Alec Benjamin - My Mother's Eyes Lyrics

I can't believe you love me after all the things I've done
I think I've been the devil since the day that I turned one
Like when I stole your money just to buy a pack of gum
I know it wasn't funny, can't believe I was so dumb
I blame it on my age but even now I'm not so young
I'm still stuck in my ways I can't believe what I've become
Somehow you feel the same I guess it's motherly love
Motherly love

Wish I could find the peace in me
See the good things that you see
It's not that easy

But if I saw me through your eyes
Maybe I could find a way
To forgive all of the lies
And the stupid things I say
And if I could realize
That it's your blood that I bleed
Maybe I could love myself
Like the way that you love me
If I saw me through your eyes
Your eyes
Through your eyes
Through my mothers eyes

I can't believe you love me after all the things I did
Like when I said I hated you when we were in Madrid
Like when I didn't answer you cause I was on the road
But you cooked my favorite dinner for me right when I got home
I blame it on my stress cause I've been feeling so high strung
I'm looking for excuses and I know that isn't one
Somehow you feel the same I guess that's motherly love
Motherly love

Wish I could find the peace in me
To see the good things that you see
It's not that easy

But if I saw me through your eyes
Maybe I could find a way
To forgive all of the lies
And the stupid things I say
And if I could realize
That it's your blood that I bleed
Maybe I could love myself
Like the way that you love me
If I saw me through your eyes
Your eyes
Through your eyes
Through my mothers eyes
Through my mothers eyes
Through my mothers eyes
Through my mothers eyes

But if I saw me through your eyes
Maybe I could find a way
To forgive all of the lies
And the stupid things I say
And if I could realize
That it's your blood that I bleed
Maybe I could love myself
Like the way that you love me
If I saw me through your eyes
Your eyes
Through your eyes
Through my mothers eyes

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Alec Benjamin My Mother's Eyes Comments
  1. Alexander Villafañe

    I can hear the song tousaunds of times and i cry like a baby

  2. Lunaaa•

    My mom blames me in everything since my dad died. She hates me, but I know there's this love just for me hidden in her. I love her, I can't risk loosing her.. She's the last one here for me. I love her even though she does many bad things to me.. Love you mom ❤

    Socorro Gutierrez

    My mom left me :/


    @Socorro Gutierrez I guess we're kind of the same.. I have no parents that takes care of me now.. My mom goes to bars everyday and I just see her quite often :> And I'm sorry about it, Just always pray to God and be beside him and everything would be alright

  3. Bai Dude

    Good song

  4. Bai Dude

    Gay song

  5. Yoyo chan

    This could also be titled God's eyes...through God's eyes...We aren't the unlovable creatures we act as...We are just ourselves. We are made just as we are, no mistakes and we are loved.

  6. Just Jenel

    This is one of the very few songs that actually has a wholesome meaning. It's original, it's about love..but about your mothers love. I love this song.
    I wanna sing this too my mom on mothers day. Should I???

  7. Slytherin Serverus Snape

    "And maybe i could love—"

    An ad pops up

    " TACOS"

    —mah face— O—O

  8. Cinnamon_Roll _Lover

    I wish I could love my mom like she loves me. thanks Alec this is the first song I've found that explains my mother and mine relationship. I'm such a terrible kid.

  9. wajeeha alam

    I cried like a baby😢😢❤

  10. GachaWolfie19 masters

    Omg my fav song

  11. xVivi

    Is it just me or I heard "a pack of cum" instead of "a pack of gum"

  12. D3AD Z0N3

    Honestly this song says it all. I say this because I am a very stubborn and well...angry person. I get angry quickly and I am not proud of it. Sadly it something I just have to work on. Yet sometimes I just get mad and then I get mad at myself and I start listing things that are wrong with me and etc. it’s a downward spiral and I usually don’t like to express that side of me to anyone because I have a mentality where I think people will see me as weak or an attention seeker. I guess you could say that in some ways I basically hate myself or am even depressed in some ways but then I think about it and I have a loving mother and father. But I am going to focus on my mom here real quick, I know she loves me but even at times I forget that and hate it when she compares me to her younger self and what she had to do and her situations. I don’t know why, it irks me and I think it’s because in my eyes she isn’t taking in to the fact that I am a different person from her even if we’re blood related. I find myself to be much more like my dad, which can be bad in some aspects since we both can be hot-headed and stubborn though i believe my mom looks past that. She makes me laugh and I talk with her from time to time and she wants to include in stuff ( mostly because I’m the type of person to kind of....isolate myself away from people which I kinda don’t get because I hate the idea of being alone but I always like to be separate for some reason though I think it has less to do with physically being alone and mentally. ) like for example today she told me to come watch TV with her which may seem simple but it got me to with her doing something even if it’s just watching a screen with her. I appreciate my mother, I do and I love her but the way she somehow manages to love me even when I’m being difficult is....amazing? Especially since I feel I would hate myself in my mother’s eyes. But then I guess I’m just being critical of myself? I dunno anyway...I just wanted to vent...sorry 😅

  13. lil arabia

    Pls do 2 mill special song❤❤❤

  14. avery

    How is it possible for someone to make such beautiful music? Alec has one of the best talents to be given, yet he is not appreciated enough. Everyone around us are all making music about breakups and drugs and whatnot. Alec is able to create songs and still relate to the hardship of life, but in a more pleasant way. A way that everybody should see. He doesn't get enough recognition as he should. Alec Benjamin is by far, one of the most amazing artists that I have ever come across. Who else agrees?

  15. Megawati Apoteker

    Very good

  16. Röśę Tēã

    Am I the only one that can’t find it on Spotify

  17. Tyson Cabrera

    Can't be more rite frikzy😉

  18. Xxlivie _wolfxX

    If i can get 100 likes I'm gonna sing this to my mother

  19. Ava Caldwell

    I just shared this to my mom and shes crying

  20. Luna.Midnight

    Bruh this hurts me emotionally because I’ve cut myself and lied about it being the cats.. a-and.. um.. I’ve lied to her so much, been rude to her yet she still loves me..

    (A few days later I told her about my depression because the weight of the lie got to me to much)

  21. Jayden Jesus

    im gonna tat My mothers name with baby blue angel wings she died last year

  22. Epie Here At Last

    A Benjamin songs always tell abt something in my family. It's awesome

  23. Tiri playzz

    Is Alec Benjamin the next Billie Eilish?

  24. Kultyre

    Maybe it’s just me being emotional but this got me in my deep feelings real bad had to cry

  25. cristabelization

    When I sang this song to my mom, she cried

  26. m arefin

    Like the way u love me...

  27. m arefin

    Remember that mom when u read this...I want u to know I love u

  28. m arefin

    I LOVE U' mom

  29. m arefin

    I love my mother no matter what I don't care about a damn

  30. Jorden Haws

    i relate to this sooooooo much it made me cry

  31. I'm Weird

    I heard his song yesterday and I cried. I love his songs. ❤ Good job Alec.


    Its official, Im playing this song at my moms birthdays and mothers day

  33. Marion Johnson

    is is my fave song ever☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😔😌😌😌😌😌

  34. DerpyBrick

    Aaaaa I'm sending this to my mum

  35. 50 subs with No videos?

    This song makes me really sad because it’s true I was taken away from. My mum when I was little and I always blamed her and when I got back and living with her again I treated her like shit I was rude I wasn’t thankful for what I had I never spent time with her I’d lock myself away and now years later I’m realising how much that I treated her like shit and how rude I was and I’m forever angry at myself because she never stoped loving me she never stoped believing in me she never stoped being nice to me don’t take people for granted and give your mum or whoever looked or looks after u and give them a big long hug saying how thankful you are because one day they will be gone

  36. M E

    I love you and I miss you mom...

  37. Emma Skov

    I'm still listening to these songs after 1 and a half year... Anyone else?

  38. Mya Harrington


  39. Wolfalynn

    Welp, guess I'm going to be crying tonight.

  40. It'sLuna

    This song helped me get trough a break up, i stayed with her even after we broke up, kept talking to her and always tried to be there for her. She couldn't forgive herself for everything she did, didn't know what to do and then one day she sent me this song and told me that's what your love is. I knew i couldn't show her how i see her but i always tried to show her with my actions and words. I will forever be thankful to alec and this song that he brought my happiness back to me ♡

  41. gachasalsa artist

    I love my mom and I love how he says that he blames his mom but he still loves her no matter what and that he knows that your mom will madder about you no matter what

  42. theo lol

    just when i'm thinking how will be when my mother will die , i start to cry;(

  43. Melody Parker

    This song speaks for me.

  44. Daisy Planet 2

    the song made me cry

  45. Athena Chan

    This song reminded me of my mother so much dat I cried a lot Mom I love you n i miss u a lot R.I.P MOM😔

  46. Nøva Edits

    You won't know how much we love them and appreciate them until they're gone.....
    Some of us (like me) just haven't had it happen.
    Appreciate your parents...

  47. mightymin

    4am gang wya?

  48. Iwa

    I sent this to my mom and she cried

  49. Lunar-Dragon

    If anyone knows what dear Evan Hansen is. I'm on my playlist and disappear played right before this and now I'm crying. FUN TIMES.

  50. Lily Mark

    Ok. It's uncanny that Alec Benjamin can describe such powerful meanings through some songs.


    This goes out to my mother: Hey mom it's me I know you are disappointed in me. But just know that I love you so so much I never meant to hurt you. I know you probably hate me. It's ok I understand it's my fault I know. I didn't mean it when I said I hated you all those times. It's not true. I wish I could see me through your eyes so I could love myself like you love me. No wonder dad left, he even told me he left because of me. So it wasn't your fault. I know your gonna cry when I leave. I know you cried when I tried to commit suicide, it wasn't your fault it's just people's fault for treating me badly calling me fat,ugly,worthless,disgusting and a whole world of other things but when I stopped eating they called me "Anna girl"( Anna girl means anorexic girl) then my crush called me fat that day so I took all those pills and cut myself. It was never your fault. There was so many things leading up to it, but it was you who always helped me feel better after a long day of school. You were always there for me but I still just felt so empty,depressed,fat,ugly,worthless,disgusting I just wanted the pain to end and I'm sorry you had to see me like that. I know it was the wrong thing to do. I'm so exhausted and tired,I'm just tired of school,tired people tired everybody. But never tired of you I will always love you. even if I'm not here just look at the moon and picture us under the stars like the good old days. Ps. Don't Mourn Me be happy that my pain is over with and I won't hurt anymore. Love you bye mommy...❤💔

    Alexis Lorca

    Gg F for mom

  52. Ava Hicks

    Guys dont be rude to your moms she birthed you and she deserves better than you being rude to her she feels like she failed as a mother when you get mad her and talk crap to her face. So please dont be ride to your moms. Enjoy your time with her you only have one mom so take advantage of that. Love her while shes here❤❤❤

  53. Miss Z Z

    I cried to this because it made me realize how we take our moms for granted. START RESPECTING YOUR MOTHERS NOOOOOW!!!!!

  54. Dumplin

    Alec Benjamin is the only way I can get through my life without trying to kill myself

  55. Asriel Dreemurr

    Just want to put it out there. A mother is not defined by blood or DNA. Neither is family. But they are the ones who are metrnal figures and who will always be there for you. Blood and DNA is not the thickest bond out there. Those bonds that are thicker than blood are family. Whether biologically or not.

  56. Itz_ DaWolf

    I also think why my mon loves me after all the things I've done.

  57. jenny Djembo


  58. Chicken Nugget

    When I read the title: Talk about Harry Pot-

  59. Wioleta Libront


  60. gorgeous beauty

    This song made me cry. I love my mom..and the line "if i could realise , that its your blood that i bleed" hit me so hard. Im sorry mom for all the things i did and for each time i made you cry.❤

  61. Rebecca Naylar

    My mom is a single parent, taking care of me, my grandmother and our pet with bad allergies.
    For 14 years, she has been taking care of me and I feel bad that I'm unable to show her my love, because I'm always depressed and I am suicidal. I'm sorry mom <3

  62. Cp Family


  63. Hhmmm

    *hey guys please check the original video too*

  64. Bangtandesh :3

    The lyrics is so soft I-
    *Im sorry for hurting u Ma*
    **Sniffs and cries** (〒︿〒)

  65. Demon Girl 777

    I never cry to music... This was a first... I'm only 11 but my worst nightmare is losing my mom....

  66. Ginger Garcia

    Alec benjamin is an inspiring person to get out of the damage u really are in 😭💔

  67. Patricia Rodriguez

    I realize what I done like if you have I’m sorry mother😩

  68. Night Animations

    Seeing myself through my parents' eyes would just end the same. They hate me for being weak, and I feel the same way.

  69. Emma Donaldson

    this song is literally me, i still make mistakes but why does my father still love me. I misbehave and cause him trouble, I wish I could see his point of veiw...

  70. Eloise Wilson

    He has such a gorgeous voice it's hypnotic.

  71. Brooke McCorkle

    I can’t stop listing to him he has the best voice

  72. Doodle Bug

    my moms been dead for 12 years now

  73. SavvyPlayz

    How could our mother forgive us for all the stupid things we've done?

  74. Jesus Mendez

    I thought this was a chicks voice

  75. Gacha PastaXOX

    I’ve sent this to my mum to show my feeling to her bc I don’t really show feelings

  76. alexahaven

    We fight and argue but at the end of the day I'll always love her. 🖤 I sent her this and she cried.

  77. Madeline Zech

    My daughter sent this to me and brought me to my knees. A mother's love is pure.

  78. Sally Daniel

    -through my mother's eyes-

  79. Reshan Jayasuriya

    I'm already addicted to this man's songs

  80. Rose Jackson

    I love my mother even though she chose drugs over me :((
    I text her everyday to tell her I love her

  81. maritinaa •

    Despite the fact that Alec has the most beautiful male voice, his lyrics are wonderful and most of the time they make me cry

  82. fish sticks

    this song made me remember my mother how she was the nicest person she cared about everyone even me when I was little I took things from her I miss her so much
    I hope she's ok in Haven

  83. Tiana Moana

    Omg all his songs are so fucking beautiful ♥️✨💞😭

  84. 슬픈꿈Z 02


  85. Messy Dreamer

    I can't get this song off my mind, it's so perfect 💗
    I love Alec's songs so much,each of his songs are so meaningful 🏵️

  86. Ocean Falls

    Alec Benjamin has such deep songs!

  87. sqrqh

    I was on a marathon listening to a bunch of emotional songs like this, bit THIS one got me to cry and not the rest wow.

  88. Laura Marahrens

    this made me miss my mom so much

  89. keir garcia

    Lost my mom nine years ago. Hits home real hard.

  90. rodolfo Perez

    Yo this song describes me😈❤

  91. sleepingwithmychemicalpilots

    To all those people struggling just remember

    Every star shines the brightest in the dark

  92. Ananya

    Your voice your lyrics ,No curse,nothing fancy,Just plain emotions.. you are what a Singer is supposed to be !

  93. chocobo child

    Blood might be blood.. but regardless of your connection to someone you don't have to love them..

  94. Angelwolf 78

    I think this is what all children thing when we see our mother

  95. Ruksana Akhter

    I'm listening to this and am on the verge of tears, I'm going to go up to my mum and tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me !!

  96. Puppys_ Gacha

    This Is my biggest fear: I'm scared if I was on a plane and the plane crashed down with no home food or water and my mother and my sister would suffer and would walk for hours and my sister is hungry and thirsty and I have nothing and still haven't found a town to live with somebody without our mother and I would cry everyday and regret what I said in my mind I was just so stressed and wasn't thinking straight and don't know what I have gotten myself Into..if I haven't lived they will have a good life but if it was only my sister and my mother and mother died what will happen to my sister?: I was so heartbroken when I thought of that and after school I gave my mother a hug and cried when I got home I hugged my sister and tried to be a good daughter and take care of my family and Thinking that I will never go on a plane and mother will never leave us...

  97. Julissa Gonzalez

    welp my old favorite song is mad bc after listening to this i have a new favorite

  98. Diri Ruh

    My mother is mentally sick, she is schizophrenic
    . All I know is that she got this ilness when she got pregnant to me. My older sister can't even remember the days she was fine and normal. She (my sister) started to raise me like a mother when she was just 4. She had to leave her childhood when she was just 4. But she didn't say anything. Mom would blame her for everything and she would just say ''Okay'' but when I was a kid, I didn't know anything. I hated my mother, I was stupid. I was ashamed of her. When there's an event in school with kid's mothers I wouldn't invite her and I would just sit in the corner watch the other kids having fun with their mothers and I would cry sometimes. And my mom was just like a little kid, when I broke her heart, she would cry and say ''Apologize! You're mean''. I would feel sad but I wouldn't hug her or say ''I'm sorry.'' I was really mean like she said. I know I was just a kid but still. And after our fights she would come like nothing happened and cook my favourite dinner. She would bake cookies even if she can't. She doesn't really know how to cook or bake. She would try, for me. I hate myself. I wish I could timetravel and slap myself in the face. I got myself sick too. Karma is a bitch I guess. Not like my mother, different. But I litteraly fucked up big time.
    She's illness got worse by time. Now she doesn't hug me or she doesn't even know that I'm her child. Her mind is compeletly gone. But still she's with me. There's people out there that doesn't even have a mother or lost their mothers. I'm thankful that I have her. This song makes me cry. But from the inside. Because I have a little sister who is just a little kid. And she needs a strong, loving mother. My father can't be a mother figure so I'm taking the role. I'm her mother. Just like my older sister, I left everything aside. If she saw me crying, she would cry too. I have to be strong, because I'm her mother
    I was depressed for a long time, I just wanted to spill everything. No one knows me in this comment section, it's just me and my depression. Normally I wouldn't even open my mouth and talk about the things I'm living through to my older sister, to my father or to the psychiatrist
    s. I would have a panic attack and cry.
    I wish I could thank Alec Benjamin, he's just too perfect. When I'm listening to most of his songs, it feels like I'm looking at my reflection in the mirror.

  99. pratima mohantyby g tbgvt