Alec Benjamin - Now She's Getting Married Lyrics

She was soft, she was kind
She was warm and she was mine
And now she's getting married, now she's getting married
And I'm not the one she'll kiss goodnight

We were young, I'll admit, but I thought that this was it
And now she's getting married, all my hope is buried
And I wonder if she ever thinks of

Ice cream in the park, dancing in dark
And holding like she'd never let me go

She'll dress up, wearing white, while I wait for a wife
And now she's getting carried from the sanctuary
And they're driving down the streets were we once

Held each others hands, talked about our plans
And dreamed about the places we would go

Do you ever think, do you ever think, do you ever think of me?
Do you ever dream, do you ever dream, that we were meant to be?
Do you ever think, do you ever think, do you ever think of me?
Do you ever dream, do you ever dream that we were meant to be?

So if I, had the chance, I would ask for one last dance
I know we're not together, I'll love her forever
Even when I'm married, now she's getting married

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Alec Benjamin Now She's Getting Married Comments
  1. Shea Shea

    I can't find this song on spotify. can anyone else?

  2. Mausha Ahmedh

    Awwn. That cute voice tho..💞😍😭.
    And the lyrics...
    And the relaxing music of piano. Only piano. Who realized it was only piano??

  3. MsNovazz

    Wait. How the heck youtube recommend this to me? My ex is getting married the day after tomorrow, not to me obviously. What kind of coincidence is this? Are youtube stalking me or what? 🤦‍♀️🧐

  4. iam _vee

    omg i literally cried ;(

  5. Bryde Rapista

    This is very sad song.

  6. Sarah

    God I love Alec

  7. nrsrya zain

    This song is nice but its getting creepy when he said "I'll love her forever, even when i'm getting married" poor his future wife

  8. That Guy Who's White

    How tf does my man hit them notes. My dude is crazy

  9. Loganatorexit

    Alec is horrible at delivering lines

  10. Vanessa Iris Mendoza

    Hey guys use me as songs recommendation ♥️comment down below some beautiful songs you love so other may listen to it too

  11. Kent Takaishi

    what do you mean even if I'm married hahaha
    *even if I'm buried dude xd

  12. MG MP

    Îți suport din ce in ce mai greu absenta, și sufăr când sunt fericita fără tine. Îmi vine sa îți scriu și sa îți povestesc despre tot ce am mai făcut, despre tot și despre toate. Am fost in cea mai apropiată relație umană pe care mi o pot închipui, am simtit ca suntem unul, am simtit ca inima ta bătea in pieptul meu și îmi închipuiam cum o sa ne plimbam cu o mașina roșie spre mare, cu parul meu bătut de vânt, cu zâmbetul tău, cu muzica noastră. Înnebunesc. De ce nu am mers. A fost un clișeu. Ți ai pierdut interesul și ai devenit absent. Lângă mine, dar absent. Nepăsător. Spuneai ca “mi va trece” Violent. Plangeam si nu știam de ce. Apoi accidentul. Și nu am putut sa fiu lângă tine, am ales sa te pedepsesc in cel mai groaznic mod. Te am ajutat te am carat pe brațe pana la baie, ți am dat mâncare am fost acolo, apoi am ales sa nu mai vin, nu mai suportam sa te văd așa. Vad iar ca cineva are sentimente pentru mine, dar nu mi permit sa simt nimic. Nu ma vindec. Ai fost cel mai bun prieten al meu din clasa a 3-a și iubitul meu mulți ani. Mulți. Iar acum, acum, îmi fac rau, îmi vine sa mor de dor, dar nu vreau sa te văd pentru tot ce ai făcut și pentru cât ai greșit, dar in același timp as vrea sa te văd, sa te aud, sa te strâng in brațe, sau doar sa știu de tine. Ma uit la poze. Mai tii minte când am fost la mare și am înotat îmbrăcați , încât mi am udat hainele și am făcut schimb de pantaloni ca sa nu răcesc? A fost atât de amuzant. M am simtit așa de bine cu tine. Te voi iubi totdeauna. Îmi e greu sa fiu fericita fără tine. Cum zâmbesc ma gandesc la tine.
    I wrote in my heart language because i felt my story wants to be said like that. Unde ești

  13. CrazySkyler_ 13

    Some times I just wondering if he's okay. Most of his song are sad and depressing. I love his song because it usually suitable with my life story but this song... it's on another level.

  14. Aliz Lindo

    "I'll love her even when I'm married."
    That's... kinda unfair to his wife right? Wow my heart broke on that one.

    Dear future husband. Please don't break my heart like this okay?


    Aliz Lindo think the line is even when I’m buried!

    Aliz Lindo

    Wait, you're right hahahaha it is buried.
    Still, it would still be sad if ever the guy would fall in love again with another woman, but his heart would still ache for his past love.
    This would always be a fear for me when the time comes 😐


    Aliz Lindo yeah true !


    Does anyone know if this song can be found on Spotify? I can’t find it and if you do help me out please!

  16. shelly dvorak

    "I'll love her even when I'm married", it is a very amazing quote to be honest. At least the way I'm interpreting it, cause even if you lose (very loose term) someone you love. It doesn't mean you just stop loving them. It's as if you'll still have a special place in your heart for them, though you have indeed moved on, and I think it's kind of wonderful. ❤ Just thought I'd share my personal perspective on this.

  17. Addison LaCount

    It hit me hard when it said now she’s getting married because my cousin got a boyfriend and now we barely ever see each other

  18. Astrophile


  19. Laulaa

    Imagine someone playing this at your wedding...

  20. Wackko

    literally water fountain 2.0

  21. Aislynn M

    This is such a beautiful song.🎶🤗🎶

  22. LokiTheHuskey

    this reminds me of my ex.... damn.. that hits hard

  23. REBELION 12.17

    This song makes me sad and depressed...

    I like it...

  24. Flygøn

    When your crush in class who is 13 is dating a 17 year old who does weed, vapes and is just a pedifile but you have to act like your not constantly worrying for their safety and wished they’d just realize the truth

  25. Funny Human


  26. Georgia M

    I wonder if "the water fountain" was meant to lead into this song

  27. Ronja Melodie

    "I'll love her forever, even when I'm married."
    That's my thoughts right there. No matter who i'm gonna date in a few years. He's always gonna be my everything. Even if he's not the one i'm gonna marry. I sure hope he will be the one, but in any way, i love him more than everything. And i'm always going to.

  28. Laura Corgia

    this is so sad

  29. Alex Shill

    I understand that felling.

  30. Chloe Vennell

    a new perspective for you all:
    My mum said this song will play in her head when I get married, and that even when she married my step dad, she loved me the same regardless of the new love in her life

  31. Amalay6

    I heard ‘even when I’m buried’, not married. Is it just me?

  32. a swifties channel

    it’s actually “I’ll love her even when I’m burried”

  33. Timexdistance

    Never felt anything so relateable before in my life

  34. Jenny Burnand


  35. Janet Gomez

    Anyone else read the different story lines and hear the songs in that order but then see another one with an added song and get mad cause they didn’t listen to it ? No ? Just me .. okay 😂

  36. lila 123456789

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    For michael,


  37. beautiful disaster

    I actually feel pain listening to this wow

  38. Mc-Laine_AC

    1:40 this part had my tears rolling down my face 😭

  39. Zuzu :3

    *Am I the only one who gets relaxed when listening to Alec?* ❤️

  40. ThePegasusArmy

    The piano at the beginning is exactly like dancing on my own

  41. bry bry

    i've been here.

    doggo doggo

    I love you

  42. cherry ok

    those two girls in the meme of the guy looking at the other girl all the time.

    if you know you know.

  43. Aidan Djalins

    good song but too many mouth sounds

  44. Alya Zulfa


  45. Vicky Andrade

    Isn’t this last of her kind?



  46. Kaddycorn

    this song reminds me of the book series "the summer i turned pretty"

  47. Suga Kooky

    life of a fangirl

  48. Yolosaranghea

    Your voice is so beautiful 😄😄😄😄😻😻😻💜💜💜

  49. Xitlaly Pedraza

    Ima go on a miny rant bc i wanna tell someone why this song means o much but like i dont wanna tell my friends 💀

    Okay so my parents are divorsed and they have been since i was 4 so i have no memory of them being together and like this year my mom recently told us that shes been seeing this guy for like 5 years?? And that she wanted to marry him and get a house together and that she was pregnant and i was in shock like shock shock on one hand she was happy on the other my life was about ti change dramatically and i didnt know to feel but thats out of context💀 anyways and while my mom moved on years ago my to my dad she still hold a special place in his heart and sometimes he tells me how much he loved her and all that so when i hear i feel like its my dad talking to mom about shes getting married and how much he loved her and when alec Benjamin is like singing about ice cream in the park and all that i like to imagine that...those were my parent long ago this will probably get buried under all the coments anyways but idk i just wanted to share it ig? Anyway if u do read it thankyou for listening to my stupid rant💀💖

    * Chloe *

    I feel you bro my parents are divorced and it's hard to think of them loving each other

  50. Suçons

    play it at 1.25 speed

  51. Cravingyourheart x

    Omgg I a Alec's fan

  52. Msp Gamer

    *It hurts when you love someone and a few years he or she's with another one..*

  53. okurins reviews

    How many songs does alec make it seems like i discover 10 new ones everyday

  54. carmela via

    I am crying. :(

  55. Megaduckatron

    Feels bad man...

  56. Jennie22.0

    this song hurts in so many layers

  57. Saumya Singh

    Neither I am heartbroken nor anyone is getting married in my life..but still I like this song...there is magic in his voice...mann

  58. Soap the Sheep

    So if I, had a chance
    I would ask for underpants

  59. Domino Momino

    How I feel about Jack, Pewds and Stampy

    *”now he’s getting married”*

  60. Tiffany May

    Not if with you .

  61. WaffleAMV

    "I'll love her even when I'm married"
    His future wife: am i a joke to you?


    @Rahul Gupta really hope you're being sarcastic

    Cassandranicole Urgel

    They said that it was buried and not married

    scarlet rosena

    I was getting emotional n then I saw ur comment n I'm laughing so hard right now😂😂😂

    Asuka Loyalrainbow

    sorry for the late reply, but it's buried not married

    Aurelia Boersma

    @Asuka Loyalrainbow thanks XD

  62. Craze Nation

    The saddest thing is that:
    What if she forgot? :(
    ~My Love Life 2019

  63. Mai Nguyen

    Guys, I think the last line he sang was actually " I'll love her forever, even when I'm BURIED " so...

  64. julie curtis

    Yasssss I love itttt!!!!!!!

  65. Fritz Angelo

    At 2:26 it’s actually “even when I’m buried”

    Funny Human

    That makes so much more sense now lol


    HA all those idiot comments...

    Breyer Owner21

    Omg 😱

  66. Victor Magtanggol

    fking heart hurts as hell

  67. Kawaii Kuma

    “Do you ever think of me?”

  68. Afton Crain

    Never heard this before and I'm super single but this is so sad. 1 like= help for my soul

  69. Taylar Peppin

    In my opinion I see the story going like this:
    First: Water Fountain
    Second: I killed Someone For You
    Third: Let Me Down Slowly
    Fourth: Anesthesia
    Fifth: Now She's getting Married

    Aarya Gourkar

    It's sad

    nightcore wolf

    i think last of her kind would fit in there...i think last of her kind might be before number 5 or after

    Samara Zaman

    You copied my comment

  70. Doyoung with a rose

    I love how Alec makes his songs and sings them like stories <3

  71. music and food are the only things I live for.

    He sounds like he's crying 😭

  72. Suze de Vries

    This is beautiful

  73. yaoi lover

    My heart 💔

  74. Kith

    I wish I could attend your marriage one day , because I was once too, been the most sincere one to you. Never been so sincere, not until him.

  75. Xytra44

    Need this on Spotify..💔
    I love this song.. idk it reminds me of someone..

  76. carlos denvers

    Dude I'm never going into a relationship with a singer/ song writer


    There will be a day when you meet someone who is just infatuated with you.
    Even now I’m sure there’s someone who’s too shy to tell you how they feel about you.


    Capri Suns it was a joke😂 I’m not even looking for a relationship anyway


    (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜🥞🥞〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

    Áya Madoun

    Well bye

    Ann Mae Ybarrita

    All the strangers will know 😂

  77. Neil Cherian Alex

    Omg this literally kills me.. yesterday was the love of my life’s marriage with another man.. all i could do is witness it happen 😔

  78. Chris Manley

    Shell dress up wearing white while I wait for a wife

  79. Abdul rehman

    the song is made for me LOL i am facing this damn thing rn dont know what to do anyone who can tell me?

  80. butterfly girl

    Beautiful song 😍

  81. Davebairoy Bairoy

    Now he's getting married:


    Jwe lee

    I think your up to something lol

    Shane Praksham

    Wait... really? ??🤔

  82. Disappointing Towels

    I wish more of Alec’s songs were on Spotify :(

    Disappointing Towels

    I LOVE Aarmau I don’t know... Spotify is crazy 😔


    Disappointing Towels Just so you know an artist has to upload a song to Spotify for it to be on there, Spotify don’t just choose songs. Not being rude just letting you know.


    Oops I meant doesn’t

  83. Abhyas Kanaujia

    Who else imagined themself singing this in their gf's wedding 😭😭

  84. HappySweet&ThePuspin Cat

    So the guy cheated? Hahahaha even when im married

  85. Epic Tocity

    This is very fantastic. I love the songs with the themes of people having feelings they no they shouldn't have.

  86. Dim g

    man,the lyrics of this song is just so fkin damn sucks,cant relate bruh,hope this wont happen to meh

  87. Krutika Barad

    alec's songs are so pure like it just makes me feel the lyrics

  88. Mohammad Al-Rafi

    This is beautiful and extremely sad at the same time.
    I just love alec's songs

  89. keertika keerika

    The first minute kinda sounds like the words a father would say to his daughter

  90. Healing Love

    That’s what happens when you don’t speak up! So say what you have to say!! Even if you worry that you will be rejected! I did it and it hurt but you move on knowing you said your truth and that’s the best you can do! 💜

    Connor Barnes

    If only it were that simple. If only things could stay the way they were

    Healing Love

    Connor Barnes I know...but sometimes it means something better is coming. Idk? Always hope!

  91. Akashツ

    dragged meh back to some beautiful memories ❤️ hope she's doing fine without meh ☺️

  92. Making Memories

    The song is beautiful. but this line really struck "I'll love her forever, Even when I'm married"
    not to criticize or anything but isn't it a bit harsh for his future wife?

    Limelight Lovelies

    it’s actually buried

    Buwaneke Waidyanayake

    @Limelight Lovelies ???

    Nirupama J

    The lyric is actually "even when im buried".... Soooo.......


    its actually even when im BURIED

    kit kat

    The line is actually "even when I'm buried" not married.

  93. Jacki Bundt

    Is this not on spotify?

  94. Art gimmick


  95. Kiwi Man

    🐶 🐹 🐷 🐍

  96. ilovekimnamjoon is life


  97. Lisa Bisa

    Lol did severus snape sing this

    Kunal V

    That would be even sadder

    Lisa Bisa

    Kunal V true