtle reference to the "I will be loving you till were seventy" and the questions surrounding what happens at seventy one?

  56. Delaney Schultz

    You are so talented, your songs are beautiful and meaningful, unlike most singers, I love you <3 <3!!

  57. • Chîme •

    I luv u!

  58. Katia Lei

    Omg loving the plot twist in the lyrics :o

  59. A.K. Kamrul Alam

    This kinda sounds like a Disney song<3

  60. Beyonce Lopez

    Gonna go see you October 9th🤯🙌😭💗

  61. Griselda Pereira

    I'm trying to find a bad song by Alec Benjamin for an hour now can't find any

  62. levi Schultz

    The story tho!!!!

  63. Moon Light

    It is like disney songs but more emotional one :)

  64. yas mina

    I've been watching all his videos and I'm addicted 💜

  65. Elena

    Anyone else doing an Alec Benjamin marathon?? 😂😭

  66. FanGirl-ish

    For everyone who's saying he deserves more, you're right. He'll blow up soon for sure, but enjoy this for now.

  67. Gbielro

    Kkkkkk ok this was kinda funny

  68. Mikayla

    i'm currently in class listening to all his songs😂💕

  69. 420killme

    when did your old songs get so many views I swear this just had like 200k

  70. Aspen

    now that your fan base is growing like A LOTT i decided to binge listen your songs

  71. devil's music


  72. Wiktoria L

    my loooove

  73. R.B.

    He's so talented this man. Give him the whole world

  74. elliesstuff

    im sobbing this is beautiful

  75. Nachelle :D

    put this on your next album !!!!!

  76. Tori S.


  77. Sydney S.

    How does one even sing and play piano/guitar at the same time. I still can’t say a word while playing my cello ehhhhh

  78. Emma Joyce

    this is literally incredible <3

  79. 山中幸子

    Everybody says that you're so great, yeah
    Walk around like you deserve that gold
    But what would happen if they knew the place that
    You got it from?
    I guess that I was just another victim
    Someone that you thought that you could play
    I had a feeling and I should have listened
    Now there's no us

    I was so rich with all this love
    You wanted it and I was so dumb
    I let you in when I should have run
    Now all that's left is something numb

    I gave you all I had to lose
    My skin, my soul, my finest jewels
    You stole it all for someone new and then
    You gave away the best of me
    My sins, my sweetest ecstasy
    To someone worth much less than me
    Yeah, you're my Robin Hood

  80. nicollette saint cyr

    i love this song

  81. Lil Used Kleenex

    Honestly this song still makes me cry every time. His music is so beautiful I just can't.

  82. Li Ripley

    i NEED this on spotify :(

  83. 山中幸子

    This song is an echo, the answer that resonates with this song that has been sung by Alec. I suggest you listen to Robin Hood by Anson Seabra after this song. It's as if the man in the song is directly telling us what has happened through his perspective instead of the story teller's himself.

  84. TayTays Universe

    Your music is so uplifting- even the sad music

  85. Tapiboba

    omg! those korean pears behind Alec are so delicious!! They're perfectly sweet!! makes me crave them right now.

  86. caution- dead end.

    this song has had so much meaning to me since 2017. I wish i could go back

  87. Anamarija Soskoska

    Paitence brings the world together and apart,
    The stranger I met changes my life,you might say,but peaceful singing is what people from alec expect.

  88. Jacob Hungler

    Please please please publish this song!

  89. Nemoisyum

    A - Awesome
    L - Legendary
    E - Excellent
    C - Creative
    B - Brilliant
    E - Effective
    N - Noteworthy
    J - Joyous
    A - Amazing
    M - Meaningful
    I - Influential
    N - Necessitate

  90. Natalie A.

    Normally it takes me like 2 or 3 times listening to a new song to really get into it but all of your songs just click right away and I love them from the first note

  91. Mathijs Rikken

    Listening to this drunk and with a broken heart..... i just dont wanna live anymore

  92. Mr. Anti-Social

    Someone make a 1 hour version of this

  93. Julia Balletta

    the way he sings just really touches his viewers hearts, why is he not bigger!! 😍😍

  94. DaBest DaCrispyFriedChicken

    LOL I have been just listening to Alec Benjamin for atleast 2 days and 1 night also why does this song sound like a perfect disney song I love it!

  95. Bobby Arts

    *My dad came up behind me and asked if I was listening to Justin Beiber. I said "He's not Justin Beiber."*

    *He said ",same thing."*

  96. Renee Dennis

    2019, and I just found this song. I love it so much, I wish it was on spotify, all your songs are amazing, it's shocks me that the first ever song I listened to was Paper Crown. I didn't know it was yours, but I loved it. In 2018 I found your songs again and I love them so much, all your songs are really amazing!

  97. Di Bn

    Wow.....! .Great lyrics Alec....! Its beyond the sense of commons beautiful a song love it .....Stay blessed ....

  98. GLOBΛL

    ly alec