Alec Benjamin - Pretending Lyrics

In this masquerade, she can't feel the pain
Cover up her heart, with a little paint
While he's pulling out a flask, to hide it all away
There's nothing left to say

He knows that they're drowning
She hopes that there's still something left
Let go now cause he's leaving

But she'd be fine pretending, things were alright
Even while its ending keep it inside
She can feel them bending
All their love is pending so what is she defending?
Even when she says she'll open her eyes
All her words are empty when she denies
But she can feel them bending
All their love is pending so what is she defending?
But she'd be fine prete... (she'd be fine)

Step into the light, to look him in the eye
Feeling so exposed, she tries to stay composed
But every little fight and every little lie is impossible to hide

He knows that they're drowning
She hopes that there's still something left
Let go now cause he's leaving

But she'd be fine pretending, things were alright
Even while its ending keep it inside
She can feel them bending
All their love is pending so what is she defending?
Even when she says she'll open her eyes
All her words are empty when she denies
But she can feel them bending
All their love is pending so what is she defending?
But she'd be fine prete... (she'd be fine)

I hate to watch her hurt, I know it isn't right
But she can find the courage to leave it all behind
I wish I had the words to help her realize
That there is just no way to bring this back to life

He knows that, they're drowning

But she'd be fine pretending, things were alright
Even while its ending keep it inside
She can feel them bending
All their love is pending, so what is she defending?
Even when she says she'll open her eyes
All her words are empty when she denies
But she can feel them bending
All their love is pending so what is she defending?
But she'd be fine prete... She'd be fine

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Alec Benjamin Pretending Comments
  1. gothkid gerard

    I'm still upset that this isn't on Spotify

  2. Sakeena Shaikh


  3. sr kokie :3


  4. Elisa Kramer

    why is literally every single one of his songs a masterpiece

  5. Wolfy_2539

    so clam

  6. Rahma Heneiber

    I've never been heartbroken before, but alec makes me feel like i have :(

  7. Amber M

    To lazy to turn off the light at night time be like:
    Song: “She’d be fine Pretending things were alright.”
    Me: *has mental breakdown on why I don’t wanna get up and then just sleeps with lights on.*

  8. Taylor Humphries

    ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😢😢😢😢😢😢 It's so true

  9. Smile, Eilish

    I miss her

  10. Sarvottma Sanghmitra

    I was searching for this song lyrics for quite a while. Finally found it. These songs of Alec are so good but he is really underrated. I really hope that he will get more recognition.

  11. Gloom King

    I'm sorry, but I can't.

    There're is supposed to be they're.

    I'll leave.

  12. Yanique Otgaar


  13. Gabalho YT

    I forgot how deep this song is...


  14. LillStar BubbleBean

    Every song he writes touches my heart in every way possible, sometimes it even makes me cry.

  15. Anais Queen19800

    Alec is going to come in my country at Electric Castle, he's my idol, and I can't go... And i'm sad, but i'm still blessed because I can listen the songs that he made and cover... Don't like my comment, like the video, and subscribe to Alec Benjamin and at this channel too, love you all ❤😘

  16. Bushra Alsafadi

    Words? Empty
    Eyes? Closed
    She? Pretending
    Heart? Covered
    Hotel? Trivago

  17. Lexis Vlogz 2

    This reminds me *"There will never be someone who will ALWAYS love you, they always leave your heart in tiny shattered glass peices that you will never feel comeback even if you it goes back."*

  18. bandana gurumayum

    I hear this song when I am angry because it make my heart melt

  19. Uchiha Patrick

    His voice is its own instrument.

  20. maddy12 hernandez

    "Let go now cause hes leaving,
    But she'll be fine pretending" 😔

  21. lock your doors

    i'll be here in:
    2019: ✔️

  22. Hoes Mad

    Can hear the woman’s voice if u listen closely

  23. Midnights World

    I love his voice! Like if u do to

  24. missyou xxxtentacion

    alec never stops playing with my heart

  25. Mew Mew Catty

    If I have a talent show at my school I'm singing this

  26. MysteryNight Shadow

    ``But she'd be fine pretending thing were alright, Even while it's ending keep it inside.`` Love that part. 1:45 until 1:54.

  27. Jose Aleman

    *"in* *this* *masquerade* *she* *can't* *feel* *the* *pain"*


    I like how every song follows a story of someone who’s been lied too treated wrong or trust in general it’s reliable

  29. Makayla Benson

    I love this song it makes me feel a little happer

  30. Izick Garbutt

    i can sing this pretty good

  31. Jan Gacha

    * sees other sad kid* friends: look its your kind!! what do you do to him?????

  32. Bella Maddox

    I mean it’s so true there is always one person that wants to keep there realatinship going even when when it is ending and it’s sad to think that 1 of5 are in this place and if you were in it what would y’all do

  33. Dylann Miller

    Sooooo I wanna do one of his songs for my school talent show. What one should I do?

    Gensiss Perez

    Do pretending duh you should do it

    Dylann Miller

    @Gensiss Perez Well, my school has kinder.'s in it. (5 year olds)

    Jan Gacha

    water fountain is a good song

    Gensiss Perez

    Oh you could do water fountain or the boy in the bubble wait you should do water fountain very nice song go for it 😁😁😁😁❤❤❤👏👏👏

    Gensiss Perez

    I have searched the internet 😑😅 UwU

  34. Yeet

    *can relate*

  35. Erica Cambodia

    *If anyone want to download this song , download foxfm*

  36. Shinystar08

    Love the song

  37. Skylar Kessinger

    I’ve always been the therapist friend and I don’t have anyone to ever go to so whenever I’m upset I have to *pretend* that I’m fine

  38. Lia Fana

    “Even while its ending keep it inside “

  39. gacha_Foxy plays

    My life in a song

  40. temuai enterprise

    alec benjamin yang lagu ini

  41. temuai enterprise

    cantik juga lagu ini

  42. Miss Panda Angel

    So.. U hh.. I'm late. This makes me sad because it reminded me my grandpa is about to go into surgery.. And... I kinda don't like it but it also tells me: ' Dont worry, grandpa will be ok! No need to pretend! ' I wish he will be okay. Please like for prayers he will get through his surgey ok!

    1 like = 1 prayer


    1 like = 1 hug for me and a prayer for my grandpa!

  43. Icez_Creamz

    *when you realize that its a guys who sings this*
    Me: Im dumb...

  44. ••Kawaii Potatoe••

    Song: *Flask*

    No one:

    Not even a soul:


  45. LegendsNeverDie

    **What is she defending?**

  46. anonymous creature

    But she'd fine pretending ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Someone

    Ya know it’s sad to think that all his songs probably describe someone’s life exactly.

  48. Suga Kooky

    if u think ur lonely

    once i was so bored i made my first ever boyfriend that was also imaginary (im litterally a potato what do u expect) i basically made him cheat on me even though weve been "together" for 3 yrs
    hes a mix of all my idols lmao

    were back together cuz britaney got in a mind car crash sooo im good ;)

  49. The one and only Cloudy

    Fun fact:- Alec Benjamin and my mum's birthday is on the same date 28th may and im 24 may

  50. xxSofixx play

    We say - wrong
    We are silent - wrong

    We dress as we like - wrong
    We don't dress as we like - wrong
    We are - wrong
    We aren't - wrong
    We have our own opinion - wrong
    We have no opinion of our own - wrong
    We are cultural - wrong
    We are rude - wrong
    We breathing - wrong
    So what we are supposed to do?...

  51. Luna.Midnight

    Bruh this is me and my sister but just a bit different..

  52. Elliot Swaink

    i love alec benjamen

  53. Ridita Ridy


  54. Uniquely Me


  55. Inner Peacebirdie

    Why so many of teens are depressed..

    Let me guess. Its because of love..

    Am I right?.


    not always love. i fell into a quick depression at age 5 because my brother killed himself and then my dad died of an overdose

    Moo Tries YouTube

    Yeet and like I thought my life was pretty weird


    Nope not even a teen and gone through more then a broken heart life is just depressing

  56. Purplegal98

    (s)he Be(lie)v(ed)
    male ver above
    s(he) Be(lie)v(ed)
    female ver above

  57. Purplegal98

    Good job tiktok hasn't stole it!
    Hope Alec can put it on his account before tiktok swoops it up

  58. Shelby Carlson

    This song makes me cry ❤️💔😖

  59. Alyson Beltran

    actually more so goes prete eh eh, eh eh,eh eh eh eh eh eh, eh eh, eh eh, eh eh eh eh eh eh,eh eh, eh eh, eh eh eh eh eh eh

  60. Winona Laher

    Just pretend that ur mine even if its not 😒

  61. Alina Thapa

    To all of heartbroken ones ,Stay strong sweethearts. We are on this journey together. One day we all will be healed 😊

  62. Alina Thapa

    But she'd be fine pretending things were alright 🤗

  63. Milk_tea

    If you’ve been in a abusive relationship raise your hand! 🖐🏻

  64. Glitchy Dark

    I want alec Benjamin sub urban and billie eillish to collab

  65. Junior Bobby

    Who else can relate?

  66. m arefin

    Future me' uhhhh do I really need to get married' I would have to get married cause my mom would probaly get a clean sandle and slap me with it 😉 I would need to get married so why am I discussing this...? Idk...I'm basicly talking to myself

  67. Azzlackmadafackk

    Apple music please

  68. Jeri MeiUwUPlayz

    0:12 I think it's pain not paint

    Lauren Yutuc

    It's paint. Don't believe me go search it up then. it's paint

    Jeri MeiUwUPlayz

    @Lauren Yutuc it's my opinion so don't need to be rude

  69. Savana Heun

    I was Just scrolling through YouTube and round This song. For some reason This song makes me have an émotional breakdown a bout m'y crush. Do Not ask because it is hard To explain

  70. Ugly Penguin

    My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and this is all iv been listening to non stop

  71. Kitt Cath

    Ugh i just found out about Alec in early August of this year and now i wish all of his works are on Spotifyyyy :(

  72. Nyla Stauch

    ALEC YOUR SO GOOD (it's nyla)

  73. Andrea Villafañe

    The best the music is allways is so menenfull to everyone

  74. Eden Carling

    This song makes me almost sob it feels like my real life. My uncle drinks to cover up his pain. My friends all want to die and some have tried to. I have to watch my friends say there ugly when there not. I have to sit and act like I'm okay. Like I get the same love. Like I'm really liked. Not like there covering up cause I'm sad?. Maybe they are. But pretending is all I do. My fingers can barley keep typing 'im ok' or 'im fine'.. I don't know man. Shit hit. Life isn't perfect so we attacked when we snap back cause we get abused verbally. And bullied. But I don't know maybe to smile is all a dream. And I'm the monster.. cause people will be mean until we stop it.

  75. BFF s


  76. Monster Kookie

    I'm so sick of people hyping up people who don't deserve it...
    That's the reason why all those angelic voices are underrated...

  77. Sookwantee Autmah

    I love its so melodious and sad

  78. XD duck

    His voice is so calm and i love this song i listen to this song all the time it never gets old ^w^

  79. Rainbow Star 29

    Me, when I pretend to be happy with my friends and bf even I'm shattered inside..

  80. Billy Bob

    ok so um ive never had a real friend yet i don’t cry or get upset over it? am i just too emotionless to care that my friends use me?

  81. Elizabeth Jernigan


  82. Jay /lmao Jay / lmao

    Sometimes I pretend to be happy :):

  83. Turning Grace

    Girl: Do u think I’m pretty
    Boy: No
    Girl: Do u even wanna be with me forever
    Boy: No
    Girl: Do u even like me
    Boy: No
    Girl: Would u cry if I walked away
    Boy: No
    She heard enough and was hurt... she walked away with tears in her eyes
    The boy grabbed her arm
    Boy: Ur not pretty... ur beautiful
    Boy: I don’t wanna be with u forever... I need to be with u forever
    Boy: I don’t like u... I love you
    Boy: I wouldn’t cry if u walked away... I’d die if u walked away
    Boy whispers: plz stay with me
    Girl: I will
    Tonight at midnight ur true love will realize they love u
    *something good will happen to u between 1-4 pm tomorrow it could be anywhere get ready for the shock of ur life
    * if u don’t post this to five other videos... you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

  84. jade x edits

    This song is my life bullying and abuse I get every day

    Naoshin Sharmily Alam

    Hey you want to talk about it?

    jade x edits

    @Naoshin Sharmily Alam sure my best friend has been bullying me from 3 years now and I finally stood up to her she just made me suicidal and not worthy but this song made me realise other people are dealing with more stuff than I am also thank you for helping me tell my story I really appreciate your kindness 💕💕💕

  85. Cat Girl

    Damn this song always hits me hard

  86. Chelsea Garcia


  87. im ok.

    i wonder how much people liles the comments that they agree with.but don't write thier own comment.

  88. Autumn Nelson

    This reminds me of my family we fight every day. We all say mean things and hurt each other. I have to handle keeping my family from falling apart. We all pretend everything is ok. So like in the song all there love is pending.

  89. AmbiFTW

    "there's nothing left to say"

    *roll credits*

  90. Kyle Windle

    I wonder if he goes through the pain in his music

  91. April Bush

    *calls 911.* 911 "what's ur emergency?" Me: I broke the replay button for a song called pretending by Alec Benjamin! 911: ......

    Anime person UwU



    But like it’s only on YouTube!!! Ugh

  92. Dung Nguyễn

    why isnt it on spotifyyy

  93. Christine G

    His voice ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so good

  94. April Bush

    "What is she defending?"

    The wifi password bro
    Btw if u read this ur bootiful UwU

  95. EMFEN1 Playz

    I heard this song in a video and I immediately recognised his beautiful voice

  96. Juan Gutierrez

    Love le song c': deppressed but we can fight it.

    Are You here still?

    How is your day been?

    Great thanks for Asking.

    Oh You don't care..?

    Don't worry i don't care.

    Thanks for coming down here with me love ya C:

  97. Kaitlin Kriha

    from 1:42 to 1:44 there sounds like someone said "oh"

  98. Wolfie the Wolfie

    he is swiming but she is pretending they get to the water fountain .maybe it was just the wind from the knife in her back ntill she is the wolf and the sheep maybe she will be outrunning karma.He will be killing someone for her defending her because she is the last of her kind.there gotta be a reason why he is doing annabelle's homework in 1994 so maybe thats why he is the boy in the bubble he is letting me down slowly he is looking from his mother's eyes.He built a friend named steve then he had the worst day of his life