Alec Benjamin - Paper Crown Lyrics

A paper crown
And a heart made of glass
A tattered gown
And a kingdom of ash
She walks alone
She can never look back
The story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea
She'll make it out
But she's never the same
She's looking down
At the scars that remain
But you hold your ground
When your kingdoms in flames
Cause it's the story of a queen
Whose castle has fallen to the sea
Knowing there's no one who will be
A king that will come and save his queen

When all she needs
When all she wants
When all she finds
When all she is
And ever was
Is compromised
Cause there's no one to love you
When you build your walls
Too high
And there's no one to love you
When you build your walls too

She's looking out
From the war that's inside
She's screaming out
Cause no one survived
But when you're all alone
You wait and you hide
Cause it's the story of a queen
Whose castle has fallen to the sea
Knowing there's no one who will be
A king who will come and save his queen

When all she needs
When all she wants
When all she finds
When all she is
And ever was
Is compromised
Cause there's no one to love you
When you build your walls
Too high
And there's no one to love you
When you build your walls too

There's no one
Who is strong enough
To save your love
There's no fairytale
There's no fairytale

When all she needs
When all she wants
When all she finds
When all she is
And ever was
Is compromised
Cause there's no one to love you
When you build your walls
Too high
And there's no one to love you
When you trap yourself inside

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Alec Benjamin Paper Crown Comments
  1. Youtube University

    Wobal Glorming

  2. Alyssa Rex

    <3 You should be famous!

  3. lock your doors

    I will be here in
    2019: done

  4. Sara Rahtz

    This has to be my favorite of all of Alec's beautiful songs. Love him so much. Never stop Alec, there's no one like you

  5. CamiLovesXboxdrawings2 Cami

    Very deep... Very deep.

  6. Brittany Palombo

    I fell inlove withthis song within the first few seconds of this playing you are amazing never stop being amazing Alec.

  7. mahiya mohchin

    Isolation isn’t safety, it’s death. If nobody knows your alive you aren’t

  8. Ana Parejo Bobillo

    Colaboración con Taylor Swift o con Billie Eillish 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Va Sreyneath

    I thought this voice is different -,-

  10. tanay sasdev

    I think I love him cause his music is so late 2000s early 2010s

  11. Bella Rose

    That was sad, but really cute.

  12. Nicole Jan Tingzon

    I think this is a story of the statue of Liberty

  13. Pelumi x.1

    This got me through the tough times of life .

  14. Alltrss

    I remember when I first heard and I played it on repeat even say it for a talent show it's been a few years and I'm a totally new person yet I still have every single lyric memorized

  15. Kea McGaugh

    This song is literally about a person who is struggling with ptsd and Alec's description is so accurate. Thank you Alec

  16. Jupiter NotThePlanet

    Jear desus, this actually gave me chills...

  17. Matthias

    Great song. Kinda addictive, too.
    Too bad its not on spotify

  18. Mary M

    Why is this song not on Spotify?

  19. Jessica O’Brien

    Who else is here late 2019 and still listening to it everyday scince it came out

  20. TH0R R4GNOR0K

    When I'm here I'm lonely
    2019: done sadly
    2020:almost :(

  21. Witostar

    Can you please add this song to Spotify?

  22. Hannah Holly

    this song in concert is beautiful ya'll :,)

  23. Alyxus Blair

    Alec I love all of your songs. In my opinion they all tell a different story. I love your music keep it up.☺♥

  24. Lincoln Stewart


  25. Gouri N

    This song seems like the story of a girl who had to compromise at every point of her life for one reason or the other. And rarely was the reason for her own good. Every step she took she fought and fell. And everytime she fell she build the wall higher. And now she's the queen living in the those walls with paper crown which can't be crossed by anyone. She doesn't want to compromise doens't want to sacrifice. Everyone thought she was growing stronger but the fact was she was becoming weak everytime she built the wall higher and now she's all alone and is trapped! This ain't a fairytale where the prince would come on his white horse. She would wait and someday would quit waiting and live her life looking at the world behind those walls.

  26. Weaboo - Chan

    must hear on radio

  27. ``M e l l o w D u c k l i n g``

    Why isint this song on Pandora i wanna listen to it on replay but its not on pandora..?

  28. Caroline Audio

    Have you ever noticed that this is like the lady liberty past??

  29. Hevida Miep

    Your songs make me so emotional your voice really is something

  30. Rainer Luiz Fonseca

    I just found out about this song and I'm in love with it now... can't stop listening to it

  31. 2JK

    I'm not a fan of him but sadly this song reminds me of a better time of my life. :/

  32. Jade Wallin

    ngl i thought she was the statue of liberty

  33. Saima Khowaja

    I love you Alec 😘

  34. Lisa JH

    First song I listened to and 3 years later I realize it's from Alec who I love nowadays

  35. Kadita Chan

    This song is so underrated wtf. It’s so emotional and sad how does it have so little views...

  36. Que Snope

    Please !!!!!! Can you put this song back on Spotify

  37. x_A L I_x

    still one of the best songs i have heard i still get the chills everytime i hear it even in my over 100th time <33

  38. Alyssa Vas

    Come to India

  39. Sophie Andersson

    i remember screaming the chorus on 26 november 2019 - a day to remember <3

  40. Ola Sul

    Came back after Warsaw's show. Still hurts deep down 😅 Love you!

  41. Soul-_-

    2020 anyone?

  42. Annie Jackson

    This song is my life.......
    Love you Alec💕

  43. Ali Potter

    Even your song titles are Beautiful

  44. Eloïse Donnarumma

    Alec stop hurting my feelings I’m crying now 😭😭

  45. Asuna Yuuki

    I've always loved this song

  46. Nene Bietti

    last week I heard him singing this song at a concert in Milan and it was pure magic. now that he sings it with his new style it's even more touching. this boy deserves the whole world ❤️

  47. Golden Token

    Who the hell disliked this video. This man has got some damn talent he's better than charlie. This guy is awesome!

  48. Charlie

    Is this about 9/11

  49. nothern lights

    Is it just me or does Alec sound way more mature in this song?

  50. firdaous tber

    its lit

  51. Marco Ronga

    Why I don't found that on spotify?

  52. Breanna Frank

    Ugh this song isn't on google play music 😭😭

  53. Burgy The Puppy


    Burgy The Puppy


    Watersheep Worker


    Burgy The Puppy

    @Watersheep Worker shh nobody needs to know about that , OK BOOMER?

    Watersheep Worker

    @Burgy The Puppy Yeah, But, In 1941 in the wars you went to china and made India great

  54. ArashiKawhu

    I love this song so much! I wish it was on spotify though.

  55. 적어도 난 죽지 않았어

    People might not like it how she blocks everything coming her way at first, but that's kinda really how a person can live. They also feel pain, please don't hate

  56. akaeron wolf

    Found you last month... now im obsessed. Your songs are amazing

  57. Delsberry

    I was the Statue of Liberty on Halloween because with song.

  58. BTS_Trash

    This was literally one of the first songs I heard from him and I'm sad because nastolga is hitting me hard, I wanna cry.

  59. Cristiane Vilhena

    This song is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I really can't stop crying. I found a song that sadly describes my life :(

  60. AKINI !

    Why isn’t it in Spotify?! ;-; I LOVE THIS SONG

  61. Jul ka

    Why this song is not on spotify.. :((

  62. J V

    This has Aelin Ashryver Whitethorn Galathynius written all over it

  63. chip weirdo

    A story of an queen me: 😢😢😢😢 whys this so damn sad my sis: chill out damn

  64. The moon sees your soul

    His voice is so different what happened?

  65. Lisastudio53

    I’m sad this is not on Spotify

  66. Dynamite Lynn

    It took me four months to realize wot this songs about

  67. NRG_ Trench

    Plz re publish bro i dont want to listen to art and greatness thru YouTube and you deserve better man . You helped me thru tough times with this song

  68. Jouli Altema

    I love this song I am at my anuts house and my cousin so my cousin wana be so nosy

  69. -S k y- san-senpaîî ÙwÚ


  70. Theo Hamilton

    Such a bop

  71. Gacha -Smoker

    I think i know what the backstory is that the twin towers get attacked by terrorists

    Elizabrine Channel

    Gacha -Smoker I agree with you

  72. Marrissa Deeter

    I’m so sad this song isn’t available in the I tunes store downloaded a few of your others but this song got me through the roughest part of my life and helped give me the strength to pick up the pieces again

  73. Melehta

    Vibes of script

  74. Ohmygodheonxgames mode

    Please put this godly song on Pandora

  75. Heather Namias

    You can't comprehend how much this resonates with my very core.. I am on the path of redemption through self-love

  76. Landyn Johnson


  77. avinabunny

    is the queen statue of liberty?

  78. Kylie Bourque

    Ugh what happened to this being on spotify this is by far my favorite one

  79. Ceanna Hidalgo

    sometimes i wonder if you are ok yk.

  80. Miyu Ikawa

    why is this not on spotify im sad :'(

  81. darkskies oof

    I remember listening to this and when i realised Alec Benjamin made this song i freaked cuz imma dumbass

  82. Zahra z

    release this on spotify ❤️

  83. Coffe Maker

    All the best musics alec,

  84. Madkev

    Best song!

  85. nobody

    The statue of liberty falls
    Trump/obama: its showtime

  86. Quezt Cat

    My friends hate you, and say that you sound like a female, but I love your songs!


    What? How can they hate Alec Benjamin?! He’s awesome!

  87. Mason Leffey

    “This is the story of a queen whose castle has fallen to the sea”

    -Alec Benjamin

  88. Mason Leffey


  89. Aerick


  90. Bex Larzer

    Reminds me of Fallen kingdom

  91. Harsh Vardhan

    Truth is more clearer now than ever

  92. BeGOnE HarRY ThOTtEr

    I didn't know there was a song about me

  93. ninjax200

    At first, I didn't like this song a whole lot. Then, I lost my best friend, my soulmate, my "bf". He's gone. I will never get to see him again. I miss him so much. so so much.

  94. Alec Benjamin

    Tickets for my world tour and special NY + LA shows are movin fast :0 . grab tix here:

    bts asthetics

    I LOVE you

    Hoseok Vevo

    When can you go to England?

    aesthetically, anne -

    Alec typing a :0 face

    *heart squeeze :0*

    Wolfie Wow!

    Wish you could come to Portland!!!

    Rachel Davies

    Please Spotify