Alec Benjamin - Outrunning Karma Lyrics

Outrunning karma that boy
He's such a charmer all the
Bugs and their larva follow
Him out to Colorado
Ten dozen hearts in a bag
Their bodies lying he'll drag
Them down to Colorado
A modern desperado

And he'll race for miles through the night
He runs because he knows he cannot hide

He's never gonna make it all the
Poor people he's forsaken karma
Is always gonna chase him for his lies
It's just a game of waiting from the
Church steeple down to Satan karma
There's really no escape until he dies

Outrunning karma that boy
Can't run no farther it's the
Last days of Sparta follow
Him down to meet Apollo

And he'll brace for battle in the night
He'll fight because he knows he cannot hide

He's never gonna make it all the
Poor people he's forsaken karma
Is always gonna chase him for his lies
It's just a game of waiting from the
Church steeple down to Satan karma
There's really no escape until he dies

La la la, la la
La la la, la la
La la la, la la, la la
La la la, la la
La la la, la la
La la la, la la, la la

He's never gonna make it all the
Poor people he's forsaken karma
Is always gonna chase him for his lies
It's just a game of waiting from the
Church steeple down to Satan karma
There's really no escape until he dies

La la la, la la
La la la, la la
La la la, la la, la la

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Alec Benjamin Outrunning Karma Comments
  1. PK williams

    A S S I N A T I O N C L A S S R O O M ? !

  2. laïla carter

    I found this song on accident months ago and I’m so glad I did 😭💙

  3. Christine Lusose

    Sounds so innocent. I hope he is.

  4. *Henka•Suru*

    I just don't believe the dislikes that this video have >:n

  5. Zoey Ashtryd


  6. Samara Snyder

    Thr angels have spoken

  7. Genesis Olivella


  8. Artistic Weeb

    Man I wish karma is chasing me

  9. Laura K-12

    Love song ❤️

  10. devillex

    *Somebody give me lyrics😑*

  11. Ashton Lindsay

    Outrunning karma cring to fight the abiss waiting and waiting for something good to happen D:



  13. Lucy the killer

    Soy la unica pendeja que habla Riojano :\/

  14. Gülsu Yıldırım

    Şarkının Anlamını bilmiyorum ama nedensizce huzur veriyo

  15. Anetta Lőrinczi

    Nostalgic af

  16. Subscribe to me For no reason plz

    “outrunning karma, that boy,”
    Karma: *Just hang back there, my shoes are untied*

    a_icecream_ sandwich

    I feel like I seen this somewhere hm

  17. mabelle mendoza

    I have headphones 🎧 on while listening to this song

    And its like an Angel whispering into my ear 😇

  18. Ismial Hassan Fahim

    i will never forget Alec benjamin untill my death.........

  19. Izabelle Rose Pitt Blower

    Sometimes I feel like singing this on the graves of my enemies.


    Izabelle Rose Pitt Blower same

  20. Silver Z

    And that's why Karma is a b!tch!

  21. Tatyane Oliveira

    E é essa voz que faz o meu dia ficar melhor
    Alec Benjamin é simplesmente perfeito

  22. Lucas Stevens

    I don't know, if it's just me. I'd frick that.

  23. Starxy

    oof this was uploaded on my last bday

  24. Gabriel Dantas

    legalzinha a musica

  25. FavGamingPro

    Reply Your Favorite Singers
    Mine is: Alec Benjamin, Nico Collins, Chelsea Collins, Imagine Dragons(its band),Fall out boy and others

  26. thuy chau

    That’s karma

  27. Evolutia

    Came here from my sister's shower playlist

  28. Arnav Rana

    Justin beiber be like "My true successor"

  29. dead

    background song plssss ???

  30. Nurul Huda

    I rlly love this song when im mad at my siblings im always listening to hes songs

  31. 『[̲̅ᏁᏋᏦᎧ]』

    Alec: Outrunning karma, that boy...

    Karma: Please wait for me! I forgot to tie my shoe! D;

  32. Isa

    This song is a song that made me remind of all my past and bad stuff happend , is so deep😶💔

  33. The Only Furry

    This song sounds so familiar!! What is it??

  34. Lori Dix

    My foues and his clides in some spots of the song

  35. kurosaichi

    Redditors: COPYSTRIKE HIM!!!!!!!

  36. Grid

    I just love his voice man

  37. lighting girl666 dark god

    -best song I've heard-

  38. kawaiibilgin15 öztürk

    So good

  39. kawaiibilgin15 öztürk


  40. Alone Mixer

    It reminds me of Cameron Boyce, may he rest in peace

    and reea

    Cameron Boyce, our angel... We are better people for knowing him🙏❤️

    Mantha Maugh

    and reea that’s not how that works

    and reea

    @Mantha Maugh sorry, in my vision that's how it works. And I referred to those who had him as a model role and know he was involved in so many humanitary projects.

  41. Vampire Queen

    I have no words for the picture
    The pain he's going through, I can feel it, and I know how it hurts

  42. no, you are mistaken

    what a bunch of shit

  43. navneeth sridhar

    Charming voice😍

  44. Jackson Smith

    this song gives me a serious eleanor rigby vibe

  45. Shiloh Hardy

    this shit ain't even that sad to me, it's mainly just a fucking vibe. This shit is fire yo

  46. Ebrar Gökgöz


  47. Thirdymoke Matuza

    The world is going to be perfect whenever alec benjamin and EDEN release a song together. Change my mind

    mari sol

    We all need this


    Nico Collins and Alec Benjamin would be better than everything(?

    Thirdymoke Matuza

    @aomy never heard of nico collins, checking ^^


    @Thirdymoke Matuza yeah he's really underrated i guess, same with Alec. this is sad. But they're both amazing

  48. Ben Potato

    And I like Allen walker more

  49. Ben Potato

    My name is Benjamin

  50. M3ÅN_STR3ÅK89

    This jam is soooo good.

  51. embrace the autism in you

    Someone suggest me some more good underrated songs please?

    Unlimited Collection

    Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi and Parents by Yungblud.


    Unlike Pluto - oh Raven is pretty good :)

  52. RoanJoy Villegas

    try 1.25x :)

  53. lighting girl666 dark god

    I love 'boy I'm the bubble' and this song so much!

    lalice kiy

    yass "boy i'm the bubble" i laaavvv it soooo much

  54. PixelDust

    Assassination Classroom, anyone?

  55. Angelina Nelson


  56. Grape Abbas

    His voice is good and all but...

    Who is he again?

  57. Laura Ivanauskaitė


  58. tresa maria

    Ughh i just can't get enough of this song



  60. Inessa Piloyan

    let's put a lot of likes on it, so people can see him 😍❤️

  61. Xxx Pingoh

    Most good

  62. Gacha Zack :3


  63. Eri Sensei

    Many underrate artist that sheepy Introduce us and its all good song

  64. PurpleFlame 10

    I heard this song from another YouTube video and I searched it up as I really liked it. I was overjoyed when I found out it was a song by Alec!❤️

  65. Burcu d

    Anlamasam da melodisi güzel

    last headbender

    Anlamasak da duygulanıyoruz djdxhl

    Burcu d

    @last headbender dndjfjvj

  66. Lori Dix

    Best song evee

  67. Emo_goats

    Me: *hears the name Apollo *

    Me: * thinks of pjo & HoO*

    Me: not again

  68. samuele pianalto

    this song fits so well with my depressing life

  69. SrTiuzeGm

    Se você ta lendo
    Vai deixando o


  70. F.J. Matarese

    someone else in 2019?

  71. ForgottenFaye

    This song scares me for reason I won't classify

  72. Boomboo bee

    outrunning that boy,cause here mom comming

  73. Its Me

    this is a throw back

  74. Bewitch

    what it mean karma?

  75. gho0oo0ost

    he ll fight becuz he knows he cannot hide..

  76. nathaly castro

    i liked this song

  77. Michelle Mcknight

    One of his best

  78. Zane Santana

    this song makes me think of Achilles for some reason and i dont know why

    Jack Santa Croce

    I also related on this note, you're not alone mate.

  79. ColoYT

    Youtubes drunk again,hes so underated!but why thoooooooooooo

  80. lydia lejeune

    i cryed.

  81. natasha begum

    Are you suraiya

  82. magical memories

    Cool song ...

  83. Lilly Gacha

    he runs because he knows he cannot fight

  84. ۰ F U B U ۰

    I know before i have bestfriend. Well it end up too fast i just play with other, that she likes jealous so she don't want to talk to me i was so sad Because I know she always make me smile. While i like song, i like sad song like this song. 🙂

  85. R.B.

    hmmm i like this version better

  86. not important.

    Outrunning K
    Outrunning Ka
    Outrunning Kar
    Outrunning Karm
    Outrunning Karma
    Outrunning Karma
    Outrunning Karma t
    Outrunning Karma th
    Outrunning Karma tha
    Outrunning Karma that
    Outrunning Karma that
    Outrunning Karma that b
    Outrunning Karma that bo
    Outrunning Karma that boy

    Okay... Sorry, but is stop...

  87. Sebastian Slivka


  88. İrem Bora Lawliet

    Bu onun en sevdiği şarkıydı

  89. Necla Yaşar

    Türk arıyorum ama yok nerdesiniz ey Türk milleti bizim yabancı yerleri yıkıp geçmemiz gerek beğenin üstte kalsın dicem geç kaldım:/

  90. Iron Bars Jack

    Idk bout you but this gives me hardcore chills

  91. Spadex

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Idk if this is original
    But you better like this song too ;w;

  92. Hhmmm

    *its sad that this has more why?*

  93. Yashank Goswami

    I'm glad he's underrated. That's why he's quality.

    Lolo 9799

    Yes man. Fame is weird. Takes the ingenuity out of artists for money, and I mean it in the nicest way possible.


    For a weird reason, i dont really listen to popular music (even though its good music).
    I like listening to unknown, unpopular music

    Patrick Dan

    Mainstream ruins talented ärtísts